Orphans- A RagSan/Rivanya/Devakshi FF (Character Sketch)


So here I haven’t revealed much of the characters’ personalities because I will develop them as I go on writing so for now you will have to bear with it (Saweeyyyy). However, I will have a basic outline of what the character will look like (just a quick description)…This character Sketch will serve more as a family tree/trees to know who’s who 😀

Bear with me cuz there are a lot of characters, they will be seen throughout the whole ff


Ragini Dixit (19 yrs old) Played by Tejaswi Prakash- Calm and composed. Lost her parents when she was 15. Goes to Jaipur to stay with her aunt, comes back after 4 years to Kolkata to live with her brother. She is a kind girl, strong headed but when she returns, she has a fear. what is it?

Dev Juyal/Dixit (25 yrs old) Played by Shaheer Sheikh- A self made man. Has a past unknown to the world he now resides in. A typical angry young man, only focused on business. Current CEO of Cindel Group of Co. Misunderstandings lead him to those who he never desired, but finds their company a safe haven and becomes their role model/savior.

Ritik Dixit (22 yrs old) Played by Arjun Bijlani- An emotional and caring person. Very careful with the decisions he takes and has a lot of patience, so when the line is crossed he bursts like a volcano. Left alone to take care of his younger sister when he was just 18 years. Long time bf of Shivanya Thakur and they eventually got married. Is the co owner of DT (Dixit & Thakur) Industries along with Samir Thakur. Unable to handle the responsibility of Ragini at a young age, he lets her go to Jaipur…eventually distancing himself from her

Sanskaar Maheshwari (25 yrs old) Played by Varun Kapoor- A fierce/shrewd businessman, he leads the MM Industries with the help of his dad, uncle and older brother. Has a no nonsense attitude and looks down upon the lower classes. He is very particular about the kind of people he interacts with. Believes in finding his perfect woman, someone who is stylish, smart, social, and orderly. He does not suffer from OCD but you can totally wish to believe it because of his actions. Close to his younger brother Laksh.

Lakshya/Laksh Maheshwari (21 yrs old) Played by Namish Taneja- A carefree and childish guy who loves to bring a smile on people’s faces. He has a tendency to flirt with a girl he thinks isn’t his type. Starts to help in the family business (MM Industries)…Assisting Sanskaar in his work so that he can learn their ways as well. Very protective of his older brother Sanskaar and they share a great bond. Teases Sanky about his “Perfect woman”

Shivanya Thakur/Dixit (22 years old) Played by Mouni Roy- She is a sweet, chirpy girl. She loves her family a lot, along with her husband Ritik and sister-in-law Ragini. Brings Ragini out of her fear (somewhat). She is very caring and can be said that she is way too mature for her age. She married Ritik 1 year after his parents death, when they both were 19 years old. They had started off with a no commitment policy which turned into the bond of marriage quickly all owning to the circumstances. However, she is living a happy married life with her husband now.

Sonakshi Fernandes (23 yrs old) Played by Erica Fernandez- Very bubbly and vivacious. Loves travelling and reading books alone. She loves her mom a lot as she was the only person with her since she was born. She got an internship in a university abroad and so wanted to take a tour of India along with her mother before she leaves. It is at their last tour destination, Kolkata, that she meets unexpected people and shares some beautiful experiences.

Lisa Fernandes (Rinku Karmarkar) (47 yrs old)- Sona’s single mother who raised Sona by herself after the suicide of her husband before Sona was born. Lisa is a happy-go-lucky woman, you can imagine her as a total Goan lady, free spirited and happy. She suffers from an illness that she does not tell Sona about and wishes to live the most of her life. She wants Sona to settle down nicely but seeing her dreams agrees to let her go abroad for future career opportunities.

Navya Naveli (19 yrs old) (Veebha Anand)- A tech savy girl who hails from Lucknow. Always gets stereotyped for being a meek and less educated girl because of her appearance. She is very loud and clumsy but has the heart of a child. She is very innocent and easily becomes Ragini’s friend when they meet. Has run away from home to Mumbai in order to escape her parents. She gets appointed as Dev’s temporary secretary as his old PA landed in the hospital because of her.

Yuvi Fernandes (22 yrs old) (Zain Imam)- Nephew of Lisa (Sona’s mom) and cousin of Sona. He resides in Kolkata along with his parents. Very arrogant and mean to those he does not know. He becomes the tour guide for Sona and Lisa as they travel around Kolkata. Infatuation with Ragini when he comes across her.

