Orphans- A RagSan/Rivanya/Devakshi FF (Prologue)


The flames emerged towards the sky,sending embers flying into the air. It was an eerily cool evening for a month like August. There they were, the young siblings, watching fire burn the soulless bodies of their parents.

She winced in pain but no tear escaped her eyes, Am I so heartless? she thought.

She had just lost her mother and father, those who brought her in this world, held her when she couldn’t stand, walking every step of her life along with her. And now she was all by herself. Alone. Without the two that supported her. Yet she didn’t feel anything. Neither sadness nor pain. Ragini (yup this is ragu) had no fear of living without her family.

In the distance she noticed a few figures, huddled around a young boy, rubbing his back in condolences. It looked as if he could fall down from weakness anytime soon, after all he had been crying continuously. For a second it seemed funny to her, that a 15 year old girl could hold it together better than an 18 year old adult. But then it hit her again,

Was she so bad, so evil that she didn’t feel pain or remorse of losing her parents, her one and only family (other than her brother, yup the guy is her brother). We have become orphans. How will we survive?


“The new manager of Cindel Group of Companies is….Mr.Dev!”

A man walks past the reporters who frantically clicked his pictures as he made his way to the stage. The flashes were blinding those who sat behind, but not him. He stood tall, looking straight ahead regardless of the blinding flashes from the cameras. It was a proud moment for him afterall. It had taken him 3 years to reach this position, from a salesman to the managing head of Cindel Group of Co. All of it had been very quick. “But this was not it” He thought. “I have a lot more to achieve” he said in his mind while eyeing the chair of Mr.Rana, a 64 year old who had been serving as Cindel’s CEO for the past 27 years. That is where I belong…

So hope you guys like this…Please share your thoughts so I can improve my writing 🙂


Character Sketch waits for you ahead 😉

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