The screen starts with Mahmud looking at the girl tensedly.then the girl put her head out through the window.before she could say something,the police saluted her and moved from in front of the car.she started the car again.then the girl smilingly looked at Mahmud and asked,’I think you weren’t afraid,right?’
Both were silent again.darkness was playing outside.the car was running in the dark road at middle speed.the girl was looking in front but a lot of questions crowded in her mind.’who is he, sitting beside her? So long, he hasn’t even asked her name nor looked at her.the beautiful daughter of David Benguriagn couldn’t create attraction in his heart-it’s really unbelievable’.she again looked at him.his clam eyes were laying in front.
The car stopped in front of a big gate.Mahmud was startled.it was the Prime Minister of Israel,David Benguriagn’s residence…for a while Mahmud surprisingly looked at the girl.’Is she somehow related with David Benguriagn?is this is the reason why she is so respected in governmental’s?’watching Mahmud looking at her she said,’we’ve reached home.by the way, I am Emilia,the only daughter of David Benguriagn’. the gate opened.the girl got down from the car and opened the door for Mahmud.Mahmud got down from the car and said,’now,I should go’.the girl stopped his way and said,
-’at least have a cup of tea,come on’.
– ‘I have an important work.please, excuse me’
-‘the help you have done after that to express my gratitude…..’she couldn’t complete her sentence..
-‘I haven’t done anything except humanity’.saying this he was going.
-‘at least, give your introduction’,she requested.
-‘we don’t have any worth mentioning identity.however,if I’ll be alive then we’ll meet again.i’ll go now’
Before crossing the gate Mahmud looked at the watch.it was almost 1:00 am then.while walking he took out the note from his pocket and read that.in SAIMUM’s own language it was written that,
“On the coming 22nd instant, uranium, heavy water and furthermore, various valuable materials for molecular researches are coming in the ship,Ocean King for Israel.the ship would sail on Jafa port at 9pm.a grand ceremony is arranged at 11pm.”
After reading Mahmud thought to himself ,’today is 20th.i’ve only 2 days in my hand’.
The sun hasn’t rised yet.after reading Quran Mahmud came to the balcony and looked at the blue sea.it’s a new abode of Mahmud near Jafa port.it’s a five storeyed building.Mahmud was lost in the blue water of the sea. He thought …the Spain,which Muslim’s built as their own;today in that country Muslim’s are hard to be found.they are tortured and deportated.but,why this collapse?isn’t it for the weakness and inter dissimilarities of us.we are forgetting and changing the cultures and realizations of a real Muslim,that’s what lessened strength of the Muslims.then, why should we are being tortured by a small nation like Israel?will all of our efforts go in vein?won’t the Muslims rise up for their cultures?how far is the end of this war of freedom of the Muslims?’…..
At this moment a man,Afjal entered the room with the breakfast.Mahmud watched and asked,’isn’t breakfast too early today?’Afjal replied,’sir,you were supposed to go somewhere in the early morning,soo…’Mahmud remembered that ,there is a lot of works for the program of tomorrow helding on the ship,Ocean King.however ,he needs to think an way of entering the ceremony.he thought about this till late night but couldn’t found any way out.suddenly he remembered about Emilia.he thought,’who would be invited to the ceremony?among them David Benguriagn’s family can’t be left’…
After taking the breakfast,he entered his study room.he searched and collected some informations about Emilia.it was written that,”she was very friendly and down to earth.freedom and peace loving girl.hotel’s bars are like drawing rooms for her.she is seen regularly in the night party of the Hotel The Blue Moon”.
Mahmud closed his file.he thought to himself,’if Allah wishes then I can meet her in the party’…
9:00 at night.Ballroom of Hotel The Blue Moon.a broad room,a sweet music suited the environment of the night.Mahmud entered the ballroom.he found a place to sit on from where, the entrance was clearly seen.it’s already 9:45.Emilia didn’t arrived till then.Mahmud was sitting quietly but one question was plucking his mind,’will she come?’

Finally the moment came.Emilia was standing at the door of the ballroom.she was looking eventually beautiful in a red gown.Mahmud took off his eyes.after sometime, he looked Emilia was sitting alone a few tables away in front of him.at that moment Emilia also looked at Mahmud.And the eyes blocked…Emilia to her utter surprise stood up like spring.Mahmud mildly smiling stood up.Emilia just rushed to him.she gladly said,
-‘how are you?I can’t tell you how much am I glad to see you here.saying this she sat up on the chair beside Mahmud’s.then she realized that she didn’t asked before sitting here.she then asked quite embarrassedly ,if she could sit there?
-‘I find such formalities totally useless’
-such as?Emilia curiously asked with mild smile.
-such as, take this situation for example.you knew that I won’t deny, still you asked about sitting here’.
-‘I don’t like these too but in our language it is called civility’.after silence for a while Emilia asked,’what should I order?whisky,red wine or vodka?’
-‘I don’t drink’
-really?Emilia asked surprisingly’.
-Yes,but maybe I have created a problem for you’.
-not like that.but I am surprised.i mean at present days,it’s not less surprising’.then Emilia ordered two coca colas.the waiter was quite surprised too at the order.
after he left Mahmud said,’maybe today I ruined your evening.’
-‘isn’t unartificial source of pleasure greater than artificial source of refreshment?’ Emilia amusedly asked….

PRECAP:Mahmud and Emilia together was in a car.Emilia invited Mahmud to the ceremony of Ocean King.later,Mahmud was thinking, to blast the whole ship he need to blast in the fuel tank of the ship..

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