Meri Chaand Hai Tu…..Shivika Os

It was a very tiring day for SSO, heavily loaded with work.He had reached the Oberoi Mansion very late.But he didn’t forget to have his dinner with his bros & have a short & rapid obro moment in spite of their wives waiting for them.

Shivay entered his room for sleeping.He switched on the dim lights & simply layed on the bed.He couldn’t sleep as he was missing the chatterings of his beloved paanika as she has gone to her maternal home for a 1 week stay.She had recently found out her family & was super excited to spend some time with her long lost family.

But shivay was no way comfortable in her absence; even though he had pretended to be fine in front of all,specially to Anika,he was missing her “Billuji” calls, he was missing her tadi.

As he lay restlessly on his bed his eyes caught on some thing shining in the nearby couch; as he went near it,he was amazed to see Anika’s chaand bracelet there.

“how come she forget this here? ” he wondered & took the bracelet in his hand.As he was slowly caressing each part of the bracelet, he could feel that he was in fact touching anika.He could feel her fragrance in it.He carefully took & watched each moon of that bracelet.

Slowly he walked towards the bed & layed on it still caressing the ornament.He was slowly being slipped into various thoughts.

“This chaand was a very big part of our life.Let me remember…ha…the first time when I threw her in the pool & caught hold of her, my hand was hurt due to this.I still remember how angry I was for letting such a small thing to hurt me; never knew that the moon could ever annoy me.
Then when I embraced her thinking of her as Tia, I remember one of her chaand was stuck in my hand.Like how my mind was stuck with her that time.During my marriage time, when we ignored eo, this same chaand made me tangled with her ,asking me to re think about us. Then how many times did this moon bring us closer during every moment of our life.In all our fights, all our love moments….
I even remember saying to her that the light of this moon will always keep her relaxed in the fear of her darkness.I really feel that she is near me now, I do miss her…but I feel she is with me here now.”

Thinking all this he slightly kissed the bracelet,kept it close to him safely on the bed , immersed in her thoughts & fell into a deep slumber….

It has been 3 days since Anika had gone.He always kept the bracelet with him , either inside his pocket, near his table or on the bed.She had called him many times in all these days, but not even once he had told her about this bracelet.

Shivay was even spending his time in office with the chaand; he didn’t know this was so beautiful until now.He was thoroughly missing her; but he was happy that she was enjoying in her home.

He took care of this bracelet even more than his files; what a change,he thought to himself.The man who always had business magazines, files & cheques in his hand is now having a simple ornament with him now.He smiled to himself.But the next moment he was heavily embarrassed, as dadi caught him admiring his patni’s bracelet.Dadi could leave the room only after giving her Billu a pinky promise on not sharing this with anika.

Strangely anika hadn’t called him that day; it was noon.He was sad that she wasn’t available with switched off phone.He didn’t want to disturb her by calling her home in case she had gone out.

He reached home that day during lunch time to pick up some important documents.He had also wanted to take her bracelet as he had forgotten to take it from home that day.

But to his utter shock, he found it missing from the room.He was tensed.His heart was slamming against his chest.He was so disappointed because he knew how much anika valued it; more than her it would be him who would definitely be affected by its loss.Because according to him, the chaand has now become an important factor in their love life.

He checked the whole room, his clothes, his wardrobe & everywhere but was disappointed to find it missing.He didn’t know how to say this to Anika.He went back to office disheartened.

As he came back home, he was surprised to see darkness in his room.As he slowly entered inside, he heard the sound of the lighting of matchstick.As he turned to that side he saw a face in the faint light of the candle; it was Anika.He was surprised, he thought he was imagining.As he smiled & looked once again, he saw the blown off candle.But the next moment, all the lights were on & there stood his love of the life, smiling.

She ran to him & hugged him tightly; he reciprocated.They were just feeling the warmth of each other; after all they had missed this moment for few days.A beautiful silence followed.

Shivay slowly raised her face with his finger & kissed her in her forehead.She shyly pecked him on his cheeks.

S: u told u will come after 4 days right?
A: oho Billuji, so u r not happy that I’ve come early.So bad.

Saying this she moved away but alas, it wasn’t easy for her to move away from him.He pulled her back to his chest.He was slowly nuzzling in her hair, taking in her fragrance.

