Story starts with Oberoi Mansion,

In morning,
One girl comes with coffee mug in her hand, she goes near the bed, there one boy sleeps peacefully…. She calls him by saying Om please wakeup…. Again she calls like that… At the time Om without thinking anything he says just few minutes Gowri…. Hearing this Gowri gets happy, but her happiness gets shattered because, Om wakes up hurriedly and says why you are waking me he ask like that in a harsh tone… Gowri tries to say something, at the time Om gets up from the bed and goes near her and says why you are waking me this mush early Gowri in a sweet voice…. Now only I am getting sweet dreams about us, but you disturbed me…. Hearing this Gowri gets confused and suddenly turns, there she sees Janvi is there…. Now she gets her answer…. Seeing this Janvi goes from there with smile in her face… Om also goes from there without saying anything…. Gowri eyes are filled with tears, and think to herself thank u sankarji for giving at least this happy moment…. She goes and arranges the bed….. After sometime Om comes outside of the restroom, without looking at Gowri he goes near the cupboard and search his favorite black shirt but he didn’t get it… at the time Gowri gives him seeing this Om’s angry get increased…. He holds her arms tightly by pushed her towards the cupboard, and says how many times I have to say, don’t do my works…. Did you think if you done like this then I will forgive you… I will not forgive you till my last breathe…. Gowri says, but it’s my duty only na…. Om please stop it Gowri, we are husband and wife only for others…. In this room we are just stranger only…. You will act in front of others but in this room you don’t want to act…. Gowri please Om doesn’t hurt me like this…. Om starts to laugh and says really I am hurting you; it’s you only… you only play with my feelings but now you said I am hurting you…. And I don’t want to hear your nonsense…. If you really want to help me please, don’t show me your face…. Saying this he goes….Gowri’s tears falls on her checks… after sometime Om stops his car near a park…. He goes and sits upon one bench and thinks something….

Om’s view,
I am Omkara Singh Oberoi the World best business man Tej singh Oberoi’s elder son…. But I didn’t like him, because he leaves my mother for one cheap girl… my mother yes, Her name is Janvi after Tej’s behavior she also changed…. She doesn’t have any time to think about us…. She hates us due to the reason of we are his son… her hatefulness towards us change me completely by a arrogant boy, at the time itself I start to hates all the girls… but only one person can control my anger, he is my elder brother Shivaay Singh Oberoi…… he is my father’s brother’s son… he is the only person to take care of us, after our parents separation… and I have another brother also… his name is Rudra Singh Oberoi…. He is charming boy always around girls… but he is sweet and caring person…. Today is my first day to this college… last two years I had studied in XYZ College at Mumbai… due to my brother’s order I am joining this ABC college for my final year…. As I am entered my classroom, there lots of girls are looked at me… but I didn’t care about it… in the first hour my professor entered the classroom… and ask about me…. I introduced myself…. Then he starts to teach the lesson… after half hour this class gets disturbed by one girl…. For the first time I feel’s some connection with that girl… but I didn’t care about it… Professor allows her without any scolding…. I don’t know what the reason is… without seeing her I am continued my class… but except me all the boys are looked at her…. One boy says to me, she is our college’s beauty and also most talented, she is top rank holder to this college…. Her name is Gowri Kumari Sharma… she goes and sits on last bench…

