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Heyyy guys! Another chapter…trying to get you all up to date so that you all don’t have to suffer for too long hehe…Anyway, in this chapter you guys are going to see 2 entries as promised buttt I couldn’t fit in the Dixit family’s outing in this chappy so it will be in the next one….sorry for that… Enjoy this chapter, got lots of songs in it and the one on top is one of my favorites so please check it out 🙂

Have fun reading peeps 😀

Recap: Ritik and Ragu are back home. Ritik gets a flashback of how he almost lost Shivanya because of Sanskaar. He informs Shivanya about the happenings. On the other side, Dev and Navya are headed to Kolkata by car, and are finding it difficult to manage with each other, or at least Dev is.


3:00 am-

“Waise apko pata hai, hum na kabse Lucknow mein rehte the, lekin humne aaj tak Bada Imambara nahin dekha. I know its shocking right?” She looked to Dev for an answer but when she didn’t get any she went back to talking.

“Aur toh aur, hum Dilkusha Kothi bhi ek baar hi gaye hain.” Dev gave her a quick look with clenched teeth which his sharp jawline showed.

“Apko Dilkusha Kothi pata nahi?” She asked totally ignoring his facial expressions.

This girl is impossible. It was 3 am and for the past 1 and half hour she went on and on about Lucknow and how beautiful it was. Dev hadn’t said a word the whole time thinking she would stop if he didn’t respond but no. She was something, something crazy.

“Will you shut up?”

“Ap ne hamara radio band kar diya toh hum kya kare” She taunted with a smile. So all this was on purpose…

Dev huffed and turned the music system on. He could see from the corner of his eye that Navya had a wide smile on her face. But instead of putting her loud and boisterous CD, he turned the FM on.

“woh sharabi kya sharabi
jo nashe mein na rahe
woh sharabi kya sharabi
jo nashe mein na rahe
woh sharabi kya sharabi
aise jo tauba kare
woh sharabi kya sharabi
dil mein jiske ghum na ho
lut gaya samjho sharabi
paas jiske hum na ho..”(Dev coughed a bit)

Navya looked at Dev with a disgusted face but he calmly looked ahead. She pressed a button and her CD turned on.

“Yahooo!! YAhoooo! Chahe koi mujhe jungli kahe…” He wasn’t letting her have her wish. He turned the FM back on, but with a different station.

“Porque lo se, everybody come on let’s do baila,
Tres dos unos, everybody come on let’s do baila.
Porque lo se, everybody come on let’s do baila,
Tres dos unos, everybody come on let’s do baila.”

Navya was totally unaware of what they said but enjoyed the music and started moving her body to the beats when,

“Chaandni chaandni raat hai
Raat ke nashe mein koi baat hai
Mauka hai masti hai le le lele mazaa
Aaj ka waqt apne saath saath hai.
Le le le lele mazaa le
Raat ka jamke mazaa le
Le le le le re mazaa le”

She went back to think over the words of the song and looked out the window realizing it was night. She pouted and shook her head to let her thoughts go and quickly changed the music but cursed herself soon after. The song was in the middle,

“Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re.
Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiyaan
Tu jog laga de re”

Both of them shifted in their seats uncomfortably and cringed every time the word “ang” was said. Dev closed his eyes in frustration and changed the station again. This was the last try…

“Aankhon mein tere saaye
Chahoon toh ho na paaye
Yaadon se tere faasla haye”

(Navya rested her head against the seat and closed her eyes. Dev felt a little calmer knowing she’d be sleeping again.)

“Jaake bhi tu na jaaye
Thehra tu dil mein haaye
Hasrat sa banke kyun bhala”

(He noticed some movement but didn’t turn. Her face had a sudden change. She was looking out at the sky, which was pitch black at the moment without any stars.)

“Kyun yaad karti hoon
Mitthi hoon banti hoon
Mujhko tu laaya yeh kahaan”

(Her hand moved to her face and came back down, he stole a look at it. Was she crying? He noticed water droplets on the tip of her fingers. “I am stopping the car..get what you need we will leave in 10 mins” saying this Dev kept the car on and left to the restroom.)

“Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo”

(Navya sat stuck to the seat trying to hold her tears in.)

“Ho na sake jo bayaan darmiyaan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan”

She reached down into her bag, dragged a picture out and hugged it to her heart letting her emotions flow. The store owner looked into the car and saw the girl who he heard, (yeah she’s that loud) crying with her mouth open like a little kid. He shrugged his shoulders and let it be.

Two minutes later, Dev was walking to the counter of the store and noticing him Navya wiped her tears off. She looked at the picture one last time and said “I love you”, kissed it, and put it back in her bag. She acted like she was sleeping when she heard the door open, shut, and they drove off.

Kolkata 4:30 am:

“Hello…Bhai. BHAI!” Laksh tried to yell in a whisper over the phone.

“What the f**k man…It’s 4:30 in the morning. Can’t you sleep?”

“Please help me bro. I am outside our house now, but I lost the keys so can you please open the door.”

“I am not a watchman. Bye!” Sanskaar put his eye mask back on and went to sleep.

Laksh bit his nails, “Ab kya karu?” he dialed Sanskaar’s number again but he cut it off. He tried again and again but it was unreachable. He shut it off.

“Bhai yaarr” Laksh groaned sitting in the car. Guess that’s where he will sleep for the day.

Scene Shift:

“Where the hell were you? Yeh koi time hain ghar ane ka? Kahan thi? Aur woh sab kon the?”

“Mom chill, they were my friends. I told you na, I was at Rashmi’s house.” The girl said all chilled out.

Ragini had heard a lady outside 30 minutes ago, constantly yelling on the phone. She watched her pace in front of Rajvanshi house a bit and then went back in her room. Ragu had been awake the whole night, she just couldn’t sleep after what had happened today.

“Do you know how worried I was about you?”

“Relax mom, I am here now so lets go in”

“NO! Wait. Suraj is still awake…He asked where you were, I told him you had gone for a sleepover.”

“Acha thik hain. I will tell bhai that I came back early from the sleepover. Now lets go” The girl started to walk to the door but couldn’t get far before stumbling.

“She’s drunk? But she seems so young!” Ragini thought as she looked at the whole conversation going on from her balcony.

“Piya sambhal ke!” The older lady said shaking her head. She led the girl into the house. Now it was all quiet again. Ragini returned to her bed and sat there with the lamp on and a book in her lap.

The morning:

“Shivu, main ja rahi hoon!” Ragini said loudly hoping Shivanya would hear.

“Where are you going so early?” Ritik asked her coming down the stairs.

“I have to help at the farm”

Worry filled Ritik’s face thinking of yesterday’s incidence. “Wait, why don’t I show you around a bit and then I can drop you off. You can take a look at our office as well, see if you like anything” Ritik said quickly trying to divert her attention from the farm.

Shivanya stood a few feet away with her mouth wide open and eyes sparkling with surprise. “What happened to him suddenly. The guy who was trying to keep her away from this business as much as possible wants her to check it out”

“Sorry dada, I have to go today. We will go tomorrow, I promise. Today, lets go out for ice cream once we all get home. Deal?” Ragini asked completely relaxed and smiling now. Seeing her like that made Shivanya smile as well. He really was her everything.


“Ok deal. Now go quick so you can come back early” Shivanya cut Ritik short sensing that he’d not let Ragu go to the farm.

“Ok byee!” Ragini said and went out the door.

“Sorry” Shivanya mumbled to Ritik holding her ears.

“Shivu, you know why I was doing this right. She’s not safe out there.”

“Ritik calm down…She’s old enough now, she knows how to take care of herself. We can’t keep her home for her whole life in fear of Sanskaar or anyone else. Let her breathe free…She’s already suffered behind closed doors, no more now.” Shivanya controlled her hand which was about to do a face palm for saying this. She realized her mistake.

“Matlab?” Ritik asked squinting his eyes.

Shivanya stood there silent, trying to figure out what to say. She knew things about Ragu that Ritik didn’t. These 3 years had changed the siblings a lot, and Shivanya was scared of telling Ritik what she knew. She herself didn’t know the whole truth and that’s the reason she held back. Half knowledge was always dangerous.

