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A black audi pulls in front of the office. “Mr.Mehta, welc…” Nina who was waiting for his arrival said when Mr.Mehta interrupted her,

“Not now Nina, I have some important work to attend, I must leave. Pass this file to Dev and say sorry on my behalf.” Mr.Mehta went back and sat in his car. He rolled down his window, “Be very careful, its important” he said looking at her. “Lets go driver.”

Nina stood in confusion. Without a second thought she opened the blue file and scanned through the papers. Her face went blank before changing to a devious smile. “Isn’t this very important to you Mister Dev? This is the file you insulted and threatened me for. Bahot pachtaoge” She thought to herself. The phone she was fidgeting with for so long finally came to her use. She searched her contacts a while before she stopped scrolling and pressed the green phone icon next to a name.

“The merge between MM Industries and Cindel Group isn’t going to be very beneficial for you.”

“Who is this?”

“Woh sab chodiye. Maine yeh kehne ke liye call kiya hain ki agar aap chahe toh Cindel companies ki deal apke haath mein ho sakti hain”

“Tumhare kehne ka matlab kya hain?”

“Just stop the merge between MM and Cindel, kaise bhi, give me a price for this information and you will have all the quotes/deals Cindel has in its bag.”

“How can I believe you?”

“Mrs.Leela Rajvanshi, tomorrow at noon in Room 285 Highrise Hotel.” Saying this Nina cut the call.

“Find the owner of this number!” Leela exclaimed.

Itna sab bol toh diya, lekin yeh papers Dev ke haath se kaise nikalu? He will not give me this file once he receives it. Kuch toh karna padega. She thought. An invisible bulb went off on top of her head, “COPIES!” She screamed.

Nina rushed to go to the neighboring computer cafe, with extreme care walking in the 4 inch heels. Before she could get on to the sidewalk, she felt a quick jerk on her ankle and THUDD! She was lying on the road, face flat. She looked at the person annoyed. A young girl wearing a pink salwar suit came forward, putting her hand out for her to reach. “So sorry! Sorryy…woh meri bag niche gir gayi thi isliye…” The girl went on talking while Nina stole a glance at her own foot. Her heels had gotten stuck in a random plastic bag, filled with tons of CDs. She moved her foot a little but the bag stuck to her adamantly.

“Ek second main nikal deti hoon” the girl moved from the side and the view now fully visible to Nina frightened her.

“AHHHHH!” Nina curled up in a ball, with eyes closed tight and hands covering her ears. The girl looked back to Nina and frowned.

“Aee andhe!! Dikhta nahi hain kya! Teri toh…” Navya screamed behind the driver.

“Nina madam, Nina madam!” She heard a guard say to the girl now lying unconscious on the road. A bike had sped mercilessly over her leg. “Bechari. Sab teri galti hain Navya (Yup Veebha Anand is here!) tumhare wajah se! She rushed to the lady, kneeling down, trying to wake her up as the guard called the ambulance.

20 minutes later:

Navya picked up her things from the road, gathering her files. “Ek baar kaam ho jaye uske baad hum khud fruits leke usse milne jayenge hospital mein Hanuman ji” She looked at the sky and prayed under her breath.

“Eh ladki, tu kahan ja rahi hain?” asked the guard.

“Woh mujhe jana hain. Thank you so much for your help!” She was about to leave when the guard gripped her elbow and pulled her towards the big office.

“Aap ye kya kar rahe hain, chodiye humein. Humne kaha chodiye!” She yelled in the guard’s face.

“Aise kaise. Hamare Nina madam ko zakmi karke bhag rahin ho? Dev sir tumhe chodenge nahin!”

“Lekin bhaiya, baat toh suniye, humne kuch nahi kiya. Woh galti se meri bag mein unka paer phas gaya…” She tried to argue as he led her out of the elevator, into an office filled with cubicles and a giant glass room in the middle. “Wow” she smiled at the big workplace.

“Dev Sir. Nina madam hospital mein hain” the guard said in a small tone, as if showing pain. Dev jerked up from the chair horrified.

“Matlab? Kya hua usse? Aur woh file kahan hain?” Dev tensed up as he asked the guard.

“Sir yeh ladki ki wajah se madam hospital mein hain. Isne yeh sab kiya.”

Dev’s gaze shifted from the guard to Navya, who felt frozen as he cast his eyes on her. They seemed so cold and dead to her. “What the hell did you do?!?” he questioned her. “Who are you and why did you do this?” he asked again with a meaner tone.

Navya came out of her trance as she heard the harsh voice. “Dekhiye…” she said with confidence looking him straight in the eyes “Humne kuch nahi kiya aapki Nina ko. Hum toh chup chap apne saman ke saath khade the wahan pe. Pata nahi woh kahan se ake hamare saman se takra gayi. Mere bichare CDiyon ki phuti kismat, itna bhari bharkum wazan utana pada unhe. Kuch toh tuth bhi gayi, lekin kya humne apke Nina ko kuch kaha? Kaha kuch humne, boliye?” She turned between Dev and the guard as if waiting for one to answer her.

“To hell with your CDs woman!” Dev grabbed her elbow tightly spinning her towards him, eyes blazing with fire, “Kisne bheja tumhe?”

