Orphans RagSan/Rivanya/Devakshi-Devya FF – Ch.11 Two Birds One Stone

Hey guys! SORRYYYYY! I know I am terrible…Its been way too long since I last updated this story…I make promises I can’t keep, so my new’s years resolution is I wouldn’t make ANY promises :)!!! New Years se yaad aya, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (belated)

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Let’s get started with today’s chapter…

NOTE: This is a little slow for the comeback chapter, its mainly about Sanskaar and his business mind (very shrewd) and most of it is tashan baazi along with bits of Ragini’s past and a new character as well… hope you guys enjoy! <3

Recap: Dev finds Navya and argues with Ragini. Navya ruins Laksh's presentation by her questions. Ritik's request to the DSP of police protection for Ragini. Dev and Navya in MM house. Ritik's uncle calls to inform of his visit to Kolkata the next day. Sanskaar irritated by Dev's bossiness.


Scene: Sanskaar's Car

"Why don't you just ignore him and show the rest how profitable this deal could be? Let's try to convince them bhai. You know you can." Laksh said looking to his bother who handled the wheel.

"Laksh tum inn sab se dhur hi raho. You don't know how this works." Sanskaar replied.

Laksh took his statement as a challenge and shifted in his seat, ready to defend himself. "Yeah okay, I don't understand business and all, but I know how this world works bro. Let me tell you what I mean. So its a given that Dev is a totally new entry to the Kolkata business, whereas we have been here for ages. Moreover, the board members have known us a lot more so they will easily support our cause. If it happens that we get them on our side, through sympathy, then Dev will not have any power to command us even after the deal is done because he has to abide by their rules and stay on their good side or he wouldn't enter the market here!"

Sanky just kept staring at his brother who was explaining his thoughts like a little child. "Such a kid. Wish it was as simple as you say Laksh" Sanskaar thought as his baby brother kept throwing his business "knowledge" at him.

"Acha thik hai. I will figure it out. Now stop this useless bak bak."

"Bak bak? I mean…" Laksh trailed off as he looked diagonally on the road. "Wow. What determination. Exercising at this hour and in this weather" Laksh observed the dark stormy clouds and then the girl.

Sanky glanced at the figure who was sprinting on the far right in front of his car. "blo*dy low class. Damn sure she's out to find something she dropped on the road. Must be for some money or jewelry."

"Bhai come on really?"

"Laksh look at her first. She doesn't have shoes, her hair is messy, she's wearing the ugliest thing and her run is like a horse galloping. I mean, who the hell made her a girl? Ladki jaisa kuch bhi nahi hai usme."

"Says the man who wants a "perfect woman" aka a robot as a life partner." Laksh mocked.

"Shut up" Sanky said sarcastically and pushed on the accelerator, speeding past the running object. He checked the side mirror to enjoy the satisfaction of leaving someone behind when he caught a glimpse of her face. He slowed to a full stop and with a quick change of gear, started reversing his car.

"Bhai, what's wrong?" Laksh confusingly asked.

"Don't worry about it"

Ragini saw a car reversing towards her and slowed her pace. She had no clue what she was going to do as all the possible scenarios flashed her mind. "Definitely some pervert"

"Hey" The guy said sticking his head out of the window.

"NOT AGAIN!" She thought. She stood her ground and refused to let her mouth say a word.

"No wonder you have such a perfect figure. So much to look good, am I right?" He commented, trying to make her uncomfortable. Laksh, who was trying to steal a look at the girl his brother was so interested in, now had his eyes popped out and jaw dropped hearing him openly flirt with the one he just refused to acknowledge as a girl.

"Don't you have a life?" She retorted at him.

"Oh! So you can talk as well. I thought you lost your voice after that day." He said with a smirk remembering their 2nd meet at the farm. Ragu ignored him and tried to resume her run but he yelled behind her. "Excuse me, Ms.Dixit! Do you need a lift? It's not safe out here!" He laughed at his own words as the girl disappeared in the darkness.

