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Ishkara: Words don’t define us
Hi guys, I hope you enjoy and love my OS. It’s for the first time, I have written something like this. I hope you all like it.

“We really have to stop meeting like this.”
I very well knew who that voice belonged to, yes it was the CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) Omkara Singh Oberoi, well how the grand the name sounded, why wouldn’t it after all he was the son of the greatest business tycoon Tej Singh Oberoi, but unlike his father, he wished to become someone different, he had no interest in business from a very young age and always wished to be a CSI, he had really worked hard to get this job, he had to prove his capability a lot of times to his senior officials, but with his hard work and dedication had made him the best CSI in the entire New York.

Well you all must be wondering how come I know so much about him, so let me tell you all, I know him from the past three years, and the most amazing thing about us it that, we’ve always met at crime scenes, it’s like destiny doesn’t wish us to meet like normal people do, like parties or coffee shops.

“Where are you lost, Ishana?” he asked me clicking his fingers in front of my face. “Nowhere” I said coming back to reality, oh gosh, this reality is what I hate the most.
I saw the scene in front of me and remembered the morning incident, I was laying down the table for the guests, to Mr. Richard’s business launch, I had to take care that everything happened well because this was my first huge order, I didn’t want him to have any chance to complain. I had started the bakery about a year ago, before that it was simple home delivery thing, I had taken real risk in starting it as my parents were against it from the first day. But only one person believed me, my Om, wait did I just say, my Om, oh God, this reality really hits hard.

I had gone upstairs to call Mr. Richard, when I felt something unusual, as if I already knew that I was not going to like what I am going to witness, I opened the half opened door of his cabin and was completely shaken, in front of me lay Mr. Richard in his chair, his hands freely around the arm of the chair, it didn’t take me long to notice the bullet in his forehead and blood oozing out, I quickly came out of the room and dialed a number, 911, although I wished to call Om first but couldn’t but anyways I knew he would come and again give me a how-do-you-manage-to-find-trouble-always look.

It’s been three years, and we have met at four crime scenes, every time it’s me who calls 911 to report of dead bodies, I don’t understand what it’s with me and dead bodies, it’s like I always end up getting in mess.

“Ishu, where are you lost?” he again pulled me back to reality, wait did he just say, Ishu, I looked at him surprised and he guessed my shock, “What!! I can call you that. After all we know each other from three years and Ishu sounds so cute.” This was the second shock, did he just say cute, I gave him one of those typical looks and he realized what he had just said, “I mean, it sounds nice.” He said. “Ok, tell me, one thing” he began and I knew what he was going to ask, “don’t say a word more” I said interrupting him, “I know what you will ask, that how do I always find new dead bodies at work?” he just nodded his head and I knew it was approval that I can answer now, “I don’t know, why it’s always me, I mean see there are thousand people working here but God again chose me, I am really fed up of this thing, yaar” I completed all in one go, it was really irritating. “Relax, take this.” Om said handing me over a glass of water, and I drank in one go as if I have been thirsty for ages. “Calm down, you’ll have choking, if you drink like Rajdhani Express.” He was concerned, his genuine concern always reflected in his eyes, his eyes have an amazing ability to impress people, oh gosh not again, for how long I will behave like this one-sided lovers, I have to do something.

Om got up to go when I held his hand, and he looked at me surprised, “Will you sit with me, for a while?” I said and he sat next to me with a smile. He might have guessed my uneasiness and my need for company, well if you meet a person on four crime scenes, you got to learn this much. Well, we never talked much but had come to know each other to great extents through our work and our deeds, well, also through our eyes who spoke every moment we spend together.

I rested my head on his shoulder, and slid my hands around his arm and sat staring at the sun set in front of us. We didn’t talk for a long time but as he understood that I was better now, he started the conversation, “So, are you free, this Saturday?” he asked me and I was first surprised by his completely new question, why is he giving me so many shocks in one day, I thought. “Yes but why are you asking?” I replied, he continued “I was thinking of taking you out for lunch.” he seriously will give me a heart attack today, “What!! Did you just say, you’ll take me for dinnerlunch?” I asked wishing that what I heard was true, “Yes, I just said that but if you don’t want to, we can cancel it.” He replied, and I with the fear that he’ll really cancel it replied instantly, “Why cancel, I didn’t mean that, I’ll surely come.” In my heart, I had already started doing bhangra, I controlled myself not to let my excitement visible on my face, I thanked myself that I literally didn’t start bhangra in front of him.

We both spent the rest of the evening talking and enjoying the cool breeze, I really love this weather at New York, and it’s always suiting my mood. Well I am eagerly waiting for Saturday.
I am so lucky to have him in my life, we don’t talk much, we have never met at places other than crime scenes, we hardly know each other outside our daily routine, we don’t spent hours together, we don’t express ourselves much, we like to be conserved but one thing we surely do is love each other and one day we would definitely confess this love. I know he loves me too, and one day he’ll say that to me.

You want to know, how I know this, well I just look into his intense eyes and I know it. His eyes are clear and true as his soul. They can never lie or cheat anyone. I wonder how these eyes manage to hold thousand emotions at once ans still look so appealing and then his smile, that’s the most genuine and beautiful smile, I have come across in my entire life.
I really wonder sometimes, “Am I really so lucky to have him?”

Author’s note: Well you all read this small incident I narrated above, well guys I only wish to say one thing to all of you, it’s not always necessary to express ourselves by saying things, sometimes our work, our deeds, our body language, our facial expressions, and most importantly our eyes are enough to display what our heart feels. We may find it hard to say things to people, we find it hard to show that we care or love in words, so let it be, try to show your care and love through your work, through your deed and through your eyes. As it is rightly said, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Have a good day. Keep smiling. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome OS
    loved it to the core.
    Simple and sweet story.
    Ishkara love u.
    I’m sure who is the author.

    I vote for this OS.
    Rate: 9/10

  2. It was sooooo cute. Luved it , awesome. I’m voting for it.

  3. AMkideewani

    Fantastic?????I love IshKara❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I vote for this OS 9.5/10

  4. Guys to vote for it, please comment I vote for this. No rating pls. Thanks.

  5. Aarti32

    Amazinggg OS..luv dis Ishkara..I vote for it

  6. Superb os lv ishkara i vote for it

    SUPERB ??????

    I Vote For This

  8. Ankita27

    Amazing OS….

    I vote for this…

  9. Loved it.
    i vote for this

  10. Kriti249

    I vote for this.
    But there’s one thing I would like you to change. If you are writing in the first POV, don’t make the character talk to the reader. It feels a little weird.

    1. I find you saying “One thing I would like you to change…” rude because. It sounds bossy. Maybe could’ve made it a bit more politer, by saying “it would’ve been a bit better if you…”

      1. Kriti249

        I apologize if I sounded rude. My intention was not to hurt anybody but help the writer improve.

    2. Ananyagour

      Don’t feel bad
      But you can’t judge anyone dear??

      1. Kriti249

        Actually I’m writer as well and a reader too. As a reader it’s my duty to give honest reviews. As a writer we should accept critism and improve our writting.
        Plus it depends upon the water that he/she let the criticism put them down or have it improve it.

        We should learn to accept criticsm

    3. Ananyagour

      I understand dear. let’s just forget about all this matter.?

    4. I noticed you’ve been giving a short note of criticism on many oneshots, honestly, your points may be valid, but you could sound a bit kinder and less judgmental. Just a friendly suggestion….
      Sorry if I upset you

  11. I vote for it.


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