Ishkara OS: Heartbeats
Ishkara OS : Heartbeats

“Ever since the day you came into my life, I knew you would be here until the end of time.”

This story is about a girl name Ishana who doesn’t believe in kind of commitments or relationships, for her love & marriage is all just a time waste & nothing else, she is dam very carefree girl who doesn’t care about anyone, she is totally a kind of mad, she use to flirt with boys, hangout and parties with them and sometimes even goes on night out with them but not at all serious with any of them, she use to spend all her day outside only, she never loves to back to her home even in nights too which is not at all liked by her mom and brother and many a times they both tried to talk with her but she always avoids the topic or sometime just left the house angrily after breaking something n moreover even though her mom and brother loves her more then anything else in this world n she too loves them a lot but still she use to maintain a safe distance from both of them and from her home too which makes them both more and more worried about her and by seeing her careless behavior towards everyone and specially towards her life they both plans to let her settle down in her life by getting her married to someone and they both even forceful let her meet many random boys among whom many of them run away out of Ishana’s fear because she scares them and the one’s doesn’t run away form them

she herself runs away her because she never wants to get married and by seeing all this drama all her neighbors, relatives and specially her friends keep on taunting and insulting her but she never cares about anyone, she just keep on leading her life the way she wanted, she never cares about everyone thinks about her nor she ever tried to change her image in front of any of them but in the end when her mom and bhai were all set tie up her with someone and that too without even telling or asking her so to escape from this situation she just run away from her house and comes to delhi where she starts working in a company so that she can at least earn enough money to fulfill her basic needs and like this two years passed away and in this two years Ishana never talked with her family nor they able to talk to her because she just even changed her number too but finally after two long years she at last decided to go back to mumbai because she has a very good news to share with her family

but when she returns back her mom and bhai totally ignores her, doesn’t even talks with her but she never gives up, she always keep on irritating both of them and being her mom and bhai who could they both be angry on her for a longer time so at last they both forgives her after which through her mom she gets to know that her bhai use to love someone and now were all set to get married to her and Ishana too told her family that she too loves someone but doesn’t told his name which shocks her family as for the first time they are hearing the word love from her mouth but then they thought that she must be joking with them or it would another her time pass but this time Ishana was really dam serious and it clearly reflects on her face too because of which her mom and bhai open their mouth on “O” shape because they still can’t able to digest the fact that their little Ishana who always use to run away from relationships and thinks that love is just a sh** now really falls for someone and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Ishana but like her family she too wonders that who could she falls in love with someone,

who could she loves someone so madly but the fact is fact and the fact yes she loves someone and that too a lot, this two just totally changed her life and her too, she slowly but start believing in relationships, love and her family just loves this new side of their Ishana, in their hearts they both always thanks a ton to that someone special who just totally changed their little princess Ishana after which on the engagement day Ishana and her family gets to know that the one whom she madly loves was actually her would be bhabhi Anjali’s bhai Omkara which makes everyone damm very happy because together they all completes each other as Ishana and bhai Anmol doesn’t have a father whereas on the other side both Omkara and Anjali doesn’t have anyone of them so they all together makes everyone happy and fulfill colors and loneliness in others life but as the marriage function proceed Anjali gets a to know a lot about Ishana and who she use to be in her past and specially that no one actually like her accept her mom and bhai because of which she just break up Omkara’s relation with Ishana and even bad mouths about her and about her character as she never wants this type of girl for her bhai and Omkara too doesn’t says anything and just nods in yes accepting her sisters decision as he use to respect his sister’s a lot because she was the only one who looks after him after their parents death, forgetting her own pain she just played both mother and father role in his life and he just can’t deny any words of his sister even whether he likes it or not whereas all this doesn’t go well with Ishana and she just locks herself in her room and cries her heart out which her bhai can’t able to bear, it prick’s his heart to see his little sister in such a condition and even when Anjali was bad mouthing about Ishana