"WHAT THE HELL BRO! What was this? Did you just say that?" Laksh shockingly asked his brother who had a smile on his face now.

"What?" Sanskaar asked back with an innocent tone.

"You are such a perv. She's so young." Laksh taunted his brother who's face lost color hearing his words.

"What the hell do you mean? She's not a 5 year old!" Sanky replied obviously offended at the accusations hurled at him.

"She's not 5, but she definitely isn't 25 and definitely dddefinitelyyy not interested in you." Laksh dramatically said. He knew his brother was getting annoyed and he liked to prank him that way.

"Shut up! Not like I am interested in her anyway. I was just trying to scare her."

"Scare her?"

"Oh for god's sake, will you shut your mouth. I am tired of your questioning." He avoided Laksh's questions time and again.

Scene Shift: Suraj & Piya

"What the hell bhai!? I wanted to spend more time with my friends. And it was so embarrassing. You can't just barge in someone else's house like that!" Piya annoyingly said to Suraj.

"Apna muh bandh hi rakho toh acha hai. I told you, be home at sharp 8:00pm"

"It's only 8:20! Aur main ab bachi nahi hoon."

"Dikh raha hai. Kaise kaise logo ke saath mingle kar rahi ho. Sabne tumhe sar chada ke rakha hai"

"Please, taunt marne ki zarurat nahi. Mera mood already kharab hai. Can we get some fries bhai?" She asked with a hint of innocence.

"Chup chap se ghar chalke khana khao."

"What the heck?! Roz roz wahi dal, roti, sabzi."

"Shukar karo tumhe ghar ka khana mil raha hai. Warna jaise tumhare karname hai, tumhe toh jail mein bethna padta." Suraj said to his younger sister who sat in the back seat pouting.

"Oh please. Tumhe toh kuch bhi acha nahi lagta. Always acting like a 60 year old grandpa."

"You brought this on yourself." He replied reminiscing how she had come home late all drunk with their mother supporting her through the doors.

"STOP!" Piya yelled suddenly,startling him. He stomped his foot on the break and got out of the car realizing Piya had already rushed out at the speed of lightening.

"Listen, its no use running away!" He said thinking she was all set to run off like the countless times she had done before. It had become a normal thing in their house now; Piya and her escapes. But that was not her plan today.

Suraj slowly walked to the tree Piya was kneeling near, shaking something.

"Hey…Hello. Are you alright?" She asked the lump of mass leaning against the rough tree trunk. Ragini just gave a weak head nod, drained of energy. She was so stupid to run until her body gave up. "WHY! Why do people always have to find her when she is at her lowest."

"Damn sure she's drunk as well." Suraj said.

"Shut up bhai. Looks like she fainted. Can we take her to the hospital?"

"I have no time for this, lets go."

"You're a police officer, you should be the first to help!"

"Stop your lecture and pick her up. I am sure she can walk home by herself." Just then Suraj figured out that she was the girl who lived right across from them. The one who broke down when he tried to help her out.

"Okay. Let's take her home." He said to Piya and was about to hold her from the other side as Piya helped her up. But she showed him her palm and said, "Don't worry, I am totally fine. I can walk, its just that, I don't know how to get home. Can you please…"

"Don't worry. We will drop you off." Saying this Suraj sat in his jeep, waiting for Piya and Ragu to settle in before driving off.

Scene Shift: Maheshwari Mansion

The whole house was brightly lighted and adding to it were the golden hemmed curtains separating the living room from the dining area. The anciently colored decorations proudly announced the modern family's traditional values. Pari, AP, and Sujata were setting up the dinner while Uttara roamed behind them, her eyes glued to the phone screen. As soon as DP came down the stairs she tossed it aside and acted to help Pari, who simply called her "nautanki".