Author’s view,
After she sits on the bench, one of her friend says, oye Gowri today one new entry to our class…. That boy is so handsome…. Gowri who is it…. They show’s Om…. that girl says he is different till now he didn’t see us… other girl, leave us he didn’t see you also at the time you enters the classroom… she surprisingly looked at him because she is college beauty…. All the boys are longed for her one sight….( She has three best friends they are Pragya and Sweety and Maya… Sweety and Maya are always getting jealous because all likes Gowri so they are always tries to entrap her into some problem…. Pragya always protect Gowri from them… she is friend with them only for Gowri…)Gowri sees him and gets memorized but Maya says oye Gowri first sight itself you are fallen on him… Gowri oh don’t underestimate me… he only will fall on me not me… Sweety oh then why he didn’t even look at you…. Her ego gets increased and she throws the paper upon Om… Om sees that paper but didn’t see her… they laughs… Pragya says, Gowri please stop it, listen to this lesson… Sweety oye Pragya if you want to hear his boring lecture please hear but don’t disturb us… Gowri again throws the paper this time Om stands and says sir one girl throws paper on me… Professor asked which girl? Om in that last bench the first girl who wears black anargali… Gowri gets surprised because till now he didn’t turns back but how he guessed her right… The Professor asked Gowri what is this? Gowri stands and sees that boy and she says sorry… Professor don’t disturb others and listen to this class… she nods and sits down by angrily looking at Om… all are get surprised, Maya and Sweety gets more happy because for the first time one boy is against her…. and most important thing is today she gets scold from Professor… in the launch break all are goes Om tries to leave but Gowri stops him and says what you think about yourself… Om says this is none of your business…. Pragya says please stop it Gowri…. Swma sees that gets happy… Om tries to leave in the gap but Gowri blocks it… Om if you give me a way or not…. Gowri if I didn’t give you a way then what you will do… then Om treads down her leg she shouts due to pain by holding her leg in the gap he moves from that place…. Swma laughs and Pragya helps her…. Gowri says I will not leave him…. Sweety I think he is different from others definitely he will not fall on you… Gowri oh don’t underestimate the power of the Gowri…. Maya then prove us…. Gowri how… Sweety within the ten days he himself come to you by saying you are his life…. Pragya Gowri please doesn’t accept it… Maya yes Gowri you can’t make him fall on you…. Gowir I will accept this challenge….saying this she leaves that place… next day in the classroom Om’s place one apology card is there with red rose…. He opens that card and sees that name his angry gets increased… he throws that card with flower… in next hour he opens his major note there also one sorry note is there… again he tore up the paper… Om sees that notes wherever he goes even restroom also… seeing this Om starts to laugh and also gets different feeling…. In the next day Om sees that card and takes it and writes on it as its ok…. He returned it to her by giving one of his friends…. Swma gets shock but managed by saying like till now he didn’t come to speak you na… Gowri nine days are there na lets wait and watch… in the second hour Gowri goes near Om and asked can I sit beside you…. Other all the boys are gets jealous by seeing this…. Om if you didn’t disturb in the class hours, you can sit here…. Gowri smiles and sits near him… then Gowri asked let be friends…. Om says I said to you na don’t disturb in class hours…. Gowri now staff is not there na then what problem…. Om says ok I want a time to think about it…. Gowri says ok…. In evening Gowri tries to leave but at the time her leg gets slipped before she could fall Om holds her…. they share an eye lock… for the first time Gowri get a different feel towards his closeness same as Om…. After sometime they get apart and leave that place…. In the full night they didn’t get sleep due to that incident…. In next day Gowri comes to her classroom without seeing Om she straightly goes to her bench…. Seeing this Swma gets surprised Om also…. Om thinks to himself why she didn’t come and sit near me… in very next moment he says why I want her present besides me…. No I will not think about her…. in that day fully Om didn’t listened the class his mind and heart are around Gowri only…. Gowri also like that only…. In launch break all are goes outside at last Gowri also tries to leave but Om holds her hand and says… will you accept me as your friend… Gowri don’t know what to say without her sense she nods…. They have an eye lock…. At the time Swma comes there and coughs…. Hearing this they gets embraced without saying anything Om leaves that place…. Sweety says wow Gowri you will win this challenge definitely…. At the time hearing this word Gowri gets something uneasy… and she says to herself I did this only for challenge nothing more than that…. Their friendship bond gets stronger… now the day is five…. That day is Sunday…. He drives the car by thinking something…. In the signal he sees Gowri he calls her but she didn’t heard it… after green signal he follows her… she goes to one garden…. There she plays with those small boys and girls…. For the first time Om sees one girl by lost on her…. after sometime Gowri sees Om sanding there… she calls him and they sits upon one bench… Om asked what you are doing here… Today is Sunday na usually whenever I am get free, I will come here for plays with those children’s…. Om if you spend your all free time there, then how you will spend your quality time with your family or loved once…. Gowri i don’t have anyone to spend my quality times with them… Hearing this Om gets shattered and says sorry…. Gowri please don’t show sympathy… I am Gowri Kumari Sharma the great businessman Mr. Ajey Sharma’s only daughter…. My mother passed away when I am 5 years old… after her death my father take care of his business…he will come only when I got fever or any health problem…. To around me lots of peoples are there only for my money…. Till now I didn’t get anyone’s pure love…. At the time she says that line her eyes sheds tears… She continues if my mother is there then I will not want to face this situation…. Om asked why it is so… Gowri because only mother can understand her son or daughter’s needs…. Om if it so then why my mother not shows love to us…. And he explained everything to Gowri…. Gowri says you have to think in her situation… if she didn’t love’s you then why she again and again she comes to you for asking sry for her mistake… at the time her situation makes her to do like that…. You have to think in her place then you will get your answer…. Saying this she leaves….Then Om also understand his mistake, that day itself he asked sry to Janvi and starts respect her, not only her including all the girls….. Om starts to like her, Gowri also but her ego didn’t allow her…. now the ten th day, that day Gowri didn’t come to clg due to fever…. Om didn’t know this he impatiently waiting for her…. in the launch break only he got to know about this…. Hearing this without wasting a second he goes to her house…. Seeing this Swma gets annoyed…. In Gowri’s house she lies on the bed…. Om goes with doctor and she checks her and also she instructed to him for giving some foods followed by medicine…. He also did like that, seeing this Gowri gets emotional…. Because till now no one is take care of her with love…. Can’t control her emotional she hugs him by saying, thank you so much Om…. Without breaking hug she says, since yesterday I am getting fever, you know Om after knowing this what my father says, it is a normal fever if he comes for then this he will lose 3 cores…. At the time I am hearing this I just hate this life because no one is there for me…. And also I think to go where my mother goes…. Hearing this Om can’t take this without wasting a time he breaks the hug and says, how you can think like that Gowri…. Did you think how I will live without you…..? You are my life Gowri…. Gowri hugs him with full heartily because she also starts to love him… Then their love story started….. Swma knowing this they do lot of work to separate them but they didn’t get success on it…. After finishing their studies their family arranges their marriage…. On the day of wedding Swma planned something…. After finished the marriage Swma asked Om to meet them secretly…. Om also did like that…. They say about their challenge, Gowri didn’t love you…. She did this only for challenge nothing more than that…. At the time Om didn’t believed, so they shows the video on the day what happened in the help of clg cctv footage… after seeing this Om shattered…. In night Om’s room Gowri sits on the bed with blushing face…. Om enters the room and closes the door…. Gowri stands with blushingly…. Om says Gowri you’re looking so cute…. Gowri smiles…. He comes so close to her and he asked in her ears in a husky voice…. Your challenge is over na then why you married me saying this he pushed her…Gowri slipped on the bed and shockingly looked at him… and she tries to say something but Om stops and says if you challenged with any other person for our first night also… hearing this Gowri starts to cry and says Om… Om stops her and says did you know because of you only I am started to laugh and also believe and respect on girls…. But now you destroyed all of it… you got my life only for play…. Gowri says Om please hear me once…. Om till now I did like that only… you totally cheated me not only me my family and also your dad…. Gowri cries… Om why you are crying baby, I am the only one to want to cry for loving you unconditionally…. Saying this he starts to cry…. Gowri goes near him and puts her hand on his shoulder… Om pushed her with full anger and says don’t dare to come near me… I am not like you I will respect this marriage and also for my family I have to keep this relation… for this you don’t want to do any works for me… you can do whatever you want I will not interfere in your life same as for you also… if you don’t want this relation please yourself say to all…. saying this Om leaves that room… Gowri starts to cry…
FB ends…. Om’s eyes are filled with tears….

