I ran through the trees in that dark

forest….this was the longest running I

would have done in my entire life of 27

years…..I was sweating profusely as if I

have diabetics then I smiled to myself

thinking that yes I have because she is

too sweet for me…..but this smile

vanished when I heard a girl scream at

the top of her voice….

My heartbeat increased….I could feel

my hands and legs shaking….

It can't be her voice said something

inside my head . I know it's my heart

which beats for her had told this….the

voice faded.

After running for an hour I stopped

infront of a huge tree….that tree was

very huge and I haven't seen anything

like that in my life maybe I would have

seen it in movies…but all the branches

comming out of tree were so dead like

me…maybe they had lost their love…

Then I sat under the tree to get some


Eventhough I don't want to take rest

my limbs are not ready to take a step

further. So without any choice I rested

my back on the tree…due to the

tiredness I fell asleep instantly….

“I Won't leave you….Mr. shivaay singh

oberoi….” said a girl standing in the

middle of road.

I am Shivaay singh oberoi….even

destruction fears me…you are nothing

before me.

“you will come running for me one day

and that day you can't get hold of me”

said the girl with utmost anger.

I ignored her and steered my car….not

knowing that I will meet her again.

I opened my eyes only to realise that I

was still in the jungle and I have been


Annika you said correctly…see I am

running and searching for you but you

are out of my reach.

It's night and I know I can't go searching

her . I know I have to wait till morning.

The cold breeze once a pleasure is now

a torture without her. Annika where are

you? Was the only question my mind is

filled with. Even the heartbeat of my

own stupid not to fit for nothing heart

is saying the same…

I collected sticks around and made fire.

I thanked god that atleast I had lighter.

For the first time I realised there is

some greater force above

us…otherwise how would a non-

smoker like me will have a lighter. It

was my stupid brothers. They also don't

smoke but that day they had the

lighter. Omru my life….today also they

are helping me unknowingly….. I smiled

without knowing that I have now

written their names on the sand.


Suddenly like a pregnant woman my

mood swung and this time again her

face came infront of me.

“bagad billa you are so bad…I said I

want water but you are not ready to get


I won't get water…already I got that for

you three times but all that time you

ended up either pouring the water on

me or spitting. This time you go and get

water if you feel like wanting it.


See I have told you that I can’t…

“Shivaay you are so arrogant…atleast

you must think na that I am pregnant

and it's nearly time for delivery and I

should be in complete rest as instructed

by doctor and that….”

Okay stop I will bring water…and as

always she smirked at me.

As I walked outside past om’s room I

saw om having a lighter in his hand. I

was shocked my world stopped. When

did this happen when he started to

smoke. Rudra was also there in his


What the wuck! !!

I went inside and started scolding

them…but to my surprise those two

idiots were laughing…

Are you both mad…. I caught you both

red-handed but you two..are…

“Shivaay stop. Breathe in and out” said

omkara…with utmost cool and what

not this irritated me more than

anything and I started to shout like a

hysteria patient.

Rudra was dumbstruck seeing me

shouting like this but om…I don't know

what mood he was he pushed me and

rudra out and shut the door. Now I too

stood like rudra dumbstruck.

The entire family came due to my

hysteric shout. Dadi was the first to

question me…before I could tell what

happened Rudra said something which

was a shock to me.

“Dadi Shivaay bhaiya is gone mad…om

took lighter from one of our guards to

melt something I don't know what that

is but I think he needed to complete is

sculpture. But Shivaay bhaiya thought

he was smoking and shouted like

anything” finished rudra in one go

leaving me not able to face anyone.

“Shivaay…you have done wrong I don't

know what om must be feeling now”

said my wife with a concern…

She was right what will om think of me.

Oh my god when did I turn into such a

rude arrogant…

“STOP” Said a voice and I know whose

voice is that.

Om I am sorry I didn't mean…how can


“Shivaay it's okay..” said om with

calmness….that pricked my guilt even

more. I left the place saying good night

to all…

That night fully I didn't sleep. One

reason is my guilt and the other reason

is the snoring queen she had picked up

the new habit during her 7 th month of


Early morning 4.00 clock I was disturbed

from my sleep as I could feel terrible

pressure in my hand. Not being able to

open my eyes fully I saw my hands….

“Shivaay I am in pain do something”

said my better half with utmost


I was shocked I didn't know what to

do…me being a stupid went to her and

asked what to do…

“ Take me to hospital….I can't bare the

pain…if you are gonna keep showing

your face so close to me then I will

slap…billuji…aaahhhhhh” shouted my

suddenly turned vampire wife.

