This OS includes the love story of the three brothers Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra and their love interests Anika, Gauri and Saumya; it mainly focuses on our beloved couple Shivika. This story starts in the big city Mumbai!
Note: Instead of writing full names I am using abbreviations.
A lady comes and hands over Anika some papers, after reading those papers Anika starts crying bitterly.
A: I didn’t know everything will slip from my hands just in one day.
Shivaay comes there, Anika sees him and is about leave Shivaay stops her,
S: Now you must have seen the result of messing up with Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Take this money and I want you to vacate this place as soon as you can.
A: Who are you to decide what I shall do or not?
S: See it’s a day of happiness for me and I don’t want to argue with you so leave this place. I have no time; I want to construct a mall here as soon as possible so, I hope you leave this canteen as soon as possible Miss Anika…you never told me your surname.
A: [In flashback, Anika is from a high class family her grandfather who is proud of their standard and class scolds her for making friends with low class people; in anger she leaves the house.]
A: You need not to worry about my surname. You have snatched my dreams from me this canteen was my dream I…. it’s of no use to tell anything to a stone hearted person like you.

S: Anika people hide their identity because of their dark secrets maybe you too had some and to conceal those you hide your surname. Good Miss Anika but you don’t know whom am I? I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi I can find about you if I wish but at present I am not in a mood of doing it. I know many low standard people like you who try to blackmail rich people and…
Anika interrupts,
A: You are Shivaay Singh Oberoi you can do anything. You can buy a person in few seconds. So this is a very small deal for you, a person’s feelings doesn’t matter to you; you can even buy their feelings. Don’t know how your family tolerates you; you must be dominating them even in the house. And your family, your family too won’t be having any love for you. I just wonder how a person can be so much stone hearted…never mind I am just spoiling my time on such a heartless person…leave it.
S: Exactly don’t waste your time take your price and vacate this place within 2 hours. (Shivaay throws money in front of Anika.)
A: Mr. SSO I am not a thing to be sold. And I will leave the place whenever I wish; you need not to tell me what I should do.
Anika leaves from there in anger. Shivaay angrily breaks his phone. At Oberoi mansion, Shivaay angrily enters and goes to his room OmRu follows him,
R: Bhaiya what happened?
O: Shivaay you can share with us if you have problem.
Shivaay goes to them,
S: Ok tell me one thing do you feel I am dominating? Is it true that I am stone-hearted? Tell me don’t I have any feelings?
Rudra makes faces,
O: Shivaay calm down! So many questions tell me in detail what happened?
R: O mein sab samajh gaya hun. (O I understood everything.) Bhaiya aaj humpar emotional atyachar karne ke mood mein hain. (Bhaiya wants to blackmail us emotionally.)
O: Will you shut up Rudra for some time? Let Shivaay speak.
R: Oh ok.
O: Shivaay speak,
S: Today I purchased a canteen….
R: Oh so the matter is canteen. Congratulations bhaiya. You should have told us before we would have arranged a party.
S: No Rudra. Matter is not the canteen but matter is the girl who used to work in that canteen.
R: Bhaiya it means you are hiding something from us. Means you are in relationship with that girl and have been hiding it since so many months.
S: No Rudra. Om you know when I reached there… (Shivaay narrates whole incident.)
O: (laughs)
R: O! Bhaiya is in such a serious situation and you are laughing?
O: Rudra it is first time Shivaay is getting affected by some girl.
R: Oh I didn’t notice it. Bhaiya what is going on in your mind?
O: I guess Shivaay is getting affected. No Shivaay?
S: Om what are you saying? And Rudra nothing is in going in my mind. It’s useless to talk to you guys.
Shivaay leaves and OmRu starts laughing,
R: O we must meet that girl who has affected our brother.
O: You are right Rudra.
After few months there is engagement ceremony in Oberoi Mansion Anika is appointed there as new wedding planner. Anika arrives to the mansion,
D: Oye Anika puttar! Accha hua tu aagayi, ja meine wahan sab taiyar rakhwa diya hai tu dekh le kisi cheez ki zarurat ho to bata dena. (Hey Anika! It’s good that you came, go there everything is kept ready if you need anything then inform me.)
A: Ji dadi ji.
Pinky comes there and takes Anika to room,
P: Anika why are you worrying for everything it’s your marriages you shouldn’t work like this go and take rest; we are here to complete the work.
Pinky leaves from there,
S: Anika everyone is happy with this marriage but I want to clear one thing…
A: I think you are here to tell me that you are not happy with this marriage and don’t want to continue it, I am also not having any problem we will divorce after everything settles once. I am marrying to you just for family’s happiness; that person who destroyed my dreams, who finished everything. This marriage is against our wish so I won’t force any relation on you Shivaay.
Anika leaves from there crying, OmRu comes there,
Shivaay: I can’t forget that day when Anika saved mom from accident and cured her; Anika is very nice a kind-hearted but this is also true that she doesn’t match my status and I can’t marry her…
O: Shivaay you have to marry her, at least for family’s happiness. Didn’t you see how much happy everyone got when choti ma announced your marriage with Anika. I know you two have lot of differences but this doesn’t mean that you won’t marry. Every couple has problems between them but with time they solve their problems with each other’s support; don’t worry everything will get fine.
R: I think O is saying right bhaiya you should think about it. I feel Anika di is not that type of girl which you think.
S: Anika is beyond my imagination I didn’t know she can do so much to me…I understood.
O: I hope you understood now, Rudra let’s go.
R: Hmmm. Bhaiya don’t forget to talk to bhabhi.
Anika who was standing outside gets happy thinking Shivaay has changed. Shivaay calls Anika,
A: Shivaay do you want to say something?
S: Anika I can’t even imagine you can do this to me…
A: What have I done will you tell me?
S: What’s this?
Shivaay shows her a video in which Anika is seen going with some boy.
A: But Shivaay he…
S: He is your boyfriend right?
A: No Shivaay…
S: I don’t want any excuses Anika in the beginning I must have understood how low class you are. You know you are going to marry someone else but no you will spend time only with friend of your fiancée.
A: Shivaay he isn’t…
S: Stop it Anika I know you are going to give excuses that’s why I called that boy here itself. Daksh come inside!
That boy is none other than Daksh,
S: Yes so Daksh tell me what’s your relation with Anika?
Da: Shivaay it’s natural between a girl and a boy this thing happens…
S: Anything else you want to say Anika he himself has accepted that he is your boyfriend.
A: Daksh why don’t you tell him directly you know we are not…
Shivaay interrupts,
S: So Daksh tell me since when this thing is going on between you two?
Da: It has been last week.
S: Fine no more proofs to be needed it’s all done.
Daksh leaves smirking,

