Opinion on JNDSD current nd future track..

GuYzZz… helloooo..this is Aami but this time I’m here to know ur opinions on current nd future track of Jaana Na Dilse Door.

We all know that the show started with warmth nd homeliness. The fights nd slowly budding love story, confession nd romance of ViTharv was all perfect…but this love story was completely turned over by Kailash nd then a new family was introduced..The Vashishts… Vividha got married to Ravish…Ravish is later revealed to be Atharv’s step brother…the homely ViTharv love story then had terrorism nd all stuffs…Now after a long tym we have ViTharv romance..the recovery journey has begun…..but as in today’s episode Ravish felt..even I feel Atharv is acting. What do u feel? But why will he act?? Is he feeling that he is a hurdle in his brother’s life?? Is he repaying his brother by sacrificing his love??.. Even Ravish is too good…he has done so much for Atharv….I want ViTharv unison and I want someone to be introduced opposite Ravish… Who do u think will be the end couple?? ViTharv or RaVidha???? Plzzzzzzzzz tell it opinions through comments…


  1. Sweety

    I think its Vitharv. Just becoz vivi doesn’t love ravish. Without love there is no mrg. Last end will be the Vitharv

  2. preethi

    As vithrav said they live together or die together.during her marriage time she should have told her father kill us together.no need to involve in marriage.and their story ends with them no need of dragging someone else in their life and make his life hell.truelove means not only live together but sacrifice too.as u involved marriage it would be good to move on in that.her efforts are appreciable in getting back him to normal .I felt it should be ravidha.

  3. suresh

    It should be ravidha.the thing that touched my heart in this serial is that a husband supporting her wife to go back to her love .he too loves his wife and instead of his happiness he gave priority to her happiness.that s the truelove.

  4. ramya

    title itself sounds like there is separation.though they separated they remain in each other hearts by any means like a friend,wellwisher.etc etc but not as husband or lover .thenonly title will be matched. Whoever may be the endgame no problem.

  5. shifa shaikh

    It should be vividha n atharv…..n introduce a new girl to ravish…..though ravish loves vividha but……in his case its a love sided love…..n in vitharv case its two sided……n evn d main leads r vitharv oly…….so it shud be vitharv…..thnkuu….

  6. esha

    Only Vitharva is what we want.If they are not united,the show will never justify its theme.Love should win against all odds.Kailash’s intentions should not win.Accepted Ravish is very good person so he deserves agirl who loves him.So,introduce a new girl.Let Vitharva be together.No sacrifice dramas please

  7. sai

    Guys afraid of commenting in fag page .plz do not react I am commenting through experience of my life.i literally saw the situation that somewhat similar In a way that loving one someone marrying someother.after marrying also she is longing for old love like vividha.on one day her husband came to of that I think after 10 days of marriage then he immediately killed her lover .he did nt think of convincing her for at least one-time.i literally find no words to describe her lover character .actually he wanted to die when he came to know that he is going to lose her but for his mothers and sisters sake he decided to move on in life.because he had no father that family solely runs on him.he is an iit student and he was in good place and he decided to not interested in her life again.but wt her husband did with him I must say that most of the husband’s are like that only.now her life became hell and her husband in jail.wt the use .by seeing that I felt if truly loves someone dieing together is far better if there is no chance of living together .plz directors I request u stop showing nonsense which do nt exist in real life.once u involved marriage in a love story then end it up with marriage don’t think of going back to love again. its up to u who ever may be endgame.my sincere request is pass some good message to society that’s all.

  8. Aarti

    Ravidha should be end game.it will not only eliminate all illusions or fear of vaishist family.but also respect marriage and it’s rituals.moreover as title suggest even if they don’t united,their love remains in their hearts.so best end game would be ravidha.moreover any one can get lover like athrav but not husband like ravish..
    So support I’ve,sacrifising,loveable.