their mother can’t able to tolerate this she too said up that from now her daughter Ishana will never talk to her bhai Omkara or even will look towards him also after which silently everybody went to their respective rooms whereas after sometime Omkara comes to Anjali’s room where she is still fuming in angry and tries to talk to her but she just doesn’t respond to anything so Omkara just left the room but before leaving the room he told to Anjali that di when u call off mine and Ishana’s relation I was very hurt but still I didn’t said anything and remains silent its not I don’t love her well its because I respect u a lot and also loves u a lot even more then her but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love her, I just love her from the bottom of my heart and will keep on loving her until my last breath no matter we were ever be together or not, I just always wants her in my life and no one else in her place and if she was not in my life then I don’t want anyone else so if it was not her then I would never marry anyone,

I’m sorry di I know it will gone hurt u but still if possible plz forgive me because I had some responsibility towards her also which I can’t able to fulfill so now at last I can be loyal to her love and when Omkara left Anmol comes to the room, no he doesn’t come there to make Anjali understand anything or to request her to accept his Ishana,he just come there to tell Anjali everything which she must need to know about Ishana’s past, he told her that before Ishana was never like this, she use to be the very mature and understanding and specially very simple in their family in her childhood and even sometimes he and their mom and dad too wonders when they all were so naughty and pranksters who came she was like this but then it was her nature and u know what since our childhood I was very close to my mom and she use to very close to dad, I always mummy’s boy and she was daddy’s princesses, she may never shares anything with me or mom but she never hides anything from dad,

more then father daughter they were like best buddies but when she was ten years and I was twelve our parents gets divorced because nothing was just left in their relation, everything had ended between them, they both doesn’t even talks properly with each other and use to keep fighting with each other, it’s not that they never think about us they did and that’s why for us only they both tries to sort out their differences,

tries to out their relation but nothing works so they decided that and finally they both gets divorced and after the divorce Ishana wants to stay with dad but dad doesn’t took her along with him and after divorced he never even for once also comes to meet us, he just disappears from our lives like he was never the part of our lives, Ishana always use to wait for dad but he never comes back, day passes, week passes, month passes, year passes but he doesn’t back, Ishana always keeps on hoping that today dad will surely come but by the end of the day all her hopes and dreams gets shattered and broken into pieces but nothing works out and for Ishana me and mom even tries to find out dad, we enquiry with his friends and relatives but they too doesn’t know about his where about as my mom and dad did a love marriage so his family had broke up all their relation with him but dad’s leaving us and going away for forever left a great impact on Ishana’s life, that mature,

sensible Ishana just totally changed herself from what she use to be, she thinks when her own dad doesn’t care about her then why would she care about anyone, when her own dad left her then why won’t others will also left her and go away and moreover when she saw our parents love marriage falling apart she assumes that love doesn’t exists in this world, she denies in believing on kind of relation, commitment, love or marriage and she becomes totally carefree and spent all her day outside only because when she comes back to the house everywhere she could feel the dad presence, dad memories haunt her so she prefers to be always outside only and moreover yeah she use to flirt with boys but she never hurts anyone because before only she use to told that boy that he was just a time pass for her so if still that boys loves to be with her,

enjoys to be with her in what was her mistake, I’m not justifying her but still and moreover yeah she use to maintain a safe distance from me and mom but it’s because she don’t love us well it’s because she is afraid of another heart break, she thinks that what might if she would get close to us n just like if we also leave her then she won’t able to bear that pain and it was not her mistake but ours that we can’t able to make her understand that no matter what happens we will gone never leave her, being her family also we fails to understand her and that’s why she was like that but trust me after meeting your brother Omkara she had just totally changed herself and she loves him a lot so its wish that what u will choose whereas in her room Ishana just tear up all her photos she had with her dad and ask to that tear up photos that why dad why u left me alone, why u did this to me, I hate u, I hate u a lot n while she was talking a photo she hear a knock on her door she quickly throws all the photos under the bed, wipes her tears and then opens the door only to find her mom, bhai, Omkara and Anjali standing their smiling at her to which in return she gives them all a fake smile and request them to come inside but she avoids any eye contact with anyone of them but still by seeing her red eyes they all understands that she had cried a lot but then

