hi guys..i m participating in this os competition and this will be my 50th post on tu..guys its my golden jublee..congratulate me..so this os is gonna be on shraman and i hope u will like it..it will be different this time and i hope u guys will love the shraman in this os..here i begin…ek duje ke vaste os

night time sudden loud sound and a girl waking up..shievering and seeing terrified..girl:was it my dream???or!!!she looks here and there..and she hears a voice of broken mirror..the girl was horrifed and terribly afraid…girl:pls leave me..dont do this everydau..i m sorry”i m sorry” why these words??????girl moves a little and wake up from her bed and goes near the broken mirror..girl shouts sumo malhotra whats wrong with u???100 bari samjah chuki hoon that i was not the one….and the girl fearfully screams and tears rool down from her eyes..she see a letter suman u r gonna dieflashbacka college is shown..a lot of noise and looking like its the election time in the college..banners of “vote for sumo” and “vote for suman” are posted on the walls..some boys r seen dong campaign and shouting sumo sumo all the way..they see the other party chanting suman suman..a boy comes ahead from the firsty > party..boy:oh ho suman tiwari ya phir bulne ki bimariand suddenly a girl come from other sidegirl;oh mr sumo tumhara karege hum havan..what do u think of uyyourself?see just stay away and u need to cry also after the elections..want some tissues.. sumo:u know what.i m enjoying it..pehli baar kisine himmat ki hai mere kilaaf elections m,ei khare hone ki….like everytime i win this time also sumo malhotra will be the winner..suman;we will see sumo:yup..the day gets over suman was discussing some thing with her teamone girl:yaar sumo if u want to win we need to put down this sumo..other girl;yup..she is right suman..suman:what can we do thengirl:just let sumo to take back his name from elections

suman:but how?girl:yaar simple u r a girl and he is a boy..suman:then??gorl:come on just lust him down..suman:how??girl: fake love..suman:what??r u mad??girl:see suman it s fare coz its election

suman:what rubbish!!girl;its fare..bakhi tumhari marji..suman goes from therein niight she keep on thinking about it sumo:vaise bhi everything is fare in love and war..he have won so many time so let me win this time..next daysuman see sumo sumo:hi sumo sumo:oh so miss bimari is here sumo:yup sumo:what do u want?? sumo:hmm..nothing sumo sumo:really!!so why r uhere?? sumo:to meet u.. sumo:me??????/woh!! sumo:yessssss sumo:why?/ sumo:to do friendship..shravn:what??/maine abhi kya suna..is it ur strategy toh gey lost.. sumo:nooo nothing like that sumo:then what?? sumo;see eleactions are at one hand and friendship on otherin that time someone call her for campaighn sumo:kuch toh gadbad haifor nxt few days sumo kept on trying ways to do friendship with sumoone day sumo:tumhari problem kya hai?? sumo;i want to be ur friend…simple sumo:do u think i will fell in ur dirty tricks… sumo:cmeon nooo sumo:ohkay then sumo:just waise hi sudddenlyy a boy come from back and is about to hit sumo and sumo sees it..she makes sumo aside and she herself get injured on her shoulder . sumo:suman!r u okkkksuman:ya fine.. sumo;seriousl! fine ..ur shoulder is bleeding and u r sayoing u r fine.. sumo seesthe guys who wanted to hit him..he starts punching him badly.. sumo:its ok sumo jaane do;;the boy runs away sumo:lets go to the doctor sumo take her to doctor. sumo :thank u for bringing me here sumo:no i m sorry meri wajah se aaj tume chott lagi sumo:its ok sumo forwards his hand sumo:friends. sumo:friends. sumo:(thinking) aakir kar chott ka kuch fyada hoyafew days goes like this.. sumo was fallinf for sumo..one day after campaighning sumo and shravn met it started raining sumo puts forward his hand and asks sumo to come and dance

suman holds his hand

‘chehre mein tere, khud ko main dhoondun aankhon
ke darmiyan, tu ab hai iss tarah khwabon ko bhi jagah na mile

yeh mausam ki baarish
yeh baarish ka paani
yeh paani ki boonde
tujhe hi toh dhundein yeh milne ki khwaahish,
yeh khwaahish purani ho puri tujhi se meri yeh kahaani

sumo and sumo looks in each ther eyes and suddenly the rain stops sumo runs away from there.. sumo keeps thinking about this and she thought is she really felt for him.. sumo on other side sumo:sumann…what happened to meadi;shayad pyaar sumo:but how?/adi:its the magic of love mere dost sumo have a smile on his faceadi:but do u think she will love u if u will win the elections sumo:toh mai kya kroadi:take ur name bak sumo:haan yaar..2 baar jeet gya its enough leyt my lady winnext day sumo take back his name sumo feel guiltyafter the day get over sumo texts sumo to come and meet me for golgappa party and she had thought to tell sumothe reality and she thought that they will start their love story real wali now.. sumo was ggetting ready and he saw an mms on his phone sumo picks up his phone and see it and a tear fall from his eye.. sumo was waiting for him and a boy comes and give him a phone where a video was palying sumo sees it and was shocked and saw that the video was of her planning about trapping sumo sumo felt very bad and she was restlessnext day she got to know anews which changed her life fully_-‘ sumo dead”she was not able to control herself and broke down..presentnext night sumo again heard the same kind of voices which she used to heard.. sumo: sumo pls forgive me..i loved u and still love u..she hears the sound of someoone screaming and got scared..she thought to do sometjinhshe brings knife from her kitchen and cut her nerves……………………… sumo soul meets sumo soul…………. sumo tells whole story and make him believe thar she loves himsuman: sumo i m happy atleast now we r together.. sumo;sorry sumo i m sorry..meri wajah se ab tum bhi …….. sumo:its ok..they hug each otherlove is immortal…but this type of love can take two inncent lifes..dont break anyome trust and never play with love

~the end~

thanks guys..sorry i showed negatiive character of shraman and the end is quite fast coz i m lack of time..love u all,\may the best one wins..

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  2. Fenil

    Awww so cute SharMan
    Loved it to the core.
    Totally different and agree wid ur all points .

    I vote for this story.

  3. hy I vote for thi story
    liked it..
    good one

  4. me and kamya we both friends loved ur story as we both are in college and loved ithe story so I vote for this


  6. Nivu99

    I loved the story
    So voting for it

    I think this is story of pretty preethi
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