A: Shivaay we both are not…
S: Just stop it! I don’t want to hear any word from you now.
Shivaay leaves angrily to Daksh’s room Anika crying goes from the mansion. In Daksh’s room,
Da: (laughing and murmuring) Shivaay thought Daksh won’t return but he is back with same evilness. Shivaay I will snatch all your happiness and one of your happiness is gone now it’s mine. Anika is innocent but she didn’t know about my enmity with you and you too thought I am changed but no Shivaay Daksh will take his revenge. That attack on your family, that accident of Rudra and when your car blasted everything was done by me! Now everything yours will be mine Shivaay! Everything!
S: This time you got me wrong Mr. Daksh! You thought I will get trapped into your plan so easily. No Shivaay Singh Oberoi is 100 times ahead than what you think. I did this drama so that you confess yourself. (Police comes inside.)
S: Inspector you can take this man to his right place where he should be. All those crimes were done by him.
Da: What proof do you have?
S: This recording in which you confessed your crimes.
The recording plays. Daksh fumes,
In (Inspector): Mr. Oberoi Now you need not to worry regarding anything now your family is safe.
S: Thank you Inspector.
S: Well Daksh we will meet on court hearing.
Police takes Daksh away. OmRu comes inside,
O: Shivaay he is caught but what about Anika bhabhi?
S: I have a surprise for you. We’ll meet tomorrow.
Shivaay leaves,
R: Bhaiya! Where are you going at least tell this….
O: Rudy don’t worry everything is getting perfect now let’s go.
In evening Anika arrives at some restaurant in a beautiful red gown,
A: He told me to come here but where is he? I should call him.
Anika calls suddenly someone stops her,
A: Shivaay…
S: Yes Anika it’s me.
Anika and Shivaay smiles,
S: I am sorry Anika I had to shout on you…
A: It is okay Shivaay I can do anything for this family.
S: Anika after all this happened I don’t know how to apologize to you?
A: Shivaay you need not to apologize.
S: That is the thing I like in you. You always help others.
A: We can do anything for them whom we love.
Shivaay takes out ring from his pocket,
S: Anika I had hurt you many times, but now I have realized my mistakes and want to correct those mistakes. Miss Anika will you marry me?
Anika gets happy and hugs Shivaay, Shivaay adorn ring in Anika’s finger.
S: Anika I always wanted to say one thing to you but due to my ego I didn’t say. I love you Anika!
A: I love you too Shivaay!
They both share a romantic hug.
S: By the way Miss Panika you acted nicely.
A: Mr. Bagad billa I can do anything for this family.
Shivaay signs someone,
S: Well what about your family?
A: (Getting sad.) I don’t know anything about them.
S: Okay I have a surprise for you.
A man with woman and two girls come there,
A: Shivaay who are they?
S: Nice to meet you Mr. Agnihotri.
Man: Nice to meet you too Shivaay.
S: Anika you wanted to know who they are.
A: Yes Shivaay tell me who are they?
S: Your family. He is your father Mr. Niranjan Agnihotri renowned businessman from US, your mother Mrs. Anjali Agnihotri and your sisters Gauri and Saumya.
Anika gets emotional and hugs them tightly.
A: Shivaay how do you come to know about them?
S: If destiny wants someone to meet then none stops them from meeting.
All the Oberois come and surprise them from behind. Everyone share a wonderful time.
-The End-

I hope you liked my stupid OS -_- it was really a stupid one.

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