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Sinful life(swasan os)
In a street, middle class house is seen. It is not much big but have all the basic amenities. A lady of about 25 years old came from room after her husband who is going somewhere in hurry.
Lady: what work u have in the early morning sanskar.
Sanskar: it’s important work swara I need to go.
Swara(signed): okay fine but wait for two mins I will bring something to eat.
Sanskar:don’t worry I will be back in 10 mins.
Sanskar kissed Swara’s forehead and left.
Swara went to their room where her 4 years old daughter ashi is sleeping. She smiles and sit beside her and caress her hairs and said
Swara:ashi get up it’s morning.
Ashi(closed eyes): just two mins mumma. Today is Sunday.
Swara: but then also don’t be lazy.
Later swara made ashi ready and went to prepare breakfast.

On roadside PCO
Sanskar came to that PCO and looked here and there.When he found that the place is empty, he entered inside the pco and took a small diary from pocket. He saw a number and dialed it.
After few rings, the call was received.
Other side: helloo
Sanskar: hello this is sanskar. U asked me to call u.
Other side: yes so listen carefully.
Sanskar: hmm
Other side: tomorrow morning our man will place a bomb in SD public school. Your work is just to call and inform us that bomb has blasted successfully.
Sanskar start sweating but still said
Sanskar: okay
Other side: good as soon as your call will come u will get your 5 lakhs.
Sanskar: okay.
The person cut the call.
Sanskar came out of pco all sweating.
He was shocked to listen school name as his own daughter is studying there.

Sanskar’s pov
I m Sanskar maheshwari, doing job in one office and my monthly income is just 30 thousands but that is enough for me,my wife and daughter. Two years ago I took loan to buy our own house but I m still not able to give it back.I know through my salary I will never be able to return it. Last week, I was telling all this to my colleague and he told me quick way of earning money. He introduced me to some gangster but later I get to know he is not only gangster but terrorist. He was planning to place a bomb in this city to threaten the government as his partner is in jail. He gave me offer if I will just call him and inform that bomb is blasted then I will get 5 lakhs. I was shocked like just for a call I Will get this much amount. I instantly agreed as swara always remained tensed about loan so now she will be relaxed and who will find a phone caller. Now here I m ,tomorrow I m going to do this work.
Sanskar’s POV ends.

Sanskar came inside and saw Swara and ashi in hall. Swara saw him and said
Swara: u came soon. We were waiting for u only to have breakfast.
Sanskar tried to smile and nodded.
Ashi hugged his legs and said
Ashi: good morning papa. Today we will go out as its Sunday.
Sanskar(picked her): morning baby. We will go next Sunday plzz.
Ashi(kiss his cheek): okay.
Swara smiles and went to kitchen.
Later they has their breakfast. Swara and ashi were speaking while Sanskar was mostly silent. Swara noticed this.

Swara’s POV
I m Swara Sanskar Maheshwari, a housewife. I m happy and satisfied in my life with ashi and Sanskar. Yeah we have little loan problem but when Sanskar is beside me then nothing to worry. I don’t understand why he is behaving strangely from last week. He never lied to me since five years we are married but now I feel he lie me at every step. He never looks in my eyes when we talk.I think he is hidding something from me. Many times I interrogated him but he always make one or the other excuse and escape. Hope so everything is fine.

Swara’s POV ends.
Next morning:
Sanskar came in hall and saw ashi and swara.
Swara: ashi come on get ready for school.
Sanskar (instantly): ashi will not go to school today.
Swara: why?
Sanskar:woo let her take rest.I m not feeling like to send her.
Sanskar:plzz swara
Ashi:plzz mumma.
Ashi kissed her cheeks.Sanskar sign in relief.
Swara: Sanskar u r behaving wierdly now a days.
Sanskar (avoid eye contact): nothing like that swara. Okay I should leave now. Bye
Ashi: bye papa.
Sanskar left.

