Abhi and pragya are suitors,they love each other sooo much that their breathe are connected I guess??,they love,care,and support one another. their wedding was planned to happen in three days time and abhi decided to find a suitable place,so he left India to a Caribbean country although pragya denied all this but abhi assured her he would make everything possible.
Abhi reached and started his mission, he finally got a posh hotel where their wedding can take place,he decided to move around to see how rich the town was and he landed at the beach where some cultural people were dancing happily, he watched them dance and there he spot a lady who was dancing happily as if there was no tomorrow, he was mesmerized to see her beauty.
he asked about her from some guys and they told him she is the most respected lady in their community. she loves,care,and respect as well, helping the aged and orphans are a part of her everyday life….and most tourists droll over her but she never gives in for them.
Abhi felt something special for her so after the dance section he sent for her ,she came and ushered him greeting,he responded and asked of her name and she says my name is Trisha.. Abhi says nice name and asked where do u live,stay and works? Trisha says I live with my sick grandma and we make living via my dancing so hw may I help u mr,
Abhi says well I want u to go on outing with me.

Trisha says sorry but I can’t go anywhere without my managers order.
Abhi gave her some money to care for her grandma,Trisha accepted it happily and thanked him as she really need money to cure her grandmas illness…she says I would be at ur service Sir and left happily to meet her grandma, abhi was smiling at her innocence till she has vanished and this was witnessed by a man who has always wanted Trisha,,he asked his reason for the smiling? abhi turned and was shocked to see ranbir kappoor,,,, abhi says u? wat are u doing here ,he smiled sheepishly and says for fun….
it was evening and Trisha came to abhis flat so they can go for the outing.
Abhi was staring at Trisha like an alien and says what a beauty??????
Trisha says sir can we leave? this brought him back to his senses and he says sure let’s go.
they enjoyed a lot and Trisha demanded to leave so they head to abhis flat.
Abhi thanked Trisha for the wonderful outing and as she was about to leave,he held her hand and says I love you???she was shocked to hear this from him but something in her heart says Trisha u love him but her mind denied it.

Abhi suddenly pulled her which made her landed on his chest,they were sooo closed that she could feel his breath and heartbeat …
Trisha asked do u really love me? and he says yes I love you.
Trisha says I ve never fall in love before and neither ve I been this much close to a man,but I feel relaxed being with u…but tell me truly whether u love someone already abhi denied and says am still single and searching,, she hugged him and says I love u sir…just then pragya called but abhi ended the call.
Abhis grandma decided to surprise him so she along with pragya, her frnds,pragyas mom and the brides maid reached and lugged at a hotel.
abhi was having a nice time with Trisha that is wen his grandma called him and says we ve arrived and guess wat tomorrow is ur marriage abhi was startled and shocked he looked at Trisha who was seating on the sofa innocently. he went out of the room and told his mom that he is no longer interested to marry,pragya and everyone was shocked to hear this.pragya request him to at least speek to her once but he denied..

Pragya cried out painfully as to why abhi lied to her and betrayed her trust…they left to India and pragya who was in sooo much pain moved out of her house to give back his Ring, his door was locked so she placed it at his door step abhis dadi witnessed all this but was helpless and guilt filled so she couldn’t confront her….
pragya left from the and was driving harshly but to her bad luck she crushed up with a truck.her car was damaged and she was injured severely…
she was rushed to the hospital, abhi heard this and rushed back to India.
he went to the hospital to meet pragya but sarla stopped him saying the pain in her heart is more than the one visible on her skin so leave..
the doctor came and told sarla that pragyas condition is worse so they need to transfer her to Australia,sarla cried for pragyas state, preparation was made and sarla was leaving.
Abhi who witnessed all this requested to come with them but sarla gave him a death glare and says leave us alone I don’t want to see ur filthy face anymore.. months passed and abhi and Trisha was happy ..