all of a sudden Anjali hugs Ishana and told her that she was ready for her and Omkara’s relation which makes everyone damm very happy as till now Anjali doesn’t even tell any of them about her decision but this time Ishana denies by saying that she doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy or charity and saying so she just left from their but as the day passes everyone made her understand and finally she accepts and that night for the first time she sleeps in her mother’s lap and her brother prays that this will never change and her sister gets all the happiness but the very next day brings a storm in all their lives

as that day when Ishana goes out to collect her dress she met up with a accident and she died on the spot whereas when Ishana’s heart stop beating here in home Omkara’s heart too stop beating and he too died at that very moment only because of their heart were connected to each other and after their deaths everyone gets to know that they both had planned to donate their hearts, it was their last wish because they wants that may be they both die but their love story never die, their love will remain in this world even after their exist and people never forgets their love story and after this incident two long year passed away after which the scene starts in xyz college where in college library a boy name Nisarg and a girl name Palchin were searching for a book called heartbeats because of which both of their collides with each other and they felt a unknown connection with each other but like always ignores it and then they both finds the books but in library there was only one book of it so like always they both keep on fighting with each other whereas their friends tries to stop them so like always at end they both decided to read that book together and while they both were reading that books their friends ask them that what they both finds so interesting in that book that they both keep on reading that book always, its more 100th time that u guys had read that book but still u both never gets over with that book why, what’s in that books that u guys are so mad about it to which they told them that the story of this books is actually a really story after which they both tells their friends everything about Ishana and Omkara,

yeah guys this books was written on our ISHKARA and that too by their siblings and after telling everything about our ISHKARA when both Nisarg and Palchin stops their friends says that we all think that it was ur own love story, we mean that the way u both told about them so passionately it gives us a feel like that only and even u both had lots of similarities with them but they both rejects it and goes away in opposite direction but yeah they two also feels themselves very similar to both Omkara and Ishana, it might could be possible that they both are so damm lucky that they had Omkara and Ishana’s heart with them and god had choosed both of them to complete their incomplete love story and if it is so then they can’t wait for it and are damm excited for it…….

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and emotional one dear I vote for it

  2. OMG…….what a story….. Totally luved it. It’s true dat our IshKara’s luv story is immortal. I’M VOTING FOR IT.

  3. AMkideewani

    I vote for this OS 9/10

  4. Guys to vote for it, please comment I vote for this/it. No rating pls. Thanks.

  5. Aarti32

    I vote for dis OS..it’s so heart touching

  6. Lavnya-ishkara

    Emotional Bit
    Awesome work
    i vote for this

  7. Awww
    never read any emotional story
    today u make me cry
    hope u will win
    I vote for this

  8. Kriti249

    Hey! First of all, you really need to take care about the puntucations. Man, it was so confusing. I didn’t understand where the dialogue started and where it ended. Better if you use inverted commas. The storyline was good but you need to take care about the grammatical mistakes. If you have time do edit the part before posting it.

  9. Ankita27

    I vote for this….


    1. I vote for this

  11. Amazing
    i vote for this

  12. Too much emotional
    I vote for this

  13. Ananyagour

    I vote for this ?
    Miss u ishkara ?
    Lovely? story emotional too….?

  14. It is awesome. Such an emotional story. I was crying while reading it. Whoever da witer is petfect work. I vote for it.

  15. Fanficwriter

    I vote for this, simply beautiful, the ending was heart touching, quite literally ?
    Touching story though, the plot arc was well carried out and the characterization was just amazing. Hope to see more of this writer’s work?

  16. I vote for it. Lovely. Too emotional.

  17. I vote for it. Extraordinary…. Very emotional.


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