Orphans RagSan/Rivanya/Devakshi-Devya FF – Ch.9 Married?


Heya guys…I am back, with another chapter as usual…As said I do have new characters to introduce but not as much as I had anticipated..These 2 are very important though. And the story is almost up to 1500 reads! yipee another milestone very close to us…Enjoy reading my dear audience :-*

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Recap: Rivanya and Ragini enjoy at the park and fair making some new memories together. Sanskaar is at the fair trying to find his cousin Uttara, he comes across Ragu and tries to scare her but Shivanya interferes. Navya asks Dev his last name, infuriating him so he leaves her behind. She stands behind a tree waiting for him but loses her bracelet so she goes back to get it and is almost hit by the Dixits’ car.


“Laksh, kaha the kaal se? Is this some hotel, where you can come and go as you please? ” DP questioned Laksh who was trying to sneak into the house.

“Papa woh…woh main..”

“Has the cat got your tongue now? You have absolutely no shame do you? Sirf awara gardi karne ati hai tumhe. Kuch sikho apne bhaiyo se.” Dp taunted him showing pride on Adarsh and Sanskaar who were sitting on the dining table obediently.

Sanskaar coughed a little realizing the trouble they avoided 30 minutes ago by bringing Uttara home right before DP came. He looked at Laksh who stood there with clenched fist and gritted teeth forcing his mouth shut. If he said anything, he’d dig his own grave.

“You live off your siblings nothing else.” Dp mocked Laksh who was shocked by the words but knew very well what his dad thought of him. He was not taking this man’s bs anymore.

“agar-” Laksh started

“Bade papa shant ho jaiye. You are misunderstanding him. Actually I had kept him away from home since 2 days. I forgot to tell you all, Laksh was preparing for the upcoming deal with Cindel. He will be leading it” Sanskaar announced patting Laksh’s back who got another shock. He was staring blankly at his brother whose wide smile made him very suspicious.

“Him and leading the deal? Sanskaar tum thik toh ho?” Dp questioned him highlighting the little trust he had on his useless son.

Laksh didn’t care about this man anymore, he jut stood there blocking Dp’s words from his ears.

“Trust me bade papa, Laksh will make you proud. He is working very hard for this deal. Give him one chance to prove himself.” Laksh again looked at Sanskaar surprised to see his brother lie so casually.

Dp left from there after glaring at Laksh and Rp followed him. Sanskaar turned to head to the stairs but Laksh ran behind, ready to hit him on the head.

“Laksh!” Adarsh yelled at him seeing the scenario. Sanskaar ducked hearing Adarsh yell and Laksh missed his head.

“What are you doing? Sanskaar just saved you from papa.” Adarsh said.

“He didn’t save me bhai, he saved his own ass by doing this.” Laksh told him. He knew Sanskaar way too well to fall for his tricks. Adarsh looked at him with confusion while Sanskaar just smirked.

“Sanky bhai doesn’t want to go through this deal that’s why he is making me do it. You know na he hates when others interfere in our business. He wants to stay away from this deal that’s why he’s making me lead.” Laksh explained.

“Wah, kya baat hai. Seekh raha hai mera bhai. I thought you had an empty box up there.” Sanskaar said to Laksh pointing at his head.

“Chalo I am leaving. Have work to do, good night. And yeah Laksh, don’t forget to study the deal files tonight.” He headed up the stairs with a wide smirk.

“BHAI! Yaar in saab me main hi kyu phas jata hoon” Laksh complained holding his head.

Adarsh looked on at Sanky as he moved to his room. “Its a storm hidden under that tough look” He thought.

Scene Shift: Dev

“Shit!” He banged his hand on the wheel realizing his mistake as he observed his surroundings. For the past 10 minutes he was driving at a speed so fast that he didn’t even pay attention to the red signals he bluntly skipped. He looked outside and realized there weren’t many lights on the road, and barely any service stations or stores to stop by. Plus it was almost 9, and the night was getting colder and darker.

Dev squeezed his eyes tight before taking a quick u-turn. He couldn’t leave her just like that. She was his responsibility because he brought her here. Dev slowed his pace as he neared the area where he left Navya, hoping she’d still be there.

He felt a heavy weight on his chest as he stared blankly around the place. No sign of her. A sudden fear gulfed over him as he thought where she could be. It had been a few minutes since he left her here. “Couldn’t she wait damn it!” He yelled looking around frantically. ” Where the hell was she?”

He heard his phone beep but ignored it because of the problem at hand. Dev finally walked back into his car with a defeated face. This whole trip was causing stress beyond expectation. Everything was going wrong and the worst was that the deal had been pushed back. He had to make it in time or this could be the end of his plans. Dev sat in the car trying to calm down.

