Open Ur Teddy to Me (1-IntrosofBear) (KRPKAB)

Shaheer,Erica smiles n walk with Director…
He opens a door..A Boy is rocking drumz…
Director(smile):” Welcome to meet Rehaan..Dev’s Master..”..
Rehaan:”Haha..Leader’s Master..”
Shaheer:”Hi Dude..!!”..
Erica:”Hey Cute!!”..(Both smiles)..
Shaheer n Erica see the room’s surroundings..
Rehaan(smiles):”U searched for Dev..Come”..
Run out n goes towards Dev’s Room..
Rehaan opens the door..
Dev n Sona turns..back n see him..
Dev with An Opened Bear..Sona with 3 bears..

In Sona’s Eyes..
The present comes…from View of Sona’s Eyes…
A Doll Shop..
On Dev’s shoulders,Rehaan is sitting..
Dev:”Hello!!Can U help to get bears for my Master”…
Sona:”S..”(Discontinuous)..stopped stitching bears..
Dev blow in his empty hands..

A StrawBerry on his hand….
Dev(smile):”Congratz for Ur Success in Stitching Operation”….
Dev throws another strawberry up..
Rehaan catches n starts eating..
Sona(thinks):”Where is it come from?”….
Dev:”2Berries r Finished Now..”(showing Strawberry)..
Dev:”Master..Is tiz K?”(showing Pink Bear)..
Rehaan:”Done Leader”….
Dev buys the bear n walks to leave…
Sona sees them..
A small boy on shoulders of a Romeo’s Mix of LongHair,RedTSh,JeanTrousers,Open EarPhones…
Rehaan (turns):”Tata..”..
Sona(smile):(showing Tata)..
Dev too turns n smiles by showing stitching needle..
Dev:”No one ll not wait now onwards..”..
Sona(shock(think:”Is he wait till my stitching finished?”) n showing another stitching needle…..

Dev put the sharp edge of the needle on cash counter table..n leaves..
Sona:”Who is He?!”(think)
Dev,Rehaan reached their place..
Rehaan opens the door next to Dev..

Now..the Past DoorOpen..
Dev with the open bear n Sona with 3 bears..seeing the door..
Dev:”Come..Time To go..I hope Ull like the coming sequence of How Bears show their Luv”..
Sona:”Sir..I m in hurry to reach our Shop..Due to ur urgency,I directly come after telling my frnd to guard the Shop”..
Dev:”Hey..Come On..A Big Surprise On the way”..
Rehaan enters..
Dev(seeing Sona):”Oops!!Surprise is Missing”..
Rehaan:”Hey..Hw R U?”
Shaheer, Erica n Director enter the room..
Director:”Sir..Our Couple comes to see U”(seeing Sona with a think Who is She)..
Director:”U I think The preparation Team..Go n Check The Preparations”(seeing Sona)..
Sona sees Dev with big eyes..
Shaheer,Erica(think):”Something went wrong”..
Dev (sees Sona):”She is not worker..She is my BearBringer..(sharp eyes see Director)His hsnds holds the opening of the two halves of the Pink Bear tightly…

Director(got what is going on):”Oh..Sorry Dev..Sorry Mam..I mistook what was going”..
Dev:”Welcome,Shaheer n Erica..”..
Shaheer:”Dev..What is our First Intro Scene?”
Dev puts Teddy on Table..
Sona see Teddy..The voice of Dev:”She is my BearBringer”on her mind..
Dev puts something on opening of the bear n starts a needle..
Erica sees with thrilling face”What is going?”..
After stitching,Dev push the bear from the back..A small pink heart comes from the bear’s left side..
Shaheer:”I think itz taken for Erica’s intro for our show”..
Dev sees the bear:”No..Its for Ur Intro,Shaheer”..
Shaheer:”My Intro..”
Another scene after Long days passing..
Sona(KShi):”MyDearBear,I m Eros in U”..
Dev falls back straightly in his shirtless 8pack physique….with a smile…
“Not Interesting”-The next part Soon…
Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Tanqq frndzz..Write ur thoughts after reading…Take Care Frndzz…

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  1. Erika

    hey nice epi but very confusing this shaheer and erica and devakshi too pl clear the confusions and can u pl. give the link of intro pl. cos. not able to understand the story line …

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Erica..Actually the intro is smaller version of Epi 1..Dev is Stylist n Sona owns the toy Shop..

  2. It is very confusing plzz improve your writing skills

    1. HarSHaN

      Sure. Just wait till Tom..Actually I made Dev as a stylist to celebrities..Just click my name n read my previous stories..Maybe Its different n U may like tat..

      1. HarSHaN

        Kindly read Tat..Plz ..n Tanq for saying..

  3. Very confusing episode..

    1. HarSHaN

      Sorry yaar..I made Dev as stylist to celebs..Just wait till Tom..I reagain write..Don’t miss..

  4. Very confusing episode..

  5. HarSHaN

    Frndzz..Don’t mingle the reel n real characters Plz..Actually here Dev is taken as creator of KRPKAB luv story..He describes the intro of the show to couples

  6. Rockzzzzzz

    i am not able to understand
    soorry…but i tried but my efforts went in vain i just can’t….:(

    1. HarSHaN

      Sorry Rockzz..I just made Dev as a story writer of KRPKAB Luv Story..n I took it for Intro only..I decided to rewrite the diff intro..n start from the First..I know it make confusion bcoz we saw Shaheer as Dev..BT I make Dev as director of Shaheer’s KRPKABKRPKAB..a designator..just to show his profession..He is a Stylist n Animator…

  7. Sorry ?! I can’t understand. ….
    PLZ improve ur writing. .PLZ!PLZ!PLZ!??????

    1. HarSHaN

      S..Nikki..Sure..I m still in improve mode..Maybe the way seems gud if I trim my outer view..I wish to made Dev as a idea maker of KRPKAB..It makes the way of showing How Luv He his ideas..Tats Y writing the”Eros..” Tats K..Don’t worry..Magic from ARRSongs on its way..

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