Heyy guys..
this story is of a happy couple..
shivaye and Anika belong to middle class..
while shivaye is an employee in the goenka industries.. Anika is an event manager.. shivayes family knows anika but nobody knows about her family and rather she never tells anything about her family..
one fine day..
s- Anika after marriage how r we gonna manage our expenses m really worried..
A- don’t worry shivaye I am there na don’t​ worry ??
s- hmm..
Anika sees him worried and tries to lighten his mood..
a- heyy shivaye.. catch me if u can.. I know u can’t fast as I can.. atlast m fit. not like u billuji..??
on hearing billu shivaye got irritated and he started chasing Anika
s-wait panika I’ll tell u how fit I am..
a- heyy billuji don’t spoil my name. and u can’t catch me..
s- then don’t call me billu..
shivaye thinks- this panika is too fast..how shall I catch her..IDEA..
s- ahhhhh!!!! anikaaaaaa…
shivaye acted to fall..anika stops listening to him and rushes to him..
a- Shivaye are u fine.. did u get hurt..
shivaye then just pulls Anika towards him.. she falls on him…
a- what is this billuji..
s- now I’ll show u.. how fit I am..
all ppl in the park look at them..
all giggle and anika blushes and is embarrassed
a- Shivaye leave me na..
s- nope.. I won’t ever leave u..
a- acchaaa.. even if u become a crorepati??
s- never is never.. even if God tells me to leave u I won’t leave u..
a- aww billuji I luv u..??
s- luv u to panika..
she makes an angry pout and shivaye pecks her pout..
a man- ahem.. ahem.. this is park..
shivika realize and get up and they leave on anikas champa embarrassed ??
next day..
shivaye calls Anika
s- helloo sweetie..
a- good morning mr.billu..
s- I got promoted.. my salary has incremented.. I got an annual package of 24 crores..
a- OMG.. that means 24 divided by 12. that is 2.. hawwww.. 2 crores per month.. OMG shivaye.. all our dreams will be fulfilled..
s- calm down calm down.. chalo Tata.. ttyl.. gotta go.. luv u..
a- bbye.. luv u 2??
at evening Anika waits for Shivaye as she thought he would spend his lucky day wid her but there was no sign of him so she called him..
a- hello shivaye where r u?? m waiting
s- waiting?? fr what??
a- ohh I thought u’ll celebrate today wid me..?
s- hmm.. but tomorrow.. today m busy..
sum1 calls frm back..
lady- shivaye baby!!
(yeah she’s tia)
s- coming darling..
chalo anika bye..
a- ok bbye shivaye I lu…
shivaye hangs the call..
anika is sad hearing Shivaye baby and he calling her darling and shivaye didn’t even listen her properly..
she then went to her home..
shivaye started behaving weirdly wid Anika..
1 week later..
@shivaayes place..
anika goes to meet him..
pinky- anika beta u were up na?? how did u comes frm outsides??
a- no aunty.. I just came and infact I didn’t meet shivaye for a week so I just came to see him if he is free..
dadi- puttar.. u toh come here daily na..
rudra- hn going to be bhabhi u come here daily and u 1 hour ago only went up wid bhaiyya na..
Anika is shocked.. she tries hiding the matter..
a- hahahaha…
everyone look at her in a confused manner..
a- I was just joking.. I went out to attend a call..
and she leaves upstairs.. least was she aware that she was being followed by a man..
she reached his room.. Anika heard laughing and giggling voices so she peeped through the window..
inside the room..
Tia was sitting in shivayes lap and shivaye was nuzzling in her neck..
t- baby what about that girlfriend of URS??
s- ohh that Anika.. she is just so middle class.. she doesn’t even have parents..m gonna leave her..
t- ohh u luv me so much..??
s- yeah..
he puts her down on the bed..
anika couldn’t bear more and she turned to leave.. but the vase fell down.. shivaye​ notices her but fails stopping her.. she runs out.. shivaye follows her but is stopped by the man following anika.
man- dare u come near her.. she is my bestie dare u hurt her more..
s- om but listen to me..
o- mr.shivaye singh oberoi just leave..
om follows Anika..
shivaye feels guilty for his acts but still lust overpowered love and he went to Tia..
omkara told everything to the family
p- oh my mata shivaye.. I never knew u r so mean.. always behind moneys.. this tia is behind ur money not u but anika she luved even when u had nothing..
s- mom plz.. m getting married to Tia.. this is my decision and I don’t​want anyone’s advices..
d-ok billu.. as u say.. but u will regret this one day..
rudra- bhaiyya how could u do this to my going to be bha..
