Operation liberation epi 2

A,hey Mr ashok..you carry on this experiment.i’ll back within 5 mins.

Ashk, where are you going man?

A,washroom ya.why? Do you want to come with me.hahaha

Abhi went to washrm and make a call

A,hey arnav.our boss is right.they use human for their tests.if we can prove this,these prohibited thing will be end.

Arnav,we cant use armed force na.and also we cant make this as big news.accroding to the RAW we have to do this mission secreatly.

A,haan i know.now i am going to fix some mini cameras here.join Mr Purab to our misson.he ll give us IT support.i did my last misson with him.after i fix them i ll ring you.then ask purab to recd those things

Arn,k abhi.be carefull.if not you also will be part for his experiments .

Abhi fix cameras at out of the wash room and also in his section too…
And then he step towards the food & cosmetic section secreatly.. he kept always alert around him and kept sure that he is not observing by someone with cctv cams…
He walked towards step by step and didnt froget to fix mini cams..
But suddnly before he take a bend..he felt someone comming towards him.

After few seconds… a man went through the place which abhi stands before..but he didnt saw RAW agent Mr Abhishek.
(Yes friends.. you are right,exctly he is on the roof)
Fb is show..
When man about to take the turn,abhi just looked at up and jumped towards the ceeling..and he hanged on the roof..
Fb ends..

After fixing more cams.. he turned to reach his section..but his heart didnt Let it.
Abhi to himself,abhi beta.itz better you go & check about those girls. This is the best chance for it.

He came to sense,after a man pats his sholder from a gun..

Abhi ti himself.. damnit.today you gone…

Man,hey dont you know that this is restricted area

A,wo.. wo actually bro i am new to here.so i think i am lost here.

Man, hereafter dont roam here.if i see you again in here it’ll be your last day.do you got that..before i count up to 3, get vanish from here.. 1.. 2..

Before he count to 3 abhi cut off him.
A,excuse me Mr..can you tell me the durection to plants & vegitative propagation section..

Man shows direction from his gun with huge anger on abhi…

Precap,i must make new kind of food from plants and meet those girls to test them. So only i can save them.letz c Mr.Nikhil

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