Operation Israel :Enimity Or Love (Episode-1)
Hi,friends. It’s my first ff. I don’t know you guyz will like it or not.if you guyz like it then I will continue…soo,lets start the story.hope you guyz’ll like it…

White page of a diary.the pen is going on:
‘…grey dessert of Sinkiang.far away, tiyenshan hills of the north are standing like black borders.meaninglessly looking around.there is no works.the motion of our life has come to a standstill.today,a few days passed we almost five thousand Muslims are laying here in this dessert leaving behind our homelands. the blood thirsty bayonet and rifle of the cruels has snatched away many of our brothers and sisters.nobody has wet eyes.everybody has forgot to cry.
Not only we but also 45 thousands of people around joined us.the journey again started.my four years old brother Yousuf asked me,’where we are going again, bhaijan?if we return then they will kill us’.i told him,’no,brother.we are not going home’.but I couldn’t tell him where we were going.where we’ll go?Tazikistan or Uzbekistan.that’s another Sinkiang.we were going toward Tibbat.the journey of homeless peoples were going on the white sands of the dessert. Thousands memories of our homeland Sinkiang leaving behind.we didn’t knew where this journey would end.weather it would end or not…
Still-silent night of the dessert.all of a sudden, loud sound of jet engine.then boom boom…hearing yowling of people I came out from the tent.i could not believe my own eyes.i lost my speaking.how terrible the scene was…father’s tent was burning.he was barely walking and pulling Yousuf.his body from waist was not possible for me to look at.i barely just could shout…
I rushed to him.Father told me in narrow voice,’Mussa,as soon as possible go on with caravan’.i could not say anything.he again said,’Yousuf is no more.among the tortured childs you will find your Yousuf.don’t lose heart because your parents aren’t with you.try to find them in the tortured peoples.remember, tears are not for Muslims.we are that nation if hand are cutted off,we are to hold the flag with legs’.i wiped out my tears and said,’I won’t cry anymore.pray for me that, I don’t die sitting in corner of home like cowards’.i looked around- thousands of deadbodies,burnt parts of tents were scattered all around.crying of hundreds of orphan was lametationing the air.when I looked at father his eyes was closed.i was falling apart.i tried to gather myself.just then I watched, Farjana standing near away.she was washed out with tears…..
When we reached at the border among 50 thousand peoples,we were only 950 alive then…..”
Suddenly the pen stopped.
Ahmad Mussa walked to the window.he thought to himself,why did it happened?we only wanted to live with freedom.because of the only one offense that we were Muslims,can’t we have that right?we were left with no other option without taking arms in our hands.
Bleep bleep sound from the wireless placed on the table break his thought.Ahmad Mussa went to the wireless and said,’Ahmad Mussa speaking’.one voice came from that side,’I am Faruk Amin’
-what’s the news?
-we’ve got an important information about operation 4011.i want to come immediately.
-ok,come here.
then he dialed another no. and asked someone to come.then a man,Shafiq entered there.He wrote a note and gave it to Shafiq and said,’ at the opposite road of IDF,house no.322,on the third floor.there you are to give it to Mahmud,the chief of Telabib.go carefully’.
After sometime a familier knock was heared at the door.Ahmad Mussa asked him to come in.Faruq entered in the room.he said,one guest has arrieved.Ahmad Mussa said,’take care of the guest.i am coming’.this is Ahmad Mussa,whom Allah has created with the capability to face any difficulties and adverse situation.he is the heartquater of Saimum(An organization of Muslims,working against the communitizm).
Ahmad Mussa entered the interrogation room.he asked to Faruk,’are you done with the take care of our guest?’
-yes.our guest has arrived from WRF(World Red Forces,the vangourd of the world communist movement).
-so, why did he take the trouble of coming here?
-he has specially come to captivate you,alive or dead.
-so,why do you have such a good vision on Saimum?
-Saimum is the number one enemy of world communist movement.
-how did you came to know about this place?
-i don’t know anything else.i am just fufiling the orders.he was getting senseless again.
Ahmad Mussa looked at Faruk and said,’take him away from here.but yes,give him one last chance of reminding him about his past culture”…

Friends,if my writings worth your time then plz do comment.your every appreciation will inspire me and every complaints will recify me.

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  1. this is what I really want josefine..thank you so much for this story. .I am really appreciate you for your hardwork. (y)
    I wish I can I hug you tight

  2. Amasing…amazing peice of work…keep it uo

    1. thank you so much friend.i’ii surely continue.stay tuned…

  3. Nice and interesting story.

    1. thank u very much friend…

  4. Joe I would like to suggest you to write on wattpad.you should write this one on wattpad. It is an amazing platform for authors like you..waiting for your reply :).

    1. thank you very much Ruby.actually i don’t know about wattpad

      1. it is just an app for readers and author..you can download it from google playstore (if you are using an android phone) and make an id in your name..there is privacy too and no one can steel your story.
        if you start using just follow me @Ruby93Ryan

  5. ammmazing josefine.plz plz plz keep writing.waiting for ur updates

    1. thanks meher.stay tuned.

  6. Hey..its vry nce..i rd many falesthin stry…whnvr i rd abt thm alwys cried..is ths real stry?i hte media bcz n karnata non of nws chnl reprtd abt it..

    1. thanks Fahima.the history of my story is true exept the characters and organizations.and nowdays we can’t know the truth from media or newes.we only learn the form of the events that they want us to know…

  7. thanks for the support, Ruby.if i use then i’ll let u know…

    1. my pleasure josefine.. 🙂

  8. hey josefine,i am from kanada.i am a muslim.loved ur writing.can i get ur fb id?i wanna sent you a friend request if you want then…

    1. sorry friend.i don’t hv any fb account.thanks for the appreciation.

  9. Hi Josefine dearrr, it’s really very heart melting, emotional n thrilling story, im totally amazed with this plot n storyline…i was crying while reading this very realistic story…I salute your writing skills, you chose the most sensitive issue for this ff…loved it from the bottom of my heart…plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thank you so much,Roma.firstly i was tensed as the base of my story was totally different from others.really hearing from you friends means a looot.i would surely continue dear///

  10. hey where is the next episode?eagerly waiting for the next update.plz update soon…

    1. it’ll be published soon.

  11. no problem.i am giving you likes here-900 likes for ur story///

    1. thank you very much,Robert.keep reading…

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