Shivaye cut him in between
s- tia is gonna be ut bhabhi not that cheap and middle class girl..
r- whatever u say I’ll always call her anika BHABHI!! heard it..
s- but y? she isn’t even married and who’ll marry her..??
Anika was sobbing badly while om was supporting her..and calming her down while..
t- shivaye baby m going upstairs when this drama of URS is done come to me.. I am just tired…
s- ok darling
and he hugged her
o- hello if ur romance is done then talk to us..
s- ohh… u guys never had a problem when I did this wid Anika then y now??
d- enuf billu.. not a word more against Anika..
p- yes not a word against my bahu..
s- again u guys started.. I told u na m not marryi…
he was cut..
o- so what even my wife will be Rudy’s bhabhi and dadi and choti ma’s bahu..
s- what do u mean??
o- m marrying Anika..
Anika was shocked to hell but she was supported by sum1 unexpected.. gauri..
s- no u can’t..
o- y??
s- cuz u luv gauri..
o- I know and gauri is understanding and she herself is coming here to attend my wedding.. she isn’t mean like u. she cares for the one she luvs.. she can give life for me and here m just getting married to my bestie to save her frm a beast ??
gauri hears this and gets teary eyed on hearing om’s opinion about her and she smiles..
a- no om u don’t need to do this.. plz..
om looks at gauri..
o- no Anika.. I will marry u..
g- and m with om as always..
d- hayee.. I wish all the evils stay away frm my Anika.. such good frnds..
p- hn mummyji but sadly her luv is a beast..
r- bhaiyya I hate u.. u hurt my superwoman.. o m on ur side..
sumthing broke inside shivaye​badly.. he has only money and tia but all he wanted has gone.. his Anika his family all left him.. he didn’t want to leave Anika but tia had brainwashed him against Anika so he was doing all this..
a- hello om..
o- hnji wifey say..
a- om plz.. m ready to marry u fr namesake but u and I we both know neither u can luv me nor can I cuz u luv gauri and I luv shivaye..
o- hmm..
a- m srry om cuz of me u guys r suffering..
frm oms behind gauri said..
g- no worries Anika..m all fine atlast m happy today after hearing howmuch om trusts me..
omri share an eyelock..
anika coughs..guys at least talk to me then u can romance..
g- anika at least let us romance until after that om will all be URS..
anika and omri gets sad..
a- no gauri.. I promise I’ll never stop om frm meeting u and u know u can still carry on ur romance.. permission granted frm ok omkara’z future wife..
o- OMG Anika.. u r really an ossum frnd..
and omri hug of happiness..
a- and I promise once i get rid of ur brother I’ll divorce u nd u guys can marry..
omri- we luv u Anika…
a- luv u too guys..???
guys ttyl dad’s calling..
a- hello Papa..
a.d.- yeah beta howz u?? u didn’t come home yet.. ur mum’s worried..any plans wid shivaye??
on hearing Shivaye she broke down and started crying..
a.d- what Happened beta? tell me?? y r u crying??
Anika told everything to her dad..
her dad was hell angry..
a.d- beta come home then we’ll talk..
Anika leaves frm the apartment and enters a huge mansion..
she then talks to her dad.. while crying
a- y did he do this papa??
a.d- don’t worry beta.. m still here Nd see be happy how good and understanding frnds u have..
a- but dad.. om is marrying me to save me so that shivaye doesn’t hurt me..
a d- no worries ull get divorced soon..
a- pinky promise??
a.d- pinky promise.
a- and then we’ll get omri married..
a.d- yeahh y not..
a- ohk dad.. good night..
a.d- good night beta..
a devastated anika leaves to her room..
a.d- mr. shivaye singh oberoi u’ll have to pay a huge price for insulting and cheating my princess.. he smirks and sleeps..