Scene Shift: DT Mansion

Ritik and Shivanya walked in the house followed by two voices behind them talking about random things. They both shared a smile as Ragu and Navya whispered in the back. The girl they met on the road was absolutely clueless about Kolkata so they offered to host her at their house for the night and she could search for her so called “boss” in the morning.

Navya told them everything in the car on the ride back home and it was unbelievable at first. Such a heartless man to leave her behind at an unknown place.

“Dada, Navya mere saath mere kamre mein reh sakti hai” Ragini offered and Ritik turned to Navya for assurance who just squealed with happiness. He gave them a smile saying “Good night” and headed to his room.

“Let me know if you both need anything.” Shivanya said before wishing them good night and going behind Ritik to their room.

The duo then headed to Ragu’s room sharing more stories with each other. Ragini felt happy finding someone her age who she could talk to without restrictions. Navya was so free spirited, she couldn’t help but share her thoughts. They bonded on how beautiful their birth places were, the coolness of small town girls, engineering and living like a loner. Its as if Ragu found a long lost twin.

Scene Shift: Rivanya’s Room

Ritik settled on the bed with a few files while Shivanya came out of the bathroom changed in her night dress. She sighed looking at the files and sat next to Ritik, leaning on his shoulder. He caressed her cheek and kissed her hair then went back to the files. After a good 5 minute silence Shivanya spoke,

“Ritik I had to talk to you”

“Hmm” He said as affirmation.

“Ragu…” Before she could complete Ritik started talking,

“Haan. After years I have seen her this happy. I knew her excitement to go to the park and she enjoyed so much at the fair too. Usse itna khush dekh ke bohot acha lagta hai. And she found a new friend too. Cherry on top. ” He laughed.

But that wasn’t Shivanya’s concern. “Ritik aaj Sanskaar…” Ritik closed his files quickly and turned his full attention to Shivanya who was now all serious.

“What’s wrong Jaan?” He asked her.

“Sanskaar was at the fair. And he was trying to be friendly with her. He asked her to be friends but I knew Ragu would never say yes. She was scared Ritik, really scared by him. I somehow got him to leave from there but I feel he’s not going to stop at that. We need to do something.” She said all in one go looking at her husband who had his eyes glued to hers. He cupped her faced and assured,

“Everything will be fine”

Scene Shift: Dev’s Car

Dev didn’t realize when he had fallen asleep and by the time he woke up, it was already 12 pm. He felt a bit more relaxed now. With his hefty hands he turned the ignition. Nothing. He turned the key again, this time slow to make sure it was in correctly. Still nothing.

Dev slammed his elbow on the window shattering it into pieces fuming in anger. Everything was a mess right now. First Nina, then the flight, then this long journey with an intolerable person, who is now lost and his car has broken down. PERFECT!

Dev took his phone to find a nearby service station when he saw Navya’s message.

“I am safe.” He read out loud. Half his worries vanished knowing she wouldn’t go around causing any trouble. Now all he needed was to focus on the deal.

“Address?” He messaged back but unknown to him the phone stayed untouched on the side table as 2 girls slept peacefully weaving their hands together under the moonlight.

He then got out of the car and started looking for cars passing by. He waited a good half hour before a bus finally came on the road. He jumped right in front, waving his hand to stop the driver.

“My car broke down and there’s no garage nearby. Can you drop me off at some service station ahead?” Dev asked the middle-aged driver who stuck his head out the window to ask the reason for jumping in front of his bus.

“Thik hai. Thoda age hi chod dunga. Come in quick” He replied.

“Thank you” Dev said and rushed back to his car to gather his files when he noticed a red banjara handbag sitting on the passenger seat. He looked at the broken window and decided to take the bag along.

Dev roughly pulled it and headed to the bus when he almost slipped on something. Things from the bag were scattered all over the road because he had held it from the wrong side. He looked around to find tons of CDs, lipsticks, some snacks, a water bottle, pens/pencils, mints, comb, scarf, a toy and a frame. He knelled down to put the things back in the bag when a pair of hands joined in, brushing dirt off the little toy. Dev glanced up to thank the person but was stuck looking at her face and the brown locks playing on her forehead. She gave him a smile and passed the pens to put in the bag. Then she gathered the snacks and scarf together but he was still lost in her features.

She then picked up the frame and with a pout said “Yeh toh toot gayi” Dev came out of his trance and looked at the frame in her hand. He grabbed it from her and put it in the bag. They both stood up together and she offered him another smile but he just left from there saying a serious thank you. The 5 foot 5 slim gal shrugged her shoulders and twirled around to get in the bus.

“Appu, kaha jati hai bich bich mein?”

“Sorry mumma, woh thodi fresh air lene gayi thi.” She replied to her mother while staring at Dev who sat in the back looking out the window.

