opposite attracts … swasan 2 shots …. shot 1

hello ……….. a sweet desert for swasians ………..

A girl is standing outside the airport . she silently settled herself in a car and reached outside a mansion . it was a big and highly profiled . she came with baby steps and hugged her parents . his dad was really happy to see his daughter . he proudly pecked her forehead . her mother kissed her cheeks and said ” hw are u ” she replied ” m fine mom ” they had dinner and swara left to her room .

she entered and fall on bed ” uh my new room . new city , new college and new frnds” she changed into night wear and reclined . she opened her fb ad saw a notification . sanskar maheshwari sent you a friend request . she wonders who must be he? she ignored and started chatting with her frnds . after a while she peeped in her suitcase andgot her diary .

” i am stating a new start , so A NEW DIARY ”

her’s pov( she is writting this in her diary”

so hello , my self swara kapoor . i am a 21 yrs old girl ,i am a very organised girl . i love my books i lived in delhi for 21 yrs of my life . my dad was a captain in merchant navy , he is now going to retire , so he wish to live in bombay , as our all relatives are in Bombay . i am happy . my mum is a housewife . dad lived 6 months with us and 6 months on ship . he had a tough time . i was always by my side . its y second half for 2 year of my college . i am studying medicine . from tomorrow my new journey is starting ”

( kk guys CAPTAIN is the highest post on ship , merchant navy is counted as a highest paid job , so swara is a really rich girl )


swara is sitting on table and surfing her phone ” dad m leaving , i am done with my bf ” when he replied” kk , take care . driver is outside ” he left in her car . she reaced , driver opened door for her , a crowd was gathered , seeing her Mercedes. she was not comfortable . when her phone rang ” she thanked the person ” she attended the call and left . all boys were drool over her . she just bowed her head . a group of children were enjoying and 1 of thm pushed a boy . he stumbled and fall on swara . which irked her alot ” she said what the f**k . be carefull ” she didn’t noticed anything and just took a seat . th boy obviously sanky yar took a seat next to her and said ” hi , new addmision ” swara saw face him and said ” yes ,, wait wait u were the one who just pushed me ” he eplied” um yeah i sorry ” bfore swara could reply . the class started .

swara was bored , she had already dont this topic , but she was irriatated by sanky and his group . sanky was throwing paper ball on sir . and luckily it shotedon exact midst of top of ir bald head . he shouted and said ” who was that ” swara just said ” why are you so irriatating , just behave ur self ” she ook her bag and left the clss and before leaving she informed sir “sir sanskar maheshwari id this ”


In this 2 months swara was attrated towards , but not a serious one , a 9 grade school crush ,, but she dared o say , bcz he was not serious also he was annoying ” they were frnds but swara was not able to fit in her frnd circle ..


swara liked sanskar so want to give a try … she was ready to propose , plus she was 100 % that h would accept . she was wearing a red short dres above her mid thighs . she wa sging to him when he saw her flirting with a girl . it was close , she was normal . she acted normal and said ” may be he was not or me ” … results were coming . she scored 99 %.

her family was happy . they were having a college farewell . yeah!!

she was happy , she got the title of ” MISS PATAKA QUEEN ” she came to her frnds and said ” so guys , m leaving ” when riya her 1 frnd said ” so early ” swara laughed at her silly thought and said ” stupid . not today , m leaving for australia ” their smile faded . some were happy , some sad , some nomral .. she was having mix feelings .

11: 30 pm

sanky and swara were there . he came to drop her .

sanky said ” so . when u planned ” she answered back ” 2 months back , now dad is also retiered , so dad will be with mom and im free ”

she hugged him and said ” i will miss u , we will be in contact and yeah stop ur flirting ” he chuckled and said ” yeah yeah !!!”


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