She knew Ragini trusted her and she wasn’t going to break it. “Mere kehne ka matlab hain ki woh itne saal yahan se dhoor rahi hain, let her be free now. Let her enjoy.” Shivanya replied going close to him and fixing his tie.

He wasn’t convinced by the answer but he knew it was not possible to argue with her either. She was too hard to get things out of if she had her mind set, that much he knew about her since their marriage. He smiled weakly, gave her a quick hug and headed out the door.

Farm 3:00 pm:

“Come on yaar. Why are you wasting your time here. I have promised my friends that I will make you meet them today, I can’t just leave them hanging Riya.” A boy wearing a black biker suit said to the girl putting out new bouquets.

“I didn’t tell you to make that commitment. And I told you last night I was busy today.”

He turned the girl around with force and squeezed her arm tightly saying, “You don’t talk to me like that, get that? You are coming and that’s it” He tried to drag her out of the flower shop.

“Chodo mujhe. I said leave me. Yuvi leave me!” She scratched the hand he was holding her with and Yuvi left her instantly, like he was holding a hot burning coal.

“Riya, how dare you?” he yelled at her. The girl looked around and saw that they had everyone’s attention turned to them.

“I have had enough Yuvi. I am tired. I can’t take this anymore. I…I want to break up with you…” The girl said slowly lowering her gaze.

“What?!? Baby listen, I know you are mad at me but this is not…” He cupped her face and pleaded her but she jerked his hands off of her.

“Yuvi, I know what I am doing. I can’t be with you anymore. I am suffocated in this relationship. You need to learn how to respect someone’s privacy. You can’t just barge in my house any day at any time just because I am your gf. You can’t force your friendship on MY friends. You have no right to tell me how to dress, whom to talk with, where to go, what to eat. This is my life and I am no puppet of yours.”

“Riya, I am not controlling you. I care for you, that’s why I do that. I really love you.” Yuvi said with watery eyes.

“This is not love Yuvi, its obsession. Open your eyes and see.” Riya is about to walk off but Yuvi holds her hand.

“You can’t leave me like this.” He said determined.

“You were always scared of me leaving you, the way everyone in your life has done, that’s why you were so oppressive. But let me tell you, relationships are like sand held in your hand, the minute you squeeze it tightly to hold on, the faster it will escape from your hands.” Yuvi loosened his grip on her hand and finally let her go.

He was lost in some thoughts and seeing him like that made Riya feel bad but she knew it was now or never. She had to walk away. She started to walk out the door when Yuvi gathered all his thoughts together and yelled behind her, “Riya! Riya wait. Riya!” He was about to run out the door when a girl stood in front of his way.

“Listen, she said its over, so its over. Stop troubling her now.” Ragu said to him.

Yuvi stood there looking at the girl. He was urged to touch her soft milk-like white face. A couple of hair strands were dancing on her left cheek, tickling her lips. She was just so mesmerizing. He took her whole figure in his eyes and realized the beauty she was. Her eyes reeked with innocence even as she scolded him. A small smile made its way to his lips.

“Please leave now. You have already created enough drama.” Ragini said showing him the door. “And everyone please let’s get back to work.”

Ragu was a bit tensed now. How must Riya be feeling. Since she came back to Kolkata, she never talked to her, even though they had been close friends in childhood. But seeing all this made her worry, especially knowing that everyone around would be so judgmental about Riya now. After all, their society wasn’t so open minded. She gave a sigh and got back to work hoping Riya would be fine.

Yuvi sat on his bike and put his helmet on. He took one last glance at the girl inside, who was playing around with a few flowers in a bouquet, and gave a wide smile. “This was meant to be” He thought reminiscing the day’s happenings and rode off.

Precap: Dev and Navya fight, and he leaves her behind. A few more entries (hehe) and then Dixit family bonding, with an intruder of course.. 🙂


OK so I know this is a super long chapter but I feel I did well on this (pats self on the back). I hope you guys liked it, and do tell me how the new characters are…really hope you like the way they are shaped.

P.S. I am eagerly waiting for your comments.
Anyway, see you guys soon! Bye love you all :*

-Ruch <3

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