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Recap: Dp argues with Laksh, Sanskaar announces Laksh as the deal finalizer. Dev tries to find Navya but she is with the Dixits safely. Dev’s car breaks down and he gets help from a travel bus. He meets Sona and sees her mother Lisa. Navya’s frame breaks and he sees her picture with some guy. Navya and Ragu spend some fun moments. Dev and Yuvi meet.


“Navya yaar! Just calm down. Why are you so tensed?” Ragu asked the girl who was pacing in front of her like a lost puppy. She wore Ragu’s oversized kurta whose sleeves hid her hands like precious jewels.

(Flashback starts) When Ragu first saw Navya coming out of the room in her kurta, she almost dropped down the stairs in laughter.

“Can I wear Shivanya Di’s clothes instead?” She had asked with a pout. But if Ragu’s clothes were so huge for her, Shivu was a far-fetched question.

“You might as well just wrap a blanket around you if you want Bhabhi’s dress” Ragini replied to her. (Flashback ends)

“This khaadus will kill me Ragu. What do I do…what do I do?!?” Navya pleaded

Ragini sighed at her friend’s condition, “Just calm down and give me your phone.” They were in the greenhouse watering little seeds when Navya’s boss struck her mind. She had totally forgotten about him after staying at the Dixit house. When they woke up Ragu made Ritik agree to drop her and Navya off at the farm. They both were enjoying when Navya noticed Dev’s message and almost fainted.

“He messaged me yesterday at 12:30 am! I still haven’t replied. God knows where he will leave me next once he finds me.” Navya fake cried.

“Dramebaaz” Ragini muttered looking at her new friend. She typed something on the phone and handed it back to Navya.

“I have messaged him. He will find you don’t worry.”

Scene Shift: MM Industries

“Bhai, I can’t do this. I am going!” Laksh dropped the clicker and was about to leave when Adarsh held him back.

“Pagal ho gaya hai? You’re not going anywhere. Chup chap se yaha baith. They will be here soon.” He pushed Laksh in a seat, guarding him while he chewed on his nails out of nervousness.

They heard some distant chattering and looked up to see Dp, Ap, and a few other older board members walk up and sit around the table.

Scene Shift: Farm

“NAVYA!” Dev ran to the area he saw her plucking flowers in, while a girl cleared out some grass with her bare hands nearby. “Where the hell have you been? Couldn’t you wait for a while? Do you know how much trouble I had to go through damn it?” He asked her angrily.

But before she could reply to any of his questions, the girl stood up with dirt all over her hands (hiding the heart shaped birthmark) and spoke, “Excuse me! You had trouble?!?? Do you have any idea what she went through? Beech sadak mein chod ke gaye usse. She’s your employee, so your responsibility. Kitne irresponsible ho tum.”

“Shut up! You have no right to talk to me like this. This is between us. Its none of your business. Navya let’s go.” But she was stuck to the ground watching the tennis match happening between these two. He looked at her with blood red eyes warning her he was in no mood for arguments.

“None of my business?” Ragini said mockingly. “Would she be my business if she was lying on a hospital bed because our car hit her? OR maybe when someone kidnapped her? OR when animals attacked her on that road surrounded by woods? When would it become my business? Forget about me, when would it become your business? When would you realize that she is your responsibility? When she’s lying in a pool of blood? Or when a thousand hands have grabbed at her?” Now Ragu was coming down to tears as the words came out of her mouth. Dev and Navya were shocked at her sudden outburst.

Dev was clueless of the girl’s rant and how to react to it. He simply watched Navya console her with a hug, ” Ragu, its fine! You told me to relax and you yourself are burning hot with anger. You will roast khaadus if you don’t calm down.” She whispered in Ragu’s ears while Dev looked at her with concern.

Ragini broke the hug and uttered “Sorry” to Dev who hadn’t expected it at all.

“I am sorry too” He replied back shocking Navya. “Which side did the sun come out from today?” She thought.

“Navya we have to leave now. I need to get there on time.” Dev said, but she was still unwilling to move away from the girl. He went to her and tried to pull her hand but instead her kurta sleeve came in his hand.

“What the..” He said feeling the cloth as he pulled her.

“Arre..” Ragu said holding Navya who was about to fall.

“What are you wearing?” He asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“Woh mai…”

“Forget it. I don’t have time” He started to drag her across the field to a blue rented Honda. Navya just waved to Ragu saying, “BYE! Take care. I will meet you again!” And Dev pushed her in the car.

“Now listen to me carefully. As soon as we get there start jotting down all the figures you see. Make no mistakes. I need all information do you understand?” He questioned her.

“Yes sir.” She replied. He glanced at her quickly hearing SIR. He felt guilty thinking of the girl’s words and how he left Navya behind. That was not a justified way to react for sure. During the 15 minute ride he was half expecting her to start her chatter or turn on her useless songs but none of that happened. She was sitting there silently, observing the road.

