Anika came back from her work, it had been a hectic day for her. The only thing which could remove all her tiredness was Shivay. She came to her room and kissed him on his cheek.

‘I love you Shivay’ she said and hugged him, but as usual he did not respond just kept smiling.

Then she started talking and telling him all the things of her day, an again he just smiled.

Just then her Bua enters her room with tea ‘You started again anika, till when will you keep talking to a poster’

‘Bua, don’t say that’ Anika walked to Shivay poster on her cupboard ‘I always feel he stays with me here, listens to everything I say’

‘Your craziness won’t go like this, I will find a nice guy for you, get married and forget this Shivay’ Bua said

‘Eeeeeee thinking of any other guy gives me a michmichi feeling Bua, I am only an only of Shivay Singh Oberoi’ She said going in to her dreamland

Bua thought nothing is going to happen of this girl and walks out of her room


She and Bua were having dinner when the clock stuck 10. Anika ran from her dining table to the sofa, food forgotten.

She sat on the sofa, turned on the TV and kept seeing Shivay onscreen. His onscreen name was Nakul, oh how she loved all his character names, but his real-life name Shivay matched none, it sounded so beautiful when she said it. He looked so handsome as usual. Because of him Ishqbaaz seemed more than a serial, it was her world. She did not like when they were romantic scenes with his onscreen pairing. But as she looked and got lost only in Shivay, nothing else mattered.

The serial ended at 10.30 and she felt like the end of the world, such an empty feeling. But wait she had something else.

She opened her Instagram and went to Shivay page.

He had uploaded a latest pic with 2 gold awards in his hand and his caption read

Noted French writer/director, Francois Ozon once said ‘Awards are like hemorrhoids. Sooner or later every a*sh*le gets one. I’ve already got 6 this year. Not sure what that makes me’

Aww… He looked so handsome in that dress, and like a king with those 2 awards.

She replied to his post ‘That quote which you have put, makes u nothing but the BEST. Congratulations on the awards and many many more to come’

She smiled very well knowing that he will never reply to her, there were more than 1500 comments on his post and she understood that he did not have that much time to reply to all, and she was just one of his fans. She loved him in an unusual way, she never expected that he replies to her, or talk to her, but one day hoped that she will meet him and may have a love story after knowing each other well.

It was late night and time to sleep, she saw at Shivay and wished him Good night and went off to sleep.


Shivay was so tired after his day at work, these days he had to work overtime to cover so many scenes, but he liked every moment of it. He loved his work, he cherished the love his fans showered upon him, and made sure he kept up to their expectations, he worked hard for that.

His phone beeped, someone might be congratulating him for his awards, he saw his Instagram post and saw a comment reply from a username anika_shivay

He smiled, she literally had a username which joined her and his name. How sweet and cute was that. He liked her reply, she always commented on every post of his, he had never replied to her, but that never put her down. His heart felt like replying to her, he commented

‘anika_shivay thanks, lot of love with 2 red hearts’

He then left his vanity van did some more work and left for his home.

His phone rang and he saw the name flashing ‘mom’

He lifted the call. His mom congratulated him on the awards, and spoke of many thing, he was waiting for the main topic to come, the one she was continuously behind him, finally she asked

‘Beta, shall I start searching bride for you’ her voice hopeful that at least this time he said yes

‘Mom, I am still not ready’ he said and hoped she understood this time too.

His mom did not push him, and the call ended after sometime. He lived so many love stories onscreen in his reel life, how he wished to have a love story off screen too, in his real life.


Anika woke up to a beautiful morning, took her phone and saw there was one notification. May be some new follower she got. She woke up and started brushing her teeth. Suddenly her mind flashed to the name she got on her phone screen, had it said Shivay, no she must still be dreaming, again she felt that, she went and checked her cell. What the!!!!!! Shivay has replied to her that too with hearts

She screamed loudly and started jumping and dancing on her bed. Her scared Bua came an asked what happened. She came down the bed and kissed her Bua cheeks.

‘Arreeee dirty girl you put all the paste on my cheeks,go wash your mouth first’ said Bua wiping her paste laden cheeks

Anika got ready humming to herself, she was so happy an on top of the world today. Her Shivay had replied to her. She replied again just with 2 red hearts and went to her work happily.


Shivay phone beeped and he saw anika reply with two red hearts. He smiled and went to his work


1 Month later

Shivay had got a break from his work an again posted on IG, and he was hoping that anika_shivay would comment on his post. He did not have to wait long, he got her comment immediately. As if she was just waiting for him to post something. He went to her profile and saw that there was nothing personal there, only his photos everywhere. He messaged her directly from IG

‘HI Anika, how r u doing?’

