Orphans RagSan/Rivanya/Devakshi-Devya FF – Ch.4 The Farm


Hiii guys! Back again with another update..This chapter we finally see Ragsan meet! Well this was not really planned but seeing Cutie’s eagerness to see Sankaar enter I had to do this…I couldn’t disappoint her πŸ™‚ You can expect a few revelations about Dev and Ritik as well

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter….and I am so happy to see the views on this ff…Thanks everyone. I <3 u all! (even the silent readers πŸ˜‰ )

Lets get started-


"Give me a red rose and calla lily bouquet" he said without looking at her

"Sorry sir?"

"A red rose and calla lily bouquet!" He said with a louder voice, irritated. Then he returned to talk on his phone. He came back to the front desk and looked around. This was getting on his nerves. He slapped his hand on the counter and through gritted teeth he said "excuse me, anyone HERE??" Such disgusting service. He thought and stomped his feet as he began to leave. Just then he saw the girl walking inside a mini greenhouse right in front. He walked towards her and waited, thinking the girl would realize her mistake but no! She appalled him.

"Is this the way to treat your customers?"

She turned behind and got startled to see him so close, towering over her with sharp dagger-like eyes. She took a few steps back, but she realized there was no space as the flower stand hit her leg. "Sir this is not the flower arrangement shop. It is that way" she pointed her index finger diagonally to show him a sign. But he was not interested in that. He was stuck to the place he stood in facing her.

"Wherever it is, its your job to serve do you understand? And this is no way to talk to your customers! Itni bhi tameez nahi hain tum logo mein.."

"Sir aap mujhe galat…"

"Galat my foot!! Pata nahi itne bade aur renowned farm mein tum jaise gaawar aur middle class log kaam bhi kyun karte ho. I didn't know the standards were so low here" he said in a sickening tone as he eyed her top to bottom.

She couldn't believe it! He was judging her on her appearance.

"This farm nee…"

"Listen here sir, I know my duties very well. And for your kind information I am not your servant. And I…"

"You're not even worth being a servant! Just because of people like you this country is behind. Always the low class backward thinking. Cannot even educate yourself but are the first in line for jobs. Especially in a well known farm like this. Do you know you are taking the potential job opportunities of floriculture graduates. And trust me that person would have had much better courtesy and would know how to treat customers!"

Ragini looked at the guy with squinted eyes as if he grew 2 heads out of the blue (like this O.o). She tried her best to control her laughter. What was he blabbering about? A mountain out of a mole hill haha… She thought to herself.

No use talking to such people, He said in his mind and he turned to leave. He turned around to say something "Filthy…" but before he could finish she retorted,

"How dare you?!? Don't you dare speak one more word from that mouth of yours! Kabse tumhari baak baak sune ja rahi hoon. Kitni ghatiya soch hain tumhari. Aise kaise baat kar sakte ho koi bhi insaan se. And for your kind information i am not an employee here, I volunteer to help. And even if i was working here or if it was someone else in my place, you have absolutely no right to talk to them like that! They are not your slaves. They work hard and do a job for living at least not laundering off money from their parents! Agar woh nahi hote toh yeh flower shop nahi hoti aur agar yeh shop nahi hota toh aap jaise raeszaado ke liye quick and easy gift options bhi nahi hote!" She realized that she stereotyped rich guys so hard but her emotions couldn't control. How rude was he!

Sanskaar was fuming in anger at her way of talking to him, the tone, the words, her swaying body as she yelled. Everything!

"I am sure they would have the bouquet you want. And yeah, they are all local housewives volunteering here with a much better customer service then the one I can offer. They will be glad to help you." She said looking at the flower shop in far sight. "Have a good day sirr" She said mockingly and left.

Shift to Mumbai:

Dev was sitting on top of a rock facing the woods. He had come to the place where his soul found peace. This was the place Dev called his. It was his one and only home. He sat on the rock located in the orphanage home which was in a secluded area covered with beautiful greenery. This rock was the place he spent most of his time as a kid, studying and reading books as he leaned against it, once in a while looking into the woods. He always thought something would come out as a surprise for him.