Janvi Dixit (38 yrs old) (Mansi Salvi) Now Dead- Mother of Ragini and Ritik and Dev. She fell in love at a very young age (17 yrs) and had to leave her hometown of Dehradhun leaving behind a part of her soul as well. She has a heart-like birth mark on her wrist that all her kids inherit from her. She settled in Kolkata as a comedy club host and came across her future husband Dr. Akash Dixit whom she marries 3 years later and Ritik is born. They both die under mysterious circumstances.

Akash Dixit (41 yrs old) (Hiten Tejwani) Now Dead- Father of Rithik and Ragini. He met Janvi at a comedy club and they bonded well. Within 3 years they were married and had a happy life. A doctor by profession, he was also the single grandchild of a wealthy Calcuttan stock broker who left a lot behind him as a legacy for his grandson. The legacy got passed on to Ritik and now he handles the business.

Shekhar Juyal (48 yrs old) (Sachin Tyagi)- Related to Janvi’s past, he is the father of Dev, unknown to both him and Dev. Moved to Kolkata in search of Janvi after realizing his mistake. He was a professor in Dehradhun. After several failed attempts to reconcile with Janvi, he began his new life with Leela Rajvanshi. They have 2 kids, Suraj and Jassi (step siblings of Dev).

Leela Rajvanshi (43 years old) (Rakshanda Khan)- A selfish and cunning woman who loves money. She is an image of her father. Makes Shekhar settle along with her in her family home unwilling to give up her luxuries. Becomes a bit more responsible after Jassi’s birth.

Sameer Thakur (46 yrs old) (Naved Aslam)- A well-known businessman of Kolkata. The father of Shivanya, he lets her marry Ritik because of his family legacy but eventually accepts him as a part of his family. The Thakurs are in general very reserved and do not socialize much, giving way to rumors about the family which Shivanya dislikes. No matter what others say about her family Shivanya loves them a lot and like them the way they are.

Sania Thakur (40 yrs old) (Kishwer Merchant)- A fashionista and seemingly kind woman. She has her own secrets that keep her from mingling with others. She is reserved just like her husband but provides everything to her daughter Shivanya. Accepts to help Ritik in the initial days after his parents death when Shivanya wishes to stay with him.

Rashi Mehra (Gauri Pradhan)- Sister of Janvi and aunt of Ragini, Ritik and Dev. Lives in Jaipur along with her husband Tej, but occasionally visits Kolkata for business purposes along with her husband. A nice and supporting woman who took care of Ragini initially.

Tej Mehra (Rajat Kapoor)- Rashi’s husband. He is extremely kind to Ragini. But he has an eerie feeling, he is an ever smiling guy and never seems to be in problems. Slowly instills fear in Ragini due to which she finally moves away.

Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi (Sai Ballal)- A terrible personality, he looks to benefit himself through hook or crook. He is the father of Leela Rajvanshi. Used to be close business partners with the Maheshwaris but became distant from them after the death of Dr.Akash Dixit. He is the owner of a falling empire which has been surpassed by many. He wishes to bring himself back to the top.

Suraj Rajvanshi (23 yrs old) (Vijayendra Kumeria)- Son of Leela and Shekhar. Step brother of Dev. He is a hot headed ACP (got the post cuz of his grandfather but has some special qualities as well). He wishes to befriend Ragini for personal gains but eventually becomes her closest accomplice and they are best friends.

Piya Rajvanshi (16 yr old) (Diana Khan)- Daughter of Leela and Shekhar. Younger sister of Suraj, teases him a lot with Ragini and gets in trouble for it as well. She is like a breath of fresh air in the Rajvanshi family where negativity knows no bounds.

The Dixits and Thakurs reside in the same house (Thakurs moved into the Dixit house) and their house is located right in front of the Rajvanshi Mansion. Shekhar has no clue of the relation he shares with the Dixits even though he knows that Ritik and Ragini are Janvi’s children. The Maheshwaris are rivals of the Dixits and Thakurs which makes the Rajvanshis unlikely to gel around with their neighbors.

So the ages for the characters is for the current time period and not during the time the prologue is written about. There will be a few flashback scenes where Ritik will be 18, Ragini 15, and Dev 21.

I know these are alloooottt of characters but I do have an elaborate plan in my mind for this FF and hopefully it works well. Even though Ragini is the center of this, Ritik and Dev (esp Dev) are also main characters in this FF…their partners will also be given equal importance. It will take me a while to get started and show each character so please bear with me.

Hope you like what you see 🙂 Vote if you do

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