The screen starts with the man knocks at the door.first time…second time…then Emilia’s voice was heared,’who…?’after waiting for a while the man knocked again.this time Emilia was anxious.she asked,’who’s there?’ a few moments and the door opened.Emilia was standing with a revolver in her hands.her finger was on the trigger.she was just about to press the trigger.the man was entering into the room.his face is not seen.Emilia was about to shout.just then the man signaled to her to keep quiet.then, he removed his hat….Emilia was just stunned…it was Mahmud…!realizing this Emilia just sat on the sofa keeping her hands on her face.Mahmud came ahead and asked to her,’were you afraid,Emilia?’looking at him she asked,’what if I would shot?’..
Mahmud: ‘what would happened?if death was decided like this then, I would have died’.
Emilia: ‘oh,then what would have happened to me?’

Mahmud: ‘what about you!you are the daughter of David Benguriagn. you’d have thought it as a bad dream .what else…’
Emilia: ‘no,I’m not only the daughter of David Benguriagn.i am,iam….’she could not complete her sentence.then she said,’there would have another shot from that revolver…’.
Mahmud: ‘but, that’s not the rule,Emi’.
Emilia: ‘why?’
Mahmud: ‘you are not the owner of your life,Allah has created you.so, you can’t do what you want with your life.you don’t have that right’.
Emilia: ‘but to live with that pain….’
Mahmud: ‘in spite of you are to do so.after crossing all the sorrows,sufferings you are to make your life valuable’.
Emilia: ‘that’s very hard’.
Mahmud: ‘hard but right’.
She was silent.he asked,’you are not saying anything…?’
Emilia: ‘where were you?’
Mahmud: ‘I was here itself’.

Emilia: ‘you were in Telabib! I thought, you would at least come on my birthday…’.
Mahmud: ‘I knew,you would wait.but I didn’t come’.
Emilia: ‘why?’
Mahmud: ‘your detectives have waited for me the whole night on that day around your house’.
Emilia: ‘really’(being surprised)
Mahmud: ‘after that accident their eyes were on you to captivate me.they were sure,on your birthday I am coming’.
Emilia: ‘you returned from here…?’
Mahmud: ‘no,Emi.if I would have decided then I would have come.your detectives couldn’t be able to stop me.but I didn’t want to cause any kind of problems for you’.
Emilia said,’you are looking very tired.come,take some rest’.mahmud sat on the sofa.Emilia stood behind him.

Emilia: ‘how many hours you sleep at night?’
Mahmud: ‘sometimes whole night,sometimes not even a single hour’;
Emilia: ‘by doing this,your health remains good?’
Mahmud: ‘not really.but by being ill I can take rest.caring can be enjoyed’.
Emilia: ‘who take cares?’
Mahmud: ‘my friends of SAIMUM are there for me’.
Emilia: ‘why?won’t you call me?’
Mahmud: ’If I would call,Will you come?’
Emilia: ‘ what do you think?’
He was silent.then he slowly said,’I don’t have that right to call you till now,Emi’.then both were silent for sometime…
Emilia:’ can I give you a good news?’
Mahmud: ‘what?’

Emilia: ‘I won’t tell.first tell me what’ll I get in return?’
Mahmud: ‘without knowing how would I understand what prize should be given?’
Emilia: ‘why can’t you say,you’ll give me whatever I want?’
Mahmud: ‘ok,whatever you want’.
Emilia: ‘I brought three books-Towards understanding I slam,Rights of non Muslim in Islamic State,Islam in Theory and Practise.among them I’ve finished two.i’m reading the last one’.
Mahmud: ‘wow!to know Islam these books are really good for the beginers.how were they?you liked them…?’
Emilia: ‘why are you forgetting?first my prize then your answer’.
Mahmud: ‘ok,what do you want?’
Emilia: ‘no,I won’t ask for.you tell,what do you want to give me?’
Mahmud: ‘how much you have made me happy,there is no comparison with that in my life’.just a question,you are the only daughter of David Benguriagn.leaving behind all these can you be happy with this common man?’
Emilia: ‘oh,now I am being asked!’she was going but he stopped her by holding her hand.
Mahmud: ‘you have chosen a difficult life.our ways are very difficult and we ourselves don’t know where the destination is’.
Emilia: ‘that’s my matter.let me deal with’.saying this, she went outside and come back with sweets and fruits.

Mahmud: ‘what are you doing all these at midnight?’
Emilia: ‘what can I do?when it’s time then, you aren’t here’.
Mahmud: ‘well,that’s my fault’.
Emilia: ‘not yours.that’s fault of my luck’.
Mahmud: ‘indeed.else why you would got a nocturnal person?’
Emilia: ‘so,you don’t have the chances to deny’.(smilingly)then after finshing Mahmud said,
Mahmud: ‘now,I should get up’.
Emilia: ‘but so soon?’
Mahmud: ‘they must been waiting for me’.
Emilia: ‘they means…?’
Mahmud: ‘my colleagues’.
Emilia: ‘do they know,you are here?’
Mahmud: ‘yes,we don’t have the chance to hide anything.i’ve told about it on the first day to Ahmad Mussa’.

Emilia: ‘what he said?’
Mahmud: ‘he said,you are a Muslim.by keeping this in mind you can’t do anything wrong’.
Emilia: ‘what if, your organization have asked you to stay away from me?’
Mahmud: ‘my organization can forbade or the nation can be harmed,such decisions can’t be taken by me.how much I know this,my organization know better’.
Emilia: ‘but suppose, they have asked?’
Mahmud: ‘I would have accepted the decision’.
Emilia: ‘could you be so cruel?weren’t you hurt?’
Mahmud: ‘yes,maybe I was hurt.but,the order of my duty is the biggest ‘.
Emilia was looking silently at him….

PRECAP:Emilia said,’I know something about the decipher’.Mahmud asked surprisingly,’really?what do you know?’Emilia said,’no,I won’t tell you’. Then he said,’then,I have no other option but to kidnap you’. Emilia was looking astonishingly at him…..

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