“Ok fine. Now come and sit. We will be reaching soon. Mujhe toh Yuvi ko bhi phone karna hai. Varna woh toh kahi daaru pike maara padega aur subha muh leke ayega, “Sorry Auntyy, I forgot””

“Lisa darling calm down baby.” The girl said pulling her cheeks.


“Acha acha Sorry. Now let me sleep” Sona said resting her head on Lisa’s lap who just grinned at her.

“Why can’t I stay with you forever?” She thought caressing Sona’s hair as she fell sound asleep on her lap.

Dev was watching the mother-daughter duo very keenly. They definitely shared a unique bond.


Dev bent forward to pick up the frame that dropped from the bag again, destroying itself further. He gazed at the image trying to figure out what it was exactly.

PIC OF NAVYA WITH A GUY,(PLAYED BY ANKIT GUPTA) HE IS BACK HUGGING HER,WHO’S IN A SAREE. Picture taken from Begusarai show (I wish i could have put the pic here…cuz I had made it all beautiful ina frame and all, but for now just imagine the picture by this quick description)

“Navya and married? She is so young though.” He thought. He put it back in the bag again, making sure to tie it so nothing else fell from it. “Such a nuisance these girl things were”

“Everybody get down. Destination is here!” The driver rang a loud bell constantly, irritating all those who slept peacefully.

“Appu get up, we need to get home quick. Come on get up.” Lisa tried to wake the sleeping beauty.

“Good morning mumma” Sona said hugging her as soon as she opened her eyes.

“Raat ke 3 baje hai”

Sona rolled her eyes at the statement and headed out the bus after she collected her belongings. They both waited on a bench for Yuvi, her cousin, to pick them up.

“Told you. This idiot is going to make us sleep here on the road today.” Lisa said annoyed.

“Shh..Don’t shoot your blood pressure so high” Sona replied calming her mom.

“Excuse me…Do you know any hotels near by?” Dev inquired the girl.

“Sorry lekin main khud nayi hoon yahan pe”

“Appu, I think I saw my friend there, I will just go and have a quick chat. You guys carry on” Lisa quickly moved away from the 2 and gave a thumbs up to Sona secretly.

“OH GOD! Why me?? Should have known the minute mumma saw a guy she’d be out to get us hooked. WHY OH WHY!” Sona thought to herself looking at the sky and then back at Dev with a forced smile.

“Sooo..Are you here for a trip?” She attempted to strike a conversation.

“No, have some business out here” after a weird pause he said, “What about you?”

“On a tour before I leave this place forever…” Sona said looking around.

“Ohh…I am…I am sorry” Dev’s voice began to soften as he looked at her with empathy but was taken a back by her sudden laughter.

“hahaha…tumhe laga…Hahaha…I am sorry…Let me laugh first” And Sona sat on the bench holding her stomach.

Dev’s face was flushing with heat, he didn’t know what wrong he said but seeing her laugh at his words made him uncomfortable. The one time he tried to pick up a conversation with someone, this is how it turned out.

Sona braced herself and looked up at him, “I am going abroad for future opportunities that’s why i am on this “last” tour” Forming quotes with her fingers on the word last.

Dev suddenly felt so stupid. He gave a weak grin as she kept laughing. “I am sorry i thought-”

“No no, its totally fine. Friends?” She put her hand forward thinking he’d do the same but he hesitated. Just as he is about to put his hand up,

“Sona hey!” She turned to where the voice came from. Yuvi was waving his hands at her through the darkness. He came closer now. “Hi baby, how are you?”

“Yuvi you are so dead. Mumma’s gonna eat you alive just watch.”

“What’s this? No hi hello, straight away yelling at me. Not done. I am going.” Sona pulled him into a hug as he began to leave.

“Come here you idiot. How have you been bachu?”

“Forget about me…Seems like you are enjoying life” He said breaking the hug and glancing at Dev.

“New boyfriend?” Yuvi spontaneously asked.

“No! He’s just a well known stranger.” Sona replied casually hitting Yuvi.

“Hi, I am Yuvi.” He extended his hand for a handshake and Dev reciprocated.


Precap: Dev and Ragu meet…Navya and Laksh meet. Ritik’s plans to keep Sanky away from Ragu, but can he really keep the prey away from its predator? *And new characters


Ok this is a pretty big read i feel. I hope you all like this chapter. I am super tired and no strength no type more lol 🙂
Good night all of you. and look forward to a few chapters over the weekend hehe

P.S. my tellyupdate readers you all are caught up on the chapters now….So from now on, u will have to wait for me to update, i wouldn’t be udapting like 3-4 episodes at a time the way i did now…It will be 1 chapter at a time and there will be a bit of space in each chapter. Bear with me now

Bye…love you all :-*

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