Orphans- A RagSan/Rivanya/Devakshi FF (Ch.1) The Deal


Hey guys! hope you liked the idea of this story.  I don’t really know the pattern of my updates, whenever I get time I will keep updating…not a specific time period though.

So here goes my first chapter…Really excited to know your views because this is my first ever ff in my life lol.

Enjoy and do vote 🙂


Knock! Knock! Another round of knocks followed but the sleeping beauty was unaware of it all.  On the other side of the door stood a comely figure dressed in an alluring blue and white anarkali kurta, her coils of leafy brown hair tumbling to the sides.  Her knuckles gently tapped on the white wooden door in an effort to get attention.  “Ragu?”

The hand that was knocking now came down to the knob and turned it slowly, afraid to make any noise.  Be slow Shivanya, be slow….don’t make any noise! CREAKKK! Ughh! Just when I try not to…she noted in her mind, frustrated at the door.  

But all this had absolutely no effect on the creature that cuddled up on the sofa, sound asleep with a pillow in hand.  Shivanya walked near, calling her name a few times and placed her tender hands on the kohl black hair that flowed on the edge of the sofa.  Shivanya observed the faint worry set on the girl’s forehead.  Her growing fondness with Ragu worried her for unknown reasons.  Ragini had become something like a younger sister that she never had.  

The alarm’s morning flower tune brought Shivanya out of her thoughts and she ruffled Ragini’s hair.  “Come on Ragu, get up! Chalo jaldi se uth jao.” She went near the curtains to close the balcony door that was left open the whole night, as maple leaves flew all over inside the little bedroom.  She turned back and was greeted with a smiling face, eyes half shut with sleep and her ruffled hair sticking up from all sides.  

“Good morning bhabhi” 

“Good morning Ragu” She replied in her soothing voice.  Shivanya went near her and gave a quick hug before saying “Chalo  jaldi se niche aao, mein breakfast bana deti hoon” she was about to step out the room when Ragu said,


“He’s downstairs, kuch papers review kar raha hain”

“Breakfast kiya?” 

“Nahi baba, main abhi banane ja rahi hoon. Jaldi karo, no more questions!” Shivanya said as she tried to rush down.

“BHABHI! Aj main banau?”


“Breakfast?”  A wide smile spread across Shivanya’s face at the way Ragini questioned her.  

“Sure…” was all she could manage before Ragu jumped from the sofa and ran into the bathroom

“Bas 5 minutes, main abhi ati hoon” Ragini said excitedly.  Shivanya skipped down the stairs laughing.


“I want it done as soon as possible. Yeh deal bohot important hain, aapke liye bhi aur hamare liye bhi.  Mujhe nahi lagta aap itna bada loss afford kar payenge”  He said sternly.  “Apke pas sirf ek din hain Mr.Maheshwari, yeh deal kal sign ho jani chaiye.  I look forward to seeing you.” Dev said as he stared out the glass window, casting his eyes on the metropolitan area outside his office.  He lowered his hand from his ear and shoved the phone aside, looking deeply into the horizon. Suddenly he turned around, his jaws clenched.  His profile look showed off the sharp jawline on his face shaped like a steep hill.  Any heart would skip a beat looking at his face.

“NINA!” He screamed, anger visible on his face.

A woman with a black knee length casual wear and 4 inch heels rushed in through the door, “yes sir” she said confidently.  

“Where the hell have you been? And where the hell is my coffee?!”

“Sorry sir.  I will get it for you right at this moment.” She began leaving.

“Rehne do.”

“Sir i will…”

“Just shut up and listen to me carefully!” He cut her off. She stood there looking at him with full attention.

“Mr.Mehta will come any moment.  Tum unhe jaldi se upar leke aao. Make sure he has no trouble.”

“sir, main Sanju ko bol deti hoon, woh Mr. Mehta ko leke ajayega.  Tab tak mein Kolkata ke preparations dekh leti hoon” She adviced.

“Do as I say! Maine kaha tum jao” Dev said stressing on the last word.

“Lekin sir…”

“NINA!” he shouted, his anger was a level higher now.  She froze, looking outside the glass room.  All heads were turned to them.  She could feel the eyes piercing through her like lasers.  Her face was becoming hotter.  “If that is what you want, I don’t mind paying Sanju your pay either.  He would be glad to be promoted.”

“Sorry sir” saying this she walked out of the room, trying to busy herself in her phone as she made her way through the office.  “Everyone is staring” she thought.


“Shivanya!” He called out.

“Haan Ritik, kya baath hain? why are you in such a hurry?”

“Mujhe office ke liye nikalna hain, its urgent.  I will have to leave baby.  Tum dusri car leke ajana.” He planted a quick kiss on her forhead before running out the door with files in hand.  

“Ritik suno toh…”

“Dada” Ragini looked in disbelief at the door and then at Shivanya, standing near the table with a tray in hand.  It was clear her eyes were welling up. They were sparkling like pearls as she forced the water from flowing,

“Woh..” Shivanya started to say.

“Koi baat nahi bhabhi, next time” and Ragu turned towards the kitchen.

“Kya yeh breakfast sirf tumhare dada ke liye hi tha? 

“Of course not Shivu”

“Mujhe bahot bhook lagi hai, can I?”

Ragini’s face brightened and she settled the tray down to serve a plate to Shivanya.  “Wow this looks delicious!” 

“Mexican cheese omelette and Italian herbs toast” Ragini explained.  “Arre mein toh bhool hi gayi” and she ran back into the kitchen, coming out 1o seconds later with a glass in hand.  “A glass of the bestest of the best for the best, mi madame” Ragu mimicked the waiters of high end restaurants, bowing as she offered Shivanya the glass.

Shivanya chuckled at her antics, “Orange juice?” she questioned looking at the orange liquid.

Ragini shook her head, “Tang.  Just the way ma used to give me and Dada when we were kids.  Dada always drank mine for me, I didn’t like it one bit!” She said making a weird face.  She drifted a few years back, when everything was so PERFECT.  She saw a sudden movement near the stairs, she looked up with a poker face and let out a little smile seeing the figure on top.  If she was not wrong, the person had been standing there well before she even came out with the breakfast, but it had been just now that she noticed.  Shivanya also looked to see what Ragini had frowned on.

“Good morning mom” Shivanya said

“Good morning Aunty” Ragini followed

Mrs. Thakur nodded at both of them with a faint smile and then turned to Shivanya, “Please breakfast kamre mein bhej do”

“Sure thing mom” Shivanya replied as her mom vanished in the corridors of the house.

“Bhabhi, mein bol dungi, apko office ke liye late ho raha hain”

“Thik hain…Apna khayal rakna” saying this Shivanya picked her bag and strutted out the door.  “The toast is heavenly!” She shouted behind her.  Ragini just smiled and began to clean up.

“Today is going to be a long day” she thought.

OK so thats the end of the first part.  I know its a little short and way too descriptive.  Its a bit slow for now, but it will pick up pace once the characters start interacting with each other.   Hope you guys like what you see. 🙂


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