Hi Readers! This is my entry for the os competition organised. We cant enjoy the Shivika moments like before all thanks to the seperation track. I have come up with a different idea and I hope you give it as much love as you have given to my ff. It may be a bit long so read it when you are at leisure.

A white , royal looking mansion stood in the heart of the city. It looked calm and pleasant from the outside but it wasn’t so . Internally, there was a big chaos in the living room. Two sets of parents, a grandmother and three brothers sat there with their sweet sister. All were engrossed in some type of a discussion.
Mr. Arrogant-Turning-Romantic : I still say that white and peach themed decoration will be the best. She will love that combination.
Mr. Jatadhaari : But she likes pink colour.
Mr. Dumbell: Bhaiya, I am telling you na , east or west , golden is the best.
Mrs. Wisdom : Puttar, tum logon ko jo sahi lage wahi karo.
( Kids, you all do what you think is right)
Mrs. Oh-my-Mata: Mummyji, how cans we leaves it like this. It is her first times after marriages. We need a celebrations mummyji.

I think you all must have come to know about the characters here. Yes, they are Arrogant-Turning-Romantic Shivaay, Jatadhaari Om , Dumbell Rudra, Wisdom Filled Dadi , and the OH MY MATA Pinky.
Shivaay : Mom, Anika doesnt like too much of pomp and show. We will have a simple yet elegant party for her.
Pinky: Yes Shivaay, you are saying corrects. She doesnt like lots of shows. Ok, should we invite any guests?
Dadi: Billu , what do you say?
Shivaay: I dont think Dadi that we should invite any guests. It will only our family members and I will bring Sahil on special leave. It will be comfortable for Anika.
Rudra: Ok , ok, all that is fine but what will I tell the decorator ? Pink , golden , white , peach, what ?
Om: Tell him pink and golden. And tell me what flavour will the cake be and what to write on it ?
Shivaay : No no, tell decorator white and shimmery peach. Bring red velvet and write…
Pinky: Write Happy Birthdays Aneeka. (Oh my Mata Pinky’s accent)
Rudra: No no write Happy 29 Bhabhi.
Dadi: Tell him to write Janamdin di mubarakha Anika.
And everything went into a pool of mess and chaos again.
All of you will be wondering where was Anika during this conversation . Dont forget that OUR Anika sleeps like a kumbhkaran. So she was not ready yet and seizing this opportunity the family had this discussion. Now it was time for Anika to get ready and come for breakfast, so everyone went to the dining table and Shivaay went to THEIR room so that everything would seem normal.

In Shivika room,
Anika wakes up and goes to the washroom to freshen up. After taking a bath, she came out wearing a plain blood red anarkali and golden jhumkas. She had blood red lips and attractive eyes which mesmerised Shivaay the moment he saw her but the tadibaaz pretended to ignore her and started setting his hair and wearing his watch. She smiled while checking him out in the mirror. There was something unusual about him today ,she thought. Suddenly,
Shivaay : Anika, stop checking me out. I know I am handsome but you dont need to drool over me like this.
Anika came out of her dream and blushed lightly. Gathering her sense, she said,
Anika: Shivaay, do you think I am mad to check you out?
Shivaay: Do you think I am mad that I cant catch you speaking a lie?
Saying so, he came closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist .
Anika: Shivaay, what are you doing?
Shivaay(innocently ) : What am I doing ?
Anika: Shivaay, leave me please. I have work to do.
Shivaay : The Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesnt hold something to leave it. If you want to go, you get yourself released.
Anika struggled to get his arms away from her waist but his grip tightened more and more. Shivaay came closer to her and when it was just the difference of a few inches between them, they heard a voice,
Pinky(shouting from hall): Shivaay, Anika, comes for breakfast.Shivaay gives a oh-God type look and Anika breaks the hugs and runs downstairs.
On the dining table,
Rudra : O, aaj kuch special hai kya?
(O, is today a special day ?)
Om gives him a fake smile and says : Nahi Rudra, aaj toh kuch special nahi hai.
(No Rudra, today is nothing special)
Rudra: Toh mujhe subha se excitement kyun ho rahi hai ?
(Then why am I feeling excited from the morning ? )
Om: Rudra, hazaroon mein se teri kisi ek girlfriend ka birthday hoga.
( Rudra, maybe today is the birthday of one of your thousand girlfriends)
Rudra: O, meri girlfriends ke baare mein kuch mat bolo. Kam se kam aapke inn baalo se toh better hi hai na.
