The screen starts with Mahmud hurriedly closes the notebook and rushes to the transmission room.he connected with the main outpost of Jerusalem
-001,Maruf Al Kamal?
– it’s very urgent.our associates have joined hands with the oppositions.shut down all the ports associated with J.F company.and bring all the accessories back to the store.
-anything else
-no,hurry up.then he disconnected the line and sent the same msg to all the outposts.
Then he contacted with the headquarter.
-Yes,who are you?
-011,Mahmud.record the msg.saying so he sent the whole letter with a specific code of SAIMUM.
Then accomplishing the whole work he took a breath of contentment and returned from the transmission room…
3:45 at night.receiving the msg from Colonel Mahmud Ahmad Mussa was startled.he thanked to Allah that nothing untoward happened.then he thought for a while,’tonight a meeting is arranged at the headquarter of Palestine Public Font’.he pressed a button and a man entered.Ahmad Mussa said,’ask Zubair and Yousuf to get ready.check if the jeep is ready.prepare 100 soildiers.we need to start for within sometime….’
Clear sky in the morning.closing the Quran Mahmud took the newspaper.while reading,a news grabbed his attraction.”David Benguriagn’s daughter, Emilia’s 20th birthday”…there was written a little description of the grand function to be held…
He remembered her,her last words,’when we would meet again?’he doesn’t want her to involve in any problem.today is very special for her.’can’t he become a small part of it?’a mysterious smile came to his face.ha said,’I can.but I can’t give place to my wishful contentment above of my duty…’
Afzal entered the room.’a msg from headquarter,sir’.Mahmud hurriedly took the paper.it was written that,’the chief of World Peace Brigade M.G Walter is coming to Telabib for a secret mission.he is landing on Telabib on 11th instant,at 9:25pm”.
Mahmud thought,’ for what Walter is coming secretly?any msg or any important informations?must be’
He made his plan,’Airport to Telabib,9 miles.at medium speed it’ll take 7 to 9 minutes.i need to materialize meanwhile without giving him any chances’.then he called Afzal and Sheikh Zamal and consulted with them…
9:00 at night,Mr. Walter was sitting on his seat in the waiting room and reading a magazine.a man came there and sat in the front seat of him.it was Mahmud…!

Then, Mr. Walter was in a car and Mahmud got in the car.the car started.Mahmud gave a sign to Sheikh Zamal.he bade his head and pushed an injection to Mr. Walter and he fainted.Mahmud searched him very carefully.they found nothing abnormal but a diary.Mahmud saw there was nothing in it without a piece of paper folded in a special shape.he opened that but, it was white!Mr. Walter was coming back in senses…Mahmud looked at Mr. Walter and asked, ‘have you come to Telabib on a secret mission to spent your holiday,Mr. Walter?’…he gave a look to Mahmud but no answer came from him.Mahmud was still looking at him and thinking,’ you haven’t come here without any reason for sure.this white piece of paper must be important.that’s why your eyes are onto it’.then thinking something, Mahmud asked Zamal to stop the car and give him some water.Mahmud drowned the paper into the water.a smile arosed in his face.he was right.as he drowned it some letters were clearly seen in that.Mahmud said,’give me a pen fast.it can’t be drowned for much time.after rewriting the things Mahmud tried to understand what’s written there but he failed to understand anything.heunderstood it followed some special codes.he sent it to Ahmad Mussa and asked Zamal to take Mr. Walter to the headquarter.then he got down from the car.
After receiving the msg from Mahmud Ahmad Mussa was tensed.he went to the wireless set.
-‘Israel has changed its code.have you thought anything about it?’
-‘waiting for your order’.
-‘ok,listen.we’ve tried all possible ways to invent an way to understand their new code but in vein.so there’s no way out except their decipher .so,you must have to collect that.
-‘I understood’.
-‘we need the decipher at any cost.that’s the most important work now’.
-‘pray for me,I am starting the work’.
-‘Allah Hafez’.
Mahmud was very tensed as collecting their decipher was not an easy thing.he thought the whole.’First he need find out who might have the decipher?then,among them from whom it can be rescued more easily?thirdly,and most important,how to rescue it?’as decipher is a very important thing not many people know about.only the topmost higher members know about it’…
A man in a black overcoat with a hat on his head.night in Telabib. Quiet and clam roads.he stopped in front a public telephone booth.after entering into it he dialed a number.on the otherside telephone is ringing and ringing but no reply.it kept ringing and Emilia received it in her sleep,’hello…’being contented the man disconnected the line.he parked the car little away from Emilia’s house.bypassing the boundary the man entered.he stood exactly under Emilia’s room.both of the windows were closed.he put out a silken cord from his pocket.exact target.he climbed up to the roof.the door to downstairs was opened fortunately. He carefully came down.he noticed four rooms on the 4th floor.he stopped in front of Emilia’s bed room…..

PRECAP: the man knocked on Emilia’s door.first time,second time.then Emilia’s voice was heared.’who?’after a while again the man knocked on the door.Emilia was anxious.a few moments and the door opened.Emilia was standing with a revolver in her hands.she is about to press the trigger….!

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