Navya had been sitting on the sofa like a statue for the past hour, unaware of what to do. Dev was attending to his calls, Adarsh vanished after bringing them home and the women of the house were overtly happy on their arrival. So much so that they couldn't interact with her.

She observed the room filled with amazing decor and paintings that she'd only seen in museums. The room looked surreal, so perfect in her opinion that it was hard to believe people lived in it. While Navya was busy studying the art, Laksh and Sanky entered and were equally as surprised to see her there. She stood up instantly seeing them walk in. Sanky gave a quick smile to Navya, who smiled back and then Laksh came towards her.

"Ab toh gayi." She thought remembering her questions during Laksh's presentation.

"Hi, Laksh here." He said with a genuine smile. She responded back with the same and said, "umm…sorry about that."

"About what?" He asked as if he had no idea.

"The presentation I mean."

"No worries. Anything for a lady like you." He then said. Sanskaar just shook his head, cringing at the whole conversation knowing his brother was trying a hand at the girl who destroyed him a while ago. Then he moved to his room to attend a call while Dev came into the mansion putting his phone in his pockets.

"Navya." Dev called out, interrupting Laksh who was about to put his hand around Navya's shoulder as they looked at the family album sitting together on the sofa.

Navya stood up instantly and waited for his instructions. "Please call Sanju and make sure he checks with Mr.Rana of the upcoming meets. I feel there's something amiss."

"Okay sir." Navya was about to move away from the 2 when a shout came, "Mr.Dev! Is this the WAY you deal?" Sanskaar yelled ferociously coming downstairs.

"Excuse me?" Dev asked completely lost.

"Tum humpe roab jhadte ho ki hum careless hai, that we don't know how to do business. Then what the hell are you doing? Do you even have any clue what's happening in your office?" Sanskaar yelled, his hands flying in the air as he spoke.

"Come straight to the point!" Dev was losing his patience now.

"This secretary of yours" Sanky glared at Navya with clenched teeth "was all ready to sell off the deal tenders to another company. If it had not been for the hotel staff who learned of the meeting that was supposed to happen, I'd never know. Forget me, you wouldn't know shit."

"Dev ji, humne kuch nahi kiya. Trust me. I don't know what he is saying but I didn't do anything." Navya said in an affirmative voice.

"Stop lying woman. Do you think we are fools?" Sanskaar sneered at Navya and tapped her head saying, "Cheap low class mentality. You can do anything for money right?" Navya was scared to even look him in the eyes. He was absolutely unwilling to even hear a word from her.

She helplessly looked at Dev but got no sympathy in his now dead and cold eyes, the way she first saw him. Nonetheless, she moved near and gathered the courage to say "Dev ji, please believe…" but before she could complete, Sanskaar caught hold of her elbow and dragged her to the door.

"I can't tolerate cheaters! Don't you dare come in our business or you will see what I am capable of."

"You are no one to talk like this to me. I am Dev Sir's employee and only he has the right to decide to keep me or not." Navya said wiping her tears. She was about to step back into the house but Sanskaar blocked the way.

"I said out NOW!! And if you are wondering about your job, then you should know by now, you are fired. Leave!" Sanskaar screamed in her face before calling the gate security to take her away.

"And who gave you the authority to fire my employee?" Dev said from behind as Sanskaar came back from the entrance.

"I don't like traitors in my house or my business."

"Your likes and dislikes are not my boss."

"But this deal is definitely close to your heart, am I right? After all, why would an industrialist like you wish to go through a deal that barely has any profit for himself? Unless there is a hidden motive. Quite a surprise to see you ruin yourself this way. Anyway, whatever it is, you have your reasons; but I will not tolerate any losses in my business." Sanskaar pointed his index finger to Dev and turned to go upstairs.

"Next time tell your "spy" to refrain from following girls all the way to the restrooms, its very suspicious. And make it seem more realistic rather than sitting and drinking 4 glasses of water for 2 hours in a coffee shop." Dev said in a mocking tone that made Sanskaar turn around in shock.

