“She looked up at me with her solemn brown eyes. They are so deep, even i could drown in them.”
Sayyam thinks to himself everytime Krishna looks at him.
It is nearly midnight; Sayyam is sitting in the balcony, facing the chilly dark night outside. He could be barely visible as the room is in total dark, just like their life at this moment, without any ray of hope.
Sayyam is thinking about Krishna, his beautiful, loving wife. So many different thoughts are passing through his mind. Some good, some bad. Some happy, some sad.
All the moments from their first meeting till now flashes in his mind. Sayyam wonders how Krishna became his love, his life and his whole world.
Krishna’s eyes always says something. Those eyes are the mirror of her heart. They reflect everything in her heart.
Her eyes lits up with unbounded happiness, when Krishna sees Sayyam, coming back from office, after a long day. Those eyes expresses excessive fear, seeing Tiger near around. When Dadi scolds her or taunts her, her eyes become numb, being hurt. Even, after their forceful marriage, the disgust look in Krishna’s eyes towards Sayyam, would rouse the feeling of guilt inside him.
When Krishna fails to understand Sayyam’s mischief intentions and looks at him confused, she seems to be the cutest girl ever. When Krishna looks at him with lots of shyness in her eyes due to his dangerously close proximity near her, it drives Sayyam more crazy. In the mornings, after every blissfull lovemaking nights, the layer of blush in her eyes, makes him fall for her even more deeply.
Her joy, her sadness, her anger, her fear, her love, her care, her concern, her shyness, her confusion, her tension – those eyes portray her every particular emotion so perfectly. They are just perfect. Those two eyes are one of the best creation of God’s art, Sayyam thinks.
Sayyam breathes out a chuckle remembering how he loved her eyes even before loving her. And why not, Krishna’s eyes are so beautiful that anybody can fall for them and Sayyam is no exception.
He reminiscences Krishna’s bright eyes during her Haldi ceremony. That was the first time he saw her so happy. But then he was such a devil that he couldn’t bear with her happiness and was bound to ruin it. He did that by forcefully marrying her and make the hell of her life.
But than situation changed. Sayyam acknowledged the devilish truth of his father. He condemned himself after knowing the truth of his own birth. He was totally broken from inside. Than Krishna only stood beside him. She became the strongest support to him in his crisis.
However, their marriage was a misalliance at the starting, they gradually fall for eachother. Krishna was the first one to step forward for the progress of their relationship. Sayyam also couldn’t keep himself away from her for a long time and they become bounded with the bliss of Love, the most blessed and purest feelings in the universe. Sayyam assumes himself to be the luckiest man on the earth to get Krishna’s love along with her forgiveness.
He feels himself being drowned in all these thoughts. But couldn’t control or stop them.
Sayyam has repent a lot for every time he has made Krishna cry by his actions. He has said countless Sorry to her for his past doings.
Although, now Sayyam doesn’t like tears in her eyes still he couldn’t help but admire the tears of joy and happiness in her eyes when he confessed his love for her. Those eyes were overflowing with various emotions at a time.
Krishna always has a spark in her eyes that makes her look more beautiful. That spark only brighten up his dark life.
Sayyam and Krishna were living in their dream world. They were so happy with each other. Beautiful days were passing like flying birds. Even they were planning to start their own family.
But, after all, life is so unpredictable. Destiny always flies in the face of what expected.
That was another beautiful day of their life, at least that could be. Sayyam was supposed to be promoted as MD of his company, for his hard work. Krishna was so happy for him. She decides to go to the nearby temple to pray for him.
Sayyam and Krishna left together in car. Sayyam drops Krishna near the temple and than he leaves for office. Krishna goes inside the temple and prays for the success and long life of her dear husband Sayyam. She finished her prayer after a long time and comes out of the temple.
Krishna waits for more than half an hour for cab, but in vain. Than after more fifteen minutes of waiting, she sees a taxi coming. She shows hand to stop the taxi but it doesn’t stop. Krishna stands there disappointed, waiting for another.
After another ten minutes, she sees another taxi coming from the opposite direction. She becomes desperate to stop this one. She shows hand and goes to cross the road without realizing the truck rushing towards her. She was about to approach the taxi when the truck hits her and she falls at a distance with a loud scream. The plate in her hand floats in the air. Krishna falls beside the road and her head hits a stone. She was lying in the pool of blood, unconscious.
The people runs to her and one of them informs the Birlas from Krishna’s phone and took her to the hospital. All the family members rushes to the hospital. Krishna was admitted. Her condition was very serious.

Sayyam came running and bumped into Yuvraj. Yuvraj holds him and saves him from falling down. Suhani comes to him while crying.
“Sayyam, ye sab kya hogaya?” She hugs him. Sayyam couldn’t hear anything. He stands there like steel. Than he slowly moves and stands beside the door of Krishna’s cabin. He can see his life, his Krishna lying unconsciously with so many channels clinging in her body. His heart was piercing. He couldn’t withstand the scenario and sits in a corner.