I lifted her and walked out of the

mansion. The two guards standing

outside got panicked and I asked them

to inform the other family members

when they wake up.

“billuji….ahhhh” shrieked my shouting


I put my hands into my pocket to get

the car key but I found the lighter then I

remember it was rudra who slipped it

into my pocket yesterday night…

I just put the lighter back into my

pocket and ran inside to take the car


But that's the mistake I did…my life’s

biggest mistake. I should have sent one

of the guards…..

A fresh ray of sunlight fell on my face….

I realised that it's morning and I have to

go in search of my jaan.

She is not well….I must go to her as

soon as possible.

Without even knowing I walked deep

into the forest. The trees grew denser

and denser and the forest was dark. I

then realised that I am at the middle of

the forest.

For the first time in my life I was

frightened . What would have

happened to her…..where will I search

her….my heart slipped a beat. I again

resumed walking without knowing

where to find her. I know by this time

om and rudra would have made the

entire city upside down searching for us

but they wouldn't have a tiny bit of idea

that we are in this forest.

Suddenly I felt something….something

very strong I didn't know how to

explain but I felt she is near me. My

eyes searched for her my legs

automatically went in a random

direction in search of her.

I shouldn't have went inside the

mansion to get the car keys . I didn't

know at that time that when I will come

out I will find my guards unconscious

and someone took her in their car. To

my surprise the number plate had no

number how could that be possible.

Who was that?

She is in pain I have to go to her. She is

somewhere near me I knew it may be

she would have felt me too.

“ANNIKAAAAAAAA “ I shouted at the

top of my voice .

ANNIKAAAAAAA……tears escaped from

my eyes. I felt weak…so weak. I could

feel near my chest .

No Shivaay this is not the time to fall

weak…your annika is in trouble you

have to save her…I said to myself as a



It's her….it's her…she is here….I could

hear her…


But this time I couldn't hear her….may

be I felt her calling me….she is in need

of me.

My everything trembled….for the first

time I thought how stupid I am…

At that time why I didn't inform omru

or police . How stupid I was to follow

the car all by myself and ended up

stranded inside a car.

I felt emptiness in my stomach…I didn't

know whether it is due to panic or

hunger because I haven't had anything

from yesterday morning….

What will annika do…she is carrying

baby how she will feel….

I felt ashamed of myself….even before

my child is born I made the child

starve…my annika is also starving.

My head hit a branch….I came out of

my thoughts…now I could see the clear

sky…may be I reached the other side of

the forest.

“I can't see you crying Shivaay….I am

okay don't cry. If a drop of tear fall on

me I will die…” said anika laying in the

hospital bed with a bandage on her


That incident happened soon after we

consumed our marriage. She slipped

from the stairs my world became dark

when I saw blood oozing out from her


Annika now I am shedding tears but you

are not comming and holding it or

asking me not to cry….

Just then I felt a cloth covered my

face….the smell on that cloth….it's my


I took the cloth…My annika’s

shawl…it's her she is somewhere near


As I turned I saw a hand behind a tree…

I slowly walked towards the tree…

My heart pumping hard…annika should

be okay….

IT'S HER…the face I have been longing

to see the most…it's her.

Beleive me or not I felt like jumping

because she is there infront of my


A tear escaped from my eyes and fell on

her forehead…

She with difficulty opened her eyes….

The next thing I did was to kneel infront

of her and cupped her face….

Annika I am here everything is gonna be


“Shivaay “

The voice…her voice….my life…all of a

sudden I was feeling so fresh.

“ Shivaay it's him” said her hugging me

tightly as possible…

“it's daksh….I escaped from him when

he was sleeping yesterday night I left

my bracelet in the direction opposite to

which I walked to confuse him…he was

trying to take me to other side of forest

and kill me….I am scared Shivaay…”

now tears pouring unstoppably…

How dare he can do like that…I will kill

him. But then I realised first I have to

take annika from here because she is so

weak and scared too…

Annika listen to me…I am here no one

can harm you now you are



Annika what happened….she was

writhing in pain and I know this time it's



do something…aahhhh” shouted


I didn't know what to do….I said her

that I will take her to hospital…and

stood to lift her…

But she shouted “ Shivaay…..I think

there….aaahhhhh…is no time for it…”

What she mean by there is no time…

I couldn't see her in this state…she

almost lied down fully…and was

holding her stomach crying and taking

deep breathes every now and then…

Is this what every mother go

through….I couldn't imagine the

pain…but they have lived through it…

But another terrible scream from

annika remained me that now annika is

more important…

“Shivaay….kill me…aahhhhh…I

can't…bare this pain” screamed annika.

