Opposite Attract’s..Perfect Two (Tashan e Ishq) episode 5

Twinj n uhi enter a small 2 room flat. It was not a lavish house but enough for 2 ppl n their comforts. Yes ofcourse its our twinkles n mahis small n beautiful world…their home. It was bedecked with yellowish curtains n net decorations allover. Their hall contained an LCD TV, a velvety sofa n yes ofcourse the entire room was decorated with mahi n twinkles cute pics along with various potted plants in their balcony adjoining it. The best or rather beautiful part was the balcony as it gives a clear view of the beach n one can njoy the cool breeze . It was just a perfect house which 1 can have .
Kunj was much more impressed that the depression he carried of bearing twinkle as his trainer.
“I must say this siyappa queens choices r good but..wait a minute it has various flavors which my twinkle used 2 have n how can I forget that Infinity..her soothing words which drove me crazy just some couple of minutes before n much more…” Thinks kunj with several questions popping up, a suspicion or rather a hope of getting his twinkle back n various other thoughts were cooking up in his mind when suddenly this stream of thoughts came 2 n end hearing twinkles voice..

T : oye sadu where r u lost??? N btw I know that its not a house for ur standard but anyways u have 2 adjust with it (teasing)
K : (yet not in his senses n thinking about twinkle) Why did u change so much???
I missed u day-night.
T : (giving confused look) What??what did u say ???
K : (coming 2 reality) no..nooo.nothingh…I just remembered something (a bit nervous). N btw what the hell is this sadu n all ha???(giving a fake angry look 2 change the topic) n thinks “Kunj u have 2 control ur self n firstly I have be 100% sure n then I can move forward 2 something but her eyes..it carries the same glitter like it used to be, her choices, her words everything is just the same but aahh..her blabbering which irritates like hell is something exceptional”
All 4 gather in hall n had their dinner
U : This palak paneer is too good(licking his hands)..arree twinkle u taste na its just osome n I know mahi made this(winks at mahi n she smiles)
T ; yeah u r right chef mahi made this (teasing them) but I don’t eat palak paneer as I m allergic 2 palak so I m happy with my noodles
A soon as kunj heard this he was not some what confirmed that she is his childhood twinkle as she too was allergic 2 palak n kunj made an excuse from the dining area n left the room
K :Aahh Twinkle may I know wheres the washroom??
T : Yaa its in first room left..(directing him)
K : Okay thanks…
Kunj purposely did this so that he can get some more clues regarding twinkles identity n he entered her room which was beautifully decorated by baby pink curtains along with some bluish beadsheets suddenly his eyes fell on a cute photoframe he was dazed n got super excited..yes it was twinkles n kunjs childhood pic. Now it was confirm kunj was on cloud 9,10….1000 coz finally he has found his twinkle..he wanted 2 run n give a bone crushing hug to twinkle but his chain of thoughts were broken with the sound of some1 clapping.
He turned behind n was surprised 2 see twinkle clapping…he had seen her many times but 2day it was totally different he had tears in his eyes.

T : I must say Mr Kunj Sarna u r smart enough. I guess tumahare ghar me kisi ke room ko washroom kahte hai.(clapping)
K : (completely confused) N.oo nothing like that but..
T : (interrupting) anyways but don’t give me those mixed n confused looks n btw I was not teasing u n tum literally smart ho but I m smater that u …u took so much time 2 recognize ur twinkle (winks him)
K : Kunj understood that twinkle knew that he was his kunj but had no words to reply..
T : Hands up mister kunj saran u r now trapped in my plan.
Bara mulkho ke police tumahare peeche padi hai aur tum ghoom phir kar mere he jaal me phas gaye (imitating the act)
Kunj!!! Tum aabhi tak nahi samjhe..it was all a plan the The Kunj Sarna the world famous business tycoon got trapped in Twinkle Tanejas plan n explains him every thing..
Twinkle tried hard 2 find the phone number of luthras n find kunj but the orphanage didn’t give her any of the info . 2 months ago twinkle n mahi went 2 their hometown Amritsar without informing rt n his lovely wife…there twinkle somehow managed 2 get the number. After reaching goa she tried the number n it was received by uv. She informed him everything n he promised her 2 help her meet kunj.They planned everything n started working on it. Uv convinced Kunj 2 go for a swimming training n further everything was planned except that drowning act…lol ; )

T : literally kunj u took my breath away by ur act 2day…but tumhe kya pata maine kitni mehnat ki hai tumhe pane ke liye (having teary eye)
Meanwhile kunj had no words 2 speak so he jut hugged her..it was a passionate 1 both having tears in their eyes..both njoying their touch..it was like heaven for them.They wanted this moment 2 never end..to freeze. They loved their presence but suddenly kunj broke the hug n sai..
K : Twinkle r u out of ur mind…(angrily ) how could u do this 2 me. U were knowing this since past 2 months n that uv I will not spare him he was also involved in this n btw ur full proof plan..go hell with it. U know I missed u every single day every single night. I had a feeling that I betrayed u by not informing u before leaving but u….(it was not his anger but actually he was completely blank n was not knowing how 2 react in this situation)
Before he could continue he felt a soft lips on his which made him melt but actually was just a peck given by twinkle 2 him. He was in shock but his heart was dancing like hell. He wanted that touch of those lips again
T : (after giving him the peck) Kitna bolte ho Sadu thoda aaram bhi de diya karo varna log kya bolenge..(in a teasing manner)
K : (ignoring her words he was lost in her but composes himself after coming into reality) btw what did u do just a minute ago (arms crossed n teasing her)
T : (blushes) what..what did I do??? Oohhh that …that was a kiss n now don’t tell me that u don’t know what is a kiss afterall it is possible in ur case as ur r my sadu..
K : now u don’t tell me ki u call this as s kiss (leaning forward) Kiss he karna hai aapne handsome kunj ko to let me tell u ki kiss aase karte hai.

Saying this he kissed twinkle on her lips..firstly she was a bit shocked but later gave in..they shared a passionate liplock which contained their pain of 5 years love n most importantly their togetherness .
It was a short n cute one. After that they smiled n shared a hug again…but as always they were disturbed (guys its like a ritual in our shows to spoil a passionate romance..lol)
U : kya bhai pyar milte he mujhe bhul gaya(What bro after gtting ur luv u forgot ur brother) n made a puppy face.
Kunj ran n hugged uv n thanked him..all were happy n shared cute moments but our couple were lost in each others eyes..

*******Screen freezes on their happy faces*******

Hello happy people n thanks a lot for ur support n btw did u like the episode??
N I wanted 2 apologize pali, sweetie, crazy,akanksha , ridhima n ritzy how can I forget u but I must say u rocked ur episodes…n apology for not commenting but trust me I read I all..luv u all.
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N sorry for late update…

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