Love and love only-RagLak OS
> “Lakshya..!!”a stern voice is heard making silence
> everywhere including the one who were blabbering boldly few
> seconds before..!!
> A pair of boots is shown and it was stepping ahead without
> any distraction..,and stopped infront of another pairs..!!
> “Captain Lakshya reporting for duty sir..!!”
> His face is revealed as Laksh and he was seen in an army
> attire with lots of medals at his shirt near the chest and
> the guy first was seemed to be his senior official..!!
> “are you ready for this mission..!!I don’t wanna
> hear any backsteps ..!!”
> “trust me sir and we will replace our flag
> there..!!”
> “good luck my boy and keep communicating..!!”
> They moves apart after giving their salutations..!!
> There starts an rotation of the copter blades which
> symbolizes everyone to get ready for the mission..!!
> Everyone gathered and the copter takes off and they were
> bold enough to face the upcoming target..!!
> A pale face was shown at the corner and he was lost
> somewhere..!!
> His pov*******
> Mein Lakshya.,one of the captain in Indian army presently
> guiding my crew in this xxx mission..!!
> It was really my privilege to be one of the crew members of
> Indian army..!!
> But presently my thoughts are travelling far away from
> here..,to my hometown.,to my place.,to my love..,to my
> laadoo..,to my wife Ragini..!!
> Ragini..,my love my life my wife my everything is her..!!she
> haven’t failed in showering me with her love..!!she
> haven’t asked me anything still ..,it’s been 4 years
> we have started our journey and till date we are in love and
> love only..!!
> Even the distance may part us apart but still we are
> connected by our hearts and it keeps on fluttering and
> echoeing each others name only..!!
> Ragini have been my backbone in everything I do..!!honestly
> speaking I doesn’t gave her a single happiness which
> every women expects..!!
> Yeah..,it’s true..!!
> It was every wife’s wish to express their next step in
> their life as parents to her husband first but I didn’t
> gave that happiness to Ragini..!!
> At that time I was involved at one of the major mission and
> I got succeeded in that and I was even awarded for my
> breakthrough but I failed in life..!!
> Don’t think like everyone that we had a love marriage
> ..,that isn’t true we entered into this journey
> forcedly..!!
> Initially we had many disputes in everything we do and
> sometimes I even thought that we gonna have separation in
> future..!!
> But everything got changed..,slowly we got addicted to
> each other and our bitterness lost its taste and sweetness
> started occupying our hearts..!!
> We started giving up some quality time for other and our
> life was connected together from now on..!!I don’t know
> that this was my destiny before but from the day I started
> feelings for Ragini..,I changed from the reserved Lakshya to
> ragini’s crazy lucky who would love to do anything madly
> for her only her..!!
> We RagLak started falling for each other and that day has
> come for our confession..!!
> That day I still remember when we are returning on our way
> after attending one of my friend’s wedding..!!
> [email protected]
> Ragini(gently):laksh..,stop the car..!!
> Laksh:why..??
> Ragini:please..!!(she pouts)
> Laksh(smiling madly):ok ok..!!
> Ragini stepped down stretching her hands wide and enjoys the
> cold breeze..!!
> “Ragini..!!”laksh neared her and the next moment
> she grasped his hands and dragged him towards the backside
> of the car..!!
> Both looks deep into their eyes..,laksh was like drowning
> completely in her eyes..,while Ragini softly initiated
> breaking the interlude of their silence..!!
> “Laksh..,I don’t know when and why I started liking
> you and I don’t know whether you like me the same way
> like I do or not..!!but frankly I don’t want to hide
> anymore..,usually girls won’t open their heart out to
> anyone without hesitation..!!but I don’t feel hesitated
> or nervous whenever you are around and am saying this to you
> because I don’t want to lose you..!!if I didn’t open
> up now.,then I can’t wait for an year to express my
> feelings since you are leaving tomorrow..!!(she stops there
> for a moment)will you be my love..??will you tackle this
> khadoos for life time..??will you accept this captain’s
> wife..??will you be mine..??will you laksh..??”Ragini
> bends down on her knees and said everything she feels for
> him..!!
> Laksh amazes and he never expected this from her..,he gently
> placed his hands on her shoulder and pulled her towards
> him..!!
> “yes..i am..!!”he dragged her into the bone
> crushing hug..!!
