The screen starts with Emilia asking Mahmud,’isn’t unartificial source of pleasure greater than artificial source of refreshment?’
Mahmud:’ only when the source is unartificial.’
Emilia: ‘as the source contains nothing artificial,so it can be said easily’.
Mahmud:’ without testing, is it wise to give such a big certificate?’
Emilia: ‘how much time it takes to judge someone?’
Then Mahmud quite seriously said,
Mahmud:’ you never know,the person whom you are thinking your friend may be your enemy in real’.
Emilia: ‘it’s not necessary that,every enemy is harmful.but the feeling of trusting someone is much better ‘.
Mahmud: ‘well,that depends on your enemy’s interest’.
By then the waiter brought their order.their conversation continued till long.Mahmud felt that,the girl had a quality to attract someone.he thought,’ how he can get to know about the ceremony?’
The lighting of the room turned into an intoxicating one.a music started on and every couple rose to the dance floor.Emilia gave her hand to Mahmud asked him for dance.Mahmud was in a hesitation but thinking about his motive, give in.for this touch or for hurting his morality he was taken aback for a while.his hesitation could not avoid Emilia’s eyes.she was smiling mildly looking at his discomfort.
All were dancing including them.they were not much far to feel the intensity of each other.Emilia slowly asked,
Emilia: ‘where are you lost?aren’t you enjoying?’
Mahmud: ‘I was thinking I am the luckiest person tonight’
Emilia: ‘why?’
Mahmud: ‘who has got Emilia,the daughter of David Benguriagn much closer than me tonight….’
Emilia: ‘however,this has crossed the limits of courtesy’
Mahmud: ‘sorry for that’.
Emilia: ‘sorry doesn’t takes your words back’.
Mahmud: ‘then,what I need to do?’
Emilia: ‘nothing…’

The lights were off suddenly.music were still running.the organizers said sorry and lights were immediately being arranged.when he was taken to himself he realized that, Emilia kept her head on his shoulder .coming to this stage of his acting,Mahmud was startled to his guilt.lights were on.Emilia realized her intimacy with him and composed herself.she said,’now,let’s go’.
They came out from the hotel.Emilia held his hands and said,’I am not liking this noise around.let’s go to some park’.He asked,’which park?’Emilia replied,’Victoria Square’.
Getting on the car,sitting in the driving seat Mahmud said,’that park is really evil’.Emilia said,’but,I met you there for the first time’.Mahmud replied, ‘that’s right’.saying this he was thinking of the way to enter the ceremony through Emilia.
Reaching the park, they sat on a bench.Emilia took his hands on hers and kept her head on his shoulder.then she said slowly,
Emilia: ‘stranger,you might be thinking how shameless the girl is…but,trust me even wine could not ever make me lost like this’.
Mahmud: it’s nothing but the general attraction’.
Emilia: ‘but I don’t admit this.i’ve come through a lot of men but i never felt like this.i am losting myself in you…’
Mahmud:’ maybe it’s God’s will then’.
Saying this,Mahmud himself was surprised.what he just said.he feared,’isn’t he getting involved with Emilia,s life….?;
Mahmud was getting tensed about his plan.suddenly an idea came to his mind.he asked Emilia for dinner tomorrow.Emilia said,’oviously,I would come.but,there is a party tomorrow night.Dad is going abroad. So, I was needed to attend there’.
Mahmud: ‘may I know where it’s going to be held?
Emilia: certainly.it’s on the ship,Ocean King. How about,you come with me to the party?
Mahmud was boggled and satisfied.but he said to her,
Mahmud:’ but, won’t be I an uninvited guest?’
Emilia: ‘absolutely not.i am inviting you and I have this priority’.
Mahmud:’ ok,I’ll come’.
Emilia was getting too close to him.she was leaning to kiss him…but,Mahmud turned his face.composing herself she said,
Emilia: ‘the more I am pulled close to you,you are going away’.
Mahmud:’ maybe I want to pull you more close’.
Emilia: ‘I know.i understands.this purity of your character are mesmerizing me most.her words were heavy’.
Mahmud: ‘then let’s get up for today’.
Holding hands they came out from the park……

Late hours of night.still Mahmud was sitting on his table.he was drawing the whole ceremony in his mind.Captain’s room,engine room,fuel tank,staff’s room,the deck…..and the whole ship.to destroy the whole ship the fuel tank needs to be blasted.the place need to be fired so that,they don’t get the chance to save the materials.he thought,daisy chain would be wise to use.as,after setting the time ignetor it would blast at the right moment.he thought,’the dinner is at 11:00.so it’ll end before 12:00am.he thought to blast at 12:15 he needs to set the chain two hours before.but thinking about complications he thought it won’t be wise to place the chain two hours before.so he decided,’it needs to be blasted between 11:00 to 11:15.but there is risk in it.there is a big question about Emilia’s safety.but, this risk has to be taken….’

When they entered the deck it was 10:29pm then. This ceremony was arranged in the honour of the captain crews of the ship.but some selected special guests like Emilia’s family were also invited.the captain and some highly members were receiving the guests with honour.Mahmud-Emilia shaked hands with them and entered the ship.there was another special person standing there. Mr. Holfman,the associate director of the internal safety department of Israel,SINBEITH.Mahmud shake hands with him with a mild smile.
The ship was highly decorated.Mahmud along with Emilia walked the whole deck for once.he didn,t notice any armed guards.Mahmud thought ,’then, there must be strict arrangement of security inside’.Mahmud looked there was an aero with written TO LAVATORY to the stairs.Mahmud looked at his watched.it was 10:40 by then.he smiled to himself…..

PRECAP:Mahmud was in the engine room.at then he heared ‘HANDS UP’,from behind…!later it was 11:07 but he and Emilia were inside the ship.he thought, the first blast would occur in 3 mins.he was tensed,’will his mission be successful ?’…suddenly the ship was highly shaked with the blast….!

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  1. joe…my heart beated even more fast…I felt like I was in that ship…you are an amazing writer joe..hey dear why don’t you make a book???if you made this as a novel I will buy for sure…love u a lot sister 🙂

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    2. very nice yaar.their conversation was too interesting.scaring precap…!

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  3. nice epi and very interesting precap.waiting for the next part

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  4. very nice.but how can he use herself like this?

    1. he is doing his duty.kp reading.you won’t have complaints to him……….

  5. hey josefine.today for the first time i read ur updates.its really nice.loving it.it’s very unique…thanks for ur ff…

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