(O, you don’t say anything about my girlfriends. Atleast, they are better than these long locks of yours. )
Dadi : Bas Omru ab breakfast karo.
(Enough, Omru now have your breakfast. )
After breakfast everyone goes off for their work when Shivaay pulls Anika aside and pins her to a pillar, both their hands interwined.
Anika: Aaj subha se aapko kya ho gaya hai Shivaay? 2rs Cheapde jaisi harkatein kar rahe hain aap.
(What has happened to you from the morning, Shivaay? You are behaving like 2rs cheapdas.)
Shivaay : Jo karna hai wahi toh karne nahi de rahi ho. Aaj ke din kuch special hona chahiye.
( What I want to do , is what you are not letting me do. Today, there should be something special ).
Saying so, he came closer to her.
Anika: Shivaay, koi dekh lega. Aap office jaiye. Late ho jayenge.
(Shivaay, someone will see us. You go to office else you will get late).
Shivaay left Anika , who was blushing very heavily and he winked at her. Anika’s eyes widened and he left for his office.
A while later, Anika received a call from Sahil.
Sahil: Happy Birthday Anika Didi.
Anika: Thank you Sahil. Why do you remember my birthday when I myself don’t want to remember it ? Birthdays are special days when loving people are born. I have told you na that my birthday is not special and you should not even remember it.
Sahil: Arre, arre, Anika Didi , will you keep scolding me or will you let me speak?
Anika: Sorry.
Sahil: Didi, I don’t know about the others but you are special for me and I will never forget your birthday. Why do you think that you are not special? Everyone is special in their own way and to someone.
Anika: Why Sahil? Why shouldn’t I think of such things? So many unlucky things happened because of me. First, due to my birth, my parents left me at the temple at a tender age and when your parents adopted me, they also died in a car crash some years later. From the time I have come to Oberoi Mansion, something or the other keeps happening to Shivaay. Sundari Bua was correct. My presence is always destructive.
Sahil: Dont think like that Didi. And that Bandari Bua keeps speaking rubbish , so you dont need to listen to her. You think about the people to whom your presence matters. Dont bring these thoughts in your mind and enjoy your life. May God grant all your wishes. I have to go , I will talk to you tomorrow.
Anika: Thank you Sahil. I will talk to you tomorrow. Study well.
Anika disconnects the call and goes to her room , wondering for whom can her presence be important.
It was a pleasant evening in Mumbai and the time for executing the plan had come. Anika was sitting in the room and settling Shivaay’s clothes and files. Suddenly, the door of the room slammed shut like the typical haunted houses. Anika did not pay attention to it as she thought that it might be the wind, but it was not the wind. It was her cute devar Rudra who had just locked his dear bhabhi inside the room.
Rudra (on Bluetooth ): Part 1 successful.
The others giggled and Shivaay got ready for Part 2. He called up Anika and told her,
Shivaay : Anika, main tumhe batana bhool gaya . Aaj mujhe ek important award ceremony ka invitation mila hai and you have to come with me.
(Anika, I forgot to tell you that I have got an invitation for an important award ceremony today and you have to come with me. )
Anika : Shivaay, lekin main aapke saath kaise aa sakti hoon ?
(Shivaay, but how can I come with you? )
Shivaay : Kyun nahi aa sakti ? Kisi ne mana kiya hai kya? Tum MERI biwi ho aur tumhe hak hai apne pati ke saath bahar jaane ka . Now, I dont want to listen to anything else. You are coming with me and thats final.
(Why can’t you come ? Has anyone stopped you ? You are MY wife and you have the right to go out with your husband. Now, I dont want to listen to anything else. You are coming with me and thats final.)
Anika(making an excuse): Par Shivaay, I dont know anything about anyone and I don’t want your image to go down because of me. Also I dont have anything formal to wear to a party.
Shivaay : Anika, dont make excuses because they wont work on me . There is a packet on the couch. Open it, wear it and come down fast. I am waiting.