> “There are only two times I want to be with you…
> Now and forever..!!”he whispered near her ears making
> her blush hard..!!
> They spend some quality time together and took their life
> into the next step..!!
> Fb ends @
> The next day.,I was feeling extremely happy for us but
> feeling enormously sad..!!
> Mood swings started occupying my brain..!!
> Yeah..,I have to leave today back to my camp..!!I love my
> country that’s why I started my life as an army man..!!
> But I love my Ragini equally and I have no doubt in
> that..!!
> Today for the very first time I was not able to step out
> from my room her thoughts making me nervous.,giving me
> shivers…!!
> Till yesterday I have noone.,but from now on I have a
> family.,my Ragini is there for me..!!what she will do if
> anything happens to me.,she will be left alone since she
> doesn’t have any support from her family too and I am an
> orphan..!!fighting with terrorists is better than fighting
> with my heart and brain..!!
> Finally I crushed away all my thoughts when I found my
> angelic beauty coming with a tea tray..!!
> “Captain wasn’t eager to camp I think..!!”she
> placed the tray on the table nearby and stares into my eyes
> deeply..!!
> “will you miss me Ragu..!!”I uttered softly
> looking into her eyes..!!
> A tear drop escapes from her eyes which I noticed..!!and I
> got my answer through that..!
> “laksh..,you need not to worry..!!I will
> manage..!!”she said wiping her tears..!!
> “am sorry..!!”I said cupping her face to enlighten
> her mood..!!
> “don’t think about it laksh..!!even though we may
> be far apart but still we are close enough through our
> hearts..!!my whole day won’t pass without your thoughts
> and I know it’s same for you too..!!and am really proud
> to be an army officer wife and am happy about that..!!now
> please smile karo..please..!!”she said pouting cutely
> at last..!!
> Even though she convinced me but she can’t console her
> own heart.,which only i can read..!!
> Her face was completely turned pale and she was saddened
> thinking about me..!!
> I neared her and says”nothing will happen to me when
> you are there Ragini..!!”
> The next moment she jumps over me and kissed all over my
> face making me stand numb..!!
> “if you do like this then I can’t leave
> Ragu..!!”I said smirking..!!
> The horn sound disturbed our sweet romance and she hide her
> pain deep inside and sends off with her warm smile..!!
> I vanished watching her cute smile..!!
> ***pov ends when someone came reporting to him..!!
> “Captain..,just15 more minutes to go..!!”
> Laksh then pushed away his thoughts and stood up..,he then
> started giving them their last commands and encouraged them
> to be bold enough to face any kind of situations and he
> repeated by stressing the word”no backstep..!!”
> “yes sir..!!”everyone nods..!!
> He again lost in his thoughts reminiscing the way they used
> to talk..!!
> Laksh’s pov****
> Everything went well and we used to talk more within that
> few minutes time allotted for me..!!
> It’s been an year journey we have travelled together but
> infact we wasted few months in quarrelling with each other
> and finally we cleared our terms and started liking eo..!!
> And that day has come..,my sweetheart is carrying my little
> one..!!
> Ragini with so much joy..,happily dialled my number and
> asked the official to inform me that she is on line..!!
> But I wasn’t there in the camp.,I was in the meeting
> with my higher official..!!
> I think I wasn’t blessed to hear that great news.,she
> wanted to express that first to me..!!obviously every
> girl’s wish was that..!!
> I doesn’t have time to speak with her and after few days
> I contacted her and expressed my work and how badly I missed
> her in these two days..!!
> I didn’t got anything in reply..,I got tensed and
> nervousness occupied my mind..!!
> “Ragini..,can you hear me..!!”I asked..!!
> “haan..!!”she replied in a single word which she
> usually won’t..!!
> I understand that something is weird and I know she is not
> that type who used to dump things on me..!!I wanted to know
> what is hurting her..!!
> She can’t hide anymore and the next moment she burst out
> crying and finally confessed..!!
> I was on cloud 9..,I blown back to back kisses to her
> through phone and made her blush hard which I can’t see
> but I can feel that..!!
> I was at fault but still she doesn’t blamed me,such a
> selfless women she is..!!I think that quality impressed me a
> lot..!!
> But I was surprised to hear that she haven’t shared this
> happiness with anyone even with her mother.,she waited for
> two long days to talk to me.,to express how she was feeling
> now and I can feel her emotions..!!