Dev walked towards Sanskaar and poked him in the chest, "YOU think you're the only smart one here? I knew about that spy of yours since I left Mumbai. And I also know Navya isn't involved in this. She just joined my office 2 days ago. The information you have is probably wrong." His hands were now in his pockets.

Sanskaar and Dev stood tall facing each other with clenched teeth as Laksh and Adarsh, who just entered, looked on at the 2. Both of them looked as if they could rip each others head off.

Sanskaar took his phone out and scanned it until he found a picture. He shoved the screen in front of Dev's face, "Navya's new found best friend, in a place she has no clue about. Incidentally, she even spent a night at their home. And ironically, this girl here," Sanky pointed to the picture, "is from MM Industries biggest rival family. Such a coincidence that you left Navya on a road where rarely any cars go through, yet within a few minutes, a car stopped right in front of her and she willingly went with those STRANGERS." Sanskaar fumed at Dev who thought back to the farm where he found Navya.

The girl Sanskaar was talking about was the same as the one who lectured him on his irresponsibility.

"Mr.Dev, it would be best for us to cooperate right now and get this deal done successfully. Rest of this can be taken care of later on." Sanskaar said a little more calmly. Dev shifted from his thoughts and gave a faint nod, but his face was still tense.

When Dev left, Adarsh requested Laksh to leave as he wanted to speak with Sanskaar. The minute Laksh stepped out, Adarsh began his inquiry. "What are you doing? What is all this? I told you the Dixits have no involvement in this."

"Pata hai" Sanskaar said with a smirk, still staring at Ragini's picture in his phone. He turned to Adarsh and held his shoulders saying, "Ek teer, do nishaane" and smiled, radiating nuisance from his satin black coat covered body.

"But why are you dragging the Dixits in this. If there's anyone who needs to be in trouble then its Leela Rajvanshi."

"Bhai, the Rajvanshis aren't as big of a threat to us as that Ritik Dixit right now. Cindel has the power to take over DT if done correctly. In this way I can get rid of DT as well as make Cindel a trusted partner of ours."

"But you can do that without falsely accusing them of this."

"I want to get rid of Ritik anyhow, by hook or by crook. I don't care about ethics and morals. I just want him out of my way. If I let Dev take on Ritik with a business standpoint, he will try to do everything fairly and that will take all the more time. Making it personal is the best way to root someone out quick and easy." Sanskaar said in a vengeful attitude.

Adarsh saw the darkness in his eyes. The competition with Ritik was pushing Sanskaar on a dreadful path. He couldn't differentiate between right and wrong now.

Scene Shift: Dixit House

"Thank you for this wonderful dinner Mr.Dixit" The middle-aged man said to Ritik who stood in front with a painted smile. "Everything will go as planned. I will get some officers to keep an eye around here occasionally. I will also email the details of the officer that will be with ragini at all times. Don't worry now."

"Thank you so much DSP sir." Ritik was about to shake hands with him when he heard Shivanya yell.

"Ritik." She yelled from outside. He rushed near the door to see 4 figures walk in. Shivanya and a younger girl were supporting Ragu who limped in and a guy followed them.

"What have you done to yourself?" He asked Ragini all worried. His face was tensed up seeing her in that condition. Her shoes were missing, feet covered in blood, and she was fully drenched in her own sweat. Shivanya placed her on the couch, cleaning her face and pushing the hair strands that stuck on her forehead behind her ears. Piya looked on at them standing a few feet away.

"Suraj, you, here at this hour?" The DSP inquired. Suraj's gaze shifted and he quickly saluted, "JAI HIND SIR!" Piya giggled hearing his sudden greet. Suraj and the DSP then moved out the door while Ritik followed soon after.

