Opposite Attract’s..Perfect Two (Tashan e Ishq) episode 3


AS we all know that smile is a curve that makes everything straight n also a weapon 2 hide our fear too. Same story is with our twinkle she too has a darker side like many of them has..so lets see what is it…

TWINKLE…TWINKLE TANEJA the only daughter of Leela n RT Taneja was born on 21st march 1994. A very rich family n contended too was the world she used to live in. Leela a loving mother nurtured her n provided her with everything. Her happiness always laid in her only daughter…twinkle. But to a complete contradiction was her relationship with her father. Being a great businessman in India as well as around he had a narrow mindness which reflected in his n twinkles relationship as she was a daughter…a girl. H always used 2 curse her but becoz he loved leela for her happiness he accepted the fact n moved on.

Time flew like a monsoon breeze n now our twinkle is 3. Carrying the same glitter in her eyes, innocence n most importantly had a loving nature alike 2day. But again as good things don’t last long, same happened with our princess..her life which was similar to a fairy land is now upside down within a fraction of second after the death of her beloved mother…leela. It
was a start of a second phase of her life or rather worst than any1 can imagine. Her father..only support blamed her for the death of her beloved mother Leela considering her as a bad omen. Everything was shattered when rt remarried with the elder daughter of the owner of a huge firm. Her name was Tanaya Malhotra…Taneja.

Within a year they were gifted with a lovely daughter n they named her Mahi Taneja. Again rt was unhappy with it but didn’t revealed it before his rich wife becoz she was a mere source of his lush, wealthy life. Tanaya was never interested in her own daughter then what mercy will she show on twinkle. They used to torture her..harass her n even treated her as a maid for her daily kitty parties. All this was observed by Mahi who every night used 2 console her .
Days passed n both girls grown up consoling each other. Each day was a challenge for them. They never acquainted with love..parents love.they became the strength n support which made they even stronger. Many a times circumstances were against them n no future was even visible, the only thing which was visible was a DEAD END. After completing their studies Mahi some how managed 2 convince their parents to shift Goa. Finally they escaped from Amritsar, so called Parents n most importantly their hell life. They now started a completely new life. Swimming trainers was just a means through which they can change their present n ofcourse a dreadful past. They were living in a small house near 2 beach n financially they were independent.
(guys there is an important part in her life which is rather most beautiful from her past but just few minutes to reveal)

Being so open minded n crazy is not only a medium 2 overcome her past but to excel herself.
KUNJ…KUNJ SARNA a cool happy go lucky boy lived with his loving parents Manohar n Usha Sarna n a younger brother Yug Sarna. They were an epitome of a perfect family. Though they were wealthy but money never came in between their love. But as we know rich ppl have money correspondingly the number of rivals n in this case Surjeet Sarna was the one. When kunj was 8 his parents n yug died in a plane crash.His life was shattered. No 1 was there 2 console him. His uncle (surjeet) overtook all his empire, firm n wealth. He was left with nothing n surjeet made his way 2 an orphanage where he found his only friend Yuvraj n her….

Now kunj have completely changed. His life revolved only around his aim, uv n her…A girl approx of his age or a bit younger used 2 visit that orphanage frequently. In time they became friends n later it turned into Love in no time. 2 represent their love, respect, friendship n trust they made a tattoo of Infinity on their hand. Kunj even didn’t told this 2 Uv.
Days went passing on. Both have emerged a strong feeling for each other. Twinkle(I know u might have guessed it earlier yes the girl is twinkle) used 2 share everything about her family..their torture n an crucial support Mahi n same does Kunj. But 1 day when twinkle came 2 meet kunj he was nowhere. After inquiring about him she came 2 know that he has been adopted by Luthras (yeah its Uv n his family) she tried 2 contact them but all in vain.
Meanwhile mahi n twinkle too escaped from Chandigarh n came 2 goa. There was not a single day when they didn’t missed each other.

Twinkle was only the reason for which kunj used 2 maintain distance from every1 or rather can say form girls. He knew that some or the other day they will meet..their destiny will make them together. It was his believe on his love n same with twinkle.
They met many kunj’s n twinkle’s but not the 1 they were frantically searching maybe this was the reason they didn’t reacted much during their introduction. N btw the perfect guy Twinkle used 2 search was none other than kunj .
But time has made a drastic change in them. One in achieving his aims, lost himself n other in overcoming her past found herself with an emptiness within her…in her heart.

The 2nd day of their training..
Here boys have already reached but girls u know r late. Suddenly kunj see twinkle from a distance n fumes in anger.
K : (2 uv) Here they r n just look at her she is chilling over there with her potential boyfriends.(super hyper)
Meanwhile twinkle reached their n heard his conversation
T : (extremely angry) What The Hell u think of ur self Mr Sadu Sarna…. Haa. N wait a minute u r a famous businessman so it doesn’t mean that u will boast ur self…n btw we r only (looking 2wards her warch)4 minutes 32 seconds late(rolling her eyes n hands crossed)
K : (here kunj was in complete shock n thought that how can some1 blabber 2 this extend n that too in single breath but something stopped him maybe when she was accusing him his eyes went on the symbol of infinity. At first he was super excited that he even didn’t paid much attention on her anger but in next second a thought popped in his mind that this siyappa queen can never be his twinkle coz she is so caring, humble n most importantly she never used 2 blabber so much. This thought made him disheartened but managed 2 hide it)
K : (ignoring) (in a mild tone)Jitna dhyan aapne makeup pe karti hai usska 50% bhi punctuality pe deti to yeh haal nahi hota.
T : (As twinkle was near to him so she heard everything) WHAT???…what did u just say??? N makeup n all haa…tum na sadu ke sadu he rahoge.
K : Aur tu siyappa queen …aur ha kya galat bola maine hai to tu MAKEUP KE DUKAN (Teasing her)
T : Tum..tumhe to mai baad me dekhungi but firstly where the hell is mahi n uv..he came with u na???
K : arree he is here only(pointing beside him without noticing that he was not)
T : KAHA???? Kaam karte karte dimag pe assar ho gaya hai kya..(confused)
Kunj found uv not where. All of a sudden twinkle saw uv n mahi flirting with each other . Twinj looked each other n said..
K & T : (together) NOT AGAIN!!!! N starts laughing (funny tune plays in background)
They both go near uhi n started teasing them, afterwards all started laughing. Twinkle stopped n was looking at kunj who was laughing his heart out. She smiles.(Muskurane ke wajaha from citylights plays in background). Kunj notice this n smiles towards her n then realizes what he did n composes himself)

Twinkle thinks that he looks so cute when he is laughing but I can sense a pain in his eyes maybe his life is empty like me…
Kunj thinks that I know she is cute..a siyappa queen n even loud but there is something which is attracting me towards her…this only happened once in my life n that too for twinkle ..my twinkle but what’s happening t me???? No kunj u cant fall for her but I can even not ignore that Infinity…the symbol of my love..our love. I need to find about it…..
Screen freezes on their smiling faces

Precap : Kunjs life in danger..
So guys did u like it????
n don’t be afraid with the precap becoz when twinkle is here why 2 fear..lol : p
n did u like the revelation??? N also trust within 2 episodes twinj will be together but with their tashan.N again a twist is waiting for u. I know 2days episode was not that interesting coz it only included their past but I assure u from next epi for sure there will be twinj scenes. I just wanted 2 end this past section asap so I ended it up in 3 epi only after this we can enjoy twinj n uhi completely.
Again a big thanks to all. Luv u all : *
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