After 15 mins:
Swara got call from ashi’s school and they told that they has arranged small occasion for kids so send if ashi can come. Swara agrees to send her.
Ashi: but papa said not to go.
Swara: your papa says many things. Leave it.
Swara dropped ashi at school and came back.
SD public school:
The man came and plant the bomb on ground floor. Sanskar was standing out of the School.He was not aware that his own daughter is also inside.
After half an hour, bomb was blasted.
It was not of high intensity as it was just to threaten the government.
But still there was destruction. Loud cries of the little souls can be heard.
Immediately ambulance and other help services came for rescue.
Sanskar who was seeing all this was numb as he never thought he will do something like this. But he recovered and call his boss and inform that work is done. His tears were flowing non stop. He can’t see that horrible site anymore so went from there.
When he was passing he felt his ashi near only but then he brushed away his thought that she is safe at home.
He went to the place where he was called to take the money.
At home, swara got the call about blast and they told that Ashi is in hospital.
Hospital and school took the responsibility to inform parents.
Swara was shattered and instantly ran to hospital. She was bitterly crying.
Continuously she was trying Sanskar’s no. But it was switched off.
Later, sanskar came home normally with Money.He saw his house door was vast open. He went inside and saw things scattered.
Sanskar(shouts): swara ashi
But no response. Then only a Lady from neighborhood came and told about blast and ashi is in hospital and swara went to her. Telling this the lady went. Sanskar forget to breathe. He felt like dying. The bag full of money fell from his hand.
Sanskar (crying and shouted): ashiiiii
He fell on his knees and bitterly cried.
Later, he got up and went to hospital.

Sanskar came running and stumbling. He just want to see swara and ashi.
He saw that there was so much rush of parents who were crying for their kids.
He searched for swara then only he spotted her standing lifelessly along the wall in corner. He rushed to her.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara looked at him blankly and whispers
Swara:Sanskar ashii
Sanskar hugged her tightly and both cried for their daughter.
Sanskar: where is ashi?
Swara: her treatment is going on.
Then Sanskar remembered that he told not to send ashi to school and got angry.
Sanskar (held her shoulder): when I told not to send her then why u send.
Swara(regret):I was not knowing this will happen.(crying).
Sanskar: but I was knowing it but still u send her.
Swara(confused): how u were knowing that there will be blast.
Sanskar got speechless.
Swara: tell me.
Then only inspector came and said
Inspector: bcoz he was involve in this blast.
Swara looked Shockly at inspector.
Sanskar: no its not true.(sweating)
Inspector:we have proof against u. Your gang’s some members are arrested and they told u did this for money.
Swara got numb.she looked at Sanskar.
Swara: is it true Sanskar??
Sanskar was not able to look in her eyes.He stood quietly looking down.
Swara: I got my answer.(held his collar) how can u stoop so low. Shame on you.
Sanskar: swara listens.
Swara: what is left to listen.u are a criminal. Today bcoz of u my daughter is fighting between life and death. We don’t have any relation . From now u r nothing for me and ashi.
Sanskar was crying and joined his hands.
Sanskar: no swara don’t do this. U both are my everything. I m sorry.
Swara:inspector plzz take him.
Inspector tie handcuffs on his hand and he is pleading to Swara.
Sanskar: Swara plzzz let me see ashi once. Don’t hate me.
He keep on shouting while police took him. Swara turn other side. She fell on her knees and cried.She lost everything. She can’t believe that her sanskar her soulmate can do this. No never.
She keep on crying for long time.