> Days passed by and she was on her 9th month.,for the first
> time i felt why did I wish to become an army man.,it’s
> hardly hurted me when i wasn’t able to attend my
> wife’s godh barai rasam..!!
> And again I was again leading a crew as a captain for
> another mission..,and her date is nearing..!!
> Both my country and my Ragini are like my eyes.,I can’t
> take one side and leaves the other..!!
> But my destiny again played the game in my life.,yes I was
> not fortune enough to be with her during her labour
> pain..!!
> She gave birth to my lovely princess Diya and when i and my
> team returned back with the victory this happy news reached
> my ears..!!
> I was really happy at one side but something is piercing my
> heart..,yes the love for which she might have longed during
> her delivery which i didn’t gave her…!!
> I bursts out crying loudly when i felt that I wasn’t
> able to lift my princess in my arms first.,i wasn’t
> there with her during her pain.,i wasn’t there to hear
> that good news first.,i felt like I am cursed..!!
> Everyone around consoled and congratulated me for my new
> promotion of becoming a father but i cant digest the fact
> that I was not with them to share my happiness..!!tears
> blurred my vision and I asked special permission to my
> official and went to talk with my Ragini..!!
> But my mother in law picked up her mobile and informed me
> that Ragini was still unconscious and also said that she
> will gain conscious after an hour..!!
> I hanged up the call and was dying to cross that one hour
> gap.,but that was the most dangerous phase of my life..!!
> Usually when we are around our family.,the day would pass
> like a jet but that one hour time phase wasn’t that much
> easy for me it was a crucial time period and it was like
> walking on a fire..!!
> I roamed here and there and everyone around me were making
> fun of..!!
> “if guys were in my place..!!will you laugh like
> this..!!”I wanted to quizz them but I don’t want
> anyone over there to be in my situation..!!
> Finally that one hour crossed.,when it crossed 11:45 I
> immediately dialled the number and the other side was my
> Ragini holding the phone..!!
> She was silent and I can feel her emotions and I heard some
> sobbing sounds..!!
> We haven’t uttered anything for few minutes and our
> heart have spoken everything..!!
> “Ragini..!!”before I could complete she
> interrupted..!!
> “laksh please I know what you gonna say now..!!please
> don’t feel bad about not being with me..!!concentrate on
> your work and come soon to me Laksh..!!me and my princess
> will be waiting for you..!!”her soft voice made me
> stand dumbstruck..!!
> I cried my heart out and expressed everything what I felt to
> her .!!
> “laksh..,please control yourself..!!my superhero
> na..,please..!!”she said and made me laugh atlast..!!
> Time out and I hanged up the phone after spending few valid
> talks with my sweetheart and also I heard my princess
> sound..!!
> After few days.,my leave has been sanctioned and I returned
> to my Ragini and the tears escaped when I found my love
> struggling to make my princess to sleep..!!
> When she found me at the entrance.,she immediately rushed to
> me and I putdown all my luggage’s and went to her and
> took her into my embrace..!!
> I showed how badly I missed her and she hugged me tightly
> without letting even the air to separate us..!!I could
> understand the pain she have gone through in these phase.
> !!
> “am sorry..!!”I said with much difficulty because
> my words got struck in my throat..!!
> “I love you laksh..!!”she muttered and planted a
> kiss on my forehead..!!our forehead merged and I was happy
> being around her..!!
> Diya.,my princess..!!I forgot her completely.,obviously
> whenever my Ragini is around me,she will make me numb and
> would make me to forgot the entire world..!!
> Days passed through and after a month I returned back to my
> work leaving my Ragini and my princess alone..!!
> I missed every phase of diya’s life..!!the day she
> called me paapa was my most memorable one..!!thanks to my
> Ragini for making that happen..!!even though I heard my
> princess voice through phone that gave me unlimited
> happiness and that erased all my wounds..!!
> At that time I felt like I am the happiest man in the
> world..!!ofcourse I am ,who will have such a lovely family
> like mine..!!
> It’s all because of my ragini’s understanding
> nature..!!within a couple of days she started occupying my
> heart and now she is ruling it..!!
> *****pov ends when someone says “we reached the
> target..!!”
> Laksh stood up from his place and just said
> “jaihind..!!” and everyone around replied the
> same..!!
> Now they are upto something running towards the target of
> clearing the terrorists from their land and once again
> fixing the flag to fly high showing it’s courage to the
> world..!!
