A girl was on the hospital bed with a man sitting by her side, she was injured. Her head and her right arm was bandaged, she have had a terrible accident that caused internal bleeding. The doctors had said that she may take long to gain consciousness. “Soumya, let’s not be so formal, u r my Gulaabo, sweet si, pyaari si, bholi si gulabo, I loved someone first time but I got angry as I got to know you are a kinner, so what? Aren’t u a human? What was the need to walk in the middle of the road and suicide, I have married you and I still love you, even if I break my marriage with you, I won’t marry anyone else, but what’s the need of breaking the marriage? Please don’t leave me. Wake up and hit me, I will stay in your life forever shedding tears with u, I will smile as u smile, please wake up,” he pleaded to her holding her hand. She moved a little and held his hand. “You’re waking up, just for once, say I love u,” he said and she opened her eyes fully. He went towards the door. “Mummy ji, she woke up,” he told a crying woman who was her mother as soon as he came out and he looked inside through the glass, she had opened her eyes and her mother called the doctor. The doctor came and went inside the OT to check Soumya. She was perfectly fine. He came out. “It’s a good news, she’s perfectly fine,” the doctor said and her mother went inside. Harman too went inside. “Somu, you’re OK, thank God,” said her mother to her. “What happened with me?,” she asked. “Nothing, forget it, you’re fine and that is what matters,” said her mother. “Sorry Gulaabo, maaf kardo mainu,” Harman apologized. “What happened? I really don’t remember, and who are you?”, she asked. Hafman got shocked and for the first time in the moment she met her eyes with him. “Ma, who’s that man? Why is he staring at me? Ask him to go,” she said and Harman walked away cryingly.

Soumya’s mother came out. “Where are you going?,” she asked. “Far away from here,” he said and was going only to be stopped by her. “She doesn’t remember you nor she remembers anything else,” she told him. “It’s good, I can go easily then, once she gains her memory I will return,” he said and walked a little far. “Its not so easy, she will remember everything someday, you were the one who was there for her after me as a saviour, we will go from your life, sorry we didn’t told you before,” she told him. “Mummy ji, Soumya is a very nice girl who I married but lost her and ignored her, now I m paying back for my deeds, she doesn’t remember me now, I don’t deserve your daughter,” he said folding hands. Her mother looked on helplessly. “When Gulaabo regains her memory, give her this letter,” he said and handed her a folded piece of paper and took her blessings walking away. Harman booked tickets to U.S. Though it was difficult to go far from his love, he had to do so for her happiness, she has had enough and he also wouldn’t tolerate his love in pain. So he went far away.

After Soumya, he didn’t even think about other girls though many flirted with him. He made his career in U.S. and spent three years there away from her making sure she’s happy and used to call her mother everyday. Soumya was sitting in her room, she was reading a love story novel on a couple who met in their college time and married each other in young age but got separated in a short period of time. She was on page 120 as she was a fast reader, it was her favourite leisure time to distract herself from the real world. Though she hadn’t gained all the memories of her past, she had started getting blurry flashbacks. She had realized she had something she doesn’t have now. She turned the page and kept it on her bedside table thinking something. “This novel looks like it’s a story related to my past, why do I feel I am forgetting something important, something precious?,” she said to herself. She stood up and went towards her cupboard and opened the door. Her gaze went on the diary, her diary. She picked it and closed the cupboard pressing her back hard against its door turning to the first page and sliding down till she reached the floor. There was nothing inside besides few notes about how she felt being ill treated. She got upset and stood up and opened the door. She kept the diary back and searched her cupboard. She had amnesia after that accident. She kept looking for clues but didn’t find any of them as her mother hid everything because if she got to know everything all of a sudden, she could have a mental breakdown. She closed the door and sat on her bed feeling really upset. She went outside her room. “Ma, I m going to library nearby, I will return in a short time,” she called out. “OK, I will also come with you,” said her mom. “Ma, let me go, there’s no witches,” she said and went to the door of her flat and exited her house. Her mother carried teary eyes as she went. Harman got down the plane in the airport. He got his luggage and hired a cab and sat inside. It drove away. All he thought was how will be Soumya? Does she remember him? How is she doing? Does she remember her own truth? He couldn’t go to her house as he had promised to go and never return in their lives. But he had to meet his mother and his whole family. He told the directions of his house and finally reached. Soumya went inside the library and sat on a table to read. Her mind kept giving her blurry flashbacks about the past but she didn’t remember anything. She continued reading. After sometime she got bored and went to take another book. Harman entered there knowingly that Soumya would be there, he just wanted to know if she’s OK.

