Opinions needed!!!!!! Do comment.

Opinions Needed!!!!!!!

Friends, I am already writing a ff on ShivIka and considering its length, I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to stretch it as it would take away the rawness of my story. While studying a thought came to my mind that I better ask my readers what they want from me after I’m done with I Ain’t Sorry. You people I think have loved this story and it is equally dear to me. There would be just some more updates and all of them would be short. I know I’m asking early……but there’s a reason…..I’ve so many things to do after my entrances that I won’t be able to ask for your opinions. So do tell me which one is suitable:
1. Another ShivIka story….I would be able to think about it but only after my exams hehe….I am die hard ShivIka fan…..and I think I would be able to weave in a new one too.
2. Ishkara story: I love the ishkara pairing as theirs was a rare one…..but my take on it would be a bit different….so need your support my readers….
3. A Rumya ff: Frankly I love Rumya too, but I have not followed their story as religiously as ShivIka’s…..I might be a bit bad in it….yeah I got an example of that…..hehe I fell off laughing from my chair when I saw I got very less comments in it…My Rumya OS….hehe and am still laughing….omg I think I shouldn’t try writing a Rumya story ever hehe…..

Now my friends….tell me what you people want me to write…..Choose among any three of them….I’m sorry RiKara fans….I don’t follow DBO….and would honestly won’t be able to write anything on them….my decision would be based on your opinions….so do comment and let me know of your choices….And my silent readers….don’t shy away from commenting…as your opinions do matter for me…..

Dear readers, here’s the link to my chapters and OS….read them and take a stand and let me know of it….I’m waiting for your answers…..
Lots of Bhalobasha,

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  1. AMkideewani

    IshKara all the way dear, I love their chemistry

  2. Ria

    Considering myself to be more of a ShivIka fan, I’d be voting for a ShivIka story, but would preferably suggest you to go with the majority. ?

  3. Please write on rumya!! Not many write on that! They are one of the cutest couple who arent provided much attention onscreen

    1. AditiB

      read my Rumya OS then dear and tell me how’s it…coz I seriously don’t know if I wud be able to pull it off…

  4. Fenil


  5. N.M

    i think u should start a new ff which will even refresh u, as u love shivika u should go for it because u can write it more freely and happily and u will be quite comfortable while writing it

  6. Ashlyn.G

    Shivika’s chemistry is just unbeatable,so I think u can go for shivika

  7. Jerry_36

    Hey Aditi !! You are ending it. Feeling bad. But if you could write another story then it could be on Shivika. There is no pressure as I like them the most but if you want then proceed another story of them. I really love the way you write so desperately wanted something from you and as I am a Shivika fan I want you to write on them☺

  8. Sanjanagarg

    Please write on rumya…..

  9. Aarti32

    Ishkara n Rumya..I’m ever-ready to read their story?

  10. Ahaana

    plzz shivika story… plzzz

  11. Ashlyn.G

    Shivika’s chemistry is just unbeatable,so I think u can go for shivika

  12. Ishuyamjha

    Di shivika or rumya as i am a dieheart fan of them

  13. Gayathri.visu

    Shivika please…….

  14. Khushilovesroumya

    I would say rumya.But I am also fine with ishkara.

  15. Niriha

    Shivika story dear….

  16. Yashu

    Pls IshKara

  17. I am a DHF of ishkara so i wud wish u write for it
    I am missing them badly

  18. Amayaa

    Shivika Rumya nd ishkara
    I prefer trio in a single ff with Shivika as de centre Nd have a fresh story. ………??…….

  19. ShivIka IshKara RuMya in theenoki likhiye.
    Agar theenoki nahi tho IshKara RuMya ki likhiye.ShivIka tho show pe bhi dekhne milengi but IshKara aur RuMya ko bahuth miss kar rahi hai tho please RuMya IshKara ka ff likho.

    I think aapko IshKara RuMya ka likhna chaahiye.


  20. Nila

    shivika plz

  21. Neha_Pheonix

    I am cool with anything…would love to read your story..Kindly PM me the links once it is posted..Love ya!

  22. Omg i really loved Ur work ! I wud love to read more of ur works.. Be it shivika or ishkara or rumya!!

  23. Lasyashree.10

    Ishkaraaaaaaaa…… ishkaaarararararaa

  24. ManyaPV5

    I agree with Amayaa and prefer you to write on trio Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya.

  25. Haridhra

    Di a small request I luved ur Pre ff so much that I can’t get over it so I hope u would give a fair ending to it n I’m madly in love with Shivika so I suggest u to write a new story on them .. But u can go with the majority becoz Frankly speaking I love all the 3 couples n I would love to read any of their story from u ..So waiting 4 it n also All the best 4 ur exams .. I know u will do them in a kidkitod way..??

  26. Hey aditi! You have written amazing stories on shivika.
    And I myself am a die hard fan of shivika…
    You can write on it.

  27. Nita D

    I am a die hard shivika fan so I vote for that but u can go with the majority….

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