shivaye is feeling restless.. he is full of guilty but still his ego is coming in between..he can’t take the pain so he Hits his hand in the mirror..
pinky sees this.. shivaye notices her and shivaye expected her to come and apply medicine on his wounds but to his surprise..
p- ppl can do anything fr attention and money.. huh!?!!?..
and she leaves.. he feels pain in his ✋ (not more than that in his heart) and he goes in search of first aid box..
he goes to oms room..
omri r chatting there..
s- excuse me guys.. can I get first aid box..
omri ignore him.. shivaye feels bad and leaves..
he then goes to rudra-..
s- heyy rudra…
rudra leaves the room seeing him..
now the pain in his heart was much more than that of his hand..
he goes to hall where tejvi dadi and shinky were seated..
as soon as he entered thd hall
everyone left the hall..
he remembered how when he just used to get one small cut everyone on his family would get mad and scold him..his mom would cry just seeing a small cut.. and now.. he was hell guilty but his ego and his money..
he then went to Tia..
s- tia wake up.. m hurt..will u plz do me first aid..
t- ohh m not any nurse ask any1.. let me sleep Shivaye baby..
s- how can u speak like that to me?? I m shivaye singh oberoi..
tia wakes up..
t- uff.. u n ur drama.. Anika is lucky that u himself left her.. at least she can breathe freely..?? nd don’t do this sso ka drama in front of me.. m not Anika who is all behind u..
shivaye is sad learning that tia is wid him only fr money.. he is guilty that he cheated the girl whom he luved the most.. he cheated who luved him selflessly..he was sad..
he reminsced the moments between them..how when he acted to fall anika was worried.. how much she luved him.. but still he now was a money minded man.. he never fell fr Tia but lust..lust is what overpowered his luv..
omri were sleeping in each other’s arms while oms mob rang..
a- om its me..
o- hn Anika what Happened.. any problem??
a- nothing just u and gauri come to me asap..
o- ok
@shivayes room..
shivaye is sleeping when he gets a call..
man- hello. is this mr.shivaye
s- yes..
m- Mr. shivaye today u may come and take ur belongings frm the cabin..
s- what r u saying?? is my cabin being renowated or something?
m- yes Mr. u have been removed frm the job.. m sry to say that.. u can collect ur belongings today..
s- how can I loose my job..helloo
the man cut the call..
Tia heard this..
t- what!! u lost ur job…we r over Mr.oberoi..
s- Tia listen..u luv me right..
tia laughs sarcastically
t- who luved u? only that cheap middle class girl did.. I never did.i just came to u fr money.. now m going..
and she left..
shivaye was shattered..
suddenly he heard anika calling out
a- everyone come down soon..
d- puttar whut happened..
a- my dad’s here to meet everyone..
s- so u aren’t orphan hn.. i thought u were sumones illegitimate blood..
a.d.- heyy watch ur tongue…
shivaye was shocked to see his boss over there..
a d- u r talking to the great goenkas only daughter..
everyone’s eyes popped out except omri cuz anika had told them the truth in the morning itself..
a: leave it dad .
dadi, jhanvi maa, pinky maa, om gauri rudy all pack ur bags we all r going..
s- where r we going?
a- mr.oberoi.. I never said u r coming..
j- yeah.. but where r we going and are u Mr.goenkasv daughter
p-tell Anika why r u quiets??
a.d.- anika u shud tell them..
a- yeah maa. I am Anika goenka.. the MD of goenka industries.. I fell in luv wid shivaye and I didn’t want shivaye to feel low in front of me so I acted as a low class girl..
a.d: but see.the result.. anyways.. u guys r coming wid us to stay in our mansion..
p- really..woooww..
r- yeah vese bhi m not interested in staying wid this cheap man..such a cheater…
all leave the house.. now shivaye is all alone..
shivayes pov-
I left her cuz of her class.. damn she left her class fr me.. how stupid m I.. I cheated her.. I cheated myself.. I cheated my family.. for that Tia.. gosh.. she was such a b***h and I left everyone fr her.. yess I luv her.. luv her more than anything.. I need her.. she is mine just mine I don’t care about anything else..
shivaye zoomed towards the goenka mansion..
