Opposite Attracts part 8

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Many things happened in these three months first thing is swara has bonded with laksh adi and sitama very well then she got bit matured in the sense she started to know how to take responsibilities she become a perfect indian daughter in law but haven’t lost her bubbliness and how can we forget our sweet sanskrit he is almost 11 months and started learning how to walk sanskrit and swara has bonded really well there bond is same like mother and son how can we forget sanskar swara and sanskar have started becoming friends.



I dont believe it 3 months have passed since the time i have come over here I got really attached with all the people living over here Laksh is my best friend cum crime patner and Adi he is cute boy but let me tell you once he become comfortable you will see his real colors haha anyway i dont mind it then my sweet baby Sanskrit he is cute angle send from heaven but let me tell you this angle have lot of tantrums i dont know but I feel some sort of bond with him I still can’t forget that day when he called me ma i can’t describe that feeling though inspector tried to stop him but i didnt want him to stop sanskrit. Now inspector i mean Sanskar he has started getting comfortable with me i feel though we haven’t become very good friends but still. Now the main thing i have changed a lot i mean for example right now I am wearing a sari actually today Sitama has kept puja today so yeah the main thing I have learned cooking and I am a pretty good cook you know if someone whould have said three months ago that i whould have become this responsible i whould have laughed on his face. Now i understood what Dida and Sitama meant that I whould learn to be responsible. “BHABI” ” BHABI COME FAST I AM NOT GETTING ANYTHING ” aah this people can never improve just now i arranged there things and they still can’t find it.


Swara: coming baba wait for a minute now tell what happened Laksh why are you shouting so loudly

Laksh(standing infront of mirror and adjusting his hairs): bhabhi i can’t find my watch where is it

Swara (keeping hand on her waist): what is on the table

Laksh: opps I am sorry

Adi( carrying sanskrit in his arms): bhabhi see him he is destroying my hairstyle.

Laksh(worrily): how am i looking bhabi do i need to put anything

Swara (catching sanskrit in her arms): no need to put anything you are looking handsome by the way laksh why are you so suddenly concerned about your looks as far as i remember you don’t care about your looks right.

Adi (smirking): why not bhabhi now he needs to look after his looks because someone special will also be comming.

Swara: what omg who is she and why haven’t you told me laksh

Laksh (blushing?): bhabi nothing like this adi will simply say something i dont like any girl

Adi (smirking): but when did I say you like a girl i told someone special is coming i meant your boss he is special person right as he give you salary every month bhabi did i say anything wrong.

Swara: adi you didn’t say anything wrong but (catching laksh’s ear) he surely did wrong acha leave all that tell me who is that girl

Laksh (looking here and there): woh bhabi i will tell you in the party. Now go and see bhai where is he we are getting late.

Swara: ok you people go i will be coming.

Laksh: jaldi ana we are waiting in the car

Swara left to Sanskar room.


Sanskar room

Swara saw Sanskar near the mirror trying to put broach. She went near him and took broach in her hands.

Swara: seriously inspector ji you can not put a simple broach

Sanskar: woh i dont like this stuff and all you keep this on table we will leave now.

Swara: wait

She held his hand took him infront of mirror and stood infront of him and kept her hand on his heart both looked into each other and swara started putting broach on him but soon her trance broke because of sanskar voice

Sanskar (rubbing his chest): aah be carefull

Swara(rubbing her hand on his chest) : sh*t I am so sorry

Sanskar (caught her hand): its ok lets leave now.

Both left…….


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