OS: Arranged marriage


Professor Pragya Arora is not like most girls. Practical to a fault, she doesn’t have time for dreams or fantasies and has a very simple and direct approach towards life and love, with the belief that if thoughts are compatible love will happen on its own.

Being the elder daughter she has taken on the responsibility of her family and also helps her mother run their marriage hall, Kumkum Bhagya. If at all she has a weakness it’s her family, especially her more outgoing sister, Bulbul, and would do anything in her power to see them happy.

She is always more than ready to protect them and stand up for her loved ones even going as far as to sacrifice her own happiness and well-being.

The best thing about him is that he is self made, as original as that. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon but he made sure he worked hard enough that his people never had to face any insufficiency. Yeah, he can do anything for his near and dear ones.He is a genuinely generous brave heart, almost a superhero. He is of course a rockstar, he is priceless.

But the guy carries an emotional and impulsive heart inside that muscular body. He may claim to not believe in love but he is the most loving soul one can find around.

He is comical yet heroic, silly but poignant. And just when you thought you know everything about him, he may show that one other secret of his.
But he is as simple as love. He rules hearts, not chairs. That’s why the best way to see him is to feel him.

So be in love, happy love with the rockstar. Love Love Happy Love!!!
Abhishek prem mehra popularly known as abhi…



I am a bit nerves but happy seeing my folks happy all were running here and there for my marriage yes, today I am going to marry Abhishek but this is not love marriage this a arranged marriage my Dadi and his Dadi were very close friends but we never met each other well he is a very popular celebrity but I am a simple middle class girl how we both could lead a happy life I don’t know.l trust him and myself that we could hold a happy life for our family


It’s New for me these people teasing me for getting married seriously I don’t know is marriage a big task but I believe in my Dadi that she will do everything one for my goodness and yes I am abhi the rockstar so nobody could control me but chahmish seems to be a innocent girl and she takes care of my Dadi very well.She has magic in her because she could even manage my tayji and mitali bhabhi but we are poles apart we don’t whether we could be a happy couple but I promise I will make pragya happy.


Months passed the beautiful thing happened in my life is my chasmish we both had a very good relationship nobody can understand me very well as pragya does not even Dadi.She is my best partner,friend,wife and companion we both enjoyed our life to the core we both love each other. pragya thought me what true love is,we never expressed our love through words instead we feel it.l know she loves me and she too knew that I love her but there is no need of telling it as we know It it’s enough.


He his the best gift of my life God has given to me. My world was completely changed by Abhishek we enjoyed the every minute of our life.l found my soulmate in him Abhishek is the best husband,friend and my everything no one can understand me like him he can sense all my happiness and sorrow.He always makes happy sometimes annoying too by teasing me but even that makes me happy.We never confessed our love as there was no need for it we know we both love each other sometimes silence is the best language of love.


But some thing is missing in our lives we never made love we never took our marriage to the next step so I am planning a big suprise today for my pragya.



I am pretending to sleep but couldn’t because he didn’t reach home yet.It’s 1 am and someone knocked the door l know it’s Abhishek today I wont spare him because how long I will wait for him l am very angry on him. then I went to open the door.I opened the door and going to scold him but then suddenly someone grab my waist and kiss me hard in my lips

I open my eyes in shock, i can’t see well because the light is off, but I know his arms and the warmth I could feel in it . He slam the door with his leg and attack me with hard kiss.l put my hand on his chest melting to his kiss I closed my eyes in pleasure .

He pinned me on the wall with one hand while the other hand was roaming on my waist.he kissed my face all over and I clutched his arms I moaned in pleasure…enjoying his touch and his kiss.

I admit he’s a great kisser. He used the oportunity while i moan to insert his tongue and cause me let another moan.He lifted me in his arms and placed me in our bed His hand reach my br*ast and start massage it softly. I arched my chest to him so he can have a better access. He groan in pleasure and start grinding his bulging member to me. I can feel he’s big.

He release my hand and started to remove the pallu of my saree. I feel my feet shaking from pleasure. I wrap my leg to his waist and he spun me and i help him.) finally he started to undress me in seconds until I was totally naked.

“Beautiful.” he commented

I grab his shirt and pull it out..And i try to unbutton his jeans. He help undress himself and just leave his boxer hanging in his s*xy V line. I trace his body with my hand stop at his nipple and pinching it a little. he once again pressed her core with his palm and finally he entered her….and she shuddered so hard that for a few min she just went into blank zone…after few minutes, when her orgasm subside, she looks at Abhi dazed, pouting which only caused abhi to graon in pleasure and he smacked his lips on hers, taking them into a soul searing and passionate kiss, while his hands worked on her wet core, making it more wet. Finding her wet enough, he breaks their kiss and hovers over her locking her gaze with his and said “this is the gate of your heart to me Love…and only I’m allowed to enter here” With that and without warning, he thrusts hard into her, not caring it was her first time and she cries in pain, curling her fingers around the pillow fisting it in her hand to hold something.

finally that day they became two bodies and one soul they both made love.their love making was very beautiful.

Few months later.

“chasmish today is our wedding anniversary do you have anything special me” l asked my chasmish who was sitting infront of the big mirror and preparing herself for my suprise and yes today my suprise is I am going to confess my In words

“Yes l do have my suprise Abhishek” she stood up from their and came towards me

“how do I look” she asked showing her green Saree

“you look how you look” I mocked at her

“you can’t praise me even in our anniversary na abhishek” she showed her fake anger

“achha you look beautiful come on let’s go”


“is this your suprise I myself know you love me” I told and he turned aside I laughed at myself when he pranks me I have to stay quite but it turn I do he will be angry come on l will end this game. l hugged him from backwards “I love you too abhishek thank you for being the my husband my friend and everything” l said closing my eyes

“you didn’t like my suprise right then you need not act as if you liked my suprise” he said without turning to me then I came infront of him.

“Abhishek It was a prank you know this is the best gift in my life” I said and hugged him again

“is this the time for pranking” he asked and I slightly broke my hug to answer him

“you can prank when ever you want but I should see the time and prank you” l said and he laughed and kissed my forehead

“okay fine where is your gift” he asked and my gift will the best gift for him.

“your gift its in our home” I said

“what did you keep it in our house chasmish” he said and I don’t know how understand this immature rockstar

“you are a tubelight abhishek please don’t tell me you a rockstar” I said and started moving from him.

“sorry sorry l want my gift let us go soon” abhi pulled me.


“chasmish how you know I like bikes” I exclaimed

“okay shall we go for a ride” chasmish asked me.

“offcource let’s go chasmish” we both happily went for a bike ride

life was complete with my chasmish
life became beautiful because of my Rockstar.

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