  9. Kal

    I want vitharv to unite.. I think ravish will play a bad role at the end.. He will try to poison vividha mind against atharv.. I think atharv is acting now for ravish.. As ravish loves vividha.. Atharv wants to make vividha fed up of him, and to decide he will never recover.. So that she decides to live with ravish again.. But I am sure that vividha would never be fed up of atharv which leaves atharv with no choice but to give up and act normal.. This is according to me.. Love vitharv.. Forever love <3 <3 <3

  10. amrutha

    I too damn confused with that dialogue we will live together or die together then y not vividha chose death instead of marrying ravish.anyway I wish it should be ravida at the end

  11. xyz

    Vitharv and only vitharvvv. If they unite ravi dha then it will be cheating towards viewers.the director and producer already said that this is the story of vividha & atharv on launching ceremony. That is love &empowerment.so we want vitharv only.vitharvvvvvvvvvvvv

  12. Akansha

    Thrs no qstn…ofcrz vitharv…more votes goes to vitharv..nt ravidha n nw its ur choice that whom make max vitharv or min ravish n vivi..

  13. Karan

    Ok…..there r many asking y Vividha did not choose death instead of marriage?

    Here is your answer…..she wanted life for a Atharv and not death and so she made a deal with her father that she was ready to do anything in exchange for his life. Kk uses this threat and got her hooked onot Ravish in marriage = which is death for her.so my friends she choose 2 die in exchange for Atharv’s life.

    What did her father/ Brother do??? They let Atharav live but did enough damage to let him live like a mentally challenged person. That is NOT A FAIR DEAL …..so Y should Vividha keep any promises.

    My opinion final is Vividha and Atharva…..together forever alive or dead preferably alive and happy with no obstacles …..but together.

  14. Uma

    Hi all, I too wish it should be Ravidha. Stop showing marriage as a joke. It’s not just MS ( black bead chain) and sindor (red powder) its more than that. As per vividha dialog live together and die together, but no she didn’t do it instead made a deal with her father and spoiled broke Ravish and a mother’s hope.
    There is no difference between Kailash and vividha, kk spoiled atharv’s life for his own motive and vividha soiled Ravish life for her motive.

    I strongly support for ravidha only.

    • Bhanu

      Hii, Firstly vivi doesn’t love ravish. Mrg life long relationship and ur ravida fans want that ravish lives with that girl she doesn’t give love to him life long. Mrg made with love not with the ms and sindoor that u talking about. He deserves good girl. Vithrav only

  15. Uma

    Hi my dear friend Karan, stop justifying vividha, she had many chances to back off from the marriage but she didn’t, Even uma asked her to move out off this marriage as marriage are done by heart and not by deal, but vividha was adamant like her father Kk and also she sai that she whats to know where her fate and destiny take her to, so Ravish is her destiny.

    Please I’m my not against love, I’m just against the illogical track. If she had to fight for her atharv against any odds I would have really be happy but she choose the wrong option of marrying Ravish, this is giving wrong message to all the viewers, so just get ur love u can go to any extend even get married and break that marriage… Wow wow what a thought… Sorry I’m against it. I have seen many love marriages where they really go through a lot of odds but still they fight and marry their loved ones not just what vividha does it.

    Please CVS even though it’s a daily soap but don’t ever give wrong message it will spoil many younger life.

    It’s humble request from all ravidha fans.

  16. Balu

    It’s like an Korean series
    Atharva vividha loves 130 episode
    Now ravish added he loves vividha for 100 episode then later Snehal Pandey will be entry Snehal Pandey loves Atharva another 100 episode but always Atharva vividha loves
    Then finally vitharv Jodi united

  17. Joe

    Only vitharv.. How many times people planed to kill atharv.. They taught if atharv died vividha move on with ravish vividha never do thiz.. Stry starts with vitharv popular with Vitharv.. Nd ends with also Vitharv..

  18. aisha

    pl$sssssssssssssssssssssssss donot change trach only vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    what is the name in title it may also mean that vividha atharva will unite after all difficulties and then refferef to as jana na dil se door as after so many difficulties on both of their hearts their remain same for each other I could not use accurate word as I can be shown or we can say inhe bayan nahi kar sakte so plsssssssssssss jana na dil se door=vividhaatharva foreever from where did ravish come in between then


    the end should be vitharv and ravish should be her best friend.the story is about atharv and vividha ……….i like ravish bt love vitharv…….

  20. Sree.....

    Only Vitharv…….
    No-one can replace them. But I truly wish to get a perfect partner for Ravish.
    But,Vitharv =Vitharv, no confusion.