After hours, doctor came and told that ashi is fine and swara went to meet her.
Swara rushed and hugged ashi tightly. She got some fresh tears seeing so many bandages tied to ashi’s head, arms.
Ashi(whisper): mumma.
Swara(kiss her whole face): ashi my baby u r fine. I can’t afford to loose u.
Swara remembered about sanskar and got angry.
Swara:he is not your papa. Don’t talk about him.
Ashi looks at her confusedly.
Swara: don’t think all this just take rest.
After two days, ashi came home.She has recovered much. Swara told ashi about sanskar bcoz she knew she will understand.
After one week, it was found that no children got killed in blast but were badly injured. But the watchman got killed who was near the bomb.
The criminals were punished.
Sanskar got 7 years imprisonment for involving in blast.
Swara get to know about Sanskar’s punishment but she didn’t went to meet him.
She left the city with ashi bcoz the place was just filled with Sanskar’s memories. They need to change the place to move on.
Police station:
A man in messy long hairs and shabby clothes came out of the jail. He came out after 7 years. He is Sanskar who has completed his punishment and is finally released. His condition is very bad as he was hell torched in last 7 years.No one came to meet him in this 7years.
The first thing he did was to go to his house.
Sanskar’s house:
He tapped at the door bell. A Lady in his late fifties open the door. As soon as the door opened sanskar said
But got disappointed to see someone else.
Lady: yes whom u want to meet.
Sanskar:this was my house where is my wife Swara and ashi.
Lady:ohh actually 7 years back Swara sold this house to us and left the city.so u r her husband.
Sanskar nodded.
Sanskar:where is she now?
Lady:she is in Delhi with ashi. Sometimes she visit here. I will give u her address.
Lady give the address of Swara in Delhi.
Sanskar instantly went to Delhi via train as the lady being Kind give him some money.
Xyz colony:
Sanskar came inside the colony and went to Swara’s flat as per the address.
Swara’s flat:
A girl of about 11 years is sitting in hall and doing home work.when a Lady came
Lady:come on ashi have your dinner.
Ashi:one min mumma.
Then only door bell rings. Swara went to open it. She opened the door only to see the person whom she never expected.
Swara(mumble): Sanskar
Sanskar saw her after long time. She is same beautiful. He immediately hugged her tightly. Swara stood numb and didn’t hugged back.he broke the hug
Sanskar (cups her face): Swara u r ok. Where is ashi. She must have grown up now(few tears fell from his eyes)
Swara also got tears after seeing his condition.
Ashi:(shouted): mumma homework is done.
Sanskar listened her voice and look inside only to see his angel. She has grown to big girl. She is no more little.
Sanskar: Swara our ashi(point to her)
Swara was not knowing how to react.
Sanskar went inside and hug ashi.
She got confused seeing some stranger.Sanskar saw her confused so said
Sanskar: ashi I m your papa baby.
Ashi jerk him and shouted
Ashi: u r not my papa.U are very bad. U tried to kill many people I hate u.
Saying this she ran to her room.
Sanskar felt like dying.She never want to listen all this from his angel. Yes he committed a sin but he is badly punished for it.Don’t he deserve one chance also. He look at swara who sternly said
Swara: get out Sanskar we don’t want u. We are happy with each other.
Sanskar: swara don’t do this give me a chance plzzz.
Swara held his arm and take him out and closed door on his face.
Sanskar(shouts): swara plzzz
Swara also started crying. There was not a single min in this 7years when she didn’t remembered him.
Swara went to room and find ashi crying.
Swara(hug her): ashi what happened?
Ashi: mumma I m feeling bad for papa. He really want us.we should give him one chance plzz
Swara never knew when her little daughter become this much mature.
She hugged her and said
Swara: yes we will give one chance to your papa.
Swara and ashi went out and Sanskar was sitting leaning against wall near door. He saw Swara and ashi. A hope came in his heart.
Ashi: we will give one chance to u papa.
Swara nodded.
Sanskar hugged both of them tightly as if their is no tomorrow.

Later they went inside, Sanskar cried for hours in front of his wife and his daughter regretting on his past and the sins he committed.swara told him that he paid the loan by earning herself. He felt proud of his wife
After one year:
It takes time to heal the deep wounds. Swara and ashi forgive Sanskar seeing him hell guilty. Sanskar has earned money by doing various jobs and finally opened NGO against terrorism and for the help of victims of attacks.
Now they are happy with each other leading simple and satisfied life.
Everyone make mistakes but some are considered sin as they are unforgivable but forgiveness is big thing.
The person who is guilty and had been punished for his sin should be given one chance to change otherwise he will go back to dark world when he will not be given place in society.
Maintain peace in the world. No one has right to take someone’s life.

The end

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