Shivaay disconnected the call before Anika could say anything. So, helpless in the situation she was, she went to the couch and picked up the packet kept there. It was a beautifully wrapped packet so she didn’t want to spoil the wrapping. Anika opened the packet slowly to reveal a gorgeous peach off-shoulder gown made from net and it dazzled with shimmery pink flowers. Anika stood mesmerised by the beauty she was holding. It wasnt only that. When Anika was busy admiring the dress, a small peice of paper dropped out from the packet. Noticing that, Anika picked it up to find it decorated with the words ‘ Happy Birthday Anika ‘. Anika’s joy knew no bounds. She leapt in joy on the seventh heaven , forgeting the dress in hand. Tears flowed out from her eyes on experiencing the love of her husband. She was now recollecting the moments of Shivaay’s love when her phone rang. The caller id showed Shivaay. On answering the phone,
Shivaay: Happy Birthday meri Jahnsi ki Rani. Tumhe dress pasand aayi ?
(Happy Birthday my Jhansi ki Rani. Did you like the dress?)
Anika couldnt answer due to her flow of tears.
Shivaay : Anika, tum phir ro rahi ho. Mujhe pata hai ki ab tum bologi ki ” Shivaay, yeh toh khushi ke aansu hai”. But I told you na that I cannot see tears in your eyes. Tum rote huye bilkul acchi nahi lagti. AGAR AISE KHUSHI MEIN ROTI RAHOGI TOH TUMHARI POORI ZINDAGI ROTE ROTE NIKAL JAYEGI.
(Anika , you are crying again. I know thhat now you will say ” Shivaay, these are tears of happiness “. But I told you na that I cannot see tears in your eyes. You dont look good when you cry. IF YOU KEEP CRYING IN HAPPINESS, THEN YOU WILL KEEP CRYING FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE. )
Anika gave a million dollar smile and replied,
Anika : Shivaay, Thankyou. Thank you so much ki aapne mere baare mein itna socha. But yeh sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi?
(Shivaay, Thankyou. Thank you so much for thinking so much about me. But what was the need of all this ?)
Shivaay : Anika, yeh sab baatein baad mein karenge. Now hurry up and get ready. I cant wait to watch my beautiful Paanika.
(Anika , we will talk about these things later. Now hurry up and get ready. I cant wait to watch my beautiful Paanika)
So Anika went to get ready and when the wait was over, she didnt look less than a princess. She had minimal make up and her locks were tied up in a messy bun. If anyone would have seen her at that time, would have fainted because of the heat in the room coming from Anika’s hotness. She came to the door and tried to open it. I would not open. She tried again and again but it didn’t open ( Oberoi Mansion locks uff!)
While our Anika was struggling to open the door, Shivaay and company were ready with all the preparations. They got all the main lights in the hall and the poolside switched off and only the fairy lights glittered golden and white in the night . As the family knew and it was exactly what happened, Anika climbed up the pane and opened the window to get out. It was like her secret door. She came out from the room through the window which directly led to the pool area. It was dark and so Anika was very careful with herself and her dress. She managed her way to the hall when suddenly all the lights came on to show the whole family dressed up and gathered in the centre of a beautifully decorated and balloon filled hall.They all shouted out together ” Happy Birthday Anika” with a deafening voice. Anika couldnt believe her eyes. She closed her eyes and took a deep breadth. She didn’t want to open her eyes as she thought that it was a wonderful dream and was afraid that it will break when she opened her eyes. Sensing this, Dadi came to her,
Dadi : Anika puttar, Janamdin ki dheron wadhaiyan. Hamesha khush reh. Hayee, kinni soni lag rahi hai , tennu kisi di nazar na lag jaye.
( Anika dear, Best wishes on your birthday. Always stay happy. Hayee, you look so beautiful, no ones bad shadow should fall on you. )
Anika smiled and touched Dadi’s feet.
Tej, Jahnvi, Shakti and Pinky also blessed her. Priyanka gifted her a tight hug. Now it was Omru’s turn.
Omru: Happy Birthday Anika Bhabhi.
Anika : Thank you Omru.
She hugged them.
Rudra: Bhabhi , we are sorry, hum aapke liye koi gift nahi laa sake.
(Bhabhi, we are sorry, we didnt get any gift for you.)
Anika: Mujhe koi gift nahi chahiye. Tum logon ne yeh sab kiya , wahi mere liye kaafi hai. Thankyou so much.
(I dont want any gift. You all did all this, that is enough for me. Thankyou so much.)
Rudra: Bhabhi, bhabhi-devar mein no sorry and no thankyou.
(Bhabhi, in our bhabhi -devar relationship no sorry and no thankyou. )
Om: Dialogue mein toh dosti hai na.
(But it is friendship in the dialogue )
Rudra: O, hum toh bhabhi ko bol rahe hai na. What O, emotions bhi nahi samajhte.