After two hours the doctor comes out and everybody rushes to him.
“Doctor..how is Krishna…is she fine…can we meet her”..A tensed Yuvraaj asked.
The Doctor keeps silent. His silence was killing them. Sayyam couldn’t control his anger and holds his collar.
“Can’t u hear..what are we asking? How is Krishna? Why are u silent? Speak up…”
Yuvraaj and Suhani somehow manages to free the Doctor from Sayyam’s grip. They try to calm him down, When the Doctor says
“Krishna is out of danger now…she is fine… but… ”
Sayyam becomes impatient ” But…but what?”
“I am sorry but i think…she has lost her eye sight.” The Doctor declared.
Everybody cries in unison “What”?
Sayyam sits on the floor, holding his head. His world shuddered in front of his eyes. Tears spills out from his eyes.
“This is only my assumption… as she got a serious head injury…that may affected her eye sight…we hv to wait for her to get consciousness…But i just hope i prove wrong.”
The Doctor excuses himself and goes. Everybody was in shock. They don’t know how to console Sayyam. Suhani slowly goes to him. But Sayyam doesn’t look at anyone and leaves from there. Suhani tries to stop him, but Yuvraaj and Pratima holds her. They silently follow him.
There are so many things which Sayyam has done for the first time in his life, bcz of Krishna. Today also he did something for the first time, for Krishna. He went from there and stands in front of the Ganesha idol in the hospital, for the first time. He had rage in his eyes.
“I never believed in u bcz u never did anything good in my life…and today u proved that again…But Krishna…she..she has blind faith in ur presence from her childhood…and u rewarded her for that by making her blind only…how can u do this to her…what is her fault…she is so innocent…she is a pure soul…i always did wrong with her…but in return she only loved me…she teaches me to love…is that her fault…(The rage in his eyes transforms into pleading. He sits on his knees, folding his hand, in front of the idol and prays for Krishna)…plz..plz..i pray to u..plz don’t do anything wrong with her…plz…
He couldn’t complete as he breaks down crying. Suhani, Yuvraaj and Pratima come to him and they reassure him. Sayyam hugs Suhani while crying badly.
Time passes. They impatiently waits for Krishna to gain her consciousness.
Next morning Krishna comes to sense. She slowly opens her eyes only to find intense darkness, which she is most afraid of. She blinks her eyes but still can’t see anything. Then she remembers about the accident. She, being afraid, calls out Sayyam’s name. Sayyam was outside the cabin. He immediately comes to her. Everybody follw him.
“Krishna..Krishna..are you fine?” Sayyam hugs her tightly. Krishna also reciprocates to his hug as she was panicking due to darkness.
“Sayyam, plz, switch on the lights…i can’t stay in darkness…plz Sayyam…i can’t see u”.
Sayyam was taken aback. He leaves her and stares at her. He got the biggest shock of his life. Everybody look at eachother being shocked. The Doctor comes. He asks them to leave. But Krishna doesn’t leave Sayyam’s hands as she was not able to see or to understand anything. The Doctor checks her and reveals the worst news of their life. The Doctor’s assumption was right. Krishna has lost the light of her eyes. She has become blind.
Krishna couldn’t believe what she just heard. She cries in a loud voice. Suhani and all others cries at her condition. But Sayyam is not crying anymore bcz he knows that he has to stand by her side, to be her strength. He wipes off the rest tears in his eyes and hugs her tight and Krishna also reciprocates, while sobbing badly.
Next day they bring Krishna home. Sayyam takes her to their room and make her sit on the bed. Krishna is still crying in his arms. Sayyam was dying in heart hearing her cry. He makes her drink water.

“Sayyam…i was always a burden for this family…and now i m a burden for u also…Dadi is right…everybody face troubles bcz of me…i can never make anyone happy…
Sayyaam tried to stop her but she keeps on saying bad things about herself. Sayyam couldn’t take it anymore and puts his lips on her to shut her up. He kisses her gently. It was a sweet kiss of love. Krishna becomes silent and hugs him tightly. After some time Sayyam breaks the kiss.
“Krishna..don’t u dare to say such things again” He says looking at her eyeballs, that were moving aimlessly. Sayyam holds her hands.
“Plz Krishna don’t cry…u don’t worry…i m always with u…i’ll consult with the best doctors and u’ll be able to see again…u won’t be like this for the whole life.”
Krishna hugs him tight, burying herself in his chest. “I just want to see u Sayyam…i just want to see u.” Krishna cries.
A silent tears escapes Sayyam’s eyes.
That night they go to sleep early as Krishna needed rest. Krishna sleeps but Sayyam was awake. He was trying hard accept the truth. Suddenly Krishna screams and sits up on the bed.
“Sayyam…Sayyam…i can’t see anything…plz switch on the light…Sayyam…
Sayyam holds her tight helplessly. Suddenly Krishna stops as the reality struck her mind. She remembers the harsh truth. They keep silent for some time. Then Sayyam again lays her and Krishna holds him tightly and tries to sleep.
Their life changed after that perilous day. But there are some things that never change. For example..Krishna’s eyes. Her eyes became lightless but not lifeless. They are still same. They lit up brightly as usual when Krishna feels Sayyam’s presence near her. She welcomes him with warm hug and smile. She can’t see but can feel. Every time Sayyam notices her cute expressions, he again and again falls for her.
Now Krishna has become used to the darkness. Even if she becomes afraid, she doesn’t get hyper. Bcz she knows that Sayyam becomes helpless in front of her. And she doesn’t like that bcz she really loves him a lot.
But one good change has also happen. Tiger and Krishna have become friends. He always follows her like shaddow. Krishna now loves his company.

Sayyam was engrossed in deep thought. He comes out of his trance hearing Krishna calling his name. He glances over his watch and realizes that it’s been nearly one hour he is sitting here. He rushes to Krishna and sits beside her on the bed, holding her hand. He looks at her lightless eyes, full of concern for him.
“Sayyam where were you? Tomorrow you have an important meeting, right? U have to leave for office early in the morning.Than why are you still awake?” Krishna scolds him in slight loud voice, being tensed about his health.
“Krishna, i was just coming. But why are u not sleeping? U should take complete rest.” Sayyam replies.
“I had to drink water” Krishna states.
Sayyam makes her drink water and lies her down on the bed. Than he also lies down beside her. Krishna extends her hand to get his hold. Sayyam slowly pulls her and Krishna places her head on his chest, gripping her hand around his body. Sayyam swiftly holds her by her waist. He strokes her hair and gently pecks on her forehead. They slowly falls asleep in each others warm embrace.
Next morning Sayyam leaves early. But he comes back after some time as he forgot to give Krishna’s morning medicines. He was about to enter the room when he heard Krishna praying in front of Ganesha idol
“Plz God…give me my eyes back…i want to see Sayyam…i know he is pretending to be strong for me…but actually he is very weak from inside…he has faced a lot of miseries in his life…and now i don’t want him to be sad bcz of me..i want him to be happy…and for that i need my eyes…plz god..plz..do something..plz.
Sayyam listens to her silently. He never thought that Krishna thinks like this. She wants her eye sight back only for him, only bcz he feels sad seeing her in this state. He couldn’t believe that Krishna loves him so much. And most importantly, he wonders to know that this stupid girl still has faith in her god. A bittersweet smile spreads on his lips.
He leaves. He attends his meeting and than goes to meet Krishna’s doctor. In between many thoughts has passed in his mind. The Doctor shows him a way to get Krishna’s eyes back. The Doctor says that Krishna can see if anybody donates her eyes. But there is not enough time. Bcz, if the fluids of her eyes gets dry, then it’ll not help. So, they have to do something fast. They have to find someone who can give her eyes.

Sayyam was so happy to get this way to get Krishna’s eye sight back. He thanks the Doctor and leaves. He goes to home. He thinks to break this news but than decides against it. Bcz, first he wants to find out someone who can donate eyes. So he keeps silent.
One week passes. But neither the Doctor nor Sayyam could find anyone who can donate eyes.
Sayyam becomes restless and goes to the Doctor. He has decided something in his mind. He reveals his thought to the Doctor.
Actually, Sayyam himself has decided to give his eyes to Krishna. At first, the Doctor doesn’t agree. He denies. But Sayyam had his reasons. He clarifies how much Krishna is important to him. How she was always there for him. So now this is his turn to do something for her. She has brighten up his dark life. And now she is living in darkness. Than how can he bear with that? He can even give his life for her than it is only his eyes. He wants to light up her life again. Krishna’s only wish is to see him happy and his happiness lies in her happiness. And he is able to do it only by giving her eyes back. So, he wants to do it.
The Doctor listens to him and reluctantly agrees.
“Its ok..i can understand ur feelings…but i’ll agree only in one condition” the Doctor says.
Sayyam looks at him confused.
“You can give only your one eye to her, that too if i become satisfied after all ur tests.” The Doctor clears his point.
“But..” Sayyam wants to say something but before the Doctor says
“I’ll agree in this condition only”.
Sayyam thinks for sometime and than agrees. The Doctor sends him for tests as there is very less time left.
After two days the reports come and fortunately enough everything was normal. Sayyam was able to give his eye to Krishna. He becomes so happy to get the glimpse of the ray of hope.
Still there is one small problem left in his way and that is only Krishna herself. Now, Sayyam has to prepare himself for a harder test that is to get Krishna’s consent for his eye donating. He finds it hard bcz he knows that Krishna will never agree to get her eye sight back in cost of his eyes. But he is prepared enough with his reasons. He seems to be determined to make Krishna agree as he leaves the Doctor’s cabin and heads towards the way to home, or in other term, he heads towards the way to get back the Light of his Life, his Love, his Krishna
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