An open letter from Chipkanya


Hey there!
Naam hai mera chipkanya kaam hai mera ghar todhna.? Aayiti shiv ki puja karne mandir main? par nighal gai Malay Ko mere pyaar ki jaal main?.Koi Vishkanya ya uski pyaar rokhna sake mujhe, kyunki shiv ji hamesha bribe lete hain mujhse samjhe?! Maasoom angel bankar Malay ko apni pyaar main phasayi air apu ko pagal banayi! Mangalsutra aur sindoor naam deke mere kiye galti sahi lagta hain yani ki apu ki pyaar cheen na mujhe sahi lagta hain. Kyunki I’m Malay’s wife na! Oh Malay when I first met you I always wanted you to be my husband! When I discovered you had a fiancé I secretly wished you would break up with her ! Thank god that happened. You are mine forever now. But you still had dormant feelings for Apu, You know how angry it made me! If I was a Vishkanya like Apu I would have killed her, she’s an idiot who thinks it’s wrong to kill innocent! So I acted all innocent and like a trophy wife. You fell for it! Yes yes yes! You fell in my love trap during honeymoon. You broke up with her! You love me now! Rip your old love story. Let Apu marry anyone. I don’t care. If she sets her eyes on her I’ll kill her even if she’s your ex! Now our love story has begun! Our children will kill that Apu vishkanya. Bwahahahaha???

Thank you Vishkanya writers cause you killed logic apu’s innocence and made me heroine!

PS: We’ll have 2 children (Malay and me) tehehe

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  1. Kathy

    Adito ur back… With a bang… I always enjoy ur writing… N today’s open letter… Lol…???….Wel described of chipkali…. Apu ki pyaar cheen na muje sahi lagta hai…. Kyunki am Malay wife na… Wel said ….. Keep up ur good work…

    1. Adito

      Thanks Kathy?
      Hope to keep you all entertained by writing more articles. ✌☺

  2. Hey… actually I felt really bad reading it… bad due to the fact that how the unique love story of apulay have been destroyed, the fact that they introduced an irritating character named vardaan. And to top it all, the way they are portraying Apu’s character these days. They have never done justice to apu’s character when it comes in term of love story and I guess will never do so.

    1. Adito

      I’m sorry Saya, which part made you feel bad? I’ll correct it next time✌. I just picked some actual scenes from the serial and re wrote it.

      1. Ohh dear! Your writing was fab and your take on the current storyline was also really nice. But it’s just that I distaste the love triangle they have created and so what I wrote in my previous comment was in reference to the current track of vishkanya. I guess you didn’t understand that. But sorry for not appreciating you in my previous comment… you really did a great job and do keep such fun takes coming

    2. Adito

      Hey Saya I appreciate all your precious comments. I thought I had written something which was not good in terms of story. ?
      All your opinions matter to me so I asked did you feel bad and apologised. ?
      Miscommunication between us?

  3. Narendran

    Agreed! Superb!! I hate chipkali..

    1. Adito

      Thanks Narendran☺
      Yup we all hate chipkali don’t we?

  4. Bravo Adito…very well articulated! “Chip”kanya is an apt moniker for the pestilent and hideous character (Vardaan) conceived by the creativity starved team (producers/ directors/ writers and what have you) of “Vishkanya” to wreck havoc on evolved artistic, intellectectual and aesthetic sensibilities of the viewers. Is there a scarcity of good actors and actresses in the Indian tele-industry these days? Look at the cast!! Most have faces which seem to invite continuous stabbing and voices which invite strangulation!

    1. intellectual**

    2. Adito

      Well said Anne! I thought finally there’ll be something new other than dumb kumkum mangalsutra stories. But no! What more creativity can you expect from these writers other than expecting them to show the same old concept! ?

  5. Nandana

    right i just hate that chipkali

    1. Adito

      Same here Nandana?
      She looks like a dried fish and her acting ? it makes me cringe.

  6. i think u guys support me

  7. HarSHaN

    U makes “Chipkali” word popular again a letter named frm Chipkali..Superrb….In the coming days,It seems normal if Apu going to call her “Chipkali”in show..Track needs to be changed..

    1. Adito

      Hahaha yeah Harshan?
      I would love if Apu calls her chipkali! I stopped watching the serial a long time ago. I read updates hoping for Apulay reunion but no! Writers are in love with chipkali and her bakwas logic. I’ll stop reading even updates in few days.

  8. Nandana

    Yes adito her acting is very bore and every time holding mangalsuthra and revenging apu is her hobby . And what kind of girl is she after knowing the past of apulay then also she agreed to marry him i know nandhitha told her but she should have been rejected it .yes u had written is right before the marriage when apulay was engaged she had a eye on malay . I just hate her . Go to the hell chipkali :#

  9. Shai

    hats off adito!!!

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