Soumya reached her hand upwards to get another book but couldn’t reach it. She got the ladder and climbed upwards. She was reading the first page of the book, that was her way to select a book and suddenly she lost her balance and closed her eyes in fear and opened her eyes as she felt being held by someone. Chocolate brown eyes stared straight at her. A familiar man was holding her in his arms as she fell. Her one hand held the book and the other was around his neck. It was none other than her long lost love Harman. She sensed something as she inhaled the fragrance of his perfume. He wasn’t sure if she had regained her memories. She got a similar blurry flashback when she was doing the same thing in his house’s kitchen and fell in his arms. “Careful,” he said straightening her and walked away. She stared at him still standing on the ladder. She got down carefully and selected some more books. She went to the librarian and Harman was also adjacent to her. The pile was so huge that the books almost fell off her hands but he held them, in the process their hands touched. They had an eye lock. “I think I know you already, I just don’t know where I have seen you before,” she said and he helped her in keeping the books on the table. “Maybe you know me and maybe you don’t,” he replied. She stared at him for a moment then looked away. She bought the books and was going but her gaze went on him. “Thanks for that,” she said and smiled at him exiting from there. That is what he longed for, her smile. He went from there. I saw her after such a long time and still she has the same effect on me, he thought. Like this, they met everyday in library. She would greet him sensing an old connection with him, every night she got his dreams, his memories. She thought she’s falling in love with him, but the reality was that she was regaining her memories and the biggest helping hand was her mother. Tenth day they met, Soumya selected a book and found all the tables full. She looked around hoping a table to be empty and saw Harman sitting on one table glancing at her every now and then. She went closer and saw that the book was upside down. She pulled a chair and sat in front of him. “Hi,” she greeted him. “H-hi,” he said hesitantly. “Why do you keep staring at me?,” she asked. “I was reading the book,” he said pretending to read. “Then read one paragraph with the book upside down,” she said and he closed the book. “Right, I was staring at you,” he admitted. “Hmm, so what’s your name?,” she asked. “Harman,” he said. “I will call you Harman ji,” she said and he nodded. “I am Soumya, so friends?,” she asked forwarding her hand for a handshake. “I need to go,” he said and stood up and went. She rested her palm on the table feeling bad but stood up and walked away. She entered her building and went inside the elevator.

As she reached the floor, she unlocked her house and went straight to her room. Strange, first he stares at me, then when I ask for friendship, he goes ignoring me, she thought. For one month, she didn’t visited the library again. She was in her room standing on the table searching for something above the cupboard. She was too busy in searching that she didn’t realize she was on the edge of the table, she stepped sideways and fell on the floor. Her head ached badly. All the memories of the past came in front of her eyes and disappeared. “He’s my Harman, my love, I saw him that day in hospital, he was sitting holding my hand,” she said and sat up. She stood up and went outside the room and went to her mother. “Ma, I got my memories back, I met Harman ji a month ago,” she told her. “He came to meet you in OT, he went the moment you were about to gain your senses, he went far away from here for the sake of your happiness, he gave me a letter for you to read when you gain your memory back, now is the time,” told her mother and went to bring the letter. She came back within a short time. “Here it is,” she said and handed the paper to her. She unfolded it with trembling hands, it said, “Gulaabo, I love you a lot even if u r a kinner, forgive me if you can, I didn’t love you by the beauty of your face, I loved you by the beauty in your heart, you’re my first love and I can never love another girl the way I have loved you. Even if I marry someone else, always remember the place in the heart can only be given to one person, not to someone else, nor by taking seven rounds, nor by living together, nor by any other way. If u don’t want to return then maybe we aren’t meant to be together in this lifetime, but maybe in another lifetime we’ll be together. Love, Harman.” She bursted into tears the very next moment. “Ma, I will go to him, he never thought of me like I thought he did even after getting to know my truth,” she said and her father heard everything who hated her to the core. “You won’t go to him, you will go to another world or to the world of..,” before he could complete, Soumya interrupted her. “I thought of both of yours happiness my entire lifetime, but now its about me too, I will go to him, no one can stop me,” she said and ran out of her house. Harman was sitting in his room looking at his old photos with Soumya. “I wish I could change the past, I love you Gulaabo, can’t live without you, but can’t re-enter your life too, return if possible Gulaabo,” he said. “Dil mein jo jaga hoti hai na Harman ji, sirf ek ko di jati hai ji, or mere liye aap hi hain jo uss jaga k qaabil hain,” Soumya said entering his room sitting in front of him. “I gained my memories back, Harman ji, I love you,” she continued cupping his cheeks. “Gulaabo, I love you too, this time, we’ll be together,” he promised and they shared a hug.

The End.

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