Mahmud looked at his watch and said to Emilia,’I am coming in a while’.Mahmud came down to the corridor through stairs.when he stood still at the corridor just then a guard with a stengun came to him and asked,’lavatory,sir?’Mahmud said,’yes’.’come’I’ll take you there’. saying this he showed him the lavatory.then Mahmud looked, he was going back and there was nobody.then he put his hand on his pocket and put out a bottle and a handkerchief.hurried he went near to the guard and grabbed his nose with the chloroform on the handkerchief from behind.a few seconds and he fainted.Mahmud pulled his body to a safe place.after this when he’ll just enter into the engine room he heared a sound,’HANDS UP’,From behind. without turning he raised his hands.he realized he was at the gunpoint.at the very moment he just sat down and with his kick the man fall on the ground and the gun fall from his hand.and Mahmud’s gun fired…he pulled his body in one corner of the engine room.when Mahmud looked at his face, it was mr.Holfman! whose hand was coloured with the blood of many innocent Muslims and members of SAIMUM.A smile of contentment came to his face.

Mahmud hurriedly entered the fuel room.there were three big tanks.Mahmud set two of chains for each tanks.and connected the detonator and time ignetor with them.then he returned to the engine room then to the corridor.he washed his face and hands and come back.
By not going to Emilia he stood by the raling.till then she didn’t noticed him.Mahmud was looking widely toward the sea .Emilia came and stood beside him.Emilia amusedly asked,’what are you thinking,mr.stranger?’
He was surprised then smiling mildly he said,
Mahmud: ‘I was thinking about the endless dark sky.how smaller we are!how mighty would be the creator of the sea,the endless sky and the whole world !’
Emilia: ‘do you believe the creator is Almighty?’
Mahmud: ‘I believe or not it doesn’t make any difference.the proof of his strength lies in his creations.can you deny the creator?’
Emilia: ‘but to admit the creator it is needed to abide by religion.and for that there comes many conflicts’.

Mahmud: such as?’
Emilia: ‘such as,which religion is to be accepted,Hindu, Christian or Islam?why there are so many oppositions?’
Mahmud: ‘there is no oppositions,Emilia. The main learning of Mussa,Jesus and Mohammad are the same.there are a little difference in practical works which can be named as changes or corrections of governance’.
Emilia: ‘but to admit this Islam must be accepted as the one and only religion’.
Mahmud: ‘but,how can we deny the truth?’
Emilia: ‘this issue is very complicated.you can’t say this so easily.however,do you really think there is any necessity of religion?’
Mahmud: ‘religion means method of life,right?so,how long there would be lives on the earth,there surely would be the necessity of religion’.
Emilia: ‘we ourselves can build the method of life’.
Mahmud: ‘yes,we can.like it is built.but could this method give peace to any nation,society or human life?didn’t this method made the common people only salves?why the people free from wants, are to take sleeping pills to sleep?
Emilia: but the life method selected by the creator will end up all this problems,what’s the certainty of that?’

Mahmud: ‘well,what is the thing of a snake are we scared of?’
Emilia: ‘the poisonous teeths’
Mahmud: ‘if these are taken off then, can it do any harm?’
Emilia: no,it can’t.but how can you find out the poisonous teeth of a man?’
Mahmud: ‘the poisonous teeth of a man are his willfulness and selfishness.these are the root of all collapse and turmoil in the world’.
Emilia: ‘but,this poisonous teeth can’t be taken off’.
Mahmud: ‘can’t be taken off but can be extincted.if man wholeheartedly bow down to the Almighty creator then, there remains no chances for his willfulness or selfishness.he truly abides by the method of life given by the creator.

Emilia was looking amusingly at him.she said,’you are really far away than the seen world.you are so melt at the same time so strict.what are you actually,stranger?’
Mahmud: ‘I am just a commom man’.he smiled.

Emilia aiso smiled.she was going to say something.at then the announcement was made for everyone to take their seats.after that the Minister rose to the stage to deliver his speech.when he ended his speech it was 11:07 pm.the arrangement for the dinner started.Mahmud was nervous.first blast is supposed to occur in 3 mins.would his mission be successful?
Everyone was served soup.it was 11:09:30.the ship was shaken with the blast.fire was scattered all around.everyone was terrified.Emilia was startled to the situation.Mahmud held her hands and said,’Come with me,fast’. They were running from the deck through the stairs to the port.when they came down to the port at that moment,the second blast occurred.the lights of the ship abated.but the fire lightened it.the parts of the ship was sank in the water .along with them a few people came down to the port.at then the third blast!!!the whole ship was devided into parts and destroyed terrificly…far away the sound of the fire brigade arosed….

Mahmud and Emilia sat in the car while Emilia was stunned with the accident.Mahmud stared the car without wasting a single moment.the car was running at the full speed on the port road.Telabib was far away.long journey.Mahmud was contented that he fulfilled the duty given upon him.in this contentment a guilt was plucking his heart.now it is the time when, he needs to put an end to this act with Emilia.but, was it only an act?somewhere in his heart he was at pain.’what will Emilia think about him when she’ll learn his real identity?’ without any fault she will be at hurt.keeping her head on his shoulder she said,’stranger,today,once again you’ve saved my life.i don’t know how to recify what you’ve done for me’.he didn’t replied anything.
Then holding himself he strictly said,

Mahmud: ‘tomorrow morning police will come to ask about me.what’ll you say?’
Emilia: ‘why they would come to me?’
Mahmud: ‘they’ll’.
Emilia: ‘why?’
Mahmud: ‘suppose they’ll come’.
Emilia: ‘I’ll give your address’.
Mahmud: ‘they won’t find me there’.
Emilia: ‘why?are you going anywhere?’asking this she sat straight.
Mahmud kept silent for sometime.then not replying to her question he said,
Mahmud: ‘you’ll tell them how we met and how we know each other.then they’ll understand and won’t bother you’.
Emilia: ‘but,why would they ask about you?’,anxiously she asked.

Mahmud: ‘for destroying the ship they will make me at fault’.
Emilia: ‘why would they do that?how you are even related to anything?’
Mahmud looked at Emilia.she was trembling with anxiety.he was feeling very bad to hurt the innocent girl.but,he had to tell her the truth.he said deeply, ‘I have blasted in the fuel tank of the ship,Emilia!’
Emilia: ‘what….!!!’she shoutedly asked.she was startled to his answer….

PRECAP: they reached at Emilia’s residence.Mahmud opened the door of the car and asked her to get down.she was broken.he said,’if you want to take revenge and handover me to the police,then go ahead. I am ready’…!

Sorry friendz,for the late update.actually I was busy so I couldn’t update.kp reading and plz do commentz…..

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