Orphans RagSan/Rivanya/Devakshi-Devya FF – Ch.6 The Drive


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Recap- Sanskaar and Ragini’s encounter & confrontation. Ritik interferes and Sanskaar learns about the siblings. Ritik and Ragini head back home.


Ritik’s Car 8:00pm:

Ragini had finally settled down, feeling relief knowing her house was just 5 minutes away as their car entered the woods. She wanted to go in her room and lock herself. She just wanted to be alone, so that she could wipe this nightmare from her head. It was all done now and that is all that mattered.

The whole ride back, her brother didn’t speak a word, he looked at the road and drove with a poker face. Ragu knew he had many questions to ask, but he was holding them back. Why, she didn’t know.

Ritik’s POV:

If I had just held back and avoided coming in front of him, she would be much safer now. “SHIT!”

Ritik was extremely concerned for Ragu’s safety now, knowing the particular hatred Sanskaar Maheshwari harbored for him. That man was a monster and he would not hesitate once before killing anyone. “He had proved that already” Ritik thought as he remembered the incidence a year ago.

“Almost” He had almost lost his love, his wife, his Shivanya because of that man. If it not had been for her dad, she would have died. His heart sank as the day flashed in front of his eyes.


Ritik had gone to office early in the morning that day and he knew Shivanya would join him later on. She always stayed back till the afternoon to spend some time with her parents. She was emotionally attached to many people in her life, but her parents were a very special part of her heart. Probably more than him.

Ritik always wondered about her parents. They were very unusual for their own good. Any person could imagine the connections and type of social life needed to be one of the top 5 Industrialists in Kolkata. But the Thakurs were nothing like that, they were very mysterious even though Ritik had been interacting with them since 2 years now. He still felt like a stranger with them. Ritik tried a lot to talk with them and interact but they were relentless and Shivanya wasn’t helping his purpose by supporting them.

In the wake of all this tension, Shivanya and his relationship was straining to survive. She had warned him many times to keep away from her family and let them be the way they were. Ritik wasn’t too fond of the Thakurs after his constant failed attempts to be a part of their family. But his love for Shivanya didn’t change even after their arguments and bickering. That’s why when he received a call that Shivanya met with an accident, he couldn’t even walk till his car to drive to the hospital. He was shocked and fraught, he wanted to run away, away from having to see his life struggle for every single breath. And then another call followed.

“I am sure you heard already. I hope you are able to cope with it. It really must hurt right?”

“Who is this?”

“Sanskaar Ram Prasad Maheshwari, naam toh suna hi hoga” He chuckled at his own joke.


“You bas****!”

“Ssshh…apna blood pressure bada ne se acha hai ki tum paile hospital mein jao. Kahi usse waha pe bhi koi khatra na ho”

Ritik dropped the phone, picked up his car keys and dashed out the office door. His trembling hands failed to open the car door a few times before finally getting hold of the handle and pulling it. Within 20 minutes he was running in the crowded hallways of the governmental hospital searching for any sign of his family. The sight in front of his eyes relieved him of his fears.

Two tall and lean figures were resting on each other’s shoulders as they struggled to fit in the tiny blue seats of the worn down hospital. Both of them were sobbing profusely but seeing that gave an even bigger smile to Ritik’s heart, even though it could not creep on his face considering the place he stood at. Shivanya was safe and right in front of his eyes. He was pulled out of his thoughts by Shivanya’s voice,

“Ritik p..pa..papa!” She stuttered through her sobs.

“Papa? Kya hua unhe?” Ritik walked to the room Mrs. Thakur was sitting next to and looked in from the glass window. The aged man seemed fit even though he was on a hospital bed, with all kinds of machines attached to him. Ritik went back to Shivanya and trapped her in a tight hug, caressing her hair as she cried.


“Ritik! Kya hua? Andar aao jaldi!” Shivanya yelled from the door to him who was still in his car. He didn’t notice when they reached home and when Mishti, without saying a word went inside.

“I need to figure out what’s happening with her” He thought to himself.

Dev’s Car 1:30 am: Dev is heading to Kolkata for the deal, and since Nina is in the hospital, Navya is now joining him.

“Are deewano, mujhe pehchaano, kahan se aaya, main hoon kaun…” Navya loudly sang, dancing with her hands, her body was held down by the tight seat belt of a BMW X5 luxury vehicle. Her life had taken a full 360 turn and now she was on her way for another adventure, but it was with her boss. Not that she’d complain because this was much better than the hell she had escaped.

Navya brushed those thoughts aside and started dancing even harder, shaking her hands above her head as she bit her lower lip, jumping in her seat. “Soo freee!”

“STOPPP!!” Dev burst like a volcano and banged on the CD system to shut it off, glaring at Navya who was frozen with her hands above her head confused.

Dev’s POV:

I have had it! She is crazy! Dev braked hard and stopped in the middle of the quiet and dark road, loosening his seat belt and turning sideways to talk to Navya.

“What the hell is wrong with you! Yeh jungli jaise behave karna band karo. Hum kya koi picnic pe jaa rahe hain?” He asked her in a loud tone. Still she was confused. What was he going to do with this girl…

Dev had already stalled the trip 2 hours because of which he missed the last flight available and they had no option but to drive down to Kolkata. Dev was driving for the past 6 hours peacefully because Navya had been sleeping. Seeing her that way, he thought she’d be easy to handle and considering the 29 hours journey ahead, he was happy to see her sleep. At least he was saved from her constant chattering that he had seen her do in the office just on her first day.

But the moment she woke up, music was blasting in the car, at 1:30 am in the morning! And not just any random music, it was from her lovely little CDs that she carried around everywhere with her. The noise was unbearable now.

“Dev ji hu…”


“Paile suniye toh” She commanded him showing her irritation at the disturbance, “Hum toh sirf apki help kar rahe the. Ap bechare kabse drive kar rahe hai, apko dekh ke aisa lag raha hai ap kabhi bhi ludak jayenge”

“Kabhi bhi what!??!?”

“Ludak jayenge” She replied innocently thinking he didn’t know what she said the first time.

“What’s that supposed to mean? You think I am going to die just cuz I drove 6 hours?” he asked with a look that said you-are-dumb.

“Nahi! Humne kab kaha aise. Ludak jana matlab so jana” She explained.

He cocked his head to the right to take her words in. Navya gave a giggle seeing him looking at her that way. Dev composed himself and put his belt back on. This girl brings out a totally different part of him. “No more songs, thats it.”

“Lekin hum bore ho jayenge Dev ji”


“Sir” She said after him.

DT House 1:30 am:

“Ritik kya hua? Voh Ragu…” Shivanya asked looking up at the door Ragini had locked herself in. Ritik was busy working on some papers, but he never stayed up so late.

“Let her be…She needs some time alone” Ritik said. Shivanya could sense the concern in his voice. She immediately sat on the table opposite him and cupped his face, looking him in the eyes, even though he was avoiding it. He was drained.

“What is wrong?”

“Sanskaar” he replied

“What about him?” He looked up at her surprised. She showed no emotion, her face was absolutely blank as if she heard the name for the first time. How was she so strong-willed? Ritik leaned forward and gave her a hug. They sat like that for the next few minutes until he spoke, “He knows she is a part of our family”


Precap: Songs Galore! Navya’s secret…Ragu’s new encounter…Dixits family bonding…

Okk so i am done with this chapter…its quick but as usual detailed. I am trying my best to get the characters to meet up soon lol…anyway to move on, some good news, Swara will officially be a part of this FF, but much much much later on…not now. I hope you all enjoyed reading. Vote, Comment and KEEP LOVING! :-* <3

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