On the other side Gowri packs her all thinks and writes one letter for Om…. “I leaving Om from this house…From onwards you don’t want to see my face…. I am leaving you forever Om…. Yes first I did it for Challenge only but your love and care make me change Om…. On that day you say your love to me at the second I am also feel my love towards you…. I tried lot of time to say this truth to you but my heart didn’t allow me… I am getting fear Om of losing you… I think if I tell the truth to you then you will leave me…. Then I can’t live Om that’s why I hide this truth from you…. Please forgive me Om… but please don’t insult my love upon you Om…. Till now I get some hope one day you will definitely understand my pure love… but that day didn’t come in our life… for the first time you asked one thing from me na… how can I resist it… you asked me you don’t want to see my face…. Don’t worry Om now onwards you don’t want to see my face because I leaving you forever not only you I am leaving this whole world….. I told you na I can’t live without you that’s why I decided to go to my mother’s place…. I think from this only you will understand my love…. I pray to god in next birth also I want to love you but without your hatefulness…. I love you Om”…. She placed that letter on the dressing table then she leaves that place…. Om reached home after sometime, he straightly goes to his room…. There he didn’t find Gowri and he sees that letter, he takes that leter and starts to read…. After reading it Om starts to cry and says, why Gowri why you did like that…. Till now I didn’t hate you, I did like that only for to make you understand the value of love…. But without thinking anything how could you decided to leave me…. You know na without you I am nothing….. How you can think like that, you know whenever I am seeing tears on your eyes; I am also feeling the pain of your tears…. I think if I do like that then only you will understand your love upon me…. But I didn’t know you love me this much…. I too love you Gowri…. At the time one girl hugs him with tears…. Om breaks the hug and sees that girl….. After seeing her he hugs her tightly…. Without breaking the hug he says, how could you, think like that to leave me Gowri….. Gowri please forgive me Om…. Om no, I will not forgive you…. Gowri shockingly looked at him…. If I want to forgive you, you have to promise me now onwards you will not think to leave me…. Gowri nods yes by hugging him tightly Om also did like that…. At the time Janvi coughs, they get embarrassed and they get apart…. Janvi I told you na Gowri about my son’s love…. Gowri nodes… Om confusingly looked at them…. Gowri explained, I tried to leave the house at the time mom only stops me by saying if you read that letter then you will say your love to me…. Om hugs Janvi and says thank you mom…. Janvi I did my duty only Om… if you want to thank me then soon give me one grandson or daughter…. Om says sure mom, but not one we will give twins to you…. Gowri blushingly hits him slightly…. Janvi smiles and leaves…. Om hugs her by saying I love you Gowri…. Gowri also says I love you Om…. Now their love story started….. Then they lives happily….

******************THE END*********************

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