The screen starts with Emilia saying, ’I am really lucky, isn’t it?’
Mahmud changed the topic saying, ‘you were really afraid, right?’
Emilia: ‘You made that phone call, right?
Mahmud was smiling.
Emilia: ‘after receiving such a phone call and unknown knock at the door that too at midnight,opening the door if a man in black overcoat, long hat is seen standing then isn’t it scaring? ’why didn’t you say anything on telephone? you could have told, right?’
Mahmud: ‘of course,I informs you before coming and your special armed guards keep standing on the gate to receive me with honour’.
Emilia: ‘then why you called?’(with smile).
Mahmud: ‘to woke you up.i couldn’t have called you coming here?’
Emilia: ’ hmm… intelligent’.
Mahmud: ‘Now I must get up, Emi. I’ve a very important work ‘.(he was getting up but Emilia stopped him by holding his hands).
Emilia: ‘can’t I help you by any means? i would be really glad’.
Mahmud: ‘Maybe you can’.
Emilia: ‘how? please tell me’.
Mahmud: ‘do you know the secretary of defense,Erhan Sharltek?’
Emilia: ‘yes,I know him’.
Mahmud: ‘how you know him?i mean…’.
Emilia: ‘I know him very well.his daughter is my friend.i often visit their house.he loves me like a daughter’.

Mahmud: ‘I need to rescue an important thing from him’.
He was in deep thought.
Emilia: ‘can I know what’s that? Actually I am not asking out of curiosity ,maybe I can help?’.
Mahmud: ‘I know.do you know decipher?’
Emilia: ‘a book which contains code explanation,right?’
Mahmud: ‘correct.Israel detective branch have changed it’s code to communicate.so,to understand their messages we need the decipher at any cost.that is kept with him’.
Emilia: ‘I know about where the decipher is’.
Mahmud: ‘really?what do you know?’
Emilia: ‘no,I won’t tell you’.
Mahmud: ‘then, I have no other option but to kidnap you,at first’.
Emilia: ‘ok,done.i am ready.at least….’.
Mahmud: ‘at least, you would be able to know my whereabouts,right?’(smilingly he asked).while she turned her face.
It was 3:00 at night.he said,
Mahmud: ‘I can’t stay anymore,Emi.i am hurting you’.
Emilia: ‘hurt,am i?yes,to meet whom I wait every moment,some moments with him is hurting indeed’.
Mahmud: ‘no,actually I was saying….’.she stopped him and said,
Emilia: ‘his daughter Smartha is a close friend of mine.i have seen a copy of the decipher in her hands on the day before yesterday.as she is taking a course, she borrowed the very secreted book for a few days from uncle’.
Mahmud: ‘I need that book’.

Emilia: ‘are you asking me to steal that?’(she asked smilingly).
Mahmud: ‘no,I don’t want to create any problems for you’.
He thought for a while…then he put out a lighter from his pocket.
Emilia: ‘what to do with this lighter?’
Mahmud: ‘not a lighter. it’s a camera .how many times you’ll press here each times a picture will be clicked’.
Emilia: ‘I understood. i need to take a picture of each page of the book’.
Mahmud: ‘yes,but you are to do so in absence of you friend.can you do it?and at any cost you are not to be caught.and if any untoward situation aroses then you’ll press this red button and destroy the camera’.
Emilia: ‘if you are asking then, it’s not a difficult thing for me’.
Mahmud: ‘I am not asking you,it’s my request’.
Emilia: ‘you tell me what I need to do?’
Mahmud: ‘you can take 50 pictures with it.its the first one.you’ll receive the 2nd and 3rd one tomorrow.now tell me when you are going their house tomorrow?’.
Emilia: ‘at 9:00 am?’.
Mahmud: ‘ok,at 8:00 am a flower seller would come at the gate.you’ll buy to two bouquets from him.there would be a camera like this in each.when you’ll return from there?’
Emilia: ‘it can’t be said exactly ‘.
Mahmud: ‘before evening?’
Emilia: ‘yes,sure’.
Mahmud: ‘we need the cameras back tomorrow itself’.
Emilia: ‘will you come to take them?’(she asked eagerly)
Mahmud: ‘are you asking to come?’

Emilia: ‘can I say that!is there any value of someones personal wishes?’
Mahmud: ‘when duty toward the nation comes first,personal wishes become minor there.but that can’t be avoided totally.where am I able to avoid my personal wishes to meet someone?’
Emilia: ‘but,is it wrong?’
Mahmud: ‘how far personal wishes aren’t hampering the duty toward the nation.then it’s not wrong’.he was silent then.
Then again said,
Mahmud: ‘tomorrow at 7:00pm a man’ll come to give you some books from Oxford Book Foundation.you are to call him inside.then he would keep a packet of cigarettes on the table.on that packet there would a signature of mine-CM.then you would be sure that I’ve sent him.you will pick that packet and place yours one there’.
Emilia: ‘what is meant by CM?’
Mahmud: ‘Colonel Mahmud’.
Emilia: ‘are you Colonel?’(she asked being surprised)
Mahmud: ‘why?don’t you believe it?’
Emilia: ‘no,not like that.i meant…’
Mahmud: ‘ok,leave all that.now,I must get up.then he rosed toward the silken cord by the window’.
Emilia: ‘you are leaving?ok,when we are meeting again?’
Mahmud: ‘Allah knows’.
Emilia: ‘can I say one thing?’

Mahmud: ‘yes,sure’.
Emilia: ‘can’t I at least get your telephone number?i promise,i’ll never call.only for the contentment that I can contact you if I want?’
Mahmud couldn’t say anything.he just closed his eyes.then he was about to say something but Emilia stopped him…
Emilia: ‘I am sorry.i made you feel helpless.i don’t want that.i trust you.but you promise that, you would come to meet me?’
Mahmud: ‘it’s really hurting for me not to keep your request.i promise,whenever I get time I’ll come’.
She could not say anything.tears came to her eyes.
Mahmud: ‘I am feeling really bad.while going I made you cry today’.
Emilia gathered herself.wiped out her tears and said,
Emilia: ‘don’t take this to heart.please forgive my weakness’.
Then he pulled her to himself and holding her face he said,
Mahmud: ‘Then, you’ve to give a smile’(saying this he was smiling)
Emilia: ‘now you will forcefully make me smile?’(she smiled too)
Mahmud: ‘what to do?the one make you cry,it’s his responsibility to make you laugh too,right?may you succeed in tomorrow’s operation.Allah Hafez’.
Emilia: ‘Allah hafez’.
Then he got down holding the cord.Emilia was looking toward….

The chief of SINBEITH David Dobin was going through the decipher.but he noticed that all the pages were coming out.he got tensed….

PRECAP: the secretary of David Dobin comes to him and informs that,’there is a unknown figure print on every page of the decipher’.and a reflected ray is also found on each pages.later,Emilia was being asked about the matter…

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