(O, we are telling this to bhabhi na. What O, you don’t even understand emotions )
Om: Nahi Rudra, mere liye toh bhabhi pehle meri friend hai.
( No Rudra, for me bhabhi is my friend first)
Anika couldn’t control her emotions anymore and a layer of water formed in her eyes. With that, she gave Omru a bone – crashing hug.
A voice called out from behind,
Voice: Inn sab ke saath , mereko to bhool hi gaye na aap, Anika Didi.
(With all of them, you have forgotten me na Anika Didi )
Anika turns around to see Sahil coming inside the Mansion, holding Shivaay’s hand. Shivaay had brought him on special leave. Shivaay’s other hand was occupied in holding a big red box. Anika ran to Sahil and hugged him. She kissed his face and asked him,
Anika : Tujhe iss sab ke baare mein pata tha toh tune mujhe bataya kyun nahi?
(If you knew all about this , then why didnt you tell me ? )
Sahil: Agar bata deta toh surprise khatam ho jaata na.
(If I would have told you , then it wouldn’t remain a surprise )
After this Anika blew the candles on the cake and wished for the Oberoi family to stay happy always.
Rudra: Bhabhi, kya wish maangi aapne?
(Bhabhi, what have you wished?)
Anika: Rudra , wish bata dene se poori nahi hoti. Jis din poori ho jayegi na , uss din bataungi.
(Rudra, if I reveal the wish, it wont be fulfilled. When it gets fulfilled, that day I will tell you.)
They all then dance their time away to O jaana and Lafzon Ka yeh . After a lot of dancing, everyone was tired and retired to their rooms. Shivaay pretended to make a call and made his way to the pool. Anika went inside the room and found it full of red heart balloons. Surprised by this she called out,
Anika : Shivaay, Shivaay where are you?
No answer from Shivaay but a tune playing from the pool. Anika slowly made her way to the pool. Earlier, the pool was dark but now the pool area was romantically glowing with cute lights, candles and heart-melting aroma.
Anika: Shivaay, yeh kaisa mazaak hai. Mujhe yeh bilkul pasand nahi aa raha hai. Aap kahan hai ? Mujhe aur koi surprise werprise nahi chahiye. Shivaay, please saamne aaiye.
(Shivaay, what type of a joke is this ? I am not liking it at all. Where are you? I dont want any type of surprise. Shivaay, please come here.)
Anika was still aimlessly walking around there when for the third time in that day, Shivaay came behind her and pulled her by her waist. She went banging with her back in his chest.
Shivaay (smiling): Kya baat hai Anika ? Aaj mere bina raha nahi jaa raha hai. Kuch zyada hi yaad aa rahi hai meri?
(What is the matter Anika? Today you cant stay without me? Arent you wanting me too much today ? )
Anika(releasing herself from his hold and turning to face him) : Yeh toh mujhe bolna chahiye. Kya baat hai Shivaay ? Aaj meri sautan ko chodke meri yaad aa rahi hai .
(This should be my line. What happened Shivaay? Today you have left your other wife and you are with me.)
Shivaay : Anika, maine kitni baar tumhe kaha hai ki tumhari koi sautan nahi hai.
(Anika, I have told you so many times that I dont have a second wife)
Anika: Apka bussiness meri sautan nahi hai toh kya hai. Aaj hua kya hai aapko?
(Your business is like your second wife. What has happened to you today ?)
Shivaay : Aaj tumhara birthday jo hai.
(Today is your birthday na)
Anika ( pouting ): Toh agar birthday nahi hota toh aisa nahi hota kya?
(If it would not have been my birthday then it wouldnt have been like this ? )
Both are in each others arms and are looking into each others eyes.
Shivaay : Aisa nahi hai Anika. Accha yeh sab chodo. I m sorry main tumhare liye gift nahi laaya. Batao mujhe kya chahiye tumhe .
(Its not like that Anika. Okay leave all that. I am sorry I didn’t bring a gift for you. Tell me what do you want )
Anika: Shivaay, sabse pehle toh main apana birthday special nahi maanti aur nahi mujhe koi gift chahiye. Aaj jo poore parivaar ne mere liye wahi mera gift hai. Thankyou so much Shivaay.
(Shivaay, first thing is that I dont consider my birthday to be special and I dont want any gift. Today what the whole family did was my gift. Thankyou so much Shivaay)
Shivaay : Nahi Anika, aise nahi chahlega. Gift toh tumhe maangna hi padega.