  21. Eswari

    Only ravitha vivitha had lot of chances to stop her marriage. But she did not. If vivitha tells.about her love on that day means ravish definitely help her. Athatv is past of vivi but ravish is present. We should think about present. Vivitha may help atharv to lead a peaceful life with another girl. Marriage is not joke so please unite ravidha ravitha and ravitha only captain is soooooooo good and perfect.

  22. ammu

    VITHARV should unite…iam 100 billion % sure…bcz VITHARV is the soul of jndsd..without soul thr s no any story..they r like shiv-parvathy…love u so much VITHARV…πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ‘«πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  23. Mia

    I agree with uma vivdha has many chance to back off from marriage. Even her mom with her.according to me pyaar ki tagat ka pata bure time pr pata chati h if viv. love atharv truly so she should fight with her father jesa ki atharv ne use shikhya tha halat ka samna karna Na ki usse bhagna but viv. ne fight back karne se jyada jaruri deal krake ek unknown person ki life &emotions ka majak bana diya.& now she show her guts towards her love.

  24. thanvi

    Vithrav fans are saying that she married ravish for saving her love.she has no right to spoil other life.and supporting her that she chose death by marrying.then it should have been good if she dead then y she made ravish life hell and sumans feelings also.
    Marriage a deal for kk and her great daughter vividha but not for all.it should be ravida at any cost.

  25. Suman

    Vitharv is end game. If vividha compromise in marriage, den same history repeats in place of rk vividha will be der . who wants to watch same heart breaking n forced marriages. If they want to show same old rk story with vividha πŸ‘Ž. how can they justify their tittle jndsd. Vividha can’t accept any one as her husband from her soul dats it. She declared her self vividha atharv sujatha. Perfect. She is not confusing. She is very clear about her decision. N atharv character portrayed very very strong. He never repays ravish in form of vividha. He chooses other alternative way.Becoz he is feminist atharv sujatha who treats women as individual,not as a property to donate ravish. N vividha is not property. Her decision is the factor which decides vitharv or ra………. Vidha. We know about vividha atharv sujatha. She is double jiddi for her decision n love

  26. Mia

    hi karan u said ki vivdha choose die 4 her in exchange of atharv’s life ki life.so why she Should choose die also 4 ravish if she know that ki she should never fullfil her commitment so y she spoil a person life. if atharv is vivdha’s 1st love so same with ravish (vivdha is ravish’s 1st love who is her wife also) ab jb atharv theek ho jayega or use pata chalega ki vivdha ne uski life bachane K liye ravish ki life barbaad kr di Jo ki ek good person h to kya vo vivdha K saat peacefully move on kr payega .I think NO bcoz Jo atharv ka character h vo bilkul aesa nahi h Jo dusro ko dard de kr apni life enjoy kare vo v use jisne uske or uski ma K liye itna kuch kiya h or apni family se fight ki apni ma ko v upset kiya or vivdha( Jo uski wife+love dono h) ab use v sacrifice kr raha h.

  27. ankit

    Vividha did so much injustice with ravish so far .still continuing by becoming detective.she is making ravish as enemy to his own family.y she always after vashistas why she does nt think of her father kk.who is the real enemy of athrava.who is eagerly waiting for athravs destruction .

  28. Naina 15

    Makers can create any twist.
    If they want to make ravidha pair then want to request u pls first u have to kill atharv’s character.. then u can show any pair ravidha , chavidha any pair would like to. not interested..

  29. Nazneen Syed

    Vividha and Atharv are made for each other that’s it.Agar Ravidha fans ne show pehle se dekha hota toh Ravidha Ko support nahi karte.

    Vividha sirf aur sirf Atharv se pyaar karti hai aur ussi se karti rahegi.
    Vividha aur Ravish Ki shaadi hoke 3 months ho chuke so why didn’t she started developing feelings for him.That shows that she loves only Atharv.
    Vividha said to Ravish that day remember ” HUM PATNI NAA SAHI LEKIN ACHE DOST HAI”.YAAD HAI.
    So she considers Ravish as his friend not as her husband.

  30. ramya

    No need of killing atharv for ravida.athrav can unite them and I am sure he will make vividha to understand .plz unit ravida.

