Night in Telabib.a car was running.Shafiq looked through the window and watched two guards standing with machine guns in their hands.he realized that he reached the first check post.he stopped the car and whistled in a specific tone.then the two guards came to the car with some wooden letters in a plate.Shafiq picked his ‘S’ from the plate.then the guards saluted him and he crossed the first check post.then after crossing three posts like this he stopped his car at the main gate of a house.then after saying the password the gate opened and a man came out.Shafiq shaked hands with the man and gave the note to him.

after receiving the note colonel Mahmud rose up to the balcony.he watched after crossing the small road Shafiq’s car was running through the DB road.he couldn’t move his eyes.he noticed another car was running behind.doubt came to his mind.quickly he came down through stairs.taking out his car from gurrage he went on.he was running at the top speed.soon the follower’s car came to his range.the car was running at middle speed.suddenly it rised it’s speed. Colonel Mahmud was pleasant to realize that the follower has doubted him and now it wouldn’t follow Shafiq’s car and change it’s route.as it wouldn’t take the risk of being attacked from both sides. but soon he was proved wrong.it was running at the same speed as earlier.at this moment when he looked at the back mirror he was startled…two car’s along were running to his car.he was cleared then the car in front was of MOSSAD (detective agency of Israel).

He realized that they have come with planning.at that moment he decided what to do.the speed of the car rose to 90 from 50.in a few minutes his car was just parallel with the MOSSAD’s car.a few seconds,then a oval shaped thing from colonel Mahmud’s car hit the MOSSAD’s car.just at that moment, it was blasted.colonel Mahmud once looked behind.the car was burning.then his car was just beside Shafiq’s.he looked behind.the car was still burning and the other two cars were still running.he smiled to himself and looked at Shafiq.they signed to each other.then Shafiq took right turn.ahead was victory square,a fully secured visiting place of Israel.Mahmud slowly took his car to the right side of the road and then between blink of an eye he jumped through the right door of the car and entered the Victory Square bypassing the boundary.his car ahead crashed with a light post.Colonel Mahmud was relieved then by fooling the MOSSAD’S.

He then thought to himself within sometime the enimies will surround the park.he need to be moved before that.when he was walking carefully by the swimming pool he heared a girl screaming.he hurriedly followed the sound and came to the rest room.he watched a man was forcing himself on a girl.the girl was trying her best to be free.the man looked at Mahmud and angrily threatened him to get out.Mahmud said,’I’ll go’…the man was pleased.then Mahmud completed his sentence saying,’but not without you’.the man was putting his hands on his pocket but he was late and Mahmud’s gun fired.he fall the ground.then for the first time he looked at the girl.she was still trembling in fear.he was about to say something but hearing the sound of walking he stopped.he took his revolver and hide himself behind the door and signed the girl to sit down.he peeped through the door and watched two guards come a few steps to the rest room but returned again.he smiled to himself thinking,’the people of SAIMUM won’t do the foolishness of taking shelter in the rest room of their most secured place-this natural belief of the detectives of Israel has saved him today’.Mahmud looked at the girl and said,’look,I’ve done an accident.the police are behind me.i need to move from here immediately.you can take help from the police and return home’.after saying this Mahmud was going.the girl called him from behind and said,’my car is waiting outside.i’ll drop you’.Mahmud said,;now,it’s not safe for me to go out by car’.
-then how can you go without droping me safely?
-you’ll go by car.there would be no problems.
-thinking the same I came here but problem occurred,right?
-Mahmud was boggled then.
-then she again said,’come with me in the car.i can assure you that police won’t search my car’.
Mahmud hesitatingly but agreed.they both came out from the rest room.the car was running toward the main gate.both were silent.Mahmud was thinking something else.he couldn’t read the note from Ahmad Mussa till then.if there is any important orders then his valuable time is running by.
While driving the girl looked several times at Mahmud.a nice,clam looked man with sturdy structure.she has also looked the bravery and power speed of this clam eyed man.the thing which is surprising her most is his unaffected radiance.
The car is going ahead.red sign blinked for the car to be stopped.the police raised his hands and the car stopped.the police came to the car and knocked the glass of window to be opened.
Mahmud surprisingly looked and the girl.and the girl smilingly looked at him…

PRECAP:the girl stopped the car in front of a house like a palace.Mahmud was ashtonished that it was the residence of the prime minister of Israel.he was boggled.then the girl asked him his identity….

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  6. Hey..i dnt hve any wrd to say yar..its lke i can see mahmud’s jurny..ya allah hes n enmies plce……am scrd fo him..is she trpd our hero r she dsnt knw hes muslim?

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