Operation liberation (intro)/ abhigya & arshi


Man, hey pragya eat these foods..when i am returning after giving foods to other girls you must finish eating..

P,no i wont..take them with with you..

Pragya screams and throw her plate on to that man’s face.

Man,how dare you.. these are the very frist samples.you spoiled them.dont you know we adopt you to test our products.. how can you throw them loke this…
That man hit pragya very badly..
Her scream spread all over the labotory.

Man 2, abhi consentrate on your work man..i’ll give you a advise bcoz this is your frist day in here. Mind only about your job.it’ll be good for your health.

Abhi,but sir who is shouting there?

Man,abhishek i told you na.we are only scientist and we work for Mr.Nikhil.we have to make anything that he ask.so pls dont ask more questions..

A,okey but atleast tell me whats happening there.

M,are you belive in god??

M,i also didnt belive him before comming here..but now i thanking him always for making me to work under this section.we are investigating only about plants.. but in other sections other scienstist investigate foods,medicines,cosmetics.. after they make new products.. they use 4 girls to test them.one is died last week due to food poisoning. Pragya me be the one who shouted.. she was kidnapped by nikhil’s goons when she was just 5.she is the elderst one here.now she us 20.and there is another girl called bulbul.and one more.kushi..
Dont know how they bear these things.better they die insted of living in this hell..

Abhi’s eyes get reddish with anger.but he didnt show it

A,oh is that happening here.thanx Mr.ashok..

Abhi started his work again but his mind only think about a way to save that three girls becouse he is a superb agent who sent by the RAW( Research and Analysis Wing)

HI friends..what do you think about this? Pls pls pls drop you valuble comments here..if you like my plot i’ll continue… and try to guess me.. i think you all know me!! Have a nice day sweetoooos.

Credit to: try to guess :p

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  1. awesome plot superb episode yaar it was really really nice i think is that arshi fan or i am sorry if i am wrong

    1. nope darling! but nice try♥

  2. A very new plot !! Like your story line …. I guess it’s DA (Arshi fan) . If I am right then Hats Off to u DA !U r managing all your writings very well and now rocking with another one !!
    Very sorry if I had guessed wrong !
    Continue writing !!!

  3. Hi..very nice episode. .yaar….I think it’s maya?

    1. no yaar.. but nice try!

  4. superbbb intro yarrr………………………..

  5. omg omg omg!!!!! i’m gone yaar.. i commented on vamp ff na..i replyed for one comment their with ♡♥♡… yes yes itz me.. tina(suha)

  6. my tina sweetheart

    1. itz me darling

  7. Are u tina di,sorry if my guess is wrong.awesome epi,if its tina di u r really great di coz u r managing 3 ff.

  8. Haha…..nice intro…….as I never thought dat it’ll b diff to this core…..I loved ur intro…..pls update soonnn

  9. i thnk its arshi…but ur epi so nice thrill..

  10. nice intro yaar suha vry difff continue………..

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb…..Really Different….

  12. Superb

  13. super.. another diff story super tina….

  14. Nice a different story gd

  15. Tina u again rocked dear…thnq for such a awesome story..

  16. awsone but please update on time

  17. Awesome. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

  18. Nice yaar….

  19. Nice story yaar carry on with ur ff

  20. Tina u r rocking but sorry that I couldn’t recognise you

  21. Tooo goooddd ??

  22. Nice one

  23. woooo superrrrrrrrrr please b regular

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