Anika phone beeped and she saw Shivay message, she tried not to jump in her office, people would call her crazy

She replied to him ‘Hi Shivay Singh Oberoi, I am khidikitod happy now that you messaged me, I can’t believe it’

Shivay wondered what was khidkitod, anyways he just replied to her and they kept chatting for a while.

Shivay was called for his shot, and he just left the conversation even without ending it. She waited for his message but it did not come. Maybe he got busy she said, and went back to her work, glancing at her phone occasionally.

It was late night when she received another DM from him, he apologized for leaving their conversation mid-way, but she said that its ok, she understands his work was important. He felt so nice within that she understood

Like this they kept chatting for a few days, Shivay had a bad day and he badly wanted to talk to her. He DM her his number an asked for hers

Anika received his message her heart thudded with excitement, finally they both were going to talk to each other.

She directly called him a thanked him for giving his number

‘I thought you will ask me for my number someday’ anika said

‘An here I was thinking that you will ask for my number someday’ said Shivay

‘Oh bete ki, pehle aap pehle aap main gadi nikal gayi.. kitna time waste hogaya’ said anika an started laughing.

Shivay felt like his heart signing hearing her laughter.

He immediately asked her if they could meet

‘Shivay’ she hesitated ‘are you sure you want to meet me, I mean I may not be like your expectations’

‘You don’t have to worry about that’ just meet me he said firmly

He got ready with butterflies in his stomach, he was finally going to meet anika today, his anika

His mirror questioned him ‘your anika’ and he smiled

He was going to meet her at the beach, he had just reached an was admiring the beauty of water when there was a tap at his back. In front of him stood an angel., she was dressed in a white churidar her hand was full of bangles.

She clapped her hands in front of him and he came to his senses

‘Am I looking that bad’ she asked hurt in her eyes

‘No no, you look absolutely stunning Anika’ he said proudly, and she blushed.

They both then walked along the beach talking, they felt so comfortable with each other, like they have known each other for ages but met only today.

After their first meet, they were inseparable, they kept on meeting, chatting and talking on phone for long hours.

They were having dinner at a restaurant one night, happily enjoying their meal when suddenly they were surrounded by reporters, flashes were hauled at them and pictures clicked. Shivay was being questioned about anika, and he did not like it one bit. He just took anika and left the restaurant.

The next day the front paper of newspaper read ‘Some middle-class lady in Shivay Singh Oberoi life’ a full article on them., it was so disgusting. Shivay thought what anika must be feeling about him.

He tried calling her continuously but she did not pick up his call. He did not even know where she stayed, as she never told him, and he was so engrossed in her that he never asked her. He cancelled all his work for the day and kept calling anika, But no response. He asked his P.A to find her at any cost

It had been 4 days now an Shivay felt utterly miserable, a hollow feeling deep within, like someone had taken away something very precious from him, he longed to talk to anika once, just hear her voice, hug her a tell her that he was not at fault. A tear rolled down his eyes, and he himself was stunned at the intensity of his feelings for her.

His phone rang, hope rose within, it was his P.A. He picked up and said “WHAT!!!!’

Shivay entered the hospital room where his anika was admitted. He came and sat beside her and held her hand

‘I am so sorry Anika’ this all happened because of me and he started crying

He had come to know from his P.A that night when she had gone home, the reporters were waiting outside her home and in a haste to go away from them she had run, a ran into a car. She had some minor injuries but it hurt to see her like that.

Anika opened her eyes her heart pained to see Shivay like this. All tensed and worn out from worry. Had he even slept or eaten. She said ‘Shivay, I am fine, an it’s not your fault’

Shivay looked in her eyes and said ‘Anika, these last days have been miserable without you, I felt like a part of me was lost, and when I saw you today I understood that it was my heart which was lost, but now I found it, it is with you. Will you keep my heart forever with you and love me?? And give me your heart so that I can love you forever’

Shivay Singh Oberoi was proposing her. Was this a dream, she closed her eyes an opened them again. Shivay was rite there holding her hand, so it was a reality

‘Shivay, its YES to both she said and blushed. When I came in front of that car and I felt like I will die, the only thing which came to my mind was you, that was when I realized my feelings ran deeper for you’

They both smiled. He felt she wanted to ask something but did not know how.

‘What is it anika’ he asked

‘Can I. Can I. Can I. kiss your cheek’ she asked shyly?

He came forward to her an offered his check a she kissed him.

He was a little confused by this gesture, which showed in his eyes

‘I have always kissed your poster, wanted to know how really kissing you would feel’ she said reading his mind

‘And???? How did it feel’ he asked?

She just blushed as an answer.

He came near to her, her heart started thudding, he came much closer to her ear a whispered ‘I am all yours anika, to kiss me on cheeks or wherever you want’

And she blushed more furiously. And he loved that, a gave a smile which sent butterflies in her stomach.

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