Scene Shift: Ritik’s Office

“Ritik yeh prod…” Shivanya cut her words short as she entered Ritik’s cabin. He had his index finger on his lips to tell her to keep quiet while he talked on the phone. She came and sat in the seat in front of him, listening to his conversation.

“Yes…Yeah I understand. The reason I feel comfortable asking you is because I know she will be much safer. I can arrange for private safety but I can never guarantee their loyalty the way I can with you.” A long pause and then Ritik said, “Thank you so much. I will take care of the payments. Thank you again.” And he put the phone down.

“What’s happening?” Shivanya inquired.

“I talked to the DSP. I asked police protection for Mishti.”

“Police protection? But we can just have personal bodyguards. What is the need to involve police in this?”

“I know Shivu. But I can’t ensure that the bodyguards we appoint will be loyal to us. You know, half the city is in Maheshwaris’ pocket. If the bodyguards are given a price, they will easily give up Mishti’s security.” Shivanya nodded in agreement.

He came behind and put his hands on her neck and started to massage it, “Relax jaan. Don’t get so worried. Its only for a few days. I will figure something out for her.”

“Hmmm” Shivu replied with eyes closed enjoying her neck massage.

“I love you” He said landing a warm kiss on her cheeks, dissolving all the tension that was in the air.

Scene Shift: MM Industries

Everyone in the room stood up seeing Dev walk in. He looked dead tired, hair ruffled, and his shirt crumbled from all sides. But he had no time think about his appearance at the moment.

“Welcome Mr.Dev” Dp said forwarding his hand across the table for a hand shake.

“Thank you, can we get started?”

“Sure” Adarsh replied and gave a cue to Laksh to start the presentation. He searched the room but didn’t find him. Then he saw the shadow, outside the glass door, with his hands in his pockets. Sanskaar gave an assuring nod to Laksh who then started presenting.

All the members sat still in their chairs taking in every word that came out of his mouth. Whenever he turned around to face them, he used to see a weirdly dressed girl noting something down. It distracted him sometimes and all he could do was say “Ahh..umm..” but seeing his dad his speech came back on track. He tried his best to deliver the presentation word by word the way he had practiced last night.

After a good 20 minutes, the lights came back on and Laksh breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at the door to see Sanskaar, standing with folded hands, smile widely at him. SUCCESS!

As he turned to look at his dad he saw the shabbily dressed girl move next to Dev. She handed him a notebook which had his full interest. Laksh stood there thinking what it possibly had.

“A love letter?” He tapped his chin as if in deep thought, “No, why would she write a love letter to him in my presentation. Plus a girl with such terrible fashion sense and his gf, naahh…. Could it be a shopping list? No,if she’s not his gf then why would he buy her things. Nope, option ruled out.” He crossed it out in his imagination. “A complaint list? Why would she give him her complaints?” He got a little worried as the next option came forward,

“A list of everything wrong with my prezi?? NOOOO!”

Dev-Navya Convo:

“Where’s the cost of production for this good?” He asked her.

“Sir woh…Just a second.” She turned to face Laksh and yelled across the room to him, “Excuse me! Can you pleae go to slide 21”

Laksh looked at her with confusion but did as asked.

“Where is the cost of production?”

“Uhh..woh..woh lagta hai galti se reh gaya.” Laksh replied cursing her in his mind for asking that question.

“And the expected cross elasticity of the goods?” Dev coldly asked Navya, indirectly telling her to question Laksh the same. She hesitated a bit and repeated the exact words of Dev. Laksh again had no reply,which angered Dev and he jumped up from his chair.

“Is this how we are going to deal now Mr.Maheshwari?” Dev asked with a tone of annoyance. “You had two more days and still are unprepared for it. We cannot risk doing business with such an irres-” Dev shut up suddenly remembering the girl who called him irresponsible not a while back. He regained his posture and continued, “with such a careless management.”

“I understand you. Sorry for the trouble you have to go through. Give us 1 more day, we will fix everything. We have a hard working staff, just a few employees spoil the whole impression. Sorry Mr.Dev” Dp said glaring at Laksh who looked intently at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar knew he had to go in and help fix this mess but Dev’s words to his bade papa pierced him. “I had warned you already Mr.Maheshwari. You couldn’t afford losing this deal.” Sanskaar turned around and walked out the office infuriated. “How dare he to order over us?” He thought slamming his car hood.

“I am sorry bhai.” Laksh gave Sanky a back hug. He turned around to face Laksh and hugged him saying, “I am sorry Lucky. I was selfish to put you in this position. All my fault”

“Put everything back to normal or Dad will surely kill me today” Laksh joked. Sanky gave a soft slap to him and both the brothers set out to go home in one car.

“Excuse me Mr. Dev!” Adarsh yelled behind him and Navya who were walking out the office. “Hi, sorry to stop you like that but I was wondering if you would be available for dinner tonight. Just a casual dinner keeping business aside.”

“Once the deal is finalized, I’d gladly come.”

“That will happen one day or another.” He said to Dev and turned his attention to Navya, “I am sure you don’t have plans tonight do you Ms.Navya?” Adarsh asked her.

