Opposite Attract’s..Perfect Two (Tashan e Ishq) episode 1


Thanks a lot guys of ur support…i know d intro was not catchy n this might be d reason for less number of comments but thats okay i promise 2 make it interesting as its my 1 attempt. Special thanks 2 sanam,lovleen,chandra n crazy…literally speaking u people made my day.
keep commenting.
N 1 more thing the location of this ff is goa.
so lets start.

Its morning
A small figure is visible cuddling on a bed when some is shouting at he
mahi : “Twinkle yaar its too much u promised me that 2day we will spend some time on beach n have lots of fun but just look at ur self busy in ur beauty sleep.”
twinkle : (wakes up immediately) oh..sorry mahi but dont worry just give me 10 min to freshen up then…..
mahi : (interrupting)then we will have fun n btw beach pe to bahut saare hot boys honge na how can i forget that i m single(smiling naughtily)
twinkle : yeah u r right(smiling)

The screen shifts to a big mansion where in a room a sculpted figure is appearing busy in his laptop(guys obviously its our hero Kunj)
just then uv enters his room
Uv : hey bro u know yesterday we had lot of fun in that party..there were many hot girls but how can i forget that ur only love of life is ur work..(irritated)
Kunj : yuvraj!!! firstly u know that i m not interested in ur so called hot girls n secondly i m gonna surprise u 2day that we r going 2 beach n have fun there atleast it is a better past time than having fun with those girls
Uv : R u serious!! like u..we r going 2 beach. Bro u me me amazed 2day
Kunj : yeah i m in a good mood n as u know that from past few weeks my schedule was very hectic so just for some refreshment
Uv : chall jaldi chalte hai n wait…
Kunj : aab kya hua uv
Uv : i have a plan(super excited)
Kunj : aab mujhe bhi bolega ke aase he confuse karega (giving a confused look)
Uv : sun to bhai as we know 2day is sunday n u r mostly free this week then lets have some fun by attempting n trying new things(sounding a bit excited)
Kunj : haa its a good plan but what can we do on beach
Uv : yaar bhai u r a big dumbo we can do things that we have never done like..(expecting the answer)
kunj : …like swim..ming(nervously)
uv : yess(hugging him) u r right
Kunj : (nervous) uv u know na that i m afraid of water so ho.w c..can i
Uv : chill bro i know it n even u know that i m not a swimmer so why chant we try something new????
Kunj : but…
Uv : before he could say anything uv says i know so its final n winks at kunj who is dead afraid

screen shifts 2 beach where our hot girls r wearing their swimming costumes(not exactly bur which gave them a descent look)
twinkle is wearing a cute baby pink color suit with her bun styled hair n twinkling eyes which glaysed d whole environment n how can we forget our dear mahi wearing a bluish suit which made her sculpted body just perfect
both were just glaring the people around n enjoying d fresh atmosphere
meanwhile our boys also arrived with a trouser n a t shirt making them look cool n dashing
just then twinkle said to mahi who was busy in flirting with boys
Twinkle: mahi tu bhi na kahi bhi shuru ho jati h. n just look at d atmosphere its just so refreshing n wait i m going to eat bhutta(roasted corn)
uv : u go i will catch u later(naughtily)

here uv has the same story like mahi n kunj leaves him behind to have a walk
Suddenly he bangs with a girl n they both fall(guys u all might have guessed till now)
girl : (clearing her dirt on her dress) hey r u crazy cant u see ppl arnd u(angrily without noticing him)
boy : (just looking at her) dont tell me its my fault..tumahari aakhe hai ya button(in an angry tone)
twinkle : (still on ground) okay fine..but it was 50-50 get that(feeling a bit guilty)
kunj : (getting up n noticing her) its fine n he gives a hand to her
Twinkle takes it a get up n starts moving but suddenly turns back n takes a look
twinkle(in mind) : he is hot..but not of my type(in a flirting way)n goes from there
kunj didnt noticed it n went from there(as u all know he is so boring n least interested in girls)

Precap : kunj n uv meets their swimming trainer n kunj is shocked to see….
some nok joks of twinj..
luv at first sight for uv..


guys did u like this episode????
its ur support which made me write it..so thank u guys
i m thinking 2 decrease the no of epi n increase the fun n romance
also special thanks to salma,harna,twinj fan(tamanna),zayb_zikra literally guys thank u sooooo very much
keep commenting
keep commenting
lots of luv

Credit to: Shatakshi

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  1. Gud naa..
    update soon.

    1. Thanks a lot jingle Jan…BTW I like ur name its good…keep commenting☺☺

  2. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    again an amazing episode….waiting for next epi…

    1. Thanks twinj fan(tamanna) n surely by 2morrow it would be updated as I m looking forward to something new…n sorry for making u all wait till 2morrow..n keep supporting?

  3. Woooooooooooooooooow d epi was jus osmmmmmmmm loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon plzzzzz n one more thing ur story lines r jus amazing luv u

    1. Zayb zakir thank u sooooo very much…keep supporting??

  4. Loved it yrr…..

    1. Thank u akankhya…u all made my day…thanks a lot??

  5. Wow next episode fast

    1. Sure Sam by 2morrow it will be posted…n thanks for the support

  6. it was really awzm dear….but can u tell me how can I get this in a single link?
    I just luv twinj….they really rockzz

    1. Firstly asna thanks a lot of liking it…n secondly I m sorry coz I m new 2 this page n I m not familiar with it…can someone acquainted with it can help us plzzzz…BTW thanks for commenting

  7. Awesome epi waiting for the next part please post it soon

    1. Thank u soooo very much salma n I’ll be posting it soon

  8. amazing yaar!!keep it up

    1. Harna thank u soooo very much??

  9. amazing yaar keep writing..

    1. Thanks loveleen…n BTW I m waiting for ur ff….anyways keep supporting☺☺

  10. Really nice start .. loved it

    1. Sanam thanks a lot…lots of love… Keep commenting??

  11. awesome strt ….. keep going …

    1. Thanks panchi ☺☺

  12. it is too good . loved it sooooooooooooooo much . continue .

    1. Thank u chandra ..will try hard to make it much better…keep supporting???

  13. Awesome start…..waiting for next part…..luv u….

    1. Thanks rashmi verma..I’ll post it by 2morrow…keep commenting …lots of luv??

  14. thnk u so much for replying dear.. I really didn’t expect ur rply….ur wrtng skill is really amazing dear…I juz luvd it….

    1. Thank u again asna …lots of luv..n sorry again that I was unable to help u earlier☺☺

  15. its awesommeeeee dear…..keep writing…sry for the late comment

    1. Thanks a lot aakanksha ☺☺

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