A: darsal, I was missing u.I badly wanted to be with u.So I skipped the puja in our home & came back.
S: it’s funny, usually people bunk classes, u r bunking pujas in ur own home… naughty…
A: what to do I can’t stay away from by pati parmeshwar for long, because he is my soul…..how can I be away from him.

Shivay gave her a tight hug; he was so happy to have her after these many days.They had dinner in the lawn, specially arranged by anika.They were feeding each other & was having so much fun.

They were sitting in the bench of their lawn together & watching the sky.
A: oh bête ki, shivay I want to say something.My chaand bracelet is missing from our room.

His face fell instantly; he had totally forgot about that all this time.He didn’t know how to tell this to her.
S: it …it will b there anika.We will check it 2morrow….( tensed)
A: nahi shivay, I had kept it in the couch there & now it’s missing.U wouldn’t take it definitely, then how…how come it’s missing….
S: woh….we will check yaar ….don’t be tensed…if suppose it is lost then we…
A: we will make the same one by giving the order to our designer…

Shivay was shocked? How did she know his plan? He had told this only to Khanna!!!!
S: anika tum….tumhe…
A: tumhe kaise pata? this is ur question right? Well , humari pyari Khannaji had called me to send the design of my bracelet….

Oh Khanna, I hadn’t told anika about this & u correctly asked her for the design, shivay thought..

S: woh anika, it’s my fault, actually I….
A: u were keeping my bracelet with u all the time since u were missing me & some how u had misplaced it, hai na bagad billa? U hadn’t told me about this even once….hmmm…. u told that u would share everything with me & now….
S: I’m sorry( pouting).I know it was ur favorite one, but …but…I really don’t know why I….

His talks were freezed, as he saw it hanging down from Anika’s hand.His eyes were widened.
S: anika…from where….
A: Billuji…bagad billa….y do u eat 21 badams per day? This was stuck to ur blazer which was hanged there.U checked everywhere, except that place.

Shivay was happy & was about to take it, but anika took it back shaking her head negatively.Shivay was looking @ her questioningly…
A: now, u should make me wear this with ur hands.

Shivay slowly made her wear it, by constantly looking at her eyes.He didn’t take his eyes off her.She was shying down.He slowly kissed her wrist, where she wore it.
A: I never knew my sso would become Sweet Singh Oberoi like this.
S: how can I not be sweet when I have my biggest sweet with me…
A: oh, tumhe yaad hein? Whenever u went for business trips, I used to sleep with ur shirt & always keep it with me? & u teased me saying that I was so desperate.What about u know? Even u r doing the same.
S: yes I agree, I’m desperately, hopelessly in love with u.

They hugged each other as they conveyed all their love & feelings through it.
A: u were really tensed in missing my chaand.
S: yes, I know how much u love it, in fact it was this chaand which always kept u away from darkness.
A: sahi he…I wore this as I thought this chaand would guide me through the darkness of this world, as I …I don’t have anyone to show me the path.
But…after u came to my life…U became my chaand.U have removed the darkness in my life, u loved me like chaand- cool, warm yet bright.Then …then y do I need another chaand, because u r equal to 1000moons.
Shivay’s eyes were wet; he was overwhelmed to know about his patni’s thoughts about him.He knew that she had loved him more than herself but was surprised to know about his place & value she had for him in his heart.

He didn’t have anything to say.He just cupped her face & wiped away her tears & told her softly”I love u anika.”

Her eyes widened at this.
A: changa hai Billuji, our marriage happened long time ago & u r saying this now.Really??

He was seeing her antics & adoring her.He didn’t reply to her.
A: waise…I think v r becoming little cheesy like movies, emotional isn’t it?
S: then, let us b romantic for a change?

She began blushing & was about to move away when he caught hold of her.He lovingly was caressing her face & slowly laid down on her lap.She was caressing his forehead & slowly moved her fingers to her hair.
S: anika,my hair…no…no…u can’t…
A: tum bohot ziddy ho, lekin mein khidkitod anika na..Ur tadi won’t win in front of me.

She began messing up with his hair & he began fighting with her.They were having a cute little cat fight, after all it’s shivika & they can’t stay without fighting.

Whereas the same time, the moon & stars up in the sky was enjoying the cute romantic moments of the moon & the star down in the earth.

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