“No no, ofcourse not.” She bit her tongue thinking what Dev would have said. “Actually I am not sure.” She corrected herself quickly.

“Okay great. Where are you staying?” He asked.

“Our plane trip was cancelled so even our bookings were cancelled. We will check in a hotel nearby.” Dev said trying to get Adarsh off their back.

“That’s even better.” Dev shot him a look that said, are-you-sane?

“I mean to say, you can come over and stay at our house for the night. It will be great to know you better.”

“No we are good.”

“Please come. Give us a chance to show our hospitality. Calcuttans are best at it.” Adrash proudly said. Dev gave a nod and followed Adarsh to his car along with Navya who tried not to trip on her over sized clothes.

Scene Shift: Mountainside

“WOOHOOO!! This is AMAZING!” Sona yelled cheerfully standing up on the bike in the back as Yuvi drove it in max speed.

“Didn’t I tell you, bike rides here are the best!” Yuvi screamed over the noise of the wind.

“Thank you sooo much bachu. This is the best experience I have had in my life.” She sat down and hugged him.

“MOTI! You will kill me with your weight. Get off!” He joked.

“Youu….” She leaned more and pushed him forward almost touching the tank.

“Sorry Sorry!”

“You better be” She said victoriously.

Scene Shift: DT House

“Ragu, where is Navya?” Shivanya asked her as she stepped in the house.

“Shivu uska boss usse le gaya.”

“Le gaya?”

“Haan, he came to the farm.”

“Guess he really was worried.”

“He was soo rude and rash with her Shivu. I mean he wasn’t even accepting his mistake at first. I somehow made him say sorry.”

“Now that’s my daring Ragu” Shivanya tapped her nose and Ragu gave a little laugh.

“I hope I get to see her again Shivu” Ragini said as she walked to the dining table to pour a glass of water for herself. Ritik was on the far side talking on the phone with someone.

“Hello Tej uncle. How are you?” Ritik politely asked.

“I am good beta. How are you all? And how is Ragini? Haven’t talked to her since she left.” The elderly man said.

“Everyone’s fine here uncle. You tell me, how is Rashi maasi?”

“That’s why I have called you. Rashi’s health is deteriorating day by day and so I was hoping to shift her to Kolkata for better treatment options.” He explained to Ritik.

“Treatment? What happened to Rashi maasi?” Ritik asked worrying.

“I thought Ragini must have told you.” Ritik looked over to the dining table where Ragu was drinking water.

“Rashi has been paralyzed since a year now. There were some hopes of improvement, but now it seems impossible. I want to give it one last try in Kolkata.”

“Sure uncle. I will get everything ready. Come here without hesitation. This is your house only.”

“Thank you Ritik. You don’t know the favor you are doing on me.”

“Tej uncle stop. You are like a father to me. You have every right on this house. Please take care of Rashi maasi. I will make arrangements with the doctors. And call me when you reach, I will pick you up.”

“Ok Ritik. We will leave from here in a while. Take care beta, bye.”

“Bye uncle.” And Ritik cuts the call. He looks to Ragini who is now busy setting some fresh lilacs in the dining table vase. “Why did she never tell us about maasi? She’s been suffering since a year and Ragu said nothing about it. What is going on in her mind?” Ritik was lost in deep thought about this whole situation.

“Kiska phone tha?” Shivanya asked.

“Can you please clean out the master bedroom. Rashi maasi and Tej uncle are coming tomorrow. I have to go somewhere urgently. Will be back in an hour.” Saying this he rushed out of the house.

Ragini who was standing near the table was shivering with sudden cold. “They are coming here now?” She thought.

“Aise achanak kyun arahe hai?” Shivanya wondered. “Raju kaka, aap please upar ka kamra saaf kardenge.”

“Bhabhi, woh maa baba ke room main nahi rahenge. Clean out the guest room Raju kaka.” Ragini said in a rasp cold voice.

“Lekin Ragu, Ritik said…”

“I know what Dada said. But I will not give maa baba’s room to anyone. Please understand.” Ragini started to leave out the door.

“And where do you think you are going?” Shivanya demanded an answer.

“I will be back soon Bhabhi. I think I left something in our garden.” Saying this she ran outside.

She kept running and running, now on the open road. Her face was flushed red with hot water streaming down her cheeks. She didn’t want to cry. She didn’t like to cry! She hated being so weak in front of people. But she couldn’t help it. The minute she senses it, her eyes start flowing on their own. Its as if she has no control on her body anymore. It is the absolute worst feeling to have but now she couldn’t escape it. It was a part of her life now.

Ragini had been running for the past 10 minutes without a break. Her dupatta had fallen off and one of her slippers ripped but that did not stop her. She felt relieved whenever she ran, clueless of her destination or path. Just an endless road and her. That’s what she liked.


Precap: Sanlak come across Ragini on the road. Suraj and Piya give Ragu a lift home. Ragini tries to keep away from Adi after knowing his identity. Sanskaar and Dev come face to face at Maheswari Mansion. Navya and Laksh meet…and possibly more 😉

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