He was in deep thinking about his recent decisions. He felt weak as he second guessed himself. The words of Mr.Rana definitely had an effect on him. After all, Mr.Rana knew this business world more than him, his experience counted more than Dev's. But Dev couldn't let this deal go, he just couldn't! This was the only opportunity he had to see him, even if it meant just a glance.

His mind trailed off a few years back when he was announced as the managing director of Cindel. He remembers going to the orphanage head to share his happiness. As a gift Mr.Lewis had offered to open up Dev's past to him. He was reluctant to know, but his curiosity couldn't resist. It didn't mean a lot to him to know about his past as he was all alone now and it would not affect him at all, or so he thought. Mr.Lewis told him how he was brought in as a 2 day old baby by a young woman with tears running down her cheeks.

"Her story was traumatic" was all Mr.Lewis ever said about my mother. I wanted to know what the reason was to leave me so young. I knew I was unwanted, but why!

After that day there was no stopping. Dev had set on the path to find his mother. Only after a year of Mr.Lewis' chat did he get to know that she used to live in Kolkata with her husband and she was dead. It did not trigger any emotions in him, not one bit. She was a stranger and nothing more, He thought.

One fine day he came across a business magazine that celebrated the merge of 2 companies in Kolkata, Thakur and Dixit…that was the name my mother shared. He read and read until he found out the owner of DT companies. Ritik Akash Dixit.

"My brother" He gave out a soft chuckle. In the wake of a day he had a new relative. It seemed like an ISpy game to him. He threw the magazine away in frustration. All of this was meaningless…He can't be distracted. He has his own life, his future and he will not ruin it for those who abandoned him. But deep down even he knew, he knew that he wanted to see him, the family he had always desired.

Back to the present:

Dev had covered his eyes with his hand thinking about things. He finally got up, sat in his car and drove back to his office.

Kolkata (6:30pm):

"Champa! Get me some water please" Ritik ordered when he came home. He sat in the chair relaxing a bit.

"Champa!" No reply…Strange, he thought. He walked around the house, passing the dining table. He noticed the utensil stand was placed on the table crookedly so he set it straight (remember anything?..Well the paper Ragini had put on there as a note had flown off πŸ™‚ ).

"Ragini" He said with a soft voice. She would have replied for sure. He checked the whole house except the area where Mr.&Mrs.Thakur were. He knew they would not know anything as Ragini would never disturb them. That's how she always was, afraid to disappoint her own people. Ritik switched on his phone and waited for it to configure. Till then he took the landline and called Shivanya but he heard the phone nearby. She left her phone at home. He took his phone in hand to call Ragini but saw her 7 missed calls.

Ritik's POV:

Where was she? She's new to this place…She wouldn't know about this area so well. And the city is a bit far from our place. Don't tell me she took the cycle to travel around the city! She's crazy! It's not safe. He looked at the clock and got worried. "UGGHH!!" Of course she wasn't a baby anymore but for him she was still his little girl. How careless can she be?! His mind was in a frenzy.

He called her but it went straight to her voicemail. He dropped a quick message, "Call me asap" and went to his car. He drove very slowly on the roads, occasionally looking around to see if she was there.

His heart sank at the thought of losing her for a second time but he brushed his thoughts away. He realized he was being too harsh on her. He hadn't interacted with her as much after she came back but he didn't know what to do. He was guilty. Guilty of leaving her alone at the time. He became too engrossed in his own misery that he didn't see his sister. After the death of his parents he hadn't spoken even a word to her. Relatives, friends and other people constantly sweeped in the Dixit house to pay condolences and he became taking care of that.

The day Ragini left with Rashi masi, Ritik had been in court with a lawyer for the hearing of property transfer. The time he got back she had left, no bye, no hug, nothing. The only interaction they had in the past 3 years were phone calls on special days such as birthdays or rakshabandhan. It was terrible. All the sudden changes were terrible.

He avoided her as much as possible now. He knew it was bad but he didn't have the courage to look into her eyes anymore. He was the sole reason for Ragini's condition, the way she was now.

Where could she have gone? Think! What places does she know the most and likes around here?? He thought hard and finally after a lot of pressure on his brain he exclaimed, "FARM!"


Done with 4th chapter. I know the RagSan scene wasn't so good but they are total strangers so lets keep it that way..(no wind, flowers, dreams etc)…their next scenes will be much better. PROMISE! πŸ˜€


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