    • Naina 15

      If atharv will do that Then sujuta and atharv fate wiil be same .. then there won’t be any meaning of those starting episode.
      Sujata also did the same.. where the need of showing atharv’s life .. they could start from vividha’s marriage with the flashback of vividha-atharv scenes..

  31. xyz

    What rubbish is saying ra vidha fans.?completely nonsense.how many times vitharv has to prove their sacred love.?u ravi…dha fans proved again & again that u have no value to love only marrge.if there is no love then what marrge? For ur kind infrmn recent viewers (ra vidha) this is not a story like u were watched in many daily soap.it is only and only the story of vividha & atharv. And ravish is only a mediator to unite vitharv.ravish can never replace the position of atharv.so plsssss don’t think about the serial like other daily soaps.

    • Naina 15

      Ok. Now I Understand where is the problem. u r not regular viewer of JNDSD..

      Ok then u r right … ravidha unite πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  32. ramya

    We are ardent followers of jnndsd from episode1.we saw their amazing love story.wt they gone through.above all I am very much fascinated by atharv .but the way the story turned is so miserable.but I prefer marriage over love .once u got married it would be good to move on with that marriage.i totally agreed with UMa wtever she said is absolutely true.and bring a new girl for athrav.already suman life became a joke in front of her family .kalindi always jokes on her fate.but if samething happened with ravish wt about her?I feel it should be ravida .

  33. Naina 15

    No offence guys .. lets see what will happen. After all we are viewers.. we have to see what comes to see..
    Last, here i’m no one to tell anyone whose thinking is right. But i think marriage shuold be base on both side commitment and many others thing.
    Thank u..

  34. xyz

    I can’t belive that how the viewr from first epsde of jndsd can go with ra vidha.is it true? No I will never belive it bcz if anyone has a kind heart then they can never neglect sacred love of vitharv.till now I thought it is nt their prblm only because they are watching latest epsde.but it is clear that it is thier own prblm

  35. Sree....

    I don’t think so. Vividha is only for Atharv . I agree that Ravish is doing a great thing. But how can Vividha forget her love for Ravish ??? Actually,Atharv is not only her lover but also her life. He is one who taught Vividha to move forward in life,to face every problems in life.
    Iss serial main bhi ve donom ek doosre ko door jaane se mana kar rahe hai. Then what is the logic in uniting ravidha?
    I strongly support for Vitharv.

  36. saf

    vitharv only………we need them..I m a viewer from episode 1 and still I . watching it… vitharvz completed their 7 vachhans and to atharv had put sindoor on vividhas head thwn only she married ravish….according to me her marriage is already completed with atharv……
    plz it’s a request end story should be vitharv only…plz

  37. filosad

    Its simple, only Vitharv. There were a couple of episodes to make one believe that Atharv is just acting. Viva needed to marry Ravish in order to save the life her one love (Atharv). Time will only tell. Let’s see.

  38. JNDSD fan

    Ok.. I agree marriages are not joke. But vividha nd ravish marriage was neither of love and permission.. They didn’t even meet before marriage.. Suman is at fault there but see how she blame vividha now.. Marriage was forced upon vividha.. Nd vividha loves atharv only.. In such case there is no reason of that marriage.. Vividha is not doing a deed by loving and. Caring him even now.. I love atharv nd ravish.. Both of them deserves vividha.. But vividha deserves only atharv.. Bcx atharv has won her heart, not ravish..
    Shivani, vikram, shashank I love you all.. Nd shivu,. you have the most cheerful, joyous, elegant personality.. I guess you are the most gorgeous actress on any serial at present.. So cute you are…

  39. teja

    No it should be πŸ’–RAVIDHAπŸ’–.one should have to agree that arranged marriage does not happen on love.always love happens after marriage only and that stays forever.t hat is more sacred than love.

  40. Aarti

    It will b like hum dil de chuke sanam movie..Ravish will help uniting vividha n Atharva, but jst at d last moment, vividha will realize dat she loves ravish..

  41. xyz

    Never ra vidha.ra vidha means only bidhai (farewell) to each other.if that stupid combination will happen then it will be injustice with vitharv and viewers frm 1st epsd.we are nt fools to watching that worst combination.

    Only and only vitharvvvvvvv. Luv u so much vitharvπŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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