@goenka mansion..
everyone was happy.. celebrations on.. decorations everywhere.. he saw his family.. dadi tejanvi shinky and Rudy..
s- where is om and where’s my panika??
he thought..
his thoughts were broken by panditjis voice..
p- dulha dulhan ko bulaya jaaye..(the bride and groom may be called..)
shivaye sae om descending the stairs wid a lady.. she probably was the bride.. reality struck shivaye
s-means really om is marrying my panika.. my panika is marrying om..
he is heartbroken..
om sees him there.. he tries calling him but before that he leaves teary eyed..
shivaye drove to a beach..
the beach where he met his panika fr the first time…
he got down the car and was going deeper into the sea.. when a hand caught him..
was he dreaming?? the scene in front of him shocked him
shivaye POV-
gosh.. is she really Anika?? no how can it be?? she is there in the mandap marrying om.. the last thought sent a tear down his eyes..
a snap brought him out of his anika-land..
a- mr.oberoi!! have u gone mad?? u know what were u gonna do..
s- r u Anika??
a- omg.. Tia’s magic is osuumm.. u even forgot my face.??
shivaye understood that Anika was really standing over there after all she is the one who talks so sarcastically even in tough times..
he just hugged her tightly..so tight that she was about to trip.. but she maintained her balance..
s- how r u here?? u were in mandap marrying om right!! r u fine?? r u angry that i left u fr that bi**h..?? I am sry.. I luv u Anika.. i won’t do this again.. never ever.. i promise I can’t live without u Anika.. say something..
he said everything in a breath..
Anika laughed out..
a- if u let me speak then I’ll speak na..
there omri r getting married.. and m here frm past 1 hr.. laughing on my fate..
s,- m srry Anika.. I love you….
a- I luv u too billu.. I knew that u luv me and u’ll never leave me thats y I didn’t marry om..
s- Anika u trust me alot na..
Anika nods..
s- I broke ur trust na..
anika nods sadly and a tear falls frm….
shivayes eye..
s- m sry Anika..
anika hugs him..
a- leave it billuji.. u have to get ur punishment now..
s-(sadly) hmm.. say what punishment
a- u shud go away frm me..
shivaye shocked..
s- plz Anika..I won’t do this again..plz don’t talk to me like that.. m srry…
a- areey areey billuji stop.. first listen completely.. u have to go frm here and bring me 2 ice creams, 1 dairy milk, a packet of chips, one plate pav bhaji and yeah dont frget tonight a treat at Domino’s..
s- gosh.. loot..
a- hey.. u can’t do that?? after all u r my dad’s PA.. u earn 2 crores per month.. can’t u afford me such small things..
she pouts..
s- aww. but m jobless.. all I can afford is Pani puri.. plz understand..
anika understanda that her dad did this..
a- shivaye don’t be sad..
a voice appear frm behind.
man- exactly afterall how can the half owner of goenka industries be sad??
yes he was anikas dad..
a- DAD!! I luv u..
Shivaye was overwhelmed.. he was happy..
s- thank you sir..
a.d. ignores..
s- sir thank you..
a.d ignores..
a- dad.. shivaye is telling sumthing..
a.d- re really?? he is talking to sum sir.. I am to his dad na..
shivaye smiled to his fullest and hugged him.
s- thnx dad..
anika fake coughs..
s- looks like sum1 is jealous..
shivaye and a.d. give HiFi..
a- now u’ll have to get me a new dress too along wid a trip to Paris..
Anika opened her hands towards the sky and is glaring up while shivaye pushes her and falls..
s- fr time being catch me then u fly in Paris PANIKA!!
he shouts..
a- u BILLUUU..
and they start chasing each other..
atlast shivaye is caught..
his punishment is he will do push-ups wid anika sitting on him eating ice cream..
shivaye was sadly doing push-ups cursing anika while Anika was enjoying her both ice creams and teasing shivaye..
s- gosh.. now my condition is like this what will happen after marriage??
a- who is marrying u billu??
and Anika ran and Shivaye was in shock.. he learnt that she tricked him again and now is running… there he goes chasing her again..
a.d.- these two will always remain kids..
and he smiles seeing their bond…
so guys how was it??
do comment ????

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