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Hi Rraders!!!

There is a big task and amazing entertainment for you… It’s so boring na to read and write ff everyday… So need some spice in life… What about an OS… But only writing OS and posting it will be very boring… So lets do something tufaanee… Lets challenge the other writers… Lets have an OS competition… What say guyz???

But it can’t be so simple… We are going to give you a tough job… So this time the competition will be based on themes and this themes won’t be ordinary themes.. There is something special and tufaanee in it…

Thanks To Vinay 🙂 For giving us a fabulous theme for OS Competition!

Well the theme is like that we will give you 8 Properties. 🙂

The Properties are:

* Graveyard
* Marriage
* Injection
* Paranormal
* Accident
* Media
* Friendship
* Telepathy

And you have to choose minimum 4 out of them and have to use them in your One Shot! You can use all the 8 .. But minimum 4 .. Less then 4 Properties will leads to disqualification of the OS! 🙂
The date of submissions of OS is 9 September ’16 🙂
And the OS Competition will be held on 11 September ’16 🙂

If you have any kind of Confusion regarding the Competition do ask in Page Inbox…we will surely answer you! Here is the Page link…??? 🙂


Post Credit:- #Sanji & #Duaa

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  1. Mica

    ahh it;s hard for me, good luck for all contestant..

  2. Siddhi

    If we choose 4 theme then we have to combine them all into one os only? By they way I am too participating

    1. Siddhi

      And on which couple we have to keep the os?

      1. Kritika

        Its swasan sweetie!

      2. IREENA

        on SwaSan dear

  3. Anu_M

    I will surely love to participate in this competition.. Thanks tiya.. ?? love you dear and thank u vinay, sanji and dua for introducing Something exciting.. There’s just a one simple problem that I am not a facebook user.. I’ll post it on tellyupdates.. Hope I can register from here or may I personal message you ..

    1. Siddhi

      Yeah me too

    2. Duaa

      Just message me on TU only!! But first send us then post hope you are okay with it!

  4. this is a superb idea

  5. wooow!!! what a marvellous idea… m just a reader but tooo excited for this… BEST OF LUCK to all d writers who r going to participate…☺☺☺

  6. Himani

    i would love to participate but i am not a facebook user

  7. Himani

    i would love to participate but i am not a facebook user n can i post it on tu is it ok

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