I lifted her and walked as fast as I can…I

should reach the forest end soon….I

know this forest is very small and is

only used for getting wood…

May be some people will come to

collect wood…..I walked forward with

annika in my hand.

Annika nothing will happen to you and

our baby just bare this for few minutes

everything will be okay…

“Shivaay….contradictions are frequent”

What…what…I was confused…how

contradictions come into play here…

I politely asked her still walking fast….

Annika are you telling that I am

speaking opposite to what's happening


“ when did I told like

that…aahhhh….stupid billuji walk fast”

Now only you said contradictions are

frequent said me with a blank look…

“you have become

mad….aahhhh…you…aahhh…you only

brought a book on pregnancy and in

that book only it was

there…aahhh…”said annika biting her


I was shocked…actually I stopped

walking for a second….what the wuck…

Annika it's contractions…what in the

world did you study in that book…

“ Shivaay walk….I can't please leave

this I will deal with you later” said my

lady love.

But her screaming became more on

each step of mine….

I placed her down gently…now she is

sweating profusely.

This made me more nervous and my

hands started shaking…..

God I beg you for the first time in my

life please save my annika and child.

I heard voices…yes I heard and it’s my


OMKARA I shouted at the top of my


Rustling sound of leaves were

echoing…there it's them….

They ran and hugged me very tightly

that made me breathless…

I started kissing Omru on the forehead

but again a horrible scream from broke

the moment….

“you three if you three are gonna do

your idiotic…aahhh…obro moment

here then keep in mind I will slay you

all” shouted my beauty queen.

I enquired omru how are we going to

get out of forest…they showed their

hands and then only I realised forest

officers and police were there. I

thanked god that atleast they have

brains and called the police .

“we are going by the chopper Shivaay”

said om.

Finally we are going to get out…my

annika is going to be alright.

I didn't know how we reached hospital

but now I was walking like pendulum in

front of the Labour ward.

Her scream was becoming louder and

louder. Rudra got really scared and was

holding om very tightly. I know om was

about to speak with me to calm me

down but rudra is not gonna give up so


Oh my god it's that cry…that cry I could

hear it…I could hear it.

The world's best cry. Yes that's our

baby. How beautiful a child's birth is

and ya if there are is a big wonder in

this world then this is it.

I am a father now. Tears found it way

down my cheeks….

Again that bone crushing hug from my

omru….oh god this is heaven.

Just then the doctor came…..

We three brothers stood like a five year

old infront of her…

“ congrats Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi you

are a father of baby girl” said doctor

and walked away.

I wanted to jump but I couldn't….my

legs are not moving. I wanted to sing

but I couldn't because my throat

became dry.

But I did one thing….I cried yes that's

the only thing I could do now.

Those are happy tears finding its way to

my baby…

Om came near me….

“Shivaay go inside…don't you want to

see them” asked om with a bright smile

on his face.

Who can know what I am thinking more

than him.

Rudra was dancing happily…he always

do what I wanted to.

I took a deep breathe and opened the


There was my jaan anika lying half


The pain she had gone through is

horrible but the result is a wonder.

I saw the cradle and there she was my

princess struggling to adjust to the


My big bunny fingers touched her small

very tiny soft fingers….she was looking

rose which made me think for a second

to name her rose.

My princess held my finger tightly not

letting me take it….omg she is like

rudra because he too did the same.

Annika was starring me with tears in


“Shivaay did you see her….she doesn't

have kanji eyes” said annika with a

tired smile.

My mom is gonna create a huge scene

out of this…but you know what she is

stubborn like me…not giving up so


“another tadibaaz god please give me

strength to tackle both…Shivaay lift

her” said annika to my shock.

I was freaking…what are you

speaking…no I cant…

“Shivaay this is our dream…today our

dream has come true…lift her don't be


How am I gonna do this….I am

afraid…but I thought to myself that this

moment is my dream and today it has

become real . Come on shivaay you can

do this I told to myself…and bent down

to lift her and I did it…she was now

cuddling in my arms with that white

cloth covering her…I kissed her pink

cheeks…she gave a twitch which was

the cutest thing I have ever seen…

I thought to myself that It's correct a

father of a daughter knows that kiss is

not only for lovers . Now my princess

got hold of my button and pulled me

this time I heard it…another wonder….


I couldn't beleive it then I realised how

silly I am to not believe a living thing

having heartbeat.

With that fast HEARTBEATS I realised

how on earth the best heart is of


My respect for them doubled I placed

the baby on annika’s hand and she






I smiled and said YES YOU ARE….

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