Opposite Attract’s..Perfect Two (Tashan e Ishq) Intro

Hello everyone…i m shatakshi, a silent reader n an admirer of ur ff’s n os…..specially pali,misha,crazy,lovleen,sweetie aka star anna,rakshita,akanksha n how can i forget anushka..ur os n ff’s r too good…now let’s start..i m gonna write few episodes with long update…


A quick intro of r chaeracters

TWINKLE TANEJA : A young,crazy,full of life,happy go lucky,cute n most importantly a big flirt.She is waiting for someone special in her life.
MAHI TANEJA : A cute,confident,joyful,flirty n best frnd also d best sister of twinkle.
KUNJ SARNA : A mysterious,serious,conservative,determinant n 1 of d famous businessman of India also having a darker side in life.
YUVRAJ LUTHRA : A young,dashing,handsome guy,best frnd n brother of kunj.

A quick glance towards d personality of our characters

“Hey Mahi don’t get mad at me….it’s totally his fault n wait a minute…seriously u r defending that cheapster who betrayed un just a second after ur breakup he proposed that ‘makeup ke dukan shanaya!!!'” exclaimed twinkle munching her chips.”Twinkle i know u r right but dis time i was damn serious with him in this relationship.”said mahi sadly.”Yeah mahi u always say ur standard dialogue after every breakup n maybe dis is ur 7thin past 2 months.”
“Okay fine..I agree but what about u..haven’t u felt somethimng for any single guy in dis entire world. u r so friendly,flirt n open with every guy but serious with none.”said mahi
“Mahi!!! like seriously i know i m a big flirt but never found a guy who would catch my attention…maybe i would prefer to wait for that guy 2 come n now enough of dis topic n let’s celebrate ur freedom again…’Happy Singles'”
“yess miss swimming trainer Twinkle Taneja.”

Screen shifts

“Kunj…not again!!”exclaimed yuvraj irritated.
“Uv u know i m least interested in ur so called parties. i have much productive work 2 do n u know that i would not be able 2 njoy with ur friends in that party as u r my only friend..my only best friend…my only brother n my family. ur r very special foe me..of course otherwise who will adopt an orphan n give their love n support to him.i m thankful to u n ur family…”
before he continues he is interrupted by uv “it’s our family bro.”
“N now enough of ur emotional talks but i must say 1 thingh ur hardwork has made u d famous businessman n d most eligible bachelor of India. girls r just dying for ur glance n u…so borinh”
“But that’s okay u just live ur boring life n i will njoy my party” said uv.
“Well that’s a better option”said kunj going through his work files….
“Bro!!!” exclaimed uv
“U r just impossible”
hearing dis kunj gave his million dollar smile

so guys did u just like d intro or not
n let me clear 1 thing dat twinkle is a swimming trainer n kunj a businessman
So let’s see how dis both individuals becomes a perfect couple..
Seriously guys i m done with my intro n just need ur support to excel
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Credit to: Shatakshi


  1. loveleen

    ohh shatakshi….it feels so gud to knw that u admire my ff… n cmng to ur ff intro is vry gud…plz cntinue..

    • Shatakshi

      Thanks zayb zakir. N I have uploaded next epi soon it will be uploaded on tu page. Thanks for ur support

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