pragya recovered but still has abhis taught in mind,sarla was hell angry to see her in pain so she scold her and asked why she is weeping for abhi?
pragya being in sooo much pain shouted at sarla,, and she was surprised to see this side of pragya….
so sarla asked did u jux shout at me for the man who don’t deserve u ?
ur wedding was called off the last minute,u had an accident which nearly took your life,do u think all this is a coincidence? he left u for another woman and u are still weeping for him? if I were u I would be at the temple to give praise to God, I would give praises to him for saving my life and showing me his true colours before marriage,…..
Unless a man loves like a mother,he can’t be a good husband….. as he has to love unconditionally,,, pragya run and hugged sarla tightly she wiped her tears and says sorry mom for making u cry,Abhi arranged his marriage with Trish and it was broadcasted in newspaper and radios that the famous abhi had ditched his true love and decided to marry a poor girl…
Trisha who saw this cried out miserably

she went to abhi and asked why u did this to me and betrayed an Innocent ladies life what was her fault?
U lied to me and betrayed my trust why????
Abhi was shocked to know Trisha got to know everything and he says because I love u…..
Trisha says no u don’t love me its jux an affection and pity u had for me…abhi was not understanding but Trisha made him understand.. she later made him to close his eyes and the Lady who comes before him is his true love he did it and all he could see was pragya…
he knelt before her and seek for forgiveness but Trisha made him stand and says no it wasn’t ur fault,,,she asked him to let them meet pragya abhi held her hand and asked why she was doing this,, but she says for love,I know hw it feels to loose a loved one ,,,,she loves u and might be soo hurt so let go before its tooo late bcos true love comes but ones in a life time…..
they went to pragya but she refused to meet them..
Trisha cried and beg her to at least listen to her and she finally let them in .
Trisha explained everything to her and begged pragya to forgive her as the tears she shed was to save her sick grandma and struggling girls life,, I know I was the obstacle between u both so plzzz forgive ur little sister,

pragya hugged her and both cried miserably abhi also joined and asked pragya to pardon him pragya accepted him…
She then asked Trisha why she is doing this….?
And she says bcos no one can ever replace u in his heart as love is the mixture of two heart and its urs and his ,,,and again the school of the poor is in the heart although we are poor but my grandma never thought me hw to be selfish…..
pragya appreciated her intelligence and all this scene was seen by ranbir who has been admiring Trisha secretly he decided to use this opportunity to marry Trisha so he knelt before her and proposed marriage to her but she denied…
pragya request her so she agreed and both couples ,,””abhi and pragya,”” Trisha and ranbir got married and live happily ever after……..!!!!!!!!!!!

so guys give me ur views

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  1. Saranya24

    Haha so cute and diff dear loved it love u?????

    1. Lopez

      aweeeeee thanks soo much for loving it dear,u are sooo cute ????????

  2. Soo cute and different abhi is very bad and now OK I thought of slapping abhi for betraying her buy the last part said don’t do that.

    1. Lopez

      aweeeeee ur comments are really inspiring dear,lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu

  3. SamyuSam

    Suprbbb dear… Really loved it a lot… Heart toching love story….?????

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  4. Awesome di❤️❤️

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      thanks dear

  5. Trisha

    Haaahaaha….OMG! What a story!???
    Good that I ended up with my cutie pie Ranbir ???
    Abhi doesnt deserve me….he tried to trick me n pragz…???
    Anyway great shot…u really surprised the hell out of me with this one! Wasnt expecting to play such a major part in your story…or any part really! But thank you so much for including me as a character…love you doll???

    1. Lopez

      haahaahaa???????? yh u end up with ranbir haahaahaa and u deserve more than what I ve written u are really my sunlight lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu???????????????????????????????

  6. Lopez

    thanks sooo much for loving it dear,u are soo cute????????????

  7. Sowji

    Nice one lopez…I like trisha…she is pure heart girl….

    1. Lopez

      thanks for ur comment dear, lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu???????

  8. Prathi

    Wow Lopez I dint expect Trisha will be playing a character here.. And the story was different and good

    1. Lopez

      thanks dear for ur lovely comment and infact she deserve more than this

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