> They reached the target and it’s the time for the high
> voltage phase where everyone were fighting against the
> opponent..!!
> {I don’t want to drag this more..,so I skip this fight
> sequence..!!}
> Every terrorists were shot dead and the crew were confirming
> about that and when they confirmed that they did
> that.,everyone were overwhelmed in joy and happiness crept
> on all of their lips..!!
> Laksh took the national flag and started hoisting it and
> make that fly high in air..!!
> “Jaihind..!!”everyone did their salutations..!!
> “Dishquaan..!!”bullet sound came and it travelled
> towards laksh and hits on his abdomen and back to back 3
> bullets travelled into his body..!!
> Laksh falls weak and he was trembling but still he
> didn’t gave up.,he immediately grabbed an pistol and
> shot the one who was hiding far apart beside the
> bush..!!that guy was dead.
> Laksh was feeling suffocated and his eyes turned out
> red.,his breath got strucked in his throat,with much
> difficulty he uttered ragini’s name and went
> unconscious..!!
> One of the crew member checked his pulse and lift him in his
> arm saying that he is alive..!!
> Information has been sent to the higher official and laksh
> have been taken to army hospital on the copter..!!
> Laksh was taken to operation theatre and the doctor’s
> were doing his surgery..!!
> On the other side.,Ragini was getting ready to do pooja in
> temple..!!pooja thaal falls from her hand when Diya hits
> that unintentionally with her ball..!!
> “Ragini..!!”a guy came rushing towards her..!!
> Ragini:Vishal bhai..!!how are you..??Bhabhi told me
> yesterday that you came back for vacation..!!
> Vishal:woh Ragini.,am good and now please come with me..!!we
> are going to Kashmir..!!
> Ragini(shocked):What..??everything is ok right..??
> Vishal:haan..but laksh want you to be there with him for
> some important work..!!so you are needed right now for
> him..!!rest I will explain you later.,now please come with
> me..!!
> Ragini(felt something weird):but bhaiyya laksh haven’t
> said anything to me about this..!!
> Vishal(controlling his tears):woh there exists some network
> problem..,that’s why he doesn’t informed you..!!
> Ragini nodded crushing away her thoughts and took Diya too
> along with her..!!
> Vishal takes them to heliport and they stepped inside the
> copter..!!Diya first astonished and happy when she first
> stepped inside the helicopter and squeezes the headset and
> other equipment in it..!!Ragini glares her and pats
> diya’s hand and asked her to keep quiet..!!
> Diya then starts crying when the copter takes off..!!Ragini
> took diya into her embrace and made her calm down..!!
> Here in the army hospital.,doctors were cleaning laksh’s
> wounds and trying their level best to remove the bullets and
> somewhat succeeded..!!but still there are two more bullets
> remaining and his pulse rate is also decreasing further..!!
> Vishal takes Ragini and diya to hospital..!!Diya looks out
> through the window and was enjoying the climate..!!
> The car gets stopped with a sudden jerk outside the army
> hospital..!!
> Ragini stepped down and was confused when she gazed the
> surrounding..!!
> Ragini(nervously):everything ok na bhaiyya..??laksh kaha
> hai..!!
> Vishal eyes turned moist and he was sobbing continuously
> increasing the nervousness level of Ragini..!!
> “bhaiyya please say something..!!”she uttered
> shooking Vishal..!!
> Vishal finally gathered his courage and revealed everything
> to her..!!
> Ragini stand numb and the tears were gushing out
> continuously and her vision got blurred and the next moment
> she collapsed on the floor falling unconscious..!!
> “Ragini..!!”Vishal opened the car door and
> sprinkled water on her face..!!
> But she wasn’t responding.,Diya started crying when she
> found her mom wasn’t reacting..!!
> Vishal took Diya in her arms and called the doctor..!!
> Ragini was taken inside in the stretcher,doctor treated her
> and she was now kept under observation..!!
> Doctor comes and informed Vishal that “she is alright
> but her blood pressure raised and so she fell unconscious
> and don’t worry about her health.!she will be back to
> normal after few minutes..!!”
> Vishal thanked him and took Diya to the canteen area to feed
> her food..!!
> {“Laksh got shot..!!”
> “He is in critical condition..!!”
> “doctors are treating him and the surgery is going
> on..!!”
