Opposite Attract’s..Perfect Two (Tashan e Ishq) episode 4


Hiii every1…with ur support I m proceeding forward for my 4 episode.
All r ready for a new session to start I mean their swimming training to start
T : So boys r u ready for the session (fully boosted up) n let me tell u that 2day no more exercise session as its day 2nd of our training so this day we r gonna make our way 2wards ur swimming ie ….water (hell excited)
Mahi guided uv but he seemed much more interested in mahi than swimming so he just made his way following her as an obedient student…lol. But there was some1 who was hell afraid that currently…at that moment he not even bothered to pay attention 2 what his trainer twinkle was guiding him…just the fear was all over his face. Twinkle noticed it n thought..
T : (in her mind) OMG!!!this sadu saran is afraid oh sorry sorry he is hell afraid. I must say 2day I have seen his new side but its fun 2 see him such..(she was smiling)
Now twinkle tried to comfort him but he was not at all paying attention 2 her words he was just lost in his….. fear. So twinkle gave a pat on his hand.
T : Sadu where r u lost??? come fast I have 2 teach u swimming u know n for that we have 2 enter water n that also u know so come lets proceed..see that uv to mahi ke pyaar me aabhi se lattu banke bina dare seekh raha h..(grabbing his hand)
K : (hell afraid but a bit comfortable from twinkles PJ) ye..eess co..ome na for ww..hom u r waiting I m re..eady(stammering)
Twinkle realizes his fear which reminds her of something n she gets teary eyes

Twinkle visited orphanage 2 meet kunj
T : kunj chall na for whom r u waiting…u promised me that 2day we will go near the lake n will have fun n now like a darpok u r afraid
K : nahi na twinkle who said that I m aaf..fraid…I m not okay n I m a bit busy 2day so we can try for someother day n waise bhi lake kaha bhaga jaa raha h yahi to pass me hai na so we will visit later..oh..okay bye (he rushed 2wards the garden with twinkle following her)
Kunj said all this in one breath coz he was afraid n wanted 2 ignore this plan
T : (making a puppy face) okay baba don’t be afraid I wont tell u 2 visit there again.(becomes sad)
Kunj realizes this n they agrees 2 go with twinkle..initially he was afraid but seeing twinkles happiness he accompanied her n they enjoyed a lot..

Twinkle comes back 2 her senses in thought 2 trouble kunj..
T : Sadu r u afraid..
K : immediately said no..noways
T : so why r u sweating (indicating 2wards his wetty face) (funny tone plays in bg)
K : (immediately whipping his sweat n composing himself) hello no 1 is sweating n btw miss do u know what…u r a bad trainer n don’t know 2 comfort ur students(in anger n a bit teasing)
T : ( her face was just like 😮 ..lol) how dare u 2 say like that n btw I m not at all interested in arguing with any1 n especially with u so lets began.

As earlier se handled kunj n started her training n also prevented him from panicking for her soothing words which made kunj remember the same childhood incident n he started considering her as twinkle n was mesmerized in her (agar tum saath ho from tamasha plays in bg). Twinkle at the call of mahi came out of water but kunj was njoying his state..his memories n yeah ofcourse d training. The feeling of twinkles presence made the world more lively for his which earlier was dead in his heart.
The day sut was going 2 set. The bright sun seemed 2 appear much more brighter than any day. It seemed that the bright sun n the twinkling sea were merging n r never gonna leave each other..the atmosphere seemed much more romantic coz kunjs heart was dancing in happiness : )

The feeling of the presence of his only luv of life…his twinkle made him insane n he just never wanted this moment 2 end…
Coz it was evening the waves were higher n wild. The rush on the beach started disappearing restricted with few accompanied with these 4. When twinkle returned she found kunj nowhere. She was hell afraid n suddenly her eye fell on kunj who has cover quite a more distance from the shore unaware of wordly matters..even his existence….
Suddenly a huge wave made its way towards the shore which made hypnotized kunj disappear. During this time twinkle was trying hard to reach to kunj..the wave was a great hinderance for her. Kunj was nowhere 2 be seen when her eyes fell on a drowning hand pleading for help. She gather all the energy n made her way 2 rescue kunj. After her dire hardwork she was finally successful on reaching the shore with unconscious kunj by her side. She laid him down but…
But Wait a minute…why is he not responding her. She even cant call any1 as it was almost dark n isolated. She tried all her tactics but all in vain…A thought flashed her mind that what if he is dead but she prevented her from thinking so..
T : No…no nothing can happen 2 kunj (she thinks) Kunj plzzz I request u open ur eyes…I will never accuse u n yeah u were correct that I m not at all a god trainer….aagar aasa hota to tumahari yeah halat nahi hoti..its all becoz of me…( she was behaving like an insane…like its her own childhood kunj. She doesn’t know d reality but she can sense the connection) (crying vigorously )
Left with no option she decided 2 give mouth 2 mouth respiration n gave it. After few seconds he coughed but twinkle didn’t realize it n again bend down 2 do it again n she did it without even seeing the conscious kunj .
N this side kunj was looking at her with mixed expressions (shock, love, care n a dilemma that why the hell I m not stopping her but anyways was enjoying the touch of her soft lips)

Meanwhile twinkle saw kunj conscious n her happiness was on her peak n she hugged him tight…a passionate one : )
The knew each other for just few hours but can feel a bond..a connection which resisted them 2 break the hug
Finally they broke the hug ..awkwardness surrounded them n they got up..
K : (being guilty)look twinkle it was not my intention but don’t know how I was not in my senses but look u saved me n I m perfectly alright(smiling)
Twinkle too smiled at him n meanwhile uhi approached them
Y : hey whats the matter u both look tensed even till now u both haven’t changed???
K : n where were u?? I was going to die(n explained the whole incident)
Y : OMG have u lost ur mind ??? n we went to change up as we were done with our training n btw mahi informed twinkle.
K : (I mind) oh so this made twinkle leave me alone n go but anyways not I have to boost up their mood)
K : bhai tum dono saath me gaye the change karne??(teasing)
Which made every1 laugh n uv gave a hard pat on kunjs shoulder
K: now lets go uv as its too late. It would take an hour 2 reach n plus this weather will make it difficult 2 drive.
Twinkle thought of something of something n..
T : if u guys don’t mind then u can come to our house. N yes sadu saran it is not big bit cool enough that it wont hurt Mr KUNJ SARNA’S standard..(teasing n with a grin on his face)
Uv gave his approval within a second n requested him
U : bhai chall na plzz aur vaise bhi raat bahut ho chuki h n it will be dangerous if we at this time as u know the way covers a dangerous gang
This made kunj think n hence he approved….
Screen freezes at their happy faces

Precap : A night at mahi n twinkles house….
Kunj 2 realize twinkles identity…
Twinj moments…

So guys I m done with my 4th episode n btw did u like it????
N friends in coming episodes there will be various emotional, happy, romantic, horror n obviously comedy moments
So stay turned n 1 more thing I m gonna post next episode on Monday so guys plzz spare me for 1 day delay
Luv u all..
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Hey every1 its Sid’s birthday…. Wishing him a very HAPPY WALA BIRTHDAY… they even might not be knowing that we their fans cookup such fan fictions which is better than their usual tracks…lol ; p
But anyways Keep Loving..

Credit to: Shatakshi

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