(No Anika, this wont work. You will have to ask for a gift.)
Anika: Shivaay, aap pagal ho gaye hain kya ? Jab main keh rahi hoon ki mujhe koi gift nahi chahiye , fir kyu aap mere piche pade hai ?
Aap hi mere liye sabse bada gift hain.
(Shivaay, have you gone mad ? When I am telling you that I dont want any gift then why are you behind me ? You are my biggest gift Shivaay )
Shivaay : Toh matlab, tum kuch nahi maangogi.
(So that means , you wont ask for anything )
Anika makes a childish face and nods her head in a no.
Shivaay : Theek hai , main tumhe wahi deta hoon jo main tumhare liye laaya hoon.
(Okay. So I will give you what I have brought for you .)
Shivaay goes in the room and comes back empty-handed .He holds Anika’s right hand and starts,
Shivaay : Anika, yeh hum dono ko pata hai ki hamari shaadi kaise haalaton mein hui thi. Log pyaar mein padh ke shaadi karte hai par maine tumse nafrat mein shaadi ki thi. Maine kabhi socha nahi tha ki mujhe tum jaisi paani fenkne waali tadibaaz ladki ke saath poora din rehna padega, zindagi toh chod hi do. Lekin uske baad, meri er…….humari zindagi mein aise incidents huye jisse hum dono itna kareeb aa gaye. Daksh ne tumhe kidnap kiya, Mrs. Kapoor ne mujh pe goli chalwayi, tumne Tia ko expose kiya, Ranveer – Kamini ne joh drama kiya, maine tumhe apni biwi accept kiya, Duplicate ko tumne expose kiya, mere liye goli khaayi, Nayantara ko jhela aur har din jo tumne mera saath diya , unn sab cheezon ke wajah se aaj hum itne close hai ki tumse hi mera din shuru hota hai aur tumpe hi khatam hota hai. Tum mere paas hoti ho toh sab accha lagta hai aur nahi hoti ho toh saansein ruk jaati hai , bechaini hone lagti hai. Tum jab roti ho na toh mann karta hai tumhari aankhon mein aansu laane waale insaan ko maar dalu aur jab tum hasti ho na Anika , toh sab complete lagta hai. Main ek strict and arrogant bussiness man tha and tumne mujhe ek loving insaan bana liya tha. Mere liye sab ek deal thi , tumne rishton mein deal karna sikha diya . Mujhe Rudra spoilsport kehta tha ab muje tumhari har harkat pyaar aata hai. Anika , tumne The SSO ko Shivaay bana diya. Tumne mujhe Ishqbaaz bana diya Anika, ishqbaaz bana diya.
( Anika, we both know the circumstances which forced us for marriage. People get married when they are in love but we got married in hate. I had never thought that I will have to spend a whole day with a “paani fenkne waali tadibaaz” girl like you, leave alone my whole life and seven births. But after that….there iccuted some incidents in my er….our life which brought us close. Daksh kidnapped you, Mrs. Kapoor got me shot, you exposed Tia, Ranveer – Kamini drama, I accepted you as my wife before the world, you saved me and my family from that Duplicate, you got shot for me, tolerated that Nayantara and stood beside me everyday. Due to these happenings, today we are so close to each other that my day starts with you and ends on you. When you are with me , everything seems fine and when you are away, I feel my breath stopping , I feel restless. When you cry Anika, I feel like killing the person who brought tears to your eyes and when you smile, everything seems complete. I was a strict and arrogant bussiness man, you made me a loving person. For me , everything was a deal , you thought me to deal with relationships. Rudra called me a spoilsport, but now I love every silly thing you do. Anika, you changed me from The SSO to Shivay. You have made me an Ishqbaaz Anika, you have made me an Ishqbaaz.)
He kneels down on one knee and takes out (not a diamond ring) but diamond kangans from his coat pocket and says,
Shivaay : Aaj main woh kehne waala hoon jo kahe bina main aur nahi reh sakta.
(Today I will tell you that, which without saying , I won’t be able to live.)
Pauses for a minute,
Anika was overjoyed at her husband’s confession . She held his hands, pulled him up and gave him a bone – crashing hug.
After this exchange of words, Shivaay slipped the kangans in both her hands and kissed her passionately. She reciprocated and the screen froze at the eternal love they promised to each other.

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