> Everything echoed in her mind..!!”}
> Ragini woke up clutching the bed sheets and screaming
> laksh’s name..!!
> She looked around and holds her forehead stressing hard..!!
> Ragini stepped down and then thrashed the trips wire that is
> connected to her hand and rushed outside madly..!!
> Nurse and other members of hospital were trying hard to
> control but they failed..!!
> Finally she reached the operation area where laksh is being
> treated.,but she was blocked by the security guards outside
> the room..!!
> “leave me.,I want to see my laksh..!!laksh..!!”she
> was repeating the same..!!
> Vishal passes through that area and found Ragini arguing
> with the guards.,he immediately gone there and informed them
> about her identity.,about her relationship with laksh..!!
> While talking,doctor came out and informed
> that”operation is done but still we can’t say
> anything..!!let’s hope for the best..!!”
> Ragini(screaming madly):kuch nahi hoga mere laksh ko{nothing
> will happen to my laksh..!!}
> Ragini pushed away the doctor’s who are blocking her way
> and entered inside the operation theatre and found her love
> connected with lots of machines and was lying
> unconscious..!!
> His abdomen was bandaged with the white cloth and the time
> stops for her there itself..!!
> “saans mein teri saans mili to..!!
> mujhe saans aayi..!!
> mujhe saans aayi..”plays in the bg..!!
> Ragini started crying bitterly holding her mouth using her
> palm.,she tried to control her emotions.,but how could
> she..!!
> She trembles and caresses his face and her tears touched his
> cheeks..!!
> She rest her face on his chest and cries badly can’t
> able to bear this pain..!!
> Ragini(sobbing):you failed to fulfil your promise laksh.,you
> told me na you won’t leave me forever..!!(she sobs
> continuously)
> Nurse:mam.,please don’t disturb the patient..!!please
> leave now mam,we will shift him to ward then you can meet
> him but not now please leave..!!
> Ragini unwillingly stood up and stares him painfully
> composing herself and turned to leave..!!
> She stops there itself and her heart thumps faster..!!she
> then turned back and found him holding her wrist but his
> eyes were still closed.,a small tear drop escapes through
> the corner of his eye..!!
> His eyelids slowly gets opened and his vision got
> blurred..!!he closed his eyes and was struggling to clear
> his vision and finally succeeded too..!!
> He found her lady love broke down completely before him.,he
> pulled her slightly which brings her back to this world..!!
> “laksh.,I know you will become
> fine..!!doctor..doctor..!!”she screams..!!
> Laksh(fumbling):idiot..!!did you forgot..!!I told you na
> nothing will happen to me when you are there..!!
> Ragini smiles through tears and hugged him the next
> moment..!!
> “ouch..!!”he winces when her hand slightly touched
> his wounds..!!
> “am sorry laksh..!!”she have gone mad again and
> started caressing his abdomen..!!
> Laksh chuckles and dragged her back to his embrace and
> planted a kiss on her forehead..!!
> Doctor comes inside and checked his health and amazed seeing
> the drastic improvement and informed that there is no need
> to worry now and laksh is perfect..!!
> Ragini’s face gets enlightened and glowed..!!
> Laksh thanked Vishal through eyes and found his princess
> sleeping in Vishal’s arm peacefully..!!
> Few days later..!
> Laksh was resting on his bed and Ragini is doing his
> bandage..!!he was playing with her hairs not letting her to
> do her work properly..!!
> “laksh..!!chup kar..”she glares him but he smirks
> and continued tickling her..!!
> Ragini shooted him with back to back death glares and
> finally she finished his bandage..!!
> “What..what you want..!!huh..!!”she pats his
> cheeks playfully..!!
> “maa.,be a good girl na..!!obey paapa’s
> orders..!!”diya said who is resting her head on
> laksh’s arm and was pulling his cheeks..!!
> Laksh smirks while Ragini gasped..!!
> He pulled ragini towards him and kissed her cheeks
> lovingly..!!
> “for me..!!”diya pouts..!!
> Ragini and laksh goes towards her and was about to kiss but
> she moved intentionally making their foreheads to met..!!
> Diya claps her hand lovingly and jumped in between
> them..!!she kissed both raglak and then followed by a family
> hug..!!
> Happy family •••
> Thanks for reading guys..!!
> “Army mens were spending their sleepless nights just to
> make us sleep peacefully..!!A huge respect to
> them..!!”

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