Navya jerked his hand off and screamed “To hell with you! Apko pata bhi hain mere pyare CDs ki kya halat huyi hain. Expect bhi kaise kar sakti hoon apse. Apme toh thodi si bhi insaniyat nahin hain. Yahan pe baitke humse yeh bheuda sawaal kar rahe hain. Jayiye, jaake aapki Nina ko hospital mein miliye”

Navya bit her lip when she realized what she said. “Too harsh” She thought and before he could open his mouth she began “sorry, sorry…Kuch zyada hi keh diya. Ap bahot ache insaan hain. Shayad kaam ki wajah se itne khadoos lagte hain. Koi baat nahin, I don’t mind.” Dev stood there dumbstruck at the girl’s language and attitude of speaking to him. She has no clue who I am does she? “Dekhiye humne kuch nahi kiya, hum toh yahan pe job interview ke liye aye the aur hume uske liye bahot late ho raha hain. Hume jana padega. Yeh lijiye aapki files, apke Nina ke haath mein thi. Main chalti hoon.” saying this Navya ran towards the door, opened it and was about to leave but decided to turn back and give one last word of assurance to Dev, “Fikra mat kijiye, aapki Nina bilkul thik ho jayegi.”

“YOUU…” Dev could not complete his sentence as the girl rushed away.

“Tu toh gayi Navya, first job interview pe hi late! Hanuman ji kabhi maaf nahi karenge…” She saw 4 heads looking at her, probably because she talked to herself like a maniac. “Jaldi kar Navya…SHIT!” It struck her mind as she stood on the 2nd last step, “MERI FILE!” she dashed back to the office and charged into the glass room without warning.

“Suniye, humne apni file yahan pe…” Navya said panting, trying to catch her breath.

“You’re appointed”


“Aajse tum, Miss Navya Naveli, meri secretary ho.”

“Lekin hamari interview toh baju mein hain. Aur waise bhi hum technology support ke liye apply kar rahein hain, secretary nahi.” She tried to grab her file back from him.

“Tumhare wajah se meri PA hospital mein hain. Isliye jab tak woh nahi ati tum uska kaam sambhalogi, samjhi?”

“Yeh kya zabardasti hain. Humein nahi karna toh nahi karna!”

“Then pay the bill”

“Kya?” She asked confused

“Pay the hospital bill, which comes out to 2 lakhs. Right here, right now.”

“Ap pagal toh nahin hain? 2 lakh! Hum kahan se…”

“Then take the job”

“Thik hain” She said suddenly.

“Itna bhi bura nahi ho sakta yeh job. Sirf coffee aur files hi toh leke ana hain. Waise bhi 2-3 din ki hi baat hain” Navya thought and left from the room.

“She has good potential and skills. Very advanced and knowledged for her age, especially with technology. And I appreciate talent.” “Take a look at her file sometime” Dev adviced Sanju who was standing there the whole time, watching the mini confrontation. (Dev could see his past in her file, he only had talent with him, just the way the girl does now) “But that does not mean I will ignore all she has said so far” He said in his mind.

“Sir I had come in to say that Mr.Rana wants to meet you” Sanju said.

Dev’s face softened “Send him in”

“Hello young man” Mr.Rana said

“Welcome sir”

“I need no welcome Dev, this is, or should I say was, my cabin for half my life.” The 67 year old former CEO said. “I heard you are going through a deal with MM Industries. You should think about it a few times. It is too early and risky to venture into such a small market. This company is thriving very well on its on Dev, we do not need any support. Don’t rush into this.”

“I know what I am doing sir. Yeh hi sahi waqt hain.” Dev clarified

“Waqt…waqt” Mr. Rana repeated his word twice and again, as if he is unable to understand its meaning.

“Tumhe waqt se pehle bada ban na hain…Lekin agar aaj tum waqt se aage bhi nikal gaye toh kaal wahi waqt doadta hua tumse aage jayega aur tum hamesa ke liye piche reh jaoge…Kyunki waqt ko nahi kisi se harna pasand…aur nahin kisi ko usse aage jate hue dekhna…tum kab waqt ko nahi hara sakoge…iss liye waqt ke saath chalna sikho, usko apne zindagi ka humsafar bana na sikho…Koi rahe ya na rahe, par waqt hamesha rahega…har paal har lamha…ek saathi ki tarha.” He said dreamily and laughed.

“Saalon paile kisine yeh humse kahan tha aur mein aj tumhe keh raha hoon. Think about it” Saying so Mr.Rana left, leaving behind a confused figure to ponder over his words.

OK. Done with 2nd chapter…Its all about Dev and Navya i know, but i feel this was necessary for the upcoming scenes. I will try to update this FF asap so that you guys are able to see and know all the characters. Hope you enjoyed reading this chapter.

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    3. LonelinessAbides

      Omg now I am ready to get all the tomatoes and eggs thrown at me lol…I understand ur confusion…the thing is I had sstarted off as devakshi but then I changed the pairing to Devya…and yeah the title is misleading ofcourse but it kinda isnt cuz Devakshi is going to happen in this ff…but then it will change as the story goes on…Like after a long time thats why…I don’t know how to clarify this further to you…So sorry if I ruined it for u maleeha dear…..

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