"Woh sir…I came to drop her off. I live right on the opposite side of the street. Why don't you come, dadaji will be glad to meet you." Suraj said

"Sorry but not today Suraj. Had important work here that's why I stopped by. But I am proud to see you fulfill your duties even when you are off duty." DSP patted his back. Just then Ritik came and with a half smile said, "Sorry about that sir." DSP moved to Ritik and assured him "It's fine. I see why you are so worried. I promise I will get the officer on duty as soon as I can. She will be secure." With that, the two shared a friendly shake and Ritik seed him off. Suraj who heard the whole conversation was lost in some thoughts when Piya came rushing out.

"Bhai, lets go."

"All done?" Suraj asked

"I think. They are busy taking care of her. Let's not disturb them. I am super hungry let's go!" She dragged Suraj to their car and they drove off.

"WAIT!" Ritik ran behind the car but couldn't stop them to even say a small thank you. Shaking his head he walked in the house and over to his wife.

"Let me just get the cotton" Shivanya said and went to a nearby drawer.

"God this is bad. What the hell were you doing out so late? You can't be so careless god damn it!" Ritik yelled at her in frustration. He bent down, "Let me take a look at your foot." He went to hold her foot up when she retreated it back, pushing it against the leather couch.

"No Dada. It's fine, you don't worry about it." Ragini was on full alert now.

"Ragini look at yourself first. You are anything but fine. Let me see it now." Ritik said firmly.

"Dada please. I said I am okay." Ragini resisted again.

"She's stubborn just like you. You have no idea how I got that band-aid on her forehead." Shivanya said from behind which made Ragu smile a bit. But Ritik just stood up in a tout position, "Why don't you understand Ragini. I told you to not roam around alone, its not safe. Why are you acting so reckless?"

"I am sorry Dada" Ragini replied with genuine guilt. She held her ears and said, "I will try my best not to get in more trouble."

"Now that's who I call Appu." A voice said from behind her and just as she was about to turn, a weight on her back jerked her forward. Someone hugged her from behind as she sat in the couch. She felt little curls touch her ear as the guy placed his face right next to hers.

She stood up within a second of the hug, jerking the guy off her back, scratching his arms viciously in the process. She screamed at him with a scrunched face, "What the heck! Who are you? And how can you just jump on someone like that?" She was shivering a lot but her swaying habit when she talks made it less visible.

"Haww…You forgot me so soon? I am shocked. Bhabhi was right, you changed." He said teasingly and side hugged Shivanya as he faced Ragini.

"Dada who is this? And why is he in our house?" Ragini shifted her attention to her brother hoping to get an answer from him.

"You don't remember him? He's your favorite, Mr.Aditya Mehra, the freshly returned soldier." Ritik said smiling.

Ragini simply looked at the guy as the name sank in her head. Her mind raced down the memory lane to the first step she took in the living room of the Mehra House. She was sad to leave her brother behind but she was also annoyed at him for leaving her alone.

The minute her eyes fell on the frame hanging on the turquoise wall in front of her, her face lit up. It was a picture of the whole Dixit-Mehra family. Her dad was on the far left corner, hugging Ritik, while her mom and aunt laughed at the camera, and Ragini was leaning on Aditya like a potato sack asking for a piggy back ride and he held her hands firmly near his neck to keep her from falling behind. There he was, Mr.Mehra, right behind the two, ready to catch hold of her if she ever fell.

"Appu! Do you remember me now? Or should we call the doctor?" Aditya said shaking her out of her thoughts. Now that she looked back, she was glad she never fell that day.


Precap: Navya's secret, Ragini's hostility towards Aditya. Aditya and Ragini on a secret mission. Ritik and Shivanya special moments and a deep talk (without Ragu :)) EVERYONE READY FOR A FIELD TRIP??? Then off we go, to SHIMLA!

Okay, done with today's chapter. Hope you guys like it…Please no eggs and tomatoes for making you wait so long. Not hungry now, maybe next time hehe…Ok i know. That was a terrible joke…and its worse that I am writing this message as if you guys actually give me a reply LOL…

Keep loving this the way you do…and LOVE YOU ALL for the support…

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