Life isn’t a bed of roses as well as mine..i was born before completion of 9th month of my mom’s pregnancy as a under weighted and sicked child
Upto 5 years I was in do or die position…my parents took care of me very much disturbing their sleeps…
I was feed medicines more than food.
Slowly I was recovering my immunity but my another problem is coming to see me that is my father went to mumbai when I in 1st class..this happened due to financial problems we had
My mon, bro and I went to my granny’s house to stay and to study there…
My granny used to say that I used to get up and cry for dad in Midnights..i used to cry while watching my favorite movie DADDY (telugu movie)…
Then after 6 months I joined in school… I got two best friend one kushi and another ruhi( some random names) but I can’t able to stay with them longer as my dad somewhat settled so he came to take us to Mumbai….
After that we shifted to mumbai and I joined in school there and I studied for 4 yrs ie from 3rd to 6th …

Again we shifted to another place ,there I completed studies till my ssc…
Then joined in college….
I made many friends in these schools but how many are in contact are very very few i.e 2 or 3..
I changed my behavior according to school..
Im very silent girl till ssc..i used have 2or 3 friends….
In my college I made friends gang …. Even though im friendly, im little bit no…no….very anguish girl….. They became my frnd due to my character but afraid of my anger….
My college life with my frnds is wonderful but I didn’t thought that 1or 2 are real but remaining doesn’t thought me as their frnd.
In childhood, no one has no problem wheather if stay ,talk, play, sit , eat or do anything with boys but with the increase of our age everyone has problems if just talk or to go out with boys…
This inequality started in my college.. My gang contains some boys..so we hang out with them, talking with them is common.. But my teachers has problems with us only with girls …..they created their own bad impression about us….

We are frank towards everyone but teachers have good impression who keep mask on their face and acts nicely towards them…this is one reason
Another reason is that we(we means my gang girls) joined in ncc and can’t able to attend the classes regularly…….it just increased bad impression more
Leave it , this phase also completed….
Till now I can’t able to understand, if boy have job or money or property or if he is handsome, girls have to love them aa.
U all think y I’m thinking about love na….because something regarding this happen to me…
While doing internship,im preparing for my coming entrance exam.so I joined in coaching centre..
One day some one came to me and said that he love me but I said no.
I don’t know what he thought but he offered me some money and said keep that money with me…really I don’t know he thought but that incident get into my mind like virus…I used to cry inside me..
I said to my best friend abt this and she said that you should have slapped him… ha I can do that…but my mind revolve around questions that I have about my character…..
First my friend said something about my character then teachers then him….
Just for 1min , I went into a dilemma that I should not been modern , open minded, brave that made people to think like that…

I thought my closeness to boy in my gang(I will have same closeness to girls also), my boldness, my angry, being somewhat modern than other, to get ready with some makeup while having cultural programs in college along with my friends just for fun, hang out with friends to bakeries , parks,etc… made people to think like this…
Am I really a bad girl….
Just slowly I realized that the world like that who thinks women becomes weak when they hurt her but they don’t know that these world will make her more stronger and bolder than before….

These all situation made me bold to achieve my goal as fashion designer and got a lovely husband Ranveer Kailash Vaghela who is with me always and my little 2 yrs old son who is world to me
So let me introduced myself.
My name is Ishaani Harshad Parekh / Ishaani Ranveer Vaghela…
I’m the one top most fashion designer in world….
So girls don’t afraid about society , do what you want but not to do what other’s want….

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  1. Fenil

    Fabulous work dear.
    I’m thinking two name of writer one start from J and Second From N.
    I’ll ask after competition.
    Emotional phase , same schooling shifting phase i also went through 1-3 then 4-9,10,11-12.
    Marvellously written each feelings.

    I vote for this.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Bhai meine bhi ek OS post kiya hai chalo ab aap dhundho kaunsa aur kispe hai mera OS?

      1. Fenil

        yaaa i know oky i will try

    2. ManyaPV5

      😀 Dhundho dhundho

  2. Awesome.i vote for it

  3. Komal

    It was awesome..Loved itll
    I vote for this..

  4. Honey

    Love it….
    I vote it

  5. No words to express . It’s simply amazzzing??

  6. ManyaPV5

    I vote for it!


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