The screen starts with Emilia’s astonished face at his answer.then Mahmud looked at her and said,
Mahmud: ‘I know,you are startled. Maybe you are thinking how could I become such a murderer!but you don’t know,the fire what you’ve seen on the ship is very less than the fire of hatred burning me.not only me but thousands of departed Muslims are burning in this fire like me’.
Emilia: ‘you are a Muslim?’she asked being stunned.
Mahmud:’yes,Emilia.i am a Muslim.a member of SAIMUM,number one enemy of Israel’.
Her eyes were trembling.she looked at him for a while with still eyes.then she brust into cry.she hide her face in her hands.Mahmud was looking in front.he thought, ’let her cry.she should.every memory of mine will fade away with this tears.this would give you enough strength to hate me and forget me forever’….
Through the grand gate the car entered David Benguriagn’s residence.Mahmud got down of the car and opened the door for Emilia and asked her to get down.she lifted her face.she was washed out with tears and was totally in a mess. Heavy hurtings could not bring tears to whose eyes,his eyes also became heavy.she got down and stood beside him.both couldn’t speak for sometime.he first started,
Mahmud: ‘for hiding my identity and for hurting you in such an way I apologize to you.if you don’t misunderstand me then you would be able to forgive me’.Emilia was silent.she could not say anything.he again said,
Mahmud: ‘and if you want to take revenge then, handover me to the police.i am ready’.
No answer came from her.Mahmud took a deep breath.tears came to his eyes.he said,
Mahmud: ’then,I should go.forgive me,if you can’…he was going……
Emilia called him from behind,’stranger…’.
he stopped and turned.she said,
Emilia: ‘an apologize can’t make everything ok’.
he was boggled and thought to himself that,’ now she would take her revenge’.he smiled to himself ,if it can lessen her pain’.
At then,Emilia rushed to him and hugged him and brust to cry.while he was surprised………

Then he slowly said,
Mahmud: ‘not stranger anymore.i am Mahmud’.she was still crying.slowly composing herself she asked,
Emilia: ‘when we’ll meet again?’
A tuff question.he wanted to say,’our life is indefinite as the current of the water.which flow leads to where we ourselves don’t know’.but he said,
Mahmud: ‘if I don’t go far away then we ‘ll meet’.
Emilia: ‘and if you go far away?’.she anxiously asked.
Mahmud: ‘will you wait for a nomadic life,Emilia?’
Emilia: ‘that’s not a matter.but you promise me ,that you would come?’(tears came down her cheecks)
Mahmud: ‘promise,I’ll come’.
Emilia: ‘then ok’.she left his hands and said,’at this time you won’t get any taxi.police must be after you.come,I’ll drop you’. saying this she pulled himself by the hands and rosed to the car.but he stopped.she turned…..
Mahmud: ‘I don’t want to get you involved with any problems anymore’.
Emilia: ‘but,why you are not thinking about your problems?’
Mahmud: ‘problems are our daily companions.and you don’t worry.outside of your gate car is waiting for me’.he looked at his watch and then looked at her.
Emilia: ‘yes,you should go now’.
Mahmud rosed his steps ahead.after a few steps he looked behind at Emilia. Emilia’s eyes were still looking at him. he said,’Allah knows, if we would meet again!’…he asked help from God so that he can be determined to his duty….

After getting out from the gate a black car was waiting for him.Mahmud get in the car and it started.he changed his outfit and asked Afzal Pasha,sitting beside him,’have you given the news to Sheikh Jamal?’…
Sheikh Jamal was the chief of 3rd outpost in Telabib.they were going there then.when they reached near the outpost,Mahmud was surprised to look at the second floor of it.there was a violet ray.according to the code of SAIMUM ,it was a sign of danger.at that moment Mahmud asked him to stop the car.he got down and asked Afzal to wait for him in the lane after that.he was walking by the side of the road.he looked from behind a tree a car was stopped at the gate and none was inside.Mahmud put out a pencil torch and looked at the number plate.he was surprised to learn that,it was the car of Mr.Checin,the chief of the Telabib branch of SINBEITH.there was no one in the car so he feared that they have captivated the outpost.Mahmud observed the whole car .he found a notebook on the front seat and picked that.he moved from there but again went near the car.he put out a time bomb and plugged it under the front seat.Mahmud was contented to remember that there is a cupboard inside which there are stairs to come down and move out secretly from the outpost.and SINBEITH can’t find that so easily.Mahmud went to his car and while getting into it he said,’I’ve placed a nice gift in SINBEITH’s car for them,Afzal.now let’s return’.the car was running.but Mahmud was in deep thought.’how did they came to know about this outpost of SAIMUM? ‘.the car stopped in front of a big mansion.it was Mahmud’s residence and the main office of the Telabib branch of SAIMUM.inside there were high powered radio receiver and transmitter .with what Colonel Mahmud can communicate to all the outposts of SAIMUM in Israel.there were 8 peoples in that house.among them 3 were radio engineers,and 4 were guards. All were highly experienced members of SAIMUM.

1:00 am at night.Mahmud sat on the bed.suddenly,he remembered about the notebook he found in the car of SIMBEITH.when he opened the diary he found a paper folded.he opened it.it was a letter from the chairman of Palestine Public Front to the chief of MOSSAD,Israel.he read that and was astonished.HE said, ’so that’s how they came to know about that outpost of SAIMUM’. he was totally startled to realize that,’then,like that outpost another 500 outposts of SAIMUM are in danger…!’
PRECAP: Ahmad Mussa was surprised to receive a msg from Telabib. He thought,a meeting was arranged in the headquater of Palestine Public Front.he pressed a button.a man entered then.he said,’ask Zubair and Yousuf to get ready.check if the jeep is ready.prepare 100 soidiers.wa need to start for quickly’.later, Mahmud